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  1. Odysseus123

    Gillette fell into the 'progressive man' trap

    That is so 20th century...
  2. 'twas a wry joke.. Next time I shall use all the 57 emoticons as a back stop.
  3. By contacting the FBI apparently...
  4. Who do you think? No..don't answer that question in print...
  5. Possibly-and I always enjoy reading your thought provoking posts.Have you considered an alternative explanation though.That they are ALL trapped by the coronation date? There are mightier people than the incumbent PM jostling for power in Thailand. And,I will just leave it at that.
  6. I have come to believe that in the land of chronic warlordism and baronial thuggery they are simply incapable of "getting the message". For instance-if your tourism goes down the gurgler-and it has-you just invent new figures for the credulous.-a locked in system very similar to it's neighbouring states..and getting closer every day.
  7. By the look of the 'fruit salad' this general fought at Arnhem as an elite member of the "Red Devils',won the military cross there, and is now 112 years old. Pretty impressive...
  8. These women have been locked up for how long? What a stupendously bizarre and totally unjust episode of Thai jurisprudence.
  9. The true horror of the story lies in her demand to "get a job".
  10. Deflection..as usual. My professional field actively recruits nurses from the Philipines,India (notably Kerala) Malaysia,Hong Kong andSouth Korea. In my time I never saw a Thai Registered Nurse,radiographer,pathologist or technician. They can't speak English and their so-called qualifications are extremely poor. The usual Thai apologists who scream about Western teachers-merely enhance the already blatant image of a lazy,ignorant country which cannot even meet basic ASEAN standards-they just find another excuse to flub it-and to blame others. They have built an even better wall then Hadrian or East Germany.They have built a self satisfied wall of smug ignorance.
  11. "the gov't simply does care..." You may have left out the "not" because if you haven't then they have the most peculiar way of caring-tho' fudging the figures certainly indicates a lethargic desire to sweep the slaughter under the carpet. In any case the whole tragedy simply indicates the wholesale collusion between the populace and its gov't to keep the present situation going-be it dead or alive.
  12. You do it every time. It is your sole strategy of deflection and you have been doing it ad nauseam for years. Would you care to comment about Thailand's Gadarene rush towards the bottom of the educational stakes-as commented upon many ASEAN educators as well? Your "source" is merely an advertisement for a maths "olympiad"
  13. Not newsworthy. "blame" is the operative word here.
  14. "There is no genuine concern.." That is it-in a nutshell. It's all just a facade,a genuine Potemkin village.
  15. An interesting post. Yes,I think that I arrived at somewhat similar conclusions. I remember standing on my balcony and shouting at the assembled multitudes (I had refused to pay a 50,000 Baht fine imposed upon them for their crass incompetence) "I don't care!You can all go and eat cake as far as I am concerned!"