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  1. good choice..just had a refurb,..15 palms, Monkeys,taste of India all do very good food..enjoy
  2. 15 palms on white sand beach takes some beating
  3. Paddys palms Koh Chang..very nice lamb kebab.
  4. have you put down and do the world a favour
  5. good dogs.rip up the car..to many cars on the road polluting the air we breath
  6. why is that man measuring the size of the bait?
  7. most of the islands in Thailand are very safe..but there is one what is not so safe.
  8. 4+ hour wait for ferry.
  9. No need to explain...because you can not..the only people making things up are you and your 2 or 3 followers
  10. opps my bad there was one bit of evidence produced the hoe, but low and behold the accused dna was not on it..but there was dna of two other males..