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  1. Well...certainly not my two brothers in law,four cousins,two nephews and one stepson that's for sure! But wait..what am I thinking?They don't work anyway..
  2. Yep-editing as is my wont. Stand in the door! Down to your last 65 nuerons yet?Lol 55555-as you and your confederates say...
  3. Back to the postits? Follow the script.You too will be a hero one day.
  4. A question for you. Do you perceive,or have ever entertained the notion, that there is the slightest scintilla of any form of intellect content in your posts? Apart from silly abuse (spurious questions) in your posts? By the way,as I have told one or two of your confederates,the use of 55555,in whatever combinations of numbers,cuts no ice with me or, indeed,about seven billion others on this planet.
  5. Upset?No.. Amused...yes. Actually I rather like like Thailand but whether it is better or worse for your posts is,of course a matter of speculation. By the way-your English is deteriorating as we post.
  6. Utter rubbish.. Please stop reading from your postit notes from the top of your computer.But..upon reflection..where else have you got to go..?
  7. Silly boy... Getting personal now? You are somewhat discombobulated...
  8. Stockholm Syndrome. Neither more nor less. As my dear old grandmum used to say.."The arrogance of ignorance "Of course she was referring to Australians..and they are an easy target for ex boiler room boys and real estate agents.
  9. Nope-stand in the door and fling yourself out. Stockholm Syndrome.
  10. Yeah-and Thai women haven't thru their disbursement of funds to brothers,sons,cousins,friends,family,gambling and partying? The only mystery to me up here in Isaan is where the hell has all the money gone-it must be billions from farangs let alone the Thai Gov't of whatever colour.Certainly not in education and personal achievement.
  11. Nope-you are certainly correct. A poster on TV put it beautifully about one year ago.. The farangs..are like World War 2 paratroopers.. Stand up! Hook on! Equipment check! Stand in the door! Green light! ..and out you go..to land God knows where...parachute fails..reserve chute fails....
  12. ....or pretend to accept and then make your life a perfect misery 3-5 years down the track. Never underestimate the power of the extended family in Thailand. Many of the women operate to prepared scripts up here and these are usually provided by their network of friends who have relationships with foreigners.A "good" foreigner is one who gives them money and a "bad" foreigner is one who does not or at least tries to put the brakes on.Check out their social network as well as their family. In my experience most men who have married a Thai woman with offspring from a previous Thai marriage/relationship up here will come a major cropper.
  13. Yes-it is called denial,projection and displacement.As the little princes cannot be criticized (no Thai's behaviour can be criticized let alone be subjected to objective scrutiny) then everything gets displaced on to someone else-and a foreigner can become a very large target as they stand outside of the culture. My wife once accused me of "drinking too much" whilst her entire family had pretty much passed out dead drunk on the concrete floor. Something to watch out for if the process is ongoing and occurring on a regular basis. Of course,from time to time,the restraint slips and somebody gets assaulted or shot.
  14. Yes-that behaviour seems pretty normal up here. After some cogitation I have come up with a Bill of Rights that pertains to my stepson and most of his friends. 1,I have the right to be 25 years old and to have never worked a day in my life. 2.I have the right to sleep in until midday and then fry my brains drinking whiskey all night. 3.I have the right to spurn all forms of education including technical training. 4.I have the right to perpetually cadge small sums of money off any female in my extended family. 5.I have the right to become verbally abusive and physically threatening when these demands are not met. 6.I have the right to become equally abusive when someone/anyone requests that I do something for them. 7.I have the right to borrow people's motor scooters and smash them. 8.I have the right to break into my mothers restaurant and steal alcohol and other beverages. 9.I have the right to perpetually lie about anything that I choose to. 10.I possess these rights in abundance because I am a Thai male and I am NUMBER ONE. I doubt that he and his friends entertain the notion that someone-a little old 73 year old Thai gentleman perhaps?-might have the right to finally snap and administer a severe case of lead poisoning to him or to them.