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  1. Gold Star

    Water tanks/system chemicals and side effects

    Here is today’s water quality data in Pattaya from PEA office:
  2. Gold Star

    Water tanks/system chemicals and side effects

    Nice. Where do you live? Is your water supply chlorinated? More details please...
  3. Gold Star

    Water tanks/system chemicals and side effects

    I'm trying to learn more about it too. I went to the PWA water authority office at Chiaporn Vitee to inquire about the bad smell in my city water and that we were getting sick, even when I bypass my tank and draw directly from the city source. In most parts of Pattaya, they put in a bit of chlorine, and The PWA posts the chlorine readings on a sign outside the office. I live in a house in Jomtien and was told by PWA that my water comes from Sattahip, and they will send out someone to check, who never showed up. I'm not sure if they use chlorine in the Sattahip plant, but if you ever see the inside of any a city supply pipe, it is caked thick with a green slime you can wipe with your finger. The machines you see everywhere on the streets to fill your drinking water for 1 baht a litre just filter the city supply line water, and bottled water is the same but done in a plant. As the water supply here is intermittent and at low pressure, every house and hotel needs to have a reservoir tank and a pump. Flora and fauna live in the reservoirs. Do not expect anyone to ever clean the tank, lines, or the system, as the only time it gets serviced is when it breaks. I put in a cup of bleach into my 2000 litre tank every few days, just enough to start to smell it in the shower. I drain and clean my tank at least twice a year, as there ends up being about 5 mm of sludge at the bottom from the city lines. I also mix a strong solution of bleach and let sit in my house pipes for a few hours. When I turn on the taps, they run a brown red green goo for a minute or two as the slime is cleansed off the wall of the pipe, and the smell is better after that. If I forget to put in the bleach into the tank, sometimes one of us gets sick. Everyone in our household has had and gets amoebic dissentry once or twice a year, and we always have a couple cards of Metronidazole 400mg handy as you are laid up for 3 to 4 days, and recovering for a couple weeks to a month. Not good. Edit: We also do use a 3 stage 10" filter system for kitchen water to wash and prepare our food.
  4. So far in the last couple years, we have lost 4 cats, plus several kittens to a midnight pack of roving Soi dogs coming into our complex that get past the gate security with the sole intent to kill and maim. They jump our fence, and attack anything feline. I'm getting fed up and very saddened to hear my daughter cry over and over again as we awake to find another lifeless kitten ripped to pieces in the yard by these killers. She is now totally scared of the dark, and has bad nightmares. She has to sleep with the lights on now, inside and out. The poor cats take refuge however they can, and flower pots are being knocked over and broken, the car is scratched as the dogs claw their way up onto the roof, even once biting and ripping off the front spoiler trying to get to a terrified cat hiding under the engine. I get up and chase them when I hear them attack, throwing sticks at them. Security comes, and we try to corner them, but they split up, jumping across through other yards and eventually make it out the gate again, on their nightly raid. Sorry, I love dogs, but I'd certainly love to crush in the skulls of these ones in with a heavy pipe. If the friendly German could pick up these wild killers and take them off the streets, I'd certainly make a donation.
  5. Well we know too well how bad that turned out to be. They now call themselves our First Nations people.
  6. Disagree. The songthaew driver was not going too fast. Look again. He was the slowest vehicle on the road. All others are passing him on the right, and even undertaking on the left. Pity it wasnt side Soi biker that got crushed, as he certainly deserved it instead.
  7. ‘Year 10’ in school is like the tenth grade. He could in fact be older than the guy that knocked him under the bus. Still sad.
  8. Yes, that is the intent. Unfortunately, these damn reflector bumps placed in the centre of the road really mess up your corners, as your eye immediately focuses on these killer obstacles, when you should be actually looking far ahead on the line your bike should be following. The thing is, if you look somewhere at a point on the road, your bike tends to always go to that spot. I'm now off to ride Malaysia with my Thai bike, so I guess I'll be giving them a chance to even the score.
  9. An Army live fire demonstration using the scammer's offending jet ski as a target with a 50 cal would make a good impression for others.
  10. Yesterday afternoon on Jomtien Beach road at the speed bump zebra crossing, an empty baht bus flew over at speed and a bunch of cash that must have come out from the last passenger's pocket before they hopped off, was knocked out of the back. A mad scramble was instantly made by the locals, and it was gone and snatched up within a couple of micro seconds of meeting the pavement. Good luck getting that back...
  11. Gold Star

    Buying coffee beans in Pattaya?

    Benjamit Fresh roasted beans to take away, dated, available on Oct 31, 2017. Thai Arabica, 140 baht per 250 gm. I just brought in 6 kg of my favourite Columbian on my last trip home, so I'm good for a while.
  12. Actually, I would have stuck around to warn others, and have done so before in many similar incidents. I can only assume you were brought up in some <deleted> country by feral dogs where anyone else's life is worthless. A place where you learn to be a perfect dick, and it is every man for himself. Your mom would be proud of you.
  13. I disagree that most big bikes are noisy. Out of our regular weekly big bike rides in Pattaya which are open to the public, which draws about 10 to 15 big bikes weekly, only a couple of them that show up are loud. The rest are unmodified, quiet, and not at all a noise threat. Continuing with the same dumb logic, since rapists are men, they should ban all single unaccompanied men with a tattoo from entering the National Parks, as they appear to look threatening, and would include most monks, staff, and tourists.
  14. And typically, everyone is seen fleeing the scene, not warning others of the danger. I cannot understand why people do not care about others here.
  15. Good question Papa Al. As this rule has nothing to do with common sense, past experience leads me to believe that if they think your bike appears bigger than the one they drove to work, or you are wearing good full face helmets, gloves, and proper protective motorcycle clothing, you won't get in.