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  1. ‘Cobots’ can strengthen Thailand’s food

    Cheaper than hiring extra Burmese or Cambodian workers as well maybe?
  2. If you were going to one of the friendlier embassys to fetch a visa, some of these problems would not arise. But maybe you have some reason for getting it in KL. :)
  3. If no red stamp already it would seem Vientiane would probably give u a visa. :)
  4. Is this supposed to be breaking news or something?
  5. Were they ever "popular" in the first place?
  6. Big Joke indeed. Drivers have been getting threatened for years about refusing fares. Not to mention the taxis who barely come to a stop and just roll down the window. An ongoing farce really..
  7. Confusing. Does cancelling the visa only apply to ED visas that were extended? I have an ED visa that was valid for 90 days. I left the school after the first week and was told I can just remain here for the validity period of the visa and then just leave. Am I missing something?
  8. I heard the Thai consulate in Ho Chi Minh City is relatively friendly if you have some documents. Was told they may ask to see a ticket into and out of Thailand such as a flight booking or maybe even bus tickets booked online may be ok. And also a bank statement may be asked for. What I want to find out is this - Is an online booking of a bus ticket ok to show for the ticket into Thailand? And for the bank statement where they would want to see 20000 THB in an account, is it ok if I show them an updated Thai bank book balance of that amount if the update was done 2-3 days before the day I'm at the Consulate? I suppose I could update the bankbook before I fly over and try to go to the consulate the same day or next but I am trying to leave space for error.
  9. Recently I got a 90 day ED visa for an 8 week non-language full time study program. Sadly I was not happy with how things were at the school and I have stopped going to class after the first week. Will the school have any communication with immigration that would require me to leave the country before the 90 day time period? Or can I still stay for the time period I am stamped in for?
  10. Thaivisaservice/com has account opening assistance for 3000 baht. The service I used at Asok was also 3000
  11. Google search : open thailand bank account legal One or more of the items in the first 7-8 results will lead to a service that can help u open a bank account. Yes there is a small fee but in the end u get a savings account if you want or need it. ..i will just add also - the above info is current within 6 weeks previous to now
  12. If a person really needs to open a bank account then why not go to Asoke junction and open one? It can be done with a tourist visa and passport. I needed nothing else.
  13. On a side note the Thai embassy in scenic Islamabad has not yet switched over to issuing visas with barcodes..
  14. If u get the next 60 day tourist visa in Vientiane and cross the land border there, I really doubt u will get problems when crossing. Sure, have the 20k + onward air ticket. But problems entering there are very unlikely.
  15. I wouldn't ever want to be in a position where I needed any service from the Sri Racha immigration office. Just like there are rogue entry points to the country such as airports and Poipet, there are also rogue immigration offices.