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  1. aahh diddums..did the naughty Brits improve your SH of a country and that is why you are so bitter towards them.
  2. so a Brit did yer mrs up the bottle and yer still upset about it..get over it son
  3. yeah the hostel owner..a very reliable source of information
  4. it speaks from it's rusty sheriffs badge..
  5. shillhater

    Koh Chang holiday

    Pearl beach area is better than White sands,,it is close enough to were it all happens but far enough away that you are not kept awake by the noise ..bang ton rak,paradise palms.elephant and castle,pennys, remark ,are a few i have stayed in..all very good...
  6. you come across as one of them intolerant liberals..if someone does not agree with you call them a racist or in your case a Thai basher..
  7. everyone one is entitled to a opinion..mine is cyberfarang post nothing but drivel..yours is he does not..good for you...happy now?
  8. Can`t see any valid reasons to keep this thread running, just going around in circles...your real motive for all the drivel you post?
  9. so many posters sound like the townie who moved to a village then complain about the church bells ringing on a sunday..the soi dogs were here before us and will still be here long after we are gone,,if you do not like it move back to your safe European homes...
  10. blue on blue...nice one Trigger
  11. Really? specsavers do a great deal on reading glasses.
  12. Just weird and Mr Crab may disagree with you.
  13. who said it was a Thai? i can not recall any poster claiming the rapist was a Thai..i see you are another poster who should put away the big wooden spoon
  14. excuse me pal..but i have yet to read anyone say it was Thai who raped her..i have not read any Thai hating..put your big wooden spoon away.