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  1. Blinking heck your lot really have no idea about the half of the pitch do they. Some real massive issues you got there pal. I'd be bricking it if I was a city fan. I'd be looking into getting a portable toilet.
  2. You mean inheacho? If so Yh I'm well shocked more top clubs have not circled him. I bet he's in a top 6 sides within 2 years.
  3. PJack just stick 1 million on Bitcoin and you should be good
  4. I would not go that far but I'd recommend preparing for the worst with your man basil guardiola at the helm
  5. Lapworth is currently in hospital having his rectum sewn up all ready for another trouncing.
  6. You know BB you can watch it as many times as you like the result will never change. Bottom line... your boys got well and truly done and your only glimmer was a teenybopper
  7. Update: City got done 2-0 by united in Houston.
  8. Honestly the weekly nomad topic is getting boring. 15 years ago when business men took extended holidays no one bats an eyelid. When some holiday makers work whilst on holiday no one gave a damn The people that moan about not paying tax to Thailand should really be moaning about Thais not paying tax. The Old codgers that were blue collar back breakers for 30 years. I forgive you as if I'd worked for 30 years like that is be a moaner too. It's a fuc ked up world, painful to see so many able people not working from the co fort of there own homes. Truth is most people who moan just do not get it. Those nomad groups are not even real nomads three a bunch of punks earning $100 a day and getting chuffed.
  9. Immigration: you work in thailand? Me: no Immigration: Why you bring 3 computers on holiday. Me: in case one gets lost or broke Immigration: Ok khap welcome to Thailand.
  10. Listen rubber neck wind it in and stop taking it so personally. You jumped up muppet
  11. Get on with it then lad.
  12. It's cos Aussies are seen as dumb as shiiiit by Thais too.