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  1. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    "Shawshank Detention"
  2. Snake..

    Yep, You can see the juvenile flare just developing. It will look splendid in a couple of years...
  3. Whilst I agree with you the fact is that the general population doesn't give a cloacal by product either. I experienced this with my own Thai extended family and,eventually,informed them that I would not be attending their cremations or contributing to the rollicking jollity of their funeral arrangements if said death or deaths were caused by their driving..
  4. One vast Potemkin village. This applies just as equally to the Judiciary,the forces of law and order and the education system as it does to road safety. Superficial changes only.
  5. I agree-undaunted courage.
  6. Quite right. Military governments sustain themselves on this sort of thing. The "enemy" without or the "enemy" within. Seeing that the local neighbours are not really providing a credible hostile scenario then it must be the "enemy" within. You can only flog the Shins so much before the whole thing becomes a big yawn so it is on to IS operatives and overstayers...and any other perceived evil foreign phenomena that takes your fancy.....
  7. Pathological liars-it's an essential defense mechanism in Thailand. I am still trying to sort out the lies from year one let alone year six. Never mind-into the "too hard-trash basket" it goes.
  8. Video: When will Thai drivers learn their lesson?

    Denial,Acting Out,Regression and Displacement. Not much room for maneuver in that little lot.
  9. My experience was/is that as soon as Centrelink is informed that you have a partner/wife your pension will be reduced-in line with other posters experience on this subject. I am about to apply for an "exemption" and will see what happens...
  10. Hi George, I just had a look at it;life is far,far too short my friend.Hmmm.. there's a thought...reincarnation as a Samsung Galaxy XXII ? Back on topic..
  11. Nope, I meant that before you can have an intelligent conversation with them (if that is at all possible) the highly addictive,screen gazing,digit distracting,forever chirping,hive mind connecting instrument of mass stupidity must be somehow removed as painlessly as possible. But...that is when your problems may really start.
  12. The hive mind in all of its glorious effulgence.
  13. Yes.Tho' you only really get to "negotiate" after they have had a radical I-phone or smart phone surgical removal anyway.
  14. I just had a scary episide

    Yes-some things have to be and often decisions are hard to make on the spur of the moment.Therefore having a plan is essential even tho' it meant retiring from the field of play as far as I was concerned. Considering the fact that most expats in the area in which I lived were elderly men I was astonished to see them playing so fast and loose with their health-dehydrating under a hot sun for example-and one that I knew barely made it home alive after suffering a DVT which he simply ignored until it was almost too late....strange stuff. All the very best for your major surgery and may you live long and prosper.
  15. I just had a scary episide

    Yes,I found that the heat and humidity had precisely the same effect on me. Altho' I was dealing with a number of serious health issues anyway, I did decide to return to my own temperate homeland and my general sense of well being has improved. I can now tackle the medical problems with far more energy than hitherto. Best of luck for the future and watch out for the postural hypotension-I suffered from that extensively in Thailand.