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  1. MR

    Not only aren't free anymore but in Penang u need to show an onward ticket too. Not sure if they want to see hotel bookings or some info about where you will stay.
  2. Wow so Penang totally changing regulation? I got 2 SETV visas from Penang last year even with a warning stamp from Vientiane already in my passport(stamped in small black ink). It used to be you could get 3 from Vientiane and 3 from Penang. So what now.. Penang is putting a RED (?) stamp in the passport even if u have just 2 visas from somewhere else and not from them? This is starting to look absurd. That red stamp can make it hard even to look elsewhere for a SETV. Nice job Penang.
  3. Im not over 50 and Im not close to 50. And I dont want my life totally governed by visa runs and applying for new passports anymore. I have had enough. It is just story after story after story on this website about what does this embassy want, what does that consulate ask for. It is a total zoo now. Getting on planes to places I dont want to go. Staying in cities and hotels that I dont want to stay in. All for the glory of having a new "visa". This is not a normal way of living anymore. When Vientiane was giving double entry stamps and Bali giving triple entries things were ok. But now it seems like I always just got back from a visa run or am about to go on the next one. Or am on my way to Chaeng Wattana to extend my visa. I could walk through Chaeng Wattana blindfolded. I know people always jump in and say if you dont like how things are then go home. Well that is probably what Im going to have to do. I never worked illegally and never overstayed in all the years I stayed here. It is offensive that they change the rules and after almost a decade say I am no longer welcome here. Its funny too. The city I come from in my country is more than 1/3 Asian immigrants in population. Sometimes if you get on a bus it seems like almost everyone on the bus is Asian. When I go there I am not sure I even left Asia. Its kind of like being a foreigner here and a foreigner a home too. If you travel around long enough you are bound to hear the famous "if you don't like it then go home" line. But when I am a foreigner in both places it makes me wonder where my "home" actually is.
  4. Does anyone else have experience of having left Thailand for somewhere else in the region. Things like dental and medical care and accomodation prices etc. Back in 2005 - 2006 this was a great place to live and of course things change but honestly in the last years a lot of things have turned really nutty. When I make reference to dental and medical I am not really thinking about places like Cambodia or Laos either.
  5. Vientiane will give an SETV with just a passport and photocopies + photos, yet some ppl have their feathers ruffled over 1000 baht ? It has to be just about the most tourist friendly consulate there is.
  6. What about if you are applying for an ED visa for something not at a language school. For example somewhere where u are studying 35 to 40 hrs per week? And if you had still been a tourist here for awhile..
  7. If there was in fact any rejecting of non-ed visas going on, perhaps it would only be language school visas being rejected. There are many other things people can study that require ed visas and it would seem quite harsh if ppl were being automatically rejected just for having a passport that shows they have been in the country for a year.
  8. Sure this isn't something from August 2014? Where is this actual post u refer to on Thaivisa ?
  9. He wrote it was in Penang they asked him for the rental contract and ticket to home country. Wouldn't imagine he needed to show 20k to anyone in Penang so you may be right he was asked to show it at Don Muang. Geez. Kind of ruins the whole flying experience knowing you may be interrogated and/or (hopefully not) deported upon arrival if 'unlucky'.
  10. I thought Penang now wants onward tickets and hotel or accommodation bookings, not tickets to home country plus rental contract.
  11. Waco, Texas all over again?? We - Ain't - Comin - Out Or I guess Dhammachayo ain't comin out just yet. They'll need to go in and fetch him.
  12. And what exactly is it that determines if you are allowed to fly back to where you flew in from if u are rejected at the airport? There are stories of those allowed to fly back to Singapore or Penang and then stories like the gentleman here who was sent across the Pacific Ocean to America.
  13. What about a person who bought the Elite visa because they had no other option but decided they only want to be here 15-18 months later on? A large % of 15k is wasted. Too bad for them for being under 50 and unmarried right? Or maybe they should have chose somewhere else to live.
  14. I guess I just meant that if he was worried about his previous entries becoming a factor, the 2 entries by land in a calendar year regulation might cancel out that concern to some degree if he were to enter by land and hadn't since Dec31.