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  1. I don't believe for a second this is class related. Surely it's more to do with the families need to boast. I'm certain many wealthy Thai families performed marriage rituals differently. It's not a one size fits all world.
  2. Rc2702

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    I would not be surprised if Kane injured is a ploy between the staff to get the wallet open before deadline. Defoe on a free and a cheeky 25m buy might solve it.
  3. Rc2702

    Have you tried Jucing to loose weight

    I just blend as a meal replacement and basically chuck veg and fruit with fruit juice together and that is my breakfast. Today's is. Bananas Pineapple Potato Berry juice Radish Carrot Tastes better than it looks.
  4. Just from 2 stories this year I'm seeing a total of 12 family members from just 2 families/incidents. Dead at the hands of a disgruntled family member. 7 in the first days of 2019 and this 5. Putting distance between family looks key to survival
  5. Rc2702

    Unoffical Spurs Thread

    Keeper played a blinder. Best bit of keeping I've seen for a while. Kane would have got to that last chance 2 years ago but maybe it was cos their away from home....
  6. Rc2702

    Eredivsie Football?

    Skybet if you access the app they usually show the games live for the Dutch league.
  7. Rc2702

    I'm scared of having kids

    That sounds like parenting.
  8. Rc2702

    Skype update awful

    About 2 months ago maybe less I updated Skype and it has been truly awful for chats. It seems to delay messages sent and received on screen for a long time. Switching chats is a nightmare it seems to freeze. It shuts itself down sometimes too. I talked to an associate who said exactly the same. Anyone else having this issue with Skype?