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  1. I have heard that 2 liters is kind of an unofficial limit for alcohol. Can anyone support or deny that claim from knowledge or experience (no speculation people 555)?
  2. leonardjones625

    Cheapest place to buy medicines in bulk?

    Thanks. So directly at the gate entrance to the left?
  3. leonardjones625

    Cheapest place to buy medicines in bulk?

    Is that the one that's open until like 3 AM?
  4. leonardjones625

    My experiences with Thai Police

    I was riding pillion on a bike, which got in an accident near Nimman. I was hurt and the police told me they were gonna help me, but it turns out they charged me with drunk driving instead and made me pay for the damage instead of finding the real culprit. Super professional....
  5. I want to stock up on some medicines and I want to know where is the best place to buy in bulk. I have heard there's someone near Wararot market that sells to a lot of the pharmas in CM, and the prices there are better. Any thoughts?
  6. Thanks a bunch for the update, and glad to hear it is all resolved! IDC sounds terrible...
  7. I was reading FB post where people were saying that, when applying for the SETV, you can show proof of leaving within 90 days because of the extension. I always showed within 2 months (BS anyways) but does anyone know for sure? What about visa exemption, can we show onward travel (if asked by airline or on arrival) within 60 days because of the extension?