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  1. 800k -- source of funds?

    Would they accept the deposit about 300,000 baht cash into my account from a portion of my Thai girlfriend's lottery winnings as part of my 800,000 requirement?
  2. Unbearable Itching

    Of course. However it is still on the books. I can't imagine any normal circumstance how you might be caught, other than a frisking at the nightly Police harassment and shakedown checkpoints here in Pattaya.
  3. Unbearable Itching

    Yes, it is illegal to leave the house here without underwear on. One of the weird Thai laws. Google it.
  4. Unbearable Itching

    There are a lot of silly old rules here. I haven't been caught yet either... :)
  5. Unbearable Itching

    I was going to comment to say you might have a fungal infection, as mine started with the bumps as you described, then became spots, as you have now reported. They started in one spot, then slowly spread, and were breaking out all over my body, particularly in the nether regions. Very itchy. In my extensive search for relief, I tried everything, Desitin and other diaper rash creams, oral antibiotics, vaseline, even mouthwash (yes very painful and burning applied to the areas with a cotton ball). I eventually nuked my bedroom with pesticides, thinking it was insects perhaps. Washed and rewashed the clothing and bedding with different soaps, no soaps, softeners, no softeners. Changed diet. Nothing helped. I stumbled upon a cure that worked: fungal creams, baby powder, and going commando, (the latter is illegal in Thailand, but who is going to know!). Apparently, the good bacteria that live on your skin keep the fungal infections in check, then a change in climate along with frequent bathing and different soaps here knock the good bacteria out, leaving the fungus to run rampant in this new moist environment popping up everywhere as pimples, and sometimes as a collection of spots. At the pharmacy, they have several creams to choose from, same as athlete's foot medication. Common OTC antifungal creams include tioconazole, tolnaftate, terbinafine, miconazole. Keep everything dry, and apply twice a day on the infected areas and spots, and it takes a couple weeks to subside. If you are not trying anything on your skin now, why not, it doesn't hurt. Today, and everyday is commando day. Airy and dry without relapse. Good luck, and report back to us with your progress.
  6. Some dogs go in a certain spot every time, like a routine. I moved into my present house and found fresh mystery poop in my yard and driveway every morning. I fixed the gate, and found the poop just outside the gate now. One morning, I found the offending dog with his head stuck in the gate bars as he was trying to get into the yard do his business like he has for the last many years. I soaked him well with the hose, then sat down in front of him and had a long talk, muzzle to face before letting him go. Haven't had a problem since.
  7. Pattaya Pedestrian tunnels

    By allowing vehicles to exit Beach road BEFORE the corner to second road would help. The one way streets prevent that now, forcing all traffic to go around the corner, and not many want to go through Boyztown to get out of there. Still, the best solution is to have police issue fines to keep the double parked vehicles from jamming up the road. Pedestrians are not the issue, as you can usually walk faster than the traffic going through there anyway.
  8. It would be best if they could surgically detatch and save the leg, and throw the other useless part away.
  9. Which gold is safe to buy - free from fraud, etc ...?

    Curious as to your reasons for your prediction of a whopping 5x return on your gold investment in 10 years = 17.5% annual compounding rate of return over 10 years. Gold pays no dividend, held physically or in an ETF. The cost of keeping physical gold (safety deposit box) has to be considered in your rate of return as well. Over the past 35 years, the average annual real (inflation–adjusted) rate of return on gold was 1.56 percent. However, it has fluctuated over shorter time periods. For instance: The largest gain for gold in one year was from 1978 to 1979, when the price doubled from $208 to $459, for a return of 98 percent. Gold purchased in 1975 at $129 an ounce would have sold at the end of 2010 for $1,420.25 for an annual real rate of return of 1.56 percent. By contrast, the real average annual rate of return for Standard & Poor’s 500 Composite Stock Index from 1975 to 2010 was nearly 8.4 percent. It is not as much of a safe haven during times of economic crisis either. As exhibited during the last financial crisis, gold did not experience the expected pop, as all asset classes dropped in the rush to exit a sinking market, covering margins, and losses from other losing positions. As a former gold bug over the last 15 years or so, I have experienced severe disappointments with my gold investments, and now wince every time one of my financial advisors puts me into GLD or any gold mining stock to maintain diversity among asset classes. To me, it is dead money.
  10. Last year, there were so many longtail boatsmen that were fishing for their lunch, and zipping around, I could hardly snorkel amongst them and along the shoreline without fear of getting chopped, tangled, or hooked. The garbage being dumped into the sea and drifting around was impossible to ignore. Driving around the southern coastline towards Satun last month, the Muslim fishing villages were the worst. How some people can choose to live life like savages is appalling even to seasoned travellers. They clean fish, wash clothes, and defecate amongst their pile of discarded filth, a cesspool home on stilts, right along the sea. No thought is ever given to tidying up, as they wade through it all in their bare feet. They must constantly step over, step around, and step through their own refuse instead of moving or disposing it away from their shelters. The smell is unforgettable. Now today, some tourist removes a few carnivorous pest starfish from the reef and social media is on fire with condemnation with the park police hot on the chase like a Red Bull fugitive. If only attitudes and true practice here in their daily lives would change and become as important to the Thais here as their need for saving face and giving the fake appearance that they care about the environment, things might get better.
  11. Whats the safest frying pan to use in the LOS?

    Some might be lucky to live long enough to worry about cancer. Depending on the person's wife, either one light enough not to get hurt, or heavy enough that she can't lift/swing/throw easily. Choose one with dull rounded edges so they don't leave a deep gash on your forehead, preferably kept safely wrapped tightly in a pillow, outside the house, with the knives...
  12. Thailand Under Strain from Tourism Surge

    Being submerged might be the only place to experience Thailand in peace and quiet, free from the busloads of Chinese hordes.
  13. Sorry for your bad experience in the past. I did not feel that at all today, and although I saw only a few foreigners, I felt I was welcomed as a guest, never hated. Not one negative instance today, just lots of good fun. Saw some police occasionally, but the crowd was exceptionally well behaved. It was a wonderful family event, with children, young, and old taking part. Just get out there and join in and have a good time! Today's water festivities were in Naklua, and I rode my scooter this afternoon through the full length of it from the dolphin roundabout to the exit on Sukhumvit. This is a time when you can really interact with all the people. Embrace it!
  14. Convert everything to 12 volts. They are not ready to handle anything greater than that. Even North America with it's 110V standard still has issues. 220V supply in this third world country is suicide. There is no concern, no training, no standards, no inspection, and above all no accountability. Ask yourself, how many times have YOU nearly lost your life here already due to faulty electrical? I was nearly beheaded last month on my motorbike on the highway by a power cable strung across the 4 lanes slicing my helmet cam off. Glad you are not reading about my headless corpse. We all have electrical horror stories here. Some end like this. Sad...