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  1. Warning! Extortion EMail being circulated.

    Interesting but how's about seeing the email? Also there's a way to track an email via the header to an IP I think? Be good to have a good look at the exact content. May hold valuable clues. Word usage, stuff like that. This chaps not too smart if he forgot to save data under a different name.
  2. It's gotta be a proper front in like a chemical factory like that show its got to be a massive industrial scale job made to look like an ordinary factory. Hundreds and thousands to choose from and not many oeopke on these sites.
  3. Sounds to me like your enjoying it and then you realise it's a geezer and you get all defensive. MOM PLEASE STOP type of scenario.
  4. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Rumble in the bingo hall.
  5. Chelsea Fc Thread

    You wanna hope he does not do a sancho and flew the coop as did a certain denis suarez. That oil money needs to see youth development in city colours.
  6. I'm thinking rather than just sign up for a year rental contract in a new city we might be able to find a month on month contract for a small house or something? Reason I say house is the apartment/condos get noisy with our young lad and I'm considerate of neighbours and we prefer a house. We could live in a rental preferably a bungalow. Budget range upto 12k but I've seen stuff decent for 6-7 on dd and kaidee. Anyone got any ideas. We've had a few looks. I'm interested in ban kok rd anyone got info on that area I believe is called chaiyapreuk village? We have transport so we could look further afield in KK. One thing that bugged my Mrs round by that ban kok rd getting onto 2131 I think it was. The bumpy roads. Is it like that a lot in KK. If it is that's a surprise? Feel free to mention no go zones too. Ban kok rd has that KPBS school too and that's ideal for when the lad needs pre school for thai language etc. Also, I'm interested to know about fitness and recreation activities even education courses your wives/gf may be utilising? Thanks to anyone with solid info.
  7. New Khon Kaen train station?

    Easiest way to get there is to get dropped off in the Tesco car park and an exit and makeshift bridge gets you right onto platform. The traditional method at front of train station is main just fields and fields and some real hobos selling food.
  8. Chelsea Fc Thread

    The pension books err I mean swords are out, take cover and where's Keith in all of this
  9. I was thinking the tobacco companies might reduce their prices to 60 baht to help keep killing their clients
  10. Find a hawala dealer.
  11. Liverpool F.c.

    @BangrakBob @wilai @nellyp @StevieH @anyotherbindipper So is this lad turning into a forking dud or what? Benitez stock is rising, he knows how to play zonal well. He will build from the back and I reckon he would get more out the rest of the team anyway. He fancies another crack but FSG would be scared I reckon. Just looking at a plan B here lads a plan B is necessary. The burnley game was a tough one but the longer this happens with klopp the more confidence teams will get. I think it's sensible at this stage to be thinking what if Klopp is a dud and his biggest error was not identifying defensive options. It's like he knows his approach is flawed or something. Who in their right mind would not have pushed for defenders in a massive plan B, C way? Footballs got a 12th man in a manager who can make decisons to exploit weaknesses in each game/team. This Method he uses is hurting us big time. AOC is a great example of a game changing sub. Why would you not use that correctly?
  12. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Where has this old chest nut come from? Sounds well stupid, like a phrase a China man would say incorrectly, of course. I put my mouth in your foot etc
  13. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Gis your Skype ID then son let's get a video call on the go. Well what you waiting for? :-)
  14. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Cos he's a cannnt. He loves it he gets frills from acting like it. I know the type I worked with tnucs like that. Argh mate help me out Argh mate can you do this. How's about do1.
  15. Chelsea Fc Thread

    To be fair to shrek head he did well he could have imploded after getting caught on that granny. Shows he had a lot of mettle to come through all that crap. The terrace chats must have been a nightmare, pure natural ability from a very young age whereas Ronaldo built his legacy and showed continued improvement to be the best.