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  1. Good to know that shoes run narrow in Asia... I have narrow feet, so if I can find sizes big enough, it might be good for me to buy shoes here. (Now to find the right hiking shoes. My main criterion being, they cannot be slippery on wet rocks! I have found out the hard way with my current shoes; normally I'm quite sure-footed and the shoes are great on dry ground, but take me to a waterfall or other place where rocks will be wet and it will get dangerous {as in, the first time I discovered this I nearly fell off some rocks just from shifting my weight while standing still}.)
  2. Does anyone know when the Vegetarian Festival will be this year? I googled and found dates for Phuket's celebration Oct 20-28-- will this be the same in Bangkok? (I wasn't sure because I thought VF usually falls in September or early October, so was not sure if late October was a different date chosen for Phuket.) (I'm trying to plan a vacation but am hoping not to miss VF.) However, how might those dates be affected by the dates for the cremation of King Bhumibhol? Thanks!
  3. I won't lie... I take my flashlight to the bathroom at night after spending too much time reading these kinds of stories! I feel silly, but I do it anyway. :)
  4. This might be part of the problem. A lot of people see others with opportunities they wish they could've had. My mom tells me often how much she envies me. Not in a mean or critical way, but sometimes she'll tell me how much she regrets growing up in a world where even wearing pants or lipstick for a woman was highly frowned upon... she admires that now people can dye their hair fun colors if they want, choose to live their life before they get married/have kids (and choose whether to get married/have kids at all), etc. because she would've loved to do it. Someday I might tell someone young that I envy them as well (and yeah, sometimes I envy backpackers. I never had the money to go traveling around the world when I was that age and not tied down by a job-- nor the choice to not be tied down by a job, for that matter-- but I would've loved to do it). And these days you can get scrub pants in many different styles and with all the pockets you want (and practical ones you can actually put things in because that's what they're actually for). Hell, these days some of the styles-- at least the ones meant for women, not sure about the men's-- look like regular pants anyway and you wouldn't even have to go around looking like you escaped from your hospital job. I almost bought a bunch before I came here-- lightweight, comfortable, meant to be washed often and take a beating and I'm sure are easy-care, sometimes slightly shorter in length so as not to drag on hospital floors (or dirty streets...). Considering that travel advice given to people is often to try to blend in when visiting a foreign country, this is a bit laughable. Another consideration is: if you are traveling from a country with a climate nothing like Thailand's (I once had to explain to some Thai friends that where I come from, our summer *might* get as hot as Thailand's winter, without the humidity though so it never felt this warm; my natural state there is usually "freezing" and I barely knew the meaning of "sweat"), you might not have clothes suitable for a place this warm (or if you do, they may not be suitable to wear here, like shorts and tank tops). So you might hit the local market and find something cheap. On top of that, you might also say "hey, if it's traditional, then it's probably clothing that has been historically shown to be practical in this climate" and might feel it's a wise choice. Especially if, on top of this, you don't realize that these days, it's all sold for tourists and you won't see many actual Thais in it. Hell, these days, I can't figure out why so much clothing I see sold here seems IMpractical for the climate; makes lightweight cotton harem pants look appealing by comparison (and yes I own a pair, and yes OMG are they comfortable, but no, I don't wear them outside and no, they're not "elephant" printed). Polyester? Plastic shoes? There's no way you'd catch me buying that to wear when it's 36+ and some ridiculous percentage of humidity; might as well put on a garbage bag.
  5. I recognize no errant apostrophe that is applied consistently! Everyone knows it has to be something like "mango's" and "plum's" and "limes" and "apple's" and "lemons." To prove that they really REALLY have no idea how an apostrophe is used because they can't even misuse it the same way all the time. (I might give this one points for "pair's" though!)
  6. That's what they DID do, at least according to my understanding. No one wanted to volunteer to get bumped, so they started randomly (or allegedly randomly, or whatever) choosing people. He was one of those.
  7. ^ Actually, that's how some native speakers of English write, too! (I had a coworker who would drive me nuts with her random quotation marks and capitalization. She probably would have written, Please do "not" "sit" on the Railing.)
  8. Go back and read my first post, and the post that is quoted in it.
  9. She could also be taking private lessons one-on-one with a teacher, learning via Skype, learning on her own at home, etc. Or perhaps she is taking a class and hasn't hit it off with fellow students. Going off on a huge rant based on a pretty big jump to an assumption that was developed only on the fact that the OP has said she has trouble meeting people??
  10. I'm still trying to find the part of the OP's post where she says she doesn't intend to learn/isn't already learning the language...
  11. Wow. A woman asks how to meet new friends, and half of the posts assume she is looking for dates and some even advise her that she must not be attractive enough/a good person if people aren't falling all over themselves to chase her down the street in order to be her friend. OP, feel free to PM me if you want some suggestions. You're off to a good start with Meetup, I think. There are some other groups I can think of as well.
  12. Yeah, how dare her body get pregnant without asking first!
  13. LOL. I love the look on the alligator/crocodile's face in the last picture. "Well, sh!t."
  14. I've heard of lizards killing cats. Whether the lizard attacks the cat as a meal or the cat was fool enough to mess with the lizard, I don't know. (I've heard of them taking kittens, though.)