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  1. Banks and immigration have accepted my pink ID card without question. lts proving useful for me.
  2. I arrived at the new Pathumthani office at 1pm yesterday to extend my retirement permission. Parking was easy at the back of the compound. The office wasnt busy and there was space to complete the extra forms l was given. Seating space seemed to be slighly better than in the old building. After presenting my TM30 in the adjacent office l was given a queue ticket. The wait wasnt too long and l was soon in front of the office boss who made a quick but thorough check of my paperwork before sending me to another officer to pay my dues and snap a photo. The staff were helpful and fairly friendly. A couple of people who didnt have the required paperwork were very politely instructed what was needed before being told 'come back tomorrow if you can'. Apart from financial documents, a copy of my pink ID card was kept, but they were not interested in the yellow house book. l left at 2.15pm with a new 1 year stamp.
  3. Thanks. Fortunately that wont affect me.
  4. Apart from the new office location, is anyone aware of any changes in the last 12 months to the required documents needed for a retirement extension at Pathum Thani? Thanks for any replies!
  5. l was informed by the officer in the 90 day report office. There is a map on the wall of the office of the new location which l took a photo of. l also went to see the new office. lts not goibg to be easy for anyone without your own transportm
  6. The Pathumthani immigration office is moving to a new location early in October. The new building is ready but seems only slightly bigger than than the existing office. Its about 500m behind the Pathum thani Labour department, down a longish soi under the expressway. l have a map but can't figure out how to attach it as its not on an URL and its not an "existing attachment".
  7. I already had a yellow tabian baan so today l went to apply for the pink card at my local amphur (in Pathumthani). The office was not busy and the total time including waiting was about 20 minutes. The staff were friendly and helpful and obviously familiar with those cards. No paperwork was required but they wanted sight of the yellow book, passport, householders ID card and blue book. The fee was 100 baht.
  8. Traditional Roast Pork dinner

    Thanks to those who kindly answered my question
  9. Can someone please advise where l can get a good traditional (western) roast pork meal with veggies and roast potatoes? l am in Pathum Thani but am happy to try reasonably priced places (preferably not in a hotel) in Bangkok, or Nonthaburi, as well as Pathum Thani etc. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. l have had no luck in the western food forum
  10. Roast Pork Lunch/Dinner

    l will try that. Thanks
  11. Ford incompetence again!

    Thats sounds like the height of efficiency compared to the service center l use