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  1. And now the Dems will play their stupid games, all that will do is annoy voters and fire up the Republicans -the Dems really can't help themselves. The end result will be another 4 years of President Trump
  2. One option may be to obtain two ATM cards from BKK Bank - I have one for domestic withdrawals and one for international. Give your son the international card & PIN. Both work BTW but I think there is a 200 baht per card charge per year. Luckily for me I hope to not be in Thailand much longer as we only came here to close my wife's family business and for our youngest to finish University. I've never liked the place and am counting the days. I did the 800k because frankly I didn't want the embassy or a Thai IO to see any paperwork with my net worth for the monthly option. I will probably just withdraw it and walk to Dee Money and transfer it offshore. Your son can send money via them if he's in Thailand. (I think, not sure if they allow tourists to send or not - worth checking) I met a guy some time ago and he was told by his late Father he had done a Thai Will but it disappeared (burnt by the Thai GF most likely) he was in a real mess trying to sell his Father's condo. Hired a couple of lawyers to handle it but it seemed like a real nightmare.
  3. I don't care in the slightest what religion or what country he's from, it makes me laugh he's being called a philanthropist, He's a vile human.
  4. Luckysilk

    Thailand to Legalize Same-Sex Civil Unions in Support of LGBTQ Rights

    The UK has recently ruled straight couples not being allowed to have civil unions as discriminatory. I believe both should be allowed - straight or gay - marriage still has a religious tone and civil unions cover all. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/jun/27/uk-ban-on-heterosexual-civil-partnerships-ruled-discriminatory
  5. Wait for Brexit to settle and CANZUK gets into full swing and the Embassies are under one roof. It was reported a few years back but I heard from a friend in Canada it's back on. Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK will all stop these letters IMO. They don't want the liability. There's an American in a FB group I'm in who's encouraging Americans to send letters to the US Embassy to stop issuing the letters as he's claims the abuse is rampant.
  6. That's it in a nutshell - the Brit pension isn't enough monthly so they have to come up with documents and they swear they are legit. The BE is in a difficult position diplomatically generating what could be documents based on fraudulent information supplied. I also think it's lazy on Thai Immigrations part to solely depend on a piece of paper from an Embassy - mind you they do the same idiotic thing for a driver's license. Keep in mind a lot of guys are 50+ and can't access any state pension so I can imagine the yarns they spin. I believe other Embassies will follow as the embassies cannot continue doing business like this, at the end of the day it's 250 people a month the embassy says they are handling. It's not a big number or deal IMO. Of course these are the folks that can't afford to go home so they are screwed - some say they have millions stashed yet won't bring over a measly 800 or 400k. The Brits send by mail and yes they include copies - the old one bank account to another scam etc. The Americans just put their hand on heart and say trust me. I'm in a Facebook group and 99% of the guys have the money on deposit as I do and they are rapidly losing interest in this topic as petitions won't work nor screaming at the Embassy, not sure why it's such a hot topic here. Anyone who thought Thailand was home for life had better think what options are available - bring money in ASAP, another country or go home.
  7. It's a waste of time, 250 folks a month and how many of those are producing fraudulent documents ?? A Petition requires 10,000 signatures to get a response from the Government. And the response will be deposit 400/800K
  8. Well said I agree change is coming and those that sit and blame the Embassy are wasting time, the Thai Immigration are the folks that are demanding scrutiny. I for one am pleased an Embassy is taking a firm approach on what could be potentially a fraudulent loophole & I hope others follow.
  9. And how would you feel if in your home country anyone could simply get on a plane and land in your country and live happily ever after spending a mere 65k a month or better yet 800k in a bank account ?
  10. Absolutely correct and my understanding is the UK state pension is not enough (currently circa 30,000 THB per month) to cover either the 40/65k month requirement set by Thai Immigration. I have a feeling it's the guys under state retirement age ie. 50 something who don't have access to a state funded pension that have caused Thai Immigration to really question how they are being funded and when Thai Immigration asked the Embassy to be their police force the Brits said go to hell. Why should any Embassy get into this mess of verifying documents from multiple sources that could be fraudulent.
  11. Well I assumed the US would follow and others will announce the change as well. No one using that method will sleep tonight & no amount of complaining will force the respective Embassy to do a thing as it's a Thai issue. Oh sigh I do feel for the guys using the monthly income method but I think it's time to seriously consider an exit.
  12. Same same I sent my lawyer a quick email and his assistant got back to me and said they believe more will follow. I use the lump sum however have many friends both Brit and non Brit that is will impact. One has already posted on FB that he needs to quick sell his condo to raise the funds - I felt for the guy as he's taking a loss but what can he do as his visa is up in March.
  13. We've been using TransferWise into Thailand and my mate sent money out last week using Dee, worked like a charm & much much cheaper than bank charges. https://www.dee.money/en/
  14. I bet the rest will follow, this is most likely a request by the Thais to scrutinize the monthly income. Knowing a few Brits who did the two bank money transfer scam - transfer funds from bank A to bank b account or from the wife's account monthly and showing the Embassy they have the "income".