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  1. Garment workers faint after alarm over ghost

    So 30 employees pass out at work, and the explanation is "it was a ghost story" rather than find out what in the environment-- heat, noxious fumes, whatever-- might have actually caused it??
  2. Bike helmet

    Where in Bangkok do you all think I might find the largest selection of helmets to try? I'm not looking for high-end-- B3000 or less is my budget. I do need to try them on before buying as I have a small head, and also one that helmets fit strangely so I need to see it on me to find out whether it looks too weird or like it doesn't fit.
  3. Is a Thai DL considered ID?

    You read the title of the thread, right? "Is a Thai DL considered ID?" I answered the question. The OP wasn't asking specifically about banking; they simply wanted to know because in one situation-- which happened to be banking-- they were told it wasn't ID. In fact, the OP's specific question was: And why not attack others who also referred to using their DL for things besides banking?
  4. Is a Thai DL considered ID?

    I've used mine as ID, from getting into the Grand Palace to flying, and have never been told I needed anything else. But, mine does have my passport number on it.
  5. Thai wife false accusations. Trouble ahead?

    Trouble ahead? I think it has already arrived.
  6. Booking a flight

    Don't most airlines require that the cardholder also be traveling? Do they have exceptions to that?
  7. But I saw nothing that suggests she even asked for it. It's the computer-chair jury here getting on the guy for not giving someone what they deem a big enough reward for not stealing someone else's property/committing a crime.
  8. Tax due on Parcel (sent 4 years ago)

    No, Taiwan! I mean, everybody thinks the two are one and the same anyway... if I had a dollar for every time someone assumed I was moving to Taiwan... (Gonna start buying a bunch of "Taiwan" postcards just to mess with people...)
  9. Or someone who's catching hell from friends/other family members for being away...
  10. If I returned someone's property... I wouldn't expect anything in return. I'd be embarrassed if it was offered, would probably suggest a charity or two if they insisted. Doing the right thing in hopes of a payout...
  11. Yes, and I wonder if one's insurance would also refuse to pay, saying you took a risk in checking the item(s) when everyone knows you shouldn't put valuables in checked baggage...
  12. And unfortunately, I assume they only got married because she was pregnant... so I hope they will also be happy together anyway.
  13. Or, when the picture was taken, he was on the phone with family or something. Actually, a bicycle, says the story... maybe she was on the back, who knows...
  14. Can the traffffic get any worse?

    Or because cars can't get out of the soi (no light) between pedestrians crossing and the traffic on the road they're trying to get onto... if there's a bus trying to get out, might as well turn off the car, go have dinner at the nearest street vendor, and come back to find traffic hasn't moved anyway.
  15. Air conditioner turns itself off

    There are no remotes for ours-- just the wall display from which we adjust the units. Should've pointed that out to begin with, sorry. (This wall that it's on is an outside wall anyway; there are other units a neighbor's signal would reach before this one.) I don't think I have any voltage issues otherwise-- I would probably notice the effects of that in other AC units and other appliances, right?