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  1. Well...it's time to shut down and pack the computer into the well travelled bag otherwise I will have more farewells than Dame Nellie Melba.... Best of luck to all,
  2. True, However,I was agreeing with you. I went to the Art Gallery in Glasgow once-It sure was a lovely place.
  3. I said "Sure-that's how it's done." Meaning that in most countries they will charge you for your repatriation-one way or the other. Why should I doubt your statement?
  4. It is good to understand people like you-the dangerous powers of the E personality and things like that.. Meanwhile,I am very sure that the Thai authorities will interview this lady and sort things out.I have every confidence in them,don't you?
  5. Yes-and then they can sit down with a good book (does anyone read good books these days?) such as Dr Elias Aboujaoude."Virtually You-The Dangerous Powers of the E Personality" and learn all about themselves,if they are capable of doing so. Meanwhile it's back to stoning,flogging and deporting this women,Transylvania,1435 AD style.
  6. Perhaps she likes it here.... I personally,would put her in stocks,shave her head,pelt her with rotten tomatoes and howl abuse, but that's just me .. Then I would check on my dodgy passport (issued by the Vatican)with the visa stamp for Argentina, circa 1946.
  7. I have never had a problem with Thai Immigration. First they were at Phibun Mangsahan,then they went out to Sirinthorn Dam and now,I believe, half of them have relocated to Ubon. I have always been treated with dignity and respect from the day I became ill with the big C until I fly out tomorrow. I have a photo of some of them gathered under a tree full of orchids...good memories in years to come. I am neither rich or poor-but,in extremis, the Thai gov't and Thai Immigration did help and for that I am duly grateful. No "brown envelopes" have changed hands..no special deals have been offered.On the contrary,as I stagger back to the car (one prosthesis and two walking sticks) someone always tries to help me. Best wishes to Thailand.
  8. She'll be right,Rhodie...I have developed a severe yearning for home..but that's because I want to SEE things again.. Cross over the Blue Mountains,have lunch at the old pub in Mt Victoria and then as we come down the pass to look out on the rolling Western Slopes again-because on a clear day you can see forever...
  9. Yep-that's what I keep thinking too...the dear old Dev come a lookin' and sez to himself-"Jeez this bloke could be a major problem...I'll give it a miss this time.."
  10. Hey..hey Count D'arco.. It's not the big C that's killing me-dreadful little chappie that he is..but something they discovered in the midst of all that hacking.slashing,chemo and radiation zapping.I had a heart attack and then they discovered that I had a thing called "Hypercholesterolaemia-severe and intolerant of statins"..and everything else too.Basically my heart is inexorably clogging up with cholesterol/lipids.So..first one leg..as the blood supply failed..now onto the other leg..and now my left hand and wrist. My doctor once asked.."How are you doing this? To which I replied.. "Apart from chasing pretty Asian ladies about,drinking lots of red wine and smoking dreadful Cubano cigars..I have no specific strategies in mind...: We both had a good laugh-wry humour,eh?
  11. Hmmm, In the State of New South Wales-all statistics indicated that if you were a male recently diagnosed with cancer,in your 50-60's,recently retired or divorced or alone and isolated the chances were that you were going to die and that goes for heart attacks and other problems too. My male cancer support group had 3 men who sorta shuffled their feet and looked at the floor-the women's group across the hall had about 30 and they were all chattering away and networking quite happily together. The price of being (or pretending to be) an alpha male can be very high.
  12. Yes! It has been a huge help to me as I have tried to figure out what to do. Part of my problem was the refusal of the Thai doctor (a lovely person) to actually sign off on me on the quite reasonable grounds that I might not arrive alive in Sydney. However,I clawed back some of my physical health and she did agree and I have been getting slowly prepared ever since. The excellent support offered on this topic shows that men can do it-be supportive-and just not let each other hang out to dry which you do see on other topics on TV. The elderly German gentleman had tears in his eyes yesterday as I painfully rose to my feet,proffered a farewell handshake and said "Auf weidersehen,old pal."
  13. TDL, I have never been much of a facebook/line fan and generally stick to emails...so...20th century! Reading your posts about your wife unleashing FB/Line campaigns against you only reinforces my desire for my own-and other people's-privacy even tho' that is kinda hard to get in a society of incessant chatterers. My wife waged a similar campaign against me-hence my falling out with her psuedo HiSo friends.They were perfectly happy to see me lose "Face" in public even tho' they became perfect monsters when placed in a similar position themselves. "There is one rule for me,my family and friends-and there is quite another rule for you farang". So,today is the day that I shut down,focus on the objective and begin to filter out all that noise. Have a very pleasant journey home. Ody.