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  1. good dogs.rip up the car..to many cars on the road polluting the air we breath
  2. why is that man measuring the size of the bait?
  3. most of the islands in Thailand are very safe..but there is one what is not so safe.
  4. 4+ hour wait for ferry.
  5. No need to explain...because you can not..the only people making things up are you and your 2 or 3 followers
  6. opps my bad there was one bit of evidence produced the hoe, but low and behold the accused dna was not on it..but there was dna of two other males..
  7. what evidence?...they produced nothing...there was nothing to reexamine.
  8. drivel.....if the RTP had any solid evidence they would have produced it..but it all used up, lost, no money for pictures etc etc
  9. but he can and does know the true facts based on reliable sources so when coming up with codswallop about this case please remember we know things too. ..you are a very good comedian green chair.
  10. by hinting and suggesting words must have been spoken..so yes she did say something i get annoyed too..by people who keep twisting and distorting the truth..
  11. It is the twisted fantasy of a few of the posters here. Certainly not based on fact. says greenchair i think you will find it is the twisted few who think they are guilty..based on no facts at all..
  12. your opinion means nothing to me..the way i read it she hints that it was not a Burmese and also suggested that the killer was walking free...so she does not think the B2 did the crime..