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  1. "Are they that stupid?" Umm..errr...is that a rhetorical question and I may plead the 5th if you press me upon it?
  2. I look forward to a very pretty cascade of brochures,pie charts,awards,overseas junkets and stunning pronouncements when this new ministry kicks off.. All aboard the newest gravy train!
  3. It is hot and the season for running amok-perhaps he is just getting himself out of harms way..
  4. Odysseus123

    A litany of broken promises

    Yes Col-but they have been doing that for 80 years or so---I am beginning to see a pattern emerging..
  5. Odysseus123

    A litany of broken promises

    I agree. Avoidance,projection and denial seem to be the main cultural attributes.Why else would there be such a long succession of military takeovers coupled with clarion calls for democracy and the eradication of corruption-without any long term changes ever really being accomplished? Even Dr Freud would have eventually become very,very,bored with it all.
  6. Odysseus123

    Newly reopened Soi SCC already full of potholes

    I closely observed the construction a road up where I lived-a new mooban was being planned-and it was absolutely no surprise to me that 12 months later it looked like a twisted pretzel complete with the obligatory craters euphemistically described as "potholes" They would have been better off if they had used 'Weet-Bix'
  7. Odysseus123

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    Yes-tho' as a simple minded mantra it has served the "elite" very well and appeals to the innate snobbery of the Thai class system (absolutely stifling) and therefore will be around for a long time yet.
  8. Odysseus123

    A litany of broken promises

    Hmmm..always interesting to see the role of internal security forces delineated as in this version of "democracy"-SE Asian style.
  9. Obviously "evenkeel" is something of a misnomer...
  10. Odysseus123

    ANALYSIS: Why Chuan is in the running to become PM

    Whist I do understand the present political situation (I hope) I still find it disheartening that ancient,uninspired workhorses are now led out of their stalls and are being paraded as being some sort of alternative.. These folks are stifling the life out of Thailand.
  11. Odysseus123

    Texas teen charged with killing 10 in high school massacre

    "Is America really this uncivilized? "Well..Georges Clemenceau once remarked that America (US) was the only country that he knew of that seemed to have gone from barbarism to decadence without any intervening stages..
  12. Aw...c'mon..don't spoil the fun. I heard the one about the epileptic female in the last century-and it is true by the way-but never in your ED.(ER) as it was always the hospital in the next health service.
  13. Odysseus123

    Some Advice from Dog Lovers

    A thoughtful,intelligent post.