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  1. Rc2702

    What am I missing?

    Short answer no. Letting unknown variables stay in your family home. That is the only question I would be asking myself.
  2. I just think this particular subject is more important than the comments laden inside it and wading through the pages which I don't bother reading as they are normally hear say is stifling my effort to keep upto date. I just want progress updates sign of life etc. I am not interested in any other comments on this thread and I think the continuity of this subject and need for updates sets ut apart from other topics. The irony is fully understood too that I am now commenting. I just want some good news not bickering and deliberation on resource deployment.
  3. This thread on the continuing cave efforts should be closed for comments and have updates only.
  4. Rc2702

    Chiang Rai: Rescuers make progress on day seven

    You must be as dumb as the guy who said this was a 50 man Job. It's a monster, it's like 10km long it's got all kinds of trails. They have had to drill into rock without causing damage to structures and pump out water. It is not a toilet it's a cave filled with water. The ambulances on scene are not specifically for the children but anyone who needs them as the rescue operation may yield casualties of their own. A week ago they were talking about having to wait a week for the water to clear. Clearly someone high up kicked off and put every available piece of man power into action and then sought international help. I hope these guys are foundoing safe and sound. Be a great film too.
  5. Rc2702

    Chiang Rai: Rescuers make progress on day seven

    Need a proper breakthrough on this tomorrow or sooner. If these lads have survived until now they need rescuing asap. @Chickenlegs your updates are great.
  6. I'm using a Samsung A5 typing this. It's nearly 4 years old. The battery needs to be replaced I think, as it sometimes just reboots even when battery full. Got an S7 2 years ago but got it wet during songkran within 2 weeks. Reverted back to A5 until earlier this year. Took it Samsung service centre and got it fixed for 5k. Works as new. I've never purchased a phone always get them free with a £20 a month uk contract. Due for an upgrade when I'm back there. Will be sticking wirh Samsung.
  7. You need to stop pretending that you know what you are talking about.
  8. Rc2702

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    Today I made burritos as follows. Small whole chicken 99 baht big C 8 plain tortilla wraps 99 baht big C 1 large carrot - grated 1 large onion - grated (like onion puree once grated) 1 large red onion - chopped 1 small cucumber - chopped Say 30 baht for lot 50g of cheese - approx 40 baht 1 packet of taco seasoning 38baht. Used half of chicken, wraps and seasoning and had a great feast with these tortillas. Love eating salad and meat. Hate fried foods but I do eat them occasionally. The food fed 2 of us whole. Spent less than 200 baht and have enough leftover for a couple of snacks.
  9. Rc2702

    Unusual things to do

    Elephant training (mahout) Visiting hmong tribes and seeing mountains upon mountains of ganja. Trekking through hmong cauliflower farms to waterfalls etc. Eating khaoi soi.
  10. What's the point your making?
  11. Rc2702

    Serious price increase on cheese in big C

    Vat does not apply when importing cheese into thailand?
  12. Your diluting the topic. If you read the full story you would realise this is not the only drug involved.
  13. Callous is the right word but you have got it mixed up. The dealer is the callous person who supplies the evil drugs that make fellow expats addicted. The road that leads to is self destruction and as his so called friends has pointed out, he was a recovering addict of some sort himself so knowing the struggles such people face what kind of person chooses to saddle others with such problems? It looks like he knew the effects only too well and decided to take advantage of the situation. If he had considered his family and the consequences he would not be involved in this behaviour, at his age it is clear he had not learned from mistakes as his demise demonstrates.
  14. Rc2702

    Serious price increase on cheese in big C

    The red packet I think. Same as us then. But the increase is just ridiculous.
  15. It was an answer for your question. Lyrics.