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  1. Wing 41 Sticker - Addendum

    That probably would be too far. I was looking for something that would make the process easier. Was that a real post, or was it a bullshit response?
  2. Wing 41 Sticker - Addendum

    anyone find any service to do this for you?
  3. Just spoke with another PG rep on the phone who said I will be going through immigration in Bangkok first. I hate how 2 people from the same company can say 2 different things here... How confident are you that I can transfer to CNX without passing an immigration checkpoint?
  4. good experience using thaivisa service for extension

    I didn't even know ThaiVisa had an immigration agency. Can you please tell me more about this service, Mark? Is it G4T?
  5. But thank you for confirming. I usually fly Air Asia etc, which does not include this perk.
  6. I will be coming in on a 30 day exempt stamp, and I have done that many times this year already. I hope that service will make sure there are no problems
  7. I will be flying back from Cambodia to Chiang Mai through BKK on Bangkok Airways soon. On the way there, I passed immigration in CNX, and was in CIQ transit in BKK and didn't need to go through immigration. I would like to book a VIP arrival fast track service to get through immigration when I come back to CNX. I spoke to PG who told me I can choose if I want to do immigration in BKK, or CNX as a CIQ passenger, but I don't want to find out they made a mistake, but I'm the one who suffers. There's a lot of information about leaving from Samui (etc) through BKK as a CIQ passenger, but nothing about arriving in BKK and connecting domestically as a CIQ passenger. Can anyone confirm that I can pass through BKK without going through immigration, and do my immigration in Chiang Mai? I want to book the arrival service for the right airport. Thanks
  8. Wing 41pass

    Anyone find out more information about these agents?
  9. Maximum extensions in a year?

    So does anyone actually know if the count resets every year, or if it is a total running count?
  10. Anyone know or hear about someone being rejected (TR or exempt) for any reason recently? Or did that settle down after they cracked down on Sadao/other immigrations in July?
  11. Penang Visa Run Report

    Thank you cacahootie Did you even ask around about using agents?
  12. Penang tourist visa, March 2017

    Any update on this? I have quite a few visas in my history, but not penang for a while. Hoping the agent situation is as easy as it was before. Ideally they can prepare all onward travel etc docs...
  13. Letter to the Governor

    lol u must be new here
  14. https://web.archive.org/web/20090925213040/http://www.gloomboomdoom.com/public/pSTD.cfm?pageSPS_ID=5200