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  1. Companies going bankrupt

    It's terrible and I'm pretty sure he targets smaller companies and milks them for 60 days come Q4 and then does 1. Spoke to 2 suppliers who opened up. Not massive losses but 500/1500 but that was 2 calls to suppliers I knew so could be same with 50 suppliers, who knows. I seen stuff like this happen in movies but it appears to be a white collar crime with very little punishment.
  2. Companies going bankrupt

    I'm referring to a British company. I use duedil to find history, free basic use but costs for advanced. He was flitting between co sec and director by looks of it. He dissolves companies, is that different law in regards to being a director again. One example. Kept business website but operated website under 3 companies 2 of which dissolved owing creditors and 3rd currently active. Same people different biz name.
  3. Not thailand related but I came across a clients previous biz history after being asked for credit. Accountant by trade this guy and he has set up various co. Over 20 years and trades Ltd for 2 years then dissolves biz goes bust etc. Is this not just a bit embarressing to continually do this. They stiff the suppliers who provide them credit I'm guessing. Surely this is not creative accountancy? Saw a competitor do it last year too and they have the gall to rebrand and then try to win there market back. Seems well dodgy, you can't stiff the tax man and just start up again but you can stiff your suppliers and get away with it forever it seems. Credit rejected btw.
  4. Marcella. Uk series about an unstable female detective. Pretty good. Bit like Luther. Netflix
  5. Tottenham Thread

    Im gunner stick around thanks.
  6. Tottenham Thread

    I'm saving children's hour for AM only from now on as if fits in with the special needs of some posters like yourself
  7. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Although you tried to resign Lukaku. Salah will score more goals than any chelsea player this season. Lukaku too.
  8. Tottenham Thread

    No matter here's an image I prepared for the pea.
  9. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Salah Lukaku Kdb That's three who you discarded and all three would walk into your team and there's plenty more. But those 3 are now playing for your closest rivals and that's gotta hurt and the player you covet the most at Chelsea does not want to be there.
  10. Tottenham Thread

    Yh but at least I'm not a brown nose ronnie. And you are a complete crack sniffer there is no doubt about that.
  11. Tottenham Thread

    Ok walk and keep walking. Don't stop.
  12. Liverpool F.c.

    I hoped that Spurs debacle would jumps start us and it appears to have worked. Salah looks nailed on for 30 goals this season (all comps) but already I'm thinking he will be busting that fastest to 50 goal record. At this rate he will be on 42 in 54 games but I reckon he knows if he wants to go up a level he needs to net a few hat tricks and I think it's in him.
  13. Tottenham Thread

    When you can run 1 mile in an hour in thailand at 3pm in the afternoon come on here and type to me. Until then keep the bratwurst piled in all holes and 0121.(do1) Btw- I run 4 miles in the hour, 6 in lower climes. But I don't normally mention that or my cups of tea. Interesting stuff like yeah but it's not really footy related.
  14. Tottenham Thread

    I can ran but you I bet you wheeze along. Gasper.