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  1. Mobi

    Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

    Dr Iain I presume??? Joking apart, I went to see him a few months ago when I wasn't very happy with my specialist (one of those docs who talks down to you and thinks all patients are idiots) and he recommended a really good replacement. Probably the best specialist I have ever had in Thailand. I agree, the good Doc does look a bit creepy, but I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't behind this change of attitude at BPH.
  2. Mobi

    Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

    If you use these hospitals as an outpatient, many of the costs are controllable, you can elect them to have them or not, and the specialists fees are very reasonable. (Specialist fees range from 800 -1500 Baht per visit - that's 15 - 30 quid. I bet these days you would pay 500 quid to see a private specialist in the UK as 15 years ago it was 300 quid ) However,it is a whole new ball game once you are admitted. The fees you have advised for an emergency op,. 2 stents and a stay in ICU are commensurate with what you would pay in any of the top private hospitals in Thailand, and probably around 75% of the price you would pay in a top PRIVATE hospital in the west. Its the way it is here, and you should be aware of the likely costs before taking anyone into BPH, or one of the other hospitals in that top category.. If you are smart you can play the system. I used Bumrungrad as an outpatient for years but when i needed open heart surgery (valve replacement) I used a government hospital for the operation. There was no risk as I had one of the top heart surgeons in Thailand and the medical care and staff was second to none. The total cost, including all pre visits, tests etc and staying in a VIP room was under 300,000 Baht whereas a private hospital here would have been close to 1.5 million Baht, all in. Now I am back at BPH for my post op care, as the government hospitals are just not set up for it. In an emergency it is very difficult to know what to do, but with a bit of forward planning you can sometimes mitigate the cost by using such places as Phya Thai in Sri Racha or Q Sirikit hospital in Sattahip. It depends on the gravity of the emergency. It's one of the pitfalls of living here - you can't have it all one way.
  3. Mobi

    Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

    I can't believe for one milli-second that BPH are going to be bothered about a few dozen or so farangs getting their blood tests done outside. I doubt whether blood tests are a major profit centre, and i further doubt that a few of us using outside labs will show as the slightest dent in the profitability of a place where inpatients will pay serious amounts of money for minor, let alone major procedures. (and once an inpatient, you have no choice but to have your blood tests and drugs supplied 'in house.') As for drugs for us outpatients, well we are not talking about 'saving a 100 Baht' and you don't have to drive around half a day. Fascino in Pattaya Nua is one of the largest drug stores I have ever come across, anywhere, and they stock all major brands. I spend around 12-15,000 baht a month on my meds and if I bought them at BPH it would be double or possibly treble this amount. All hospitals in Thailand - especially the private ones - have a huge mark up on all meds and it doesn't make sense to throw money away when there is a perfectly respectable pharmacy within 5 minutes drive of BPH. But if its only the odd drug or some cream, once in a blue moon, then I would agree, its hardly worth the hassle.
  4. Mobi

    Bangkok Pattaya Hospital

    I hate to admit it, as through the years I have been a massive critic of BHP, with good reason, but now agree with the OP that there seems to have been a sea-change in attitude at the hospital I had always loved to hate! Since the beginning of this year,I have been regularly seeing a heart specialist there, and have had very similar experiences as the OP as regards advance approval and information on the cost of tests etc. The crowning glory was the decision of my doc not to go for an expensive test (costing over 10K which had been recommended by Bumrungrad in Bangkok) and do a much cheaper one (under 1K) which he said would be equally effective. Occasionally, I have blood tests done there, but more often at the Naklua lab, which is much cheaper, if I know what is required in advance of my appointment. The Doc is happy to accept these results and has them copied onto my file. I always have my doc write down the meds I require and buy them outside at Fascino. They really seem to be geared up for us 'not so rich' farangs these days and are prepared to treat us on our terms. I guess they have learned their lesson - long may it continue.