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  1. I've been looking for a 2nd hand car but I'm not really sure how to go about it and where to look. Most sites that I found have very little choice on Phuket. I saw some on Craigslist but the prices were so low something has to be up there. Can anyone recommend a good place to look or a trusted dealer on Phuket? Looking for a simple small car that gets me around places, but preferably not too old, Ideal budget is 100-400k
  2. Moving to Phuket

    I saw your email a couple hours ago, just hadn't responded yet. My apologies for the slow response but definitely appreciate the help!
  3. Moving to Phuket

    That sounds great, do you have any pictures of insides of the homes/know where I can find them? Only been able to find some pictures of outsides on google.
  4. Moving to Phuket

    Haha I found a similar unit on one of the real estate sites, definitely looks good so I'll shoot you a pm! Stayed in Kata before on a short holiday and was definitely too touristy for me. I'll have an extra look at Rawai and Chalong however, thanks!
  5. Moving to Phuket

    Thanks for the tips guys, Kamala looks nice so I'll look into that a bit more. So far most places which I found that I liked are around Koh Keaw, haven't been able to find a lot on the area itself so I'll probably go and see next month.
  6. Moving to Phuket

    Thanks I will send a pm! Thanks, sounds like I'll probably prefer to be on the west coast then. I work from home so nice surroundings/facilities are more important to me than convenience. A large quiet Moo Baan would also be fine, but I'd prefer to stay away from the busy places. Close proximity to the beach isn't a must tho.
  7. Moving to Phuket

    Hey all, I'm heading to Phuket next month to evaluate if I want to move there from Bangkok, hoping to find a place to rent when I'm there. I've been there before and have done some questions, but was hoping to get some advice from people here that are more familiar with the island. I live with my gf and a small dog, looking for a house/bungalow preferably with a garden in a moo baan in a quiet area (aiming at +-20kbaht ), don't really go clubbing all that much so don't need to live near any touristy/busy areas. Are there any parts of the island to avoid? I noticed that most places listed online are in Thalang, are any specific parts of the Island preferable for what Im looking for? Any recommendable agents? Or best to just find a place that's listed online? Thanks!
  8. Heya, Looking for house/bungalow on Samui. Preferably in a not too touristy area but still near the beach. Min. 1br, airconditioned & private/shared pool. Fitness nearby would also be a great plus. Budget is 10-20k, looking to move in around august 1st (6 months minimum). Please contact via PM Thanks! Removed telephone number, People can use PM!
  9. What Island to live on?

    Greenland does seem like a good alternative yea @pluto, I'm not a veteran surfer or anything, just thought if I can choose I'd go for a place where there's surfing. However like khunper&steve suggested, kite-surfing/sail-boarding seem like great alternatives. Bali would be an option in the future, for now I'm just looking to find a place in Thailand. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll read up on them all and see if another type of visa could maybe be better for me.
  10. What Island to live on?

    Hey guys thanks for all the responses! I realise that the ED visa is a big problem if I decide to stay on a non-touristy Island, since I'm currently still on a Tourist visa, I'll checkout the elite one. Given all the responses and what I read online I should forget about surfing, probably better off just planning a surftrip to bali or so every once in a while. Will checkout Kite-surfing tho! Right now Samui seems most attractive to me (the quieter places), will head there on saturday to check it out. Thinking of staying at Mae Nam, good idea?
  11. What Island to live on?

    Koh chang looks really nice, too quiet isn't really a problem for me at the moment. Is it kind of convenient however? As in convenience stores, markets, houses? Is there any waves? Decided to book a little trip to Samui this weekend for a couple days, will see if it kind of fits what I had in mind, any suggestions on specific towns/areas? (was told to stay away from chaweng and check out lamai before) edit: I couldn't find anything about a thai language school on Koh Chang, would it be impossible to stay there on an education visa?
  12. What Island to live on?

    Would not necessarily have to be an island altho i do like that 'island feeling' & living on walking distance to the beach is my aim.
  13. What Island to live on?

    Hey, So I'm currently living in Bangkok but I want to move to an island in about 1-2 months. Before I make the move I want to go see one or two locations however to find out whether I really want to live there, I'm wondering what the best options are for what I'm looking for: - Budget of a small house/bungalow up to 20k baht, cheaper is always fine. - Not too touristy, would like a more quiet area but still near the beach. - Some surf options, I know Thailand doesn't have a great surfing scene but having somewhat of a surfing scene would be great. - Language school for education visa within reach. - Nice beaches Was mainly considering Samui/Phuket, but not sure whether I'm overlooking something or which one of the two I should go for. Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!