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  1. Maximum extensions in a year?

    So does anyone actually know if the count resets every year, or if it is a total running count?
  2. Anyone know or hear about someone being rejected (TR or exempt) for any reason recently? Or did that settle down after they cracked down on Sadao/other immigrations in July?
  3. Penang Visa Run Report

    Thank you cacahootie Did you even ask around about using agents?
  4. Penang tourist visa, March 2017

    Any update on this? I have quite a few visas in my history, but not penang for a while. Hoping the agent situation is as easy as it was before. Ideally they can prepare all onward travel etc docs...
  5. Letter to the Governor

    lol u must be new here
  6. https://web.archive.org/web/20090925213040/http://www.gloomboomdoom.com/public/pSTD.cfm?pageSPS_ID=5200
  7. Don't bother with Nimman Songthaews

    Can you find Ubers outside of the city?
  8. So what actually happens to these people? I never hear about the outcomes
  9. Mae Sai/Tachilek Border Info

    It seemed like everyone with a bag. But just the scanners.
  10. Mae Sai/Tachilek Border Info

    Yes I changed money for a $10 before crossing. Also, customs were checking all bags when returning.
  11. Couldn't find any recent reviews anywhere...but I feel like an international company should be trusted here? lol
  12. Mae Sai/Tachilek Border Info

    Coming from Thailand, is it on the left or right? I have always left my passport and went to the market instead, somehow I missed the shop on the bridge multiple times. Also, if I buy a bottle of wine/Black Label, what are the odds of it being real?
  13. Motorbike makeover.

    So then what do you do? Take it to Honda next door? How much was that? Thanks
  14. Looking to buy super cheap second car

    I have a 92 Toyota Corona with a super solid engine. Some of the stuff like the windows need fixing but that's simple to get. I don't use it much because I hate traffic, but definitely nice to not worry about dying on a scooter... But on the plus side, it's only 50k baht. Everything is super cheap to fix as well. PM me if anyone is interested