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  1. I am not telling anyone what to do as you can clearly see from my post which was about what l will do.
  2. If Thaivisa are going to quote "news" from an extremist website l will block thaivisa on twitter and facebook.
  3. After all the negative stuff l hear about immigrationits always stressful doing the annual extension. Yesterday l arrived at Pathum Thani immigration at 1pm for my nth extension and was out the door at 2.10pm, despite the additional forms they wanted conpleted and a fairly busy office. My paperwork was checked very thoroughly but the staff were friendly and helpful. My experience isnt new and l have rarely had any problems with the staff at the three different offices l have used over the years. Have the required paperwork, manage a small chat and a smile with a little patience. It amazes me how the staff can cope with their work load and stay so cool and polite. I would add that my yellow house book was not accepted but l had the householder with me, along with his docs. l was also given the foreigners information form which was about 2/3rds of an A4 page long.
  4. You can top up your easypass at the cash tollgate. No need togo to the office
  5. There are lots of places with nitrogen pumps that give free topups after the initial change from air. ACT is one of many.
  6. Its not just the price. Customer service is important. My first, and only Ford ever, is ok but our experience with lying salesmen and incompetent lazy service staff has us on the point of selling our almost new car, despite the loss we will make. Never again.
  7. I can't speak for Chonburi but my car had minor damage repairs done at Ford in Pathumthani. Took a bit over two weeks but we had to wait more than a month before they could fit us in. And the results were appalling, very shody repairs by the main Ford repair shop for Bangkok area. We are now waiting for the forth visit to fix their mess. Our understanding is that apart from the massive lack of Ford service centers, there is little or no training by Ford concessionaires, and virtually no supervision by management. To add insult to injury a plastic fitment under the front number has just fallen off. The car is 9 months old.
  8. Re the Ford Fiesta fiasco.I understand the owners of the problem cars have babanded together to make a formal complaint to the Consumer Protection Department after getting short shift from Ford.
  9. Ford in Thailand have no interest in after sales service and my local dealer either lies or invents reasons not to do things covered by warranty. We waited three weeks for a replacement sync system which failed within minutes of being fitted.
  10. The guy runs a street stall and sells coffee for 20 baht. His old logo wasn't that similar to Starbucks logo, and no one in their right minds could think that he had any connection at all to Starbucks. Its another case of a multi-national crushing a one man band - Starbucks coffee is crap anyway.
  11. Free publicity - but a lot of it is negative. My personal opinion is that they are petty minded money grabbing ***** . This man's cart could never, ever, be mistaken for having any link to Starbucks, and having tried his coffee its a lot better and a lot cheaper. Starbucks need a hard kick up the rear.
  12. Thanks very much for that detailed clarification!
  13. AS I understand it the railway is elevated all along Rattanatibet and all the way to the now under construction rather large depot past Big King (almost opposite the soi where Nonthaburi immigration is located). The deep excavations I've seen I imagine related to both pilings for the support pillars and stations, and several elevated U-turns that are being built. Questions I have are about the "pink line" which I've heard will connect Khai Rai and Pakkred, a really short distance, which real estate developers are using both the pink and purple lines to promote various projects. And I've also heard about a proposed Pakkred-Minburi line which was supposed to serve the Government complex in Chaengwattana. Is there any confirmation or otherwise of this?