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  1. One thing to keep in mind. Thousands of people come thru the airport every day. That detention room there can only hold up to a couple dozen people and not much more. To end up there u gotta be very unlucky or have done something really unmindful, like not have cash with you or be rude to the IO. Very very low chance u get a problem coming in.
  2. The OP wasnt aware the airport wasn't the best place to do what he was trying to do
  3. If it was only about having twenty thousand baht in hand each time crossing, this stuff would be simple indeed
  4. Yes it requires an ED (course approved for sure.. it better be for an $8000 course!) visa but Im just wondering if they will issue me a 90 day visa for a 60 day course. Or if ED visas are all minimum 90 days. Guess I should call them and ask tomorrow. Apologies..
  5. Just curious since some folks are talking about ED visas.. Does anyone know if ED visas are standard 90 days or more? I am doing a 60 day course (non language ,where I will study full time 35 hrs a week). Any chance I will be allowed to use the visa to stay 30 days further after my course is done or will I be expected to leave right away?
  6. Singapore is not a friendly place for getting a tourist visa. KL not the best too. Their requirements are much more than Penang or Vientiane Thai consulates
  7. Nice to see this news. Shows the immigration people having a heart and being reasonable at times too. Seems a fair price for no ban and can be with his family
  8. It would seem if he keeps doing stunts that irritate so many locals, then a charge is going to stick on him eventually. This time it's the SRT that annoyed..
  9. Do these people with 2 or 3 previous posts who suddenly get detained at the airport and post the experience here all of a sudden just "discover" the thaivisa forum after they arrive in the detention room. Could that be why they had no idea of the cash in hand requirement?
  10. They can ask you to see 20k baht or same in another currency like USD or yen. It not the most unreasonable thing in the world but some people have made a good point about this making people robbery targets at land crossings. Of course a lot of people are not devoting hours each week to reading visa news forums and simply dont know about the weird rule of needing to have 20000 baht in hand if asked.
  11. People should know by know they arent gonna be allowed to go to an ATM to get more cash if they dont already have it in hand in these situations
  12. When are people gonna start to see flying in is not safe?
  13. There should be some kind of rule on these forums soon. Anytime an "I've been denied entry at the airport" post goes up, set a limit on the # of posts can follow, maybe 80-100. Let the folks rant and have at it for that amount then close the thing off. Anyone that has any helpful advice for the fellow can PM him if they really wanted to rather than a free for all bashing of how the rules are or how IOs should or should not behave..
  14. It may have been a small mark against him that Netherlands is not G7
  15. Too many tourist visas is not mentioned in the immigration act.