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  1. Sure..big Joke takes on the Russkies.. Apparently Vlad is out of favour in the UK for fiddling with their deep fried Mars Bars-or their pensions,loser Brexit,or miserable weather-who's to really know?. Come to think of it a visit from a Thai policeman might be a tad exotic.. "Free World" hmmmm....
  2. Do the cranes collapse more readily during the nocturnal hours? One presumes that the cranes save "face" if it is too dark to see 'em actually succumb to gravity and lack of supa glue.
  3. What does "looking good for Thailand" actually mean? It is an honest question because I cannot figure out what 67 million Thais have as an investment in this. Unless "face" has gone ballistic and,if it has,Thailand is in absolutely no position to engage in any form of cold war against anyone..well maybe the emperor penguins of Adelaide Island.
  4. Delusions? Have I not read the "fruit salad" correctly? Please point me in the right direction-Waterloo..the Somme...Khalkan Gol..El Alamein? or Guagamela,Cannae,Hastings or Agincourt?
  5. Odysseus123

    What is the best wine you have ever tasted?

    Nothing like a good bottle of wine to cheer one up and bring back memories.. But..hells bells..even a cheap bottle of Retsina in the Piraeus will do it or sitting on the walls at San Gimignano with a loaf of bread,some Asiago cheese,black olives,salami and a bottle of ice cold Vernaccia..
  6. So...? What is your interest in this case exactly? Was the Thai police officer who, judging by his "fruit salad"-has served in every major campaign since the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC invited to the UK and by whom?Has he not already pronounced the verdict in the case? By the way is this the Thai police officer-killed at the battle of Arnhem in 1944 judging by his parachute wings-that threatened a Thai internet poster in the UK previously? Hopefully he will be shunted off-exuent stage left as all of the rest of them have been whenever they "jump" into Europe.
  7. Struggle on...you will get there in the end.
  8. Odysseus123

    Junta exacerbating seriousness of T-shirt case

    Yes,it is villainous. But then..they are villains.I am of course referring to Shangri-larians,Alpha Centaurans,Chiang Maians and other cosmic creatures that do not inhabit a relatively unimportant (but astonishingly psychotic) part of SE Asia.
  9. Assumptions make an ass of u and me.. You are,of course,on the cutting edge..of pluralism and free speech-as is the Thai press that you support.
  10. Odysseus123

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Finances are,of course,only one part of the equation. I invested 33 million US dollars in Gatortrix-and now live quite comfortably in my concrete shed with a tin roof..I live the dream. Did I ever tell you how I was marched 2 kilometres in 42 degrees heat to save 5 baht on a cup of coffee by a European pensioner on a magnificent plan? Splendid stuff..endless conversations about pensions and health plans.
  11. It makes me laff.. 3 years ago on ThaiVisa-this was the stock standard response. You are to be commended for your stalwart defense of the Thai press-about 1938 in a couple of major European countries. (Germany,Russia,Italy and Spain-to name just a few..)
  12. Poor fella-'tis a hard row to plough but someone has to do it. The Thai press,as we all know,revels in it's fearless reporting and its ardent desire not to graap or wai to anyone. Asian Pulitzers-every last one of 'em.
  13. Odysseus123

    What is the best wine you have ever tasted?

    Beautiful.. I remember a Cotes du Rhone..in Arles..looking out from a restaurant where Vincent van Gogh used to sit... Lord...memories...
  14. Oh my..wot a larf..but perilously close to the truth.. Poirot he is not. Does anyone take this bunch of intergalacltic Alpha Centaurans seriously? Even the troll farms produce methane and nothing much else these days.
  15. Yeah tho' it could make a great movie..A Thai "Babe in the City"