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  1. Jaymk

    Antything open on/near Nimman?

    Thanks so much, Julie!
  2. So, I have guests who just came into the city an hour ago, and their stomachs are growling. I, a humble bachelorette, have an empty fridge and nothing to offer. I know the 7-11's are set to open at midnight, but anyone know if any restaurants or fast food chains are currently open, or will also open at midnight? I'm about a 30 min. walk from Nimman, so don't want to drag everyone out there if it'll all be dead, and we'll have to settle for 7-11 hot dogs anyway. Thanks! Would appreciate the help.
  3. Hi there, just hoping for some advice. I've done my last 2 visa runs in Vientiane for 60 day Tourist visas. I have to do one final visa run before I leave Thailand, and am wondering if going back to Vientiane for a third time would potentially raise some flags. (full disclosure: In total, I have 5 Tourist visas in my passport, 2 are from Penang, 1 from Toronto, dating back to March, 2016) Also, in my passport I currently have 3 visa exempts from 2016 - none for 2017. Do you think I could get stopped if I try for a visa exempt? Do the officers check the dates or just count the stamps? Thanks very much; I appreciate your insight!
  4. Jaymk

    Chiang Mai Doctors And Medical Specialists

    In my seemingly never-ending quest to figure out my medical issues, I've now been told to make an appointment with an internist (internal medicine). I see in the recommended doctor's page in this forum, and in past threads, that Dr. Sharin from the Savitri-Sharin clinic is a good choice. Has anyone seen him recently, and can confirm that his clinic hours (Hours Daily 9:00AM – 12:00PM and 5:00PM - 8:00PM) are still up to date? My Thai is very much a work in progress, so not able to find recently updated info online. Also, in terms of consultation fee (sans medication), is he much more expensive than other doctors? I am just wanting to prepare myself. Many thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a support group similar to AA in Chiang Mai. My partner is an alcoholic, and I'd like to get some help for myself, as he is still very much in denial. I went to a few counseling sessions before we moved to Thailand, and found that it helped, so would like to get back to it. I found a group online called AAThailand, but I'm not sure how up to date their website is in terms of meeting times and locations, and which would be the best meeting for me to attend. Has anyone had any experience with this group? Or recommend any other support groups within the city? Your advise would be most appreciated. Thanks very much.
  6. Jaymk

    Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Can anyone recommend a humidifier/air purifier on a budget - and suggest where I can get one near CMU? First burning season in CM, and I'm feeling it bad.
  7. Jaymk

    Chiang Mai Doctors And Medical Specialists

    Thank you! Yes, I went this morning and that's exactly what happened. Looks like it was an initial miscommunication when I first tried to get an appointment. Whew!
  8. Jaymk

    Chiang Mai Doctors And Medical Specialists

    So, I went to Sriphat as directed, and tried to make an appointment with Dr. Ampica. I was told that she's not in until 5:00pm, but that I have to show up at 6:30am, and wait in the queue to make sure I'm seen. I'm a bit confused, because I was told all this despite making an appointment. So I have to arrive at 6:30am and wait until 5pm to make sure I don't lose my appointment slot? Very confused. Does anyone know if I can just show up, take a number, and then go back in the afternoon, or do I have to sit it out for 10 hours?
  9. Hi there, Live in Chiang Mai, but thinking of escaping during burning season. Would love to go to Laos as I have to do a visa run anyway, but not sure if they have their own burning season going on. Can anyone advise? Also what's the internet like in general? I work remotely and need a decent connection, so curious to hear about quality in Vientiene, Van Vieng, and Luang Prabang. Also, does anyone know if there's a rental outfit that allows you to rent a motorbike in VT and drop off in LP ? Many thanks!
  10. This is my first burning season in the North - arrived last year at the end. My thai friend told me it was quite bad, and recommended going South. Problem is, I'm waiting on some medical care, and on a tight budget. How long does the burning last? And is it really THAT bad? I'm from Toronto, so I'm not really used to heavy pollution.
  11. Jaymk

    Chiang Mai Doctors And Medical Specialists

    Thank you kindly! And thank you to the admins and contributors of this board. It's been immensely helpful!
  12. Jaymk

    Chiang Mai Doctors And Medical Specialists

    Hi all - hoping to get some advice. Would like to make an appointment with Dr. Ampica for a thyroid issue, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I read that she practises out of Sriphat - do I just show up and do a walk-in appointment? I understand it's a hospital, so not sure how the process works or where to go for Dr. Ampica specifically (forgive my stupid question, this is my first time seeking medical treatment in Thailand). Thanks for your help!
  13. No, didn't take any photos because I honestly didn't think it would be an issue - the only noticeable thing was some discoloration on the mattress (on the sides due to sun bleaching), but other damage was the shitty old TV ceasing to work one day out of the blue (not visibly broken or anything, just wouldn't turn on) so not sure how I could have documented that.
  14. Hi all, would appreciate your help. My former landlord is claiming I owe them money for repairs, on top of the deposit that they're already withholding (18k in total). The damage did not occur as a result of neglect or irresponsible use, it was just normal wear and tear that happens during occupancy. Also, my rental agreement stated that money would be taken off my deposit to be used towards cleaning, but now they're saying they want 2,500 extra for cleaning, even though we left the apartment clean and in good condition (fridge was even defrosted!) I don't believe this is fair, and on that principle I do not want to pay on top of the deposit they've already decided to keep (they're demanding almost 10k extra). Should I be worried about the legal ramifications of not paying this extra money? Can they report me to immigration or threaten my eligibility to stay in Thailand? I am just here on a Tourist visa, and I don't want to get into any trouble.