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  1. I find it interesting almost every thread the left follow the same tactic and they think they've won the argument. 1. Resort to name calling the President and supporters 2. Accusations of being something terrible, not decent Americans etc 3. I shouldn't have to "educate" you 4. Proceed to claim there is no point in explaining because your type won't get it anyway 5. Pretending they have higher moral ground 6. Pack mentality of bullying 7. Block opposing views In terms of a protest not going to happen - live with it.
  2. Absolutely with Oprah or Ellen as her running mate. Bring it on.
  3. Lock her up to shut her up. Vile human please disappear.
  4. Sadly that is the issue most are sore losers and are doing damage to our country by not allowing President Trump to do his job. For me it's simply noise and I am deaf.
  5. LOL so true it would be meltdown, I've always felt it was a silly event, they might just as well turn it into a complete farce. IF the Dems win in 2024 they can send their champagne socialist president.
  6. Blocking the lefty loonies helps - their vitoral hatred for President Trump calling him a mass murderer etc is OTT. Their screaming has made us deaf.
  7. Good for President Trump - the leftist media are shills for the democratic party and their continual bashing is stale news.
  8. Every year it makes me laugh how they love to parade these LB's.
  9. How much was the peasant taxi driver asking for ? 200 baht or 20k
  10. IMHO the thread has turned into a few rabid posters name calling and spewing their hatred - the sooner it's closed the better.
  11. I'm curious who paid for this show ? Stage, buses, sound equipment etc ???
  12. Luckysilk

    More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    And let's track Thais in our home country's and see how they feel.
  13. Don't these seats cost over $100,000 to manufacture ? I'd suggest that these fatties have to sign a contract when checking in if they damage the seat they have to pay, apply to all classes. I'm surprised some fool hasn't come along screaming this is a medical condition being obese 55555, perhaps their at Swenson's now lol
  14. Imagine how the left will melt down when they hear the words The Nobel Peace Prize goes to President Trump.
  15. That's the one, the one that is easy to get to but hard to get back to arrivals or departures as one and only escalator is for airport staff only and passengers have to cram into a small lift to go back upstairs. Why are the escalators in the terminal are not for passengers is beyond me it is ridiculous.