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  1. you might be able to find somewhere quiet in Chiang Mai Land that's empty or the end of that street with orchid and the tower. In terms of that area
  2. Cheapest pharmacy

    I am looking to buy some medicines in bulk. Normally any pharmacy has reasonable prices. However if buying in bulk it can make a difference. Does anyone know where I can buy medicines at cheap wholesale prices in Chiang Mai? Thanks
  3. Surprise in my Pizza Box

    still not an excuse to go PH
  4. Wing 41 Sticker - Addendum

    That probably would be too far. I was looking for something that would make the process easier. Was that a real post, or was it a bullshit response?
  5. Wing 41 Sticker - Addendum

    anyone find any service to do this for you?
  6. Just spoke with another PG rep on the phone who said I will be going through immigration in Bangkok first. I hate how 2 people from the same company can say 2 different things here... How confident are you that I can transfer to CNX without passing an immigration checkpoint?
  7. good experience using thaivisa service for extension

    I didn't even know ThaiVisa had an immigration agency. Can you please tell me more about this service, Mark? Is it G4T?
  8. But thank you for confirming. I usually fly Air Asia etc, which does not include this perk.
  9. I will be coming in on a 30 day exempt stamp, and I have done that many times this year already. I hope that service will make sure there are no problems
  10. I will be flying back from Cambodia to Chiang Mai through BKK on Bangkok Airways soon. On the way there, I passed immigration in CNX, and was in CIQ transit in BKK and didn't need to go through immigration. I would like to book a VIP arrival fast track service to get through immigration when I come back to CNX. I spoke to PG who told me I can choose if I want to do immigration in BKK, or CNX as a CIQ passenger, but I don't want to find out they made a mistake, but I'm the one who suffers. There's a lot of information about leaving from Samui (etc) through BKK as a CIQ passenger, but nothing about arriving in BKK and connecting domestically as a CIQ passenger. Can anyone confirm that I can pass through BKK without going through immigration, and do my immigration in Chiang Mai? I want to book the arrival service for the right airport. Thanks
  11. Wing 41pass

    Anyone find out more information about these agents?
  12. Maximum extensions in a year?

    So does anyone actually know if the count resets every year, or if it is a total running count?
  13. Anyone know or hear about someone being rejected (TR or exempt) for any reason recently? Or did that settle down after they cracked down on Sadao/other immigrations in July?
  14. Penang Visa Run Report

    Thank you cacahootie Did you even ask around about using agents?
  15. Penang tourist visa, March 2017

    Any update on this? I have quite a few visas in my history, but not penang for a while. Hoping the agent situation is as easy as it was before. Ideally they can prepare all onward travel etc docs...