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  1. Just stopped an assault on a woman

    We couldn't get through a thread about domestic violence without one of those "well she must have deserved it" comments... But consider this: your Facebook account also lists who all of your friends and family are. That's why I'm careful with my Facebook account... while it may not matter to me, I don't want to expose people I care about (some of whom may have their accounts more open than I do).
  2. Phuket police arrest teen for violent mugging

    Judging by the semi-smirk on his face, I doubt it. He looks like he's thinking about how soon he can kick the crap out of her after the camera goes away.
  3. I honestly think it doesn't occur to them to refuse it. Or they don't think it's a big deal, or something. Recently I've had a couple vendors thank me when I tell them I don't want a bag (I usually have my own). I assume because it saves them the cost of a bag... Yes, if the cashiers are trained that way then they haven't much choice... at least not if working service jobs here is like in the U.S. where their boss will come down on them for not putting something in a bag... I want to be a Space Falang, but I didn't study the right things in school.
  4. Appropriate Thai Wedding Gift?

    Whereas I enjoy money and gift cards because it means I (or the recipient) can buy something I (they) really want, rather than receiving something I (they) might not want and having to store it out of guilt... (but, grain of salt: I'm both someone who would be more likely to be excited about an off-the-wall gift than the standard thing someone might give, and I also already have too much stuff and don't need to have additional clutter of things I don't actually need/want...)
  5. To tip or not to tip?

    My Thai friends will look at my tip and hand some back to me if they think I left too much. I leave one if there isn't the service charge... if there is the service charge, I'll leave the coins change.
  6. This sounds like the news any day in any country, and it's nothing new... not so much "Thainess" as "human-ness."
  7. Air conditioner turns itself off

    Ants. I never thought of that. Would they be in the inside unit or the outside? But if that was the issue, the unit would continue to not work, right, until I removed the ants? But when it turns off, I can walk over and turn it back on right away and it's fine. Thanks. I doubt it's brownouts, because we've had those and a lot more tends to go than just one AC unit (and, we can always hear it blow). Wouldn't this happen often if it was the case that there was some sort of sleep function? And I assume it would also always happen at the same time, right? Last time it was the middle of the night... then this morning around 08:00. Unfortunately I am never looking at the wall controller when it happens, so if it flashes or has some kind of error code reflected, I never see it. I wasn't given a manual for it and thought about looking online to see if I can find one, but wouldn't even be sure what to search for; the displays don't look really modern so such a thing might not even exist online for it anymore. There are buttons for "timer" and "sleep" on the display, but neither is ever lit (which may not matter if the button has a faulty connection or the LED isn't working). That's what has me most baffled... the lack of consistency. It never happens at the exact same time, or when it gets to a certain temperature, or when I'm doing a certain thing... as I said, it inexplicably started doing it last year, then just as inexplicably stopped, until it inexplicably started again the other day. Strange. I'm not going to worry about it too much, I suppose... if maintenance can't figure it out, I'm not going to be able to.
  8. Hand Dryers Actually Blow Fecal Matter Onto Your Hands

    I always wonder just how clean *anything* in a public restroom is, if flushing the toilet sends germs everywhere. If this plume gets to the hand dryers, wouldn't it get to the sinks... the paper towels... So you use the paper towels to make sure you don't touch the dirty door handle, then you save the paper towels (which are now dirty in ways you didn't want your hands to be) and use them to spread the germs around elsewhere (including wiping your hands/mouth while eating)? You mean you save the ones you didn't use on the door handle, right?
  9. Air conditioner turns itself off

    Replying again in case anything new might pop into someone's head for an explanation. It has happened again last night, after having not had the problem for a while (if I recall before, I had maintenance out twice before I gave up, and then it stopped happening, until now). Last year when I made this post in July, it had already happened several times, each usually a few weeks apart, so it perhaps started around the same time of year, but I really can't remember. I don't remember when it ultimately stopped. Maintenance never offered an explanation for why it was happening, just said it was fixed each time (language barrier plus the fact that they come while I'm at work contributes to us not really communicating about it), so I don't know if they looked it over and couldn't figure out what was wrong, or thought they knew and fixed it only that wasn't it, or if they did as I do and hit the power button and it turned back on so they deemed it repaired, or what. I would think it could be due to hot season since it appears to have cropped up around the same time, except usually it shuts itself off during the night... not the hottest part of the day like I might expect if it were heat-related. Just off, suddenly, as if I had walked over and turned it off, except I haven't touched it. No strange sounds, smells, etc. before it happens. It just turns off. I can't think of any way in which it might be becoming overloaded to turn off It doesn't happen to any other air conditioning unit in my apartment, no other appliance or outlet experiences sudden failure/loss of power or function like that. I push the power button on the wall display to turn it back on and it turns right back on with no issues, doesn't run funny, I can turn it back on immediately after it turning off; it's as if nothing happened, until the next time it happens. None of my units have a remote control, and I assume neighbors' units are the same way, so it couldn't be someone else turning it off (and this is on an outside wall, far away from any common walls, so it's unlikely a signal from someone else's remote would get that far, or that the stray signal would affect only that unit). It could be as simple as some type of short or fault in the display that it "thinks" the power button has been pressed to turn it off when it hasn't (that seems more likely than a fault in the unit itself?). As I said in one of the earlier posts above, if it's due to some sort of overheating or short/power fault, I'm concerned it may not be safe to continue running it...
  10. Pretty much. Grieving families can do and think interesting things, and yes, they may turn on "the last person to touch the patient." Or, say, broken ribs from vigorous CPR.
  11. They can shoot their own eyes out all they want... I just wish they wouldn't aim for mine!
  12. It's a good thing she's attractive or let's face it: nobody would find this cute or funny or noteworthy... A creative way to do public shaming I suppose, though (because really isn't that the only consequence to the driver?).
  13. Songkran where to be , or no to be

    I work during the week. The weekend is when I have time to actually do things.
  14. Songkran where to be , or no to be

    It's fun briefly. Then you maybe have things you need to do or places you need to go, and want to do so without getting soaked and walking into a place wet and possibly covered with powder. If it was just one day, or only a few hours a day, or you could ask to not get wet, it would be one thing, but you have no choice, all day, for days, and that's what pisses people off. I don't want to waste four days in which I could be doing other things but instead am stuck staying in my house whenever I don't want to get wet. Also, I don't consider it "courteous" when people specifically try to shoot me in the face/eyes. Especially since I wear glasses and this then means seeing is difficult.