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  1. Anyone recommend good dentist in Bangkok

    I go to Thantakit (I go to the All Seasons location but they have others) and I've liked them so far. (All I've had are cleanings and one very small filling, though, so I can't speak of them for large work. They were recommended to me by a Thai-American coworker, but I don't know if she'd ever had major work done there either.)
  2. Nose hair extensions are the latest bizarre beauty trend

    Is this actually a "trend" that people are actually wearing seriously because they think it's cool/attractive, or are people just doing it for laughs? The facts in the story make it sound like the latter, whereas it seems the writing/headline want to make it sound like the former... (Then again, I'm often baffled by "trends" that people seem to think make them attractive when to me it's just ridiculous/ugly... ugly fuzzy boots, huge ridiculous sunglasses, rompers, saggy "harem" pants, super-puffy coats that make one look like the Stay-Puft guy or Michelin Man, etc. Am I just out of touch and these things actually look good? Am I missing out on male attention because I don't wear sunglasses bigger than my face that resemble huge sparkly bug-eyes, a garment originally invented for babies that makes going to the bathroom an acrobatic event, and neon-colored hairy-wildebeest-looking legwarmers over my must-be-perfectly-shaved legs?)
  3. Woman gets sick pay to look after her dog

    But what's the difference if they use vacation leave or sick leave? Either way they're missing work.
  4. Need Solution For Condo Humidity

    Since I was coming here to ask just this... can anyone recommend a dehumidifier brand (I'm looking at Lazada because I'm not sure I've even seen dehumidifiers in stores)? Brand names I "recognize" are significantly more expensive than ones I don't. I don't want to buy some crappy no-name brand that will break or catch on fire, but I also don't want to be silly and spend more than I need to just because I'm unsure of Thai brands and which ones are good. Thanks! (I don't run my air conditioning higher because I refuse to freeze in my own home {I, too, prefer to keep it at 27-28 which means my condenser doesn't run all that often}, but mold on my belongings and an apartment that reeks of mold with 80-85% humidity is also unacceptable.)
  5. So he "can't handle" a court date... but thought he could "handle" being a doctor? HAHAHAHAHAHA....
  6. Airport security checks

    I'm not sure the difference between Victorinox/Swiss Gear. I've seen things before to suggest that Swiss Gear / Wenger / Victorinox are all one and the same company. But, again, I'm sure that has no bearing on Swiss Gear Thailand.
  7. Airport security checks

    I think the reason you have to take the laptop out of the bag, though, is because the other things in your bag, zippers, etc. get in the way of them seeing the laptop clearly. So, from what I can gather, the point of these bags is that this part opens up with JUST the laptop and nothing else in the way, so it's all right. As far as Swiss Gear... I was thinking the same thing about Thai Swiss Gear, that it's knockoff or that perhaps it's authentic Swiss Gear that "fell off the truck" (though the one I linked is from eBags and I think is "real" Swiss Gear). I do, however, have a Thai Swiss Gear suitcase that I got for cheap at MBK and I actually like it (I didn't buy it for the brand-- I just happened to like the suitcase and it happened to be the Thai Swiss Gear). I've only used it a couple of times, but it seems sturdy so far. It's even got that zipper that you're not supposed to be able to open with a pen. Maybe it would fall apart with heavy use, but it doesn't *feel* crappy like some things do right off the bat, if that make sense. It's my only experience with the Thai Swiss Gear stuff, though, so maybe it all sucks and I got lucky.
  8. Airport security checks

    These types of "TSA-friendly" bags have a special section for the laptop that zips all the way open and lies flat, only contains the laptop, doesn't have a bunch of other zippers and such, so it's easy to see the laptop clearly on the scanner, separately from the rest of the bag. (Example-- see photos of it open showing how the laptop part works: https://www.ebags.com/product/swissgear-travel-gear/1900-scansmart-backpack/205059?productid=10111179) I've never been asked in an airport to turn on any of my electronic devices (phones, tablet, laptop) to prove they work or anything like that, no one has ever wanted to inspect them short of sending them through the scanner, etc. When I moved, I had a rucksack and messenger bag full of all sorts of electronics-- phones, laptop, tablet, wireless router, I think iPod, cords galore... thought I'd get stopped for sure, but never a question; they must be used to seeing that stuff.
  9. I'm not sure if there are Thai stock photo suppliers?
  10. News media often like to find a picture, any picture, of slight relevance to the story... (if I had a nickel for every time the local papers in the U.S. recycle the same stock photo of a police car's lights because they can't come up with anything else and feel the need to have a photo... on any given day I can read 5+ stories with the same photo at the top.) And, I'm sure the stock-photo companies skew heavily caucasian. Probably a matter of "this what we can get" rather than a political statement on nationality or race of the actual people involved.
  11. A little Three Dog Night, live, for your Saturday night? Best cover of this song. I've listened to several and the winner is always these guys.
  12. What do you really like/ enjoy, living in Thailand?

    1. It's not cold 2. My health seems better (like, no cough for months after I get a cold, no seborrheic dermatitis, no dry cracking skin in winter) 3. Excellent fresh fruit (rather than stuff that is shipped and bought unripe. Though I admit there are some non-native fruits I miss) 4. It's not cold 5. Street vendors 6. Thai food! 7. The animals I see here (admittedly: I'm in the city so don't see much of snakes or horrid centipedes) 8. I don't have a car, so I don't have to drive, so no road rage (mine) to deal with 9. It's not cold 10. I can go to other countries for the same as or less than the price of just going a couple states away in the U.S. 11. Many things are cheaper (other things aren't, but many are) 12. Lovely architecture and cultural things to see and learn 13. Not as many unruly children everywhere 14. As someone else said... I'm tall here! LOL 15. People go about their business without fuss, unlike the "excuse me sorry excuse me hello" when walking through crowded public in the U.S. 16. It's not cold...
  13. Yield way to ambulances or be fined

    Not just Thailand... I was in the UK a couple weeks ago, when an ambulance, full lights/sirens, came toward us heading the opposite direction. My friend, who was driving the car, pulled over. Good thing he did, for more than one reason, because here comes some idiot from behind the ambulance, *overtaking it*...
  14. Garment workers faint after alarm over ghost

    So 30 employees pass out at work, and the explanation is "it was a ghost story" rather than find out what in the environment-- heat, noxious fumes, whatever-- might have actually caused it??
  15. Bike helmet

    Where in Bangkok do you all think I might find the largest selection of helmets to try? I'm not looking for high-end-- B3000 or less is my budget. I do need to try them on before buying as I have a small head, and also one that helmets fit strangely so I need to see it on me to find out whether it looks too weird or like it doesn't fit.