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  1. That's the problem. Even if you'd like to move for an ambulance in gridlock, where can you go?
  2. Okay, I always wonder... *why* socks with sandals? I wear sandals to keep my feet cool... socks would defeat the purpose. If I need the warmth/protection of socks, I wear shoes... Maybe wearing socks with sandals if the socks are awesome, to show them off, but it doesn't sound like that's the case here...
  3. And, OMG... everywhere at MBK, it turns out. At least, nearly every phone kiosk had them when I was there to get my phone fixed the other day.
  4. I see them all over... looks like the trend has caught on here, too. I see the value in fidget objects (being a person always doing something with my hands-- I'm a pen-clicker, doodler, note-writer, and have a set of self-made komboloi beads that I click through sometimes-- those used to save my sanity in horrid traffic) but the spinners seem sort of boring. They'd be fun to watch for a few minutes, but then I think I'd get tired of it. Also, I'd probably find it distracting (watch the spinner, forget what I'm supposed to be paying attention to, unlike other types of things that are more of a "background" thing). I see a lot of other "fidget toys" that look a lot more interesting, but these are apparently what has caught on.
  5. Yes, having a teacher tell me they view me as an extremist who would commit mass-murder would not exactly be something I'd view as a good thing. Haha, so funny. I have a pretty dark sense or humor, but I can't find anything funny in this. Especially so soon on the heels of a lot of nasty terror attacks worldwide... even if it were to be "funny" at some point, I believe this is what you would call "too soon."
  6. In the U.S. they would possibly do this because you still have a ticket to pay, *but* no points on your license, so slimmer consequences for you-- just the ticket price, vs ticket price *and* having your insurance go up. No idea whether it has any meaning here, though.
  7. I just did this... and I can't remember. But for some reason, about 50000 kip sticks in my mind?
  8. Capsaicin is an ingredient in some pain creams. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3169333/
  9. And you, of course, were also a virgin, right?
  10. Well, it was working on the presumption that he saw a woman who was probably smaller than he was, and thought he could get away with some intimidation... yet probably would have kept his mouth shut had the other person been physically larger/stronger. (I've heard that story a few times-- driver acts like a jerk to/tries to intimidate someone they think is female, then quickly backs off when that person is revealed to be male, especially a male larger than the jerk himself.)
  11. Wonder if he would have done the same had the other driver been a large male?
  12. Ketchup. Apply, let sit, rinse off. I've used it on jewelry tarnish, corrosion, old seasoning on a wok that elbow grease and steel wool wouldn't remove... Sounds strange, but it works.
  13. Took the sleeper to and from Chiang Mai... not a bad trip, but I discovered that the mattresses are a bit thin. Never had a problem sleeping anywhere before... but woke up with a sore hip (I'm a side sleeper) both mornings. Must be getting old. I'll continue to use the train on the cheap and seems more environmentally-friendly than flying, but am not sure I am looking forward to my next trip...
  14. Khao Sod English reporting that they're saying it wasn't a bomb? http://www.khaosodenglish.com/news/bangkok/2017/05/15/explosion-sanam-luang-wounds-2/