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  1. It just sounds like a scam method. Leaves it open to manipulation. Same with the foreign work permit. Tax must be equivalent of 50k etc. The way input comes across leaves it questionable. It would be great for some solid facts such as the definition of labour and having staff on the books.
  2. It's this kind of response that infuriates me. So providing the DOL get their cut they do not care? So basically if someone reported someone for pretending to employ people or any other reason and an Investigation occurred there would be no problem?
  3. Rc2702

    About the violence in Thailand nowadays .

    But it's better than thai bashers who return
  4. Rc2702

    Liverpool F.c.

    What's blue Peter?
  5. Rc2702

    Liverpool F.c.

    Booze is too expensive. Glue was preferred
  6. Rc2702

    Liverpool F.c.

    Geezers a straight head he's whiter than white (teeth anyway) because he's from Birmingham and so that makes him hard as nails too. Take note BJ and Bob.
  7. OK chaps so how do you select a 48 page uk passport when going through post office route. I do not see an option on the application so does this need to be requested and paid for at point of handover to post office maybe? They say 3 weeks minimum at the post office but I did it before it arrived in 9 days and the assistant in PI did note that customers feedback suggested it was much quicker.
  8. Rc2702

    Tottenham Thread

    Nah I fancy them to do ya to be honest a real get back in your box type of affair. Take the stuffing right out ya type of scenario.
  9. Rc2702

    Tottenham Thread

    You fancy rubbing up with the arse do ya
  10. Thanks guys I will get it done tomorrow or in a few hours. 2am here. Over and out.
  11. My passport is 4 pages short of being full and I plan to be overseas a lot over the next year. I'm in the UK at present. I'd like to replace my passport but can I do that if there is space remaining in the existing one? I'd like to enter countries and get visas using a fresh passport. I'd like a 48 page passport. I'd like to know if all the above sounds doable and the process time for this? I last renewed in 2016 and got a new passport within 10 days, standard processing via the post office.
  12. Well it's enough to make even bike gang members think twice.
  13. Rc2702

    Skype update awful

    About 2 months ago maybe less I updated Skype and it has been truly awful for chats. It seems to delay messages sent and received on screen for a long time. Switching chats is a nightmare it seems to freeze. It shuts itself down sometimes too. I talked to an associate who said exactly the same. Anyone else having this issue with Skype?