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  1. They got a cheque for 85 million dangling in the trophy hall.
  2. Awful events but he did warn them and they ignored his warnings.
  3. Guy will always be remembered for this action and his cowardice thereafter and no amount of money will ever change that. Family seriously lacking any morals and a coward for a son. No one's happy in this one.
  4. I feel sorry for PJ I mean this guy only 9 months ago was fretting over his Mrs flirting with the van driver and since then we have learned he has: Successful car biz with Mrs brother netting 20k a month Requests for opening a restaurant And now this. I am not sure I believe PJ and I wonder if PJ likes or is required to throw such yarns in the mix. I mean they are entertaining.
  5. Complaining about the people complaining is a touch sadder tho mate. I mean they complained about the roads you complained about them Complaining about the roads and now I'm complaining about you complaining about them complaining about the roads. Could go on forever...
  6. Eh? The people complaining are the ones who can be more vigilant and their venting reinforces that fact and makes them potentially more safer on the roads. Empathy means the ability to understand and relate to feelings of another.
  7. Total nonsense. It reinforces the need to be more vigilant when driving and it provides users with a place to empathise with one another. Your actions of taking the topic and creating a topic are far more senseless given you are not being forced to read anything!
  8. Reality bites. Concerned at this point. Lad you should have wiped your windows in December.