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  1. Manchester United

    Yh top performance from your outfit at home to WBA last week.
  2. Manchester City

    That bobs department I can't comment on this.
  3. Manchester City

    Course you were. The closest you will ever get to such a position. Ever.
  4. Manchester City

    Noted on the nearly but just in case you missed Steve mention it. We won the CL with djimi traore and we won it in the most spectacular fashion. EVER. Fact is you cannot mention great champions league games without our name being the first memory of a truly great CL final for supporters of any club. It's cos we got a history to build on you see and even with dim djimi we done it so doing you in a QTR final is standard. We eat giant tasks for breakfast and you tasted shiiit
  5. Manchester City

    I use a keypad so your wrong on that and your wrong again as I like what I'm seeing and providing we win the semi and finish top 4 and keep our stars and add 2 new ones and don't go bankrupt doing it, that's real progress that and this patient approach will pay off and that is something to celebrate not like your micky mouse instant champion potion, bit of Arab tea you might say. I like that we don't have that cash and we still turn you over. Class is permanent.
  6. Manchester City

    You ain't won jack you have purchased the EPL for 500 million. I'd rather come 2nd and play with a passion than be shietty. Bitterness is the wrong word for all other fans, any other fan knows that could be them if a rich sheik drops in. The variable is the sheikh nothing else.
  7. Opening a bank account on a Tourist Visa in 2018

    220 baht a hit when withdraw from ATM.
  8. Manchester City

    Semi decent knock out comp bredbury, you know how that feels don't ya Calm down keep your wig-on
  9. Tottenham Thread

    Bes cancel that cabinet lads.
  10. Stand up for newbies

    There should be a book you cannot get anywhere but from a personal source explaining all this. The book does not need to be too long and it should be sold to all newbies for £500. The books contents should only require. 1. Join TV forum.
  11. Manchester City

    You brought the title just remember that right lads. Your history before the last decade is sprinkled with shawn goatfaces don't forget it. Bottom line shietty your only here cos a very big cheque book and a good flight path to the middle east. Without those two your naffin.Ickle shitty
  12. Manchester City

    Definitely a fan who likes ice and a slice.
  13. Manchester City

    Nought? Just getting to the semis is an additional 7.5m euros. Hardly nowt. Helps balance the books...
  14. Manchester City

    Your season is over as we done ya home and away. You done a type of double though I'll give you that.
  15. Manchester City

    Yes you do agree on this I know you do you have said it in not so many words.