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  1. the end of UBER in Thailand is near, sadly......

    Good riddance - their surcharge pricing when people need them the most is pure greed.
  2. Cartoon art for a cartoon Pres..... Whats with the 6 fingers ? Weird and freaky
  3. I’m pleased with the poll - I had assumed the vast majority of decent Americans had given up on these President bashing threads with the obnoxious name calling and posts.
  4. Absolutely the reason for some if not most initially is sex, straight or gay or whatver your pleasure it’s everywhere, don’t be fooled when some say it’s for cost of living and culture 5555555
  5. Absolutely hilarious the idiotic Dems sitting on their hands like a bunch of spoiled brats.
  6. I’m sorry you feel I was addressing you, that was not my intent to single out anyone. In fact, I seldom, if ever read your posts.
  7. I am pleased to see the number of votes - I assumed with the idiotic insults hurled by the left most decent Americans would avoid such polls. President Trump 2020
  8. Absolutely YES and a second term, if not President Trump then VP Pence for the second term. The economy is doing well and Supreme Court choices to date are making America great again. The dems with their rotten to the core candidates don’t have a chance and their PC crap is out of fade.
  9. The best thing about this forum is the ignore feature - when I suss the lefty loons I block them, I have zero interest in conversing with them as I find their agenda so out of line with mine and my children, occasionally I’ll unblock for entertainment. The best thing is their agenda and PC crap is dying, our youth are more conservative than our generation and I’m pleased with our President and his Supreme Court choices to date -hopefully more to come.
  10. The numbers don’t lie, if, in fact, the President is overweight perhaps he can look at gastric bypass surgery - the obese crowd seem to back the procedure.
  11. That’s wonderful news Scott, I’ve seen the numbers rise slowly and assumed it was still open.
  12. A new poll is USELESS, most posters avoid these Trump threads as the abuse hurled at those of us that suport the POTUS has been OTT with derogatory name calling, a few decent brave souls continue to post but the vast majority have given up. I for one would never vote on any forum poll it feeds the trolls.
  13. And finally we can say - Madam President when Ivanka wins :)
  14. And yet the State Department sends out serious warnings about these places .... Liberals love being offended.