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  1. cmtg1

    New Office Qatar Air -experience?

    good point
  2. cmtg1

    New Office Qatar Air -experience?

    so what value does your contribution have??
  3. so this chiang mai forum is doomed to postings from 2015, 2016 and older. There is nothing any longer to challenge us or interest us. I believe that I've made my point earlier about the demise of this forum
  4. cmtg1

    what happened to this forum??

    but I've been an observer far longer so don't jump to conclusions
  5. cmtg1

    what happened to this forum??

    It has been such a long time that I was active that giving examples will be difficult, however I thought they they were flippant, way too cavalier in how they perceived a certain situation and often times abused their positions
  6. cmtg1

    what happened to this forum??

    I agree 100% even the idiotic and repetitive postings used to be mildly amusing or even infuriating but it added a certain flavour which is non existent now
  7. It's dull as dishwater now. The old posters seem to have fled to face book leaving boring same same people to argue over why is 3BB so bad and equally boring topics. Face book seems to offer more precise areas to find answers to your questions with a minimal of cute answers. Too bad really. I think this entire Thai Visa shot itself in the foot
  8. there are people who like chicken and beer those would be instant coffee users and people who like champagne and oysters those would be the people who grind the beans and brew their own coffee
  9. cmtg1

    barbecue grills

    is there a shop in chiang mai that has a descent selection of charcoal or gas bbq grills and way different is there a royal enfield dealer in chiang mai Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect