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  1. useful and apocryphal reply DUH
  2. I'm on board with you . Lamphun will be his cup of tea. a small motor scooter to get around=problem solved
  3. Where to find quality toaster oven in CM?

    I agree 100% nancy. it's not a dialysis machine for God's sake. If his friends warned him not to buy a cheap one then why not buy an expensive one.
  4. what a silly thing to say "nothing notable to miss in the old city" I love when people who can't afford to live in the "old city" knock it. Not everybody wants your life style to live at student housing at suthep.
  5. hmmm let me see. You are looking to spend about $85 USD a month for lodging. I guess you spend the saving because "As a chocolatier myself, I have looked around CM for high quality couveture chocolate." I'm always astonished that somebody can live in hovel unfurnished or furnished. Dog boarding is more than that.
  6. songkran has started !

    so is water boarding
  7. Has anyone encountered scammers claiming to have puppies for sale and in fact are just scamming the public
  8. pet scammers in thailand

    Has anybody encountered per scammers ? Saying they have pipes for sale and need a despot and blah blah
  9. Update on CM nightlife...

    bit of a worry bods running round in bars/clubs/restaurants/ toilets with cameras filming blah blah blah--but no shot of author. It aint gonna stop please please explain it makes no sense whatsoever. Can anybody decipher this message
  10. fire sale at rimping condo???

    Amen Nancy mambojumbo used the word Farang 12 times in one paragraph in this topic Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  11. fire sale at rimping condo???

    how many times have you'd the word farang mambo?? 10? 12? 9?
  12. fire sale at rimping condo???

    i agree with lanna guy. i too have bought and sold dozens of condominiums in chiang mai. all transactions resulting in positive outcomes so put a sheila on the barby es Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  13. Update on CM nightlife...

    don't understand your entire second paragraph. get some sleep Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  14. Update on CM nightlife...

    did you go with a group or did you join an already existing group Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect