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  1. Don mueang to suvarnabhummi

    Just to say thanks to contributors. Very easy. Arrived outside DMK first floor exit 6 @ 2pm was on bus by 2.15pm and in BKK airport 3.15pm. Roads were very clear. Seating was good not packed at all. Process was very easy. I copied and pasted the content from an email and printed out a word document and I was stamped and accepted within 1 minute. The pasted content did not show any logos at all. Just text.
  2. Liverpool F.c.

    Eh eh bobski how's those pink lips doing anyway?
  3. Well he must have felt something. He rejected his faith for a woman who rejected him. God knows what the othe monks put it into his head when he was wrestling with the idea of leaving his faith in search of love. Becoming a monk so young his head has likely been brainwashed and to then turn his back on it for a woman shows strength. 13 years old should not be wrestling with stuff like this Sounds like a kid with a strong head who just needs some support, like all kids.
  4. Liverpool F.c.

    Err a transfer, and the way lfc management handled the issue ensured we got maximum value and in a time frame that is acceptable with acceptable terms. Their initial offer showed a lack of respect for the player more than anything and they ended up paying more the same way we mistakenly handled the vvd situation and ended up paying a touch more.
  5. Liverpool F.c.

    Injured. Not mentally ready could have been an abundance of reasons. I waited for the details without assuming. It looked bad but it was papered over and not made a big issue.
  6. Liverpool F.c.

    Handled brilliantly by LFC though. Dusted over any turmoil and held his value. That stink could have cost us a chunk of the fee so I'm pleased they got that transfer spot on. I'm still thinking lanzini can kick on but I'd like mahrez more as his link up with salah could be like it was with vardy (speed).
  7. Liverpool F.c.

    Bit late but I heard a few stories about our departed brazilian which make me believe we were 1000% right to sell him. Feigning injury first 5 games then being called up by Brazil and being fit to play. Lfc apparently played down this drama and kept it low key to preserve maximum value. Being overly vocal to club, manager and other players on his desire to leave. Whilst he did perform very well until the end he did by the looks of it down tools and he was kind of forced to play well to keep the interest alive and ensure he done his part in convincing barca to get real on the deal that was laughed out to begin. With lallana coming and the oxe we are very well covered and losing him will not be a massive loss imo. Klopp's interviews suggest something similar too. The differential between Luis suarez's official thanks from LFC and PC is also an interesting comparison. I never liked the term cuntinho but I think it fits now.
  8. Manchester City

    Well the pitch is 10 cm wider for a start!
  9. Manchester City

    Even 2nd in CL may be worth rolling out the open top.
  10. Not up to date on kids vaccinations

    No worries. I've used two clinics to date as we moved cities. One thing I note about injections at these two clinics is they quote prices based on per injection so it's important to ask about the course too. I would have done it anyway but I was a bit miffed that we were not given clear pricing and course of injection info.
  11. Don mueang to suvarnabhummi

    Spotted a similar thread where this was mentioned I'm hunting that shuttle shortly. Thanks
  12. Manchester City

    With that mindset I guess no one will be complaining but the players and management might fancy a change of scenery and without the current crop sixth will be the target for a very long time.
  13. Manchester City

    Look on the bright side. Ticket concessions for the NFL
  14. Manchester City

    Good boy
  15. Liverpool F.c.

    That's why I said I liked him. If he had continued as he began and got better as time wore on but it has not happened. Surprised he is 25 tbh and he has lasted this long. Yh I reckon he will get booted but maybe once it dies down. Or maybe the club will put the boot in hard and fast like he did.