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  1. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    Hi. I've been trying to purchase a Laser Egg. The company who makes it is domiciled in China and does not ship to Thailand (I have contacted them). Any ideas on where or how I can buy one??
  2. So, UbonJoe, are you saying that, for someone who has a retirement O-A extension to stay, the first time that someone needs to check-in with Immigration to register their "90 day report" its really 60 days??
  3. Pharmacy in Bangkok

    Good luck on getting a reply from these guys. Its 1+ week and counting and dead silence.
  4. I have mild chronic kidney disease and take calcitriol daily per Dr's orders. Have had difficulty finding it here in BKK. Boots and Watson pharmacists say they cannot even order it. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks VERY much PIB. Really helpful.
  6. Just moved to Thailand 2 weeks ago and have been struggling with when and how often to turn on my VPN. What I have noticed is that google is VERY smart. If you have a google account and use VPN and then don't use it, it raises a red flag on their platform and they issue you a security alert. One of the things they ask is for you to verify your account. I set up a google voice account before moving here, but cannot receive SMS messages from the tracfone which I originally set the google voice account with. So, if I am forced to re-verify I may loose the google voice which is an essential part of my strategy for living here, especially for financial websites which often require 2 factor authentication . I have yet to try to use my VPN with financial websites back in the States. However, just today, I have reset my system date and time to correspond with the web server location back in the US. I figure that a lot of these institutions are smart. They can and do not only look at the IP address, but they look at the system date and time and if it does not match up with the IP location it again sets off a red flag. I'm anxious about logging into my Vanguard account for the 1st time. Will see what happens. Have read prior posts which suggests that Vanguard has closed down access to accounts from customers logging in from overseas. Not sure if these folks were using a VPN or not or how long its been, but I will be a bit nervous the first time.