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  1. out chasing the hardcore felons.. (shhh, heard a russian missed his 90 day report yesterday.. get the SWAT team out boys)
  2. my wife used to tell me a story of how her friends would handle unwanted advances from Thai men. in order for him to not 'lose face' they would invite their friends along to dinner dates with him and purposefully order expensive food and drinks. they would repeatedly do this until the hapless guy got the message gave up and moved on to another woman saving embarrassment all round. knowing this do you think immigration would: A) change the rules disavowing us completely, or B) keep raising the bar until we get the message give up?
  3. makes me laugh those on here justifying this route its not the asian way, pilots don't do it & you don't pay 20K+ just to 'fit in with the system' call it what it is lol for my 2 penneth, this is way worse than using a system in a way it wasn't supposed to be used. ie: full time living on ed, tourist or voa's - you are paying a bribe for an IO to overlook the seasoning requirement on your application. i hope to god BJ doesn't take a look at these applications because he is aware it was something mentioned in the case of the indians in udonthani being busted for fake marriages.
  4. they still have the option to go to Savanakhet and get a multiple entry non-o based on their marriage & with no financials. inconvenient especially with the border bounces every 90 days but better than a long flight home alone.
  5. is that with or without an embassy letter?
  6. agree. just ask the border runners, ed visa holders, digital nomads & tourist visa holders what empathy they were shown when they were pushed towards the door - (hint: not much) some sad, nasty people around
  7. have immigration confirmed 65K in a bank each month is acceptable now then? do you have a source you can link please? it would solve a lot of problems for those believing only an embassy letter plus proof is acceptable post 1/1/19
  8. GeorgeCross

    What we all know

    life's a lot cheaper for us as we own a house (no rent), have a car and motorbike (no transport expenses), drink moderately and exercise regularly (minimal healthcare). plus my wife contributes to the household income wise as do we both (this is 2018 after all!) living below immigrations 40K per month contribution from me? happily and healthily.
  9. GeorgeCross

    Few Thais heed Seoul’s warning on illegal work

    within reason, anyone will do anything if the price is right 160baht to smash rocks in the sun all day? yeah, not many thais are going to do that LOL
  10. can't be the thais they said they don't go on the beaches
  11. and the people who said 'they' will stall and stall and stall were laughed out of the house.. looks like the plan all along. the EU is Hotel California after all
  12. GeorgeCross

    USA income affidavit

    wire transfer in .. paypal transfer out .. repeat lol they should have stuck with the letters
  13. if there is no deal then i as a brexiteer have gotten what i voted for all this soft brexit stuff is a betrayal of our vote. vote leave means leave. then it's time to rebuild a better nation with our own trade deals of which the EU is welcome to come to the table OR NOT if they come with their current sh*tty attitude.
  14. yeah, yeah, heard it all before when they launched the 'good guys in bad guys out' campaign, 2 years on and i can't think of a single thing that has made my yearly extension any easier. sorry Thailand i feel its 'all stick no carrot' time again i'm afraid. just for once it would be nice if they helped the legals out BEFORE the crackdowns.. i won't hold my breath though (and that goes for all facets of life here not just immigration)