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  1. My experience was/is that as soon as Centrelink is informed that you have a partner/wife your pension will be reduced-in line with other posters experience on this subject. I am about to apply for an "exemption" and will see what happens...
  2. Hi George, I just had a look at it;life is far,far too short my friend.Hmmm.. there's a thought...reincarnation as a Samsung Galaxy XXII ? Back on topic..
  3. Nope, I meant that before you can have an intelligent conversation with them (if that is at all possible) the highly addictive,screen gazing,digit distracting,forever chirping,hive mind connecting instrument of mass stupidity must be somehow removed as painlessly as possible. But...that is when your problems may really start.
  4. The hive mind in all of its glorious effulgence.
  5. Yes.Tho' you only really get to "negotiate" after they have had a radical I-phone or smart phone surgical removal anyway.
  6. I just had a scary episide

    Yes-some things have to be and often decisions are hard to make on the spur of the moment.Therefore having a plan is essential even tho' it meant retiring from the field of play as far as I was concerned. Considering the fact that most expats in the area in which I lived were elderly men I was astonished to see them playing so fast and loose with their health-dehydrating under a hot sun for example-and one that I knew barely made it home alive after suffering a DVT which he simply ignored until it was almost too late....strange stuff. All the very best for your major surgery and may you live long and prosper.
  7. I just had a scary episide

    Yes,I found that the heat and humidity had precisely the same effect on me. Altho' I was dealing with a number of serious health issues anyway, I did decide to return to my own temperate homeland and my general sense of well being has improved. I can now tackle the medical problems with far more energy than hitherto. Best of luck for the future and watch out for the postural hypotension-I suffered from that extensively in Thailand.
  8. Thai Prof Quits UN; LGBTS Concerned

    He is indeed and a man and academic held in very high regard in the international community.
  9. George, You are quite right and I shall take your well meant advice. Bonne chance everyone!
  10. George, "Thai culture/religion is a minefield!" Yes-it most certainly is. But..you are right and I am overthinking the issue except that,even tho' I have physically escaped that environment,I am now experiencing the inevitable blowback with issues that may take months to resolve. I found/find that dealing with irrational,demanding,self serving people corroded my soul,made me neglect my health and placed me in a position that took huge amounts of energy to escape from. I still maintain my position that many aspects of the place was a moral and ethical morass-and this certainly seemed to influence the behaviour of more than just a few expatriates that I met there as well,They were comfortable with it and I was not. You know.I saw a number of people being fleeced within a inch of their bank account's life-no other expat ever said anything...just another one crashing and burning..and even if you did say something you inevitably drew flak yourself. Such is life.
  11. Sure-it is a personal point of view. But having experienced myself a complete misdiagnosis at the hands of a Thai doctor-and having lived with the consequences ever since-I am in no way way inclined to sit back and ponder the finer points of authoritarian fatalism ("But what can we do?") when the solution was readily to hand as long as they followed my advice and passed over the correct information to the doctor.. 1.Difficulty in micturition. 2.Presence of blood in the urine. 3.Scalding urine 4.Pain in R.kidney region. Easy to treat.
  12. In this case all it took was a correct diagnosis and a reasonable degree of treatment for a 57 year old man who may have many years of life ahead of him. Nor am I going to be so "detached" as to overlook the starving diseased riddled soi dogs and the garbage strewn streets of the area in which I lived. Nor am I going to overlook the profound lethargy,the indifference,the teenage pregnancies,the abandoned mothers,the drunkenness,the drug abuse and the poverty where life truly could be.."poore,nasty,brutal and short."
  13. I asked my wife about the lack of response from the family. Her reply was... "If he dies he dies.If mum dies she dies..and if I die I die..." Leaving me to contemplate whether this was some kind of golden answer to the moral and ethical morass that I found Thailand to be. Detached fatalism.Never mind,I think too much.
  14. The 57 year old uncle had become agitated,dazed and confused.The family took him to the local hospital which diagnosed high blood pressure and commenced him on a plethora of elephant killing drugs... I was desperately ill myself but I finally dragged myself downstairs where the entire family was assembled on some sort of death vigil... I checked the drugs (astounding) gave him a physical examination which appeared to reveal extreme tenderness in the kidney region and difficulty in micturition.I finally got him to squeeze a few foul,bloody drops of urine into a cup...and said "This man either has either a severe urinary tract infection or is in advanced renal failure-either way call an ambulance!" The family demurred.."But the doctor..the doctor.." "If you don't call an ambulance,I will!" Sure enough-severe UTI requiring a urinary catheter and IV antibiotics. No thanks..no gratitude.
  15. Thaibeachlovers. "Not a single word of appreciation..." I saved the itinerant uncle's life and there was not a single thank you in return.In fact they seemed to take it as a slight against the appallingly bad local hospital which was doing its best to kill him off. Of course I was on my way out as well...