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  1. All hotels everywhere do that... is it whatever the high season is in the area? is there a festival or conference in town? Prices get cranked up. This is nothing new.
  2. The article says they were still digging through her trash and stuff *after* she was found:
  3. And keep people from trying to say those big rolling suitcases are a "carry on." You should have seen all of the packages of what looked like mangoes that I saw people packing into their suitcases near the check-in line last time I was at Swampy... I think they were Korean. I was actually amazed that they fit it all into a couple big suitcases. (Why they didn't just pack the bag before they left home, I don't know. I've never understood the people I see at airports packing and re-packing their bags. Okay, if you turn out to be a pound over and need to transfer a pair of shoes or something, I get it, but why don't they estimate the weight, and figure out what they need to check vs. carry, or whatever else it is they're taking care of, at home?)
  4. I think he wants whatever he wants, and doesn't care how he gets it-- whether there's actual deliberate manipulation involved, or if he simply doesn't think, runs his mouth about "but I wanna do this and I think we should do that and hang what anyone else thinks/feels!" and fear/anger/division happens to be the result, I don't know.
  5. Katia

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    Yes, but they'll all be busy whining that it's not that much because of their student loans and malpractice insurance and really they're so poor... right before they drive away in their Audis and BMWs... I mean, I suppose we could say at least some are lucky they're pretty and have the choice to do that, unlike the average-looking women who don't even have that to fall back on and have to do... whatever it is they do when not bar girls?
  6. Katia

    My New Rescue Puppy.

    He's undoubtedly some sort of mutt. This is a Staffordshire Terrier. Puppies of same. He hasn't the look; not nearly stocky enough, face too long. He's completely adorable, though! OMG, look at those fuzzy ears.
  7. He tends to fire off knee-jerk tweets about whatever thoughts come to his mind (and then sometimes has to go back on them). It's merely annoying when it's your self-centered cousin who does it, but it's downright unprofessional (among other things) as a president (or really, in official capacity for any sort of job, I don't care if you're a paper boy). I doubt his advisors heard anything about it until it came out on Twitter...
  8. Katia

    pulled muscles in back

    Moist heat and yoga (it sounds like croc, but every time my back hurts, yoga/stretching help. A lot). Sometimes it maybe just happens. Last year I suddenly woke up one morning with my upper back seized up (like, I literally woke up, sat up in bed, and went "ohhhhhhh <deleted>???"). Muscle soreness, interspersed with sudden random spasms that took my breath away (partly from pain and partly just from sudden tensing of muscles in the thoracic area). It was like that for a couple weeks. I hadn't done a thing that could have caused it (nothing I hadn't/haven't done a million times before and since with no issue)-- I don't think I even slept weird. I know someone who once hurt her back but got over it pretty quickly... she said her doctor told her don't lie around in bed but keep moving. Apparently it worked for her. I imagine this depends on exactly what the issue is-- don't do it if it's a condition that'll cause injury with movement, and obviously it doesn't mean hop to the gym and bang out some lat pulldowns and rows-- but in some cases it might help.
  9. I believe this in the U.S. But in Thailand, I've seen a lot of kids wearing school uniform outside of school hours (including weekends) and heard someone explain it's because the uniform is the only clothes they own. This doesn't appear to be the social faux pas in Thailand that it would be in the West? Or maybe it is and I just don't know. Either way, if the parents *can* afford only a uniform and so that's all the child wears, then it's still going to be painfully obvious who doesn't have money, isn't it? I've never believed any of these "arguments" for school uniforms, though. Why would students be less disciplined or academically successful because they don't wear uniforms? Most people's clothing reflects their personality and attitude, doesn't influence it. Why would wearing a uniform eliminate economic differences? As stated above, uniforms just make parents buy two sets of clothing instead of one, everyone will still know the kids in the worn/ill-fitting/hand-me-down uniforms are the poor ones, and there are many ways they'll know besides clothing, like where the kid lives, what they eat for lunch, whether they have parties or something, whether they can afford after-school activities, they might even know what each other's parents do. (I don't recall ever paying much attention to what my classmates wore-- and let's face it, it was largely jeans and t-shirts anyway, for everyone-- but I still knew who was poor and who was rich.) And as for the argument often trotted out in the U.S., that it easily shows intruders by who's not in uniform-- as if it's difficult to buy a school uniform (assuming the person isn't a former student who already has the real deal?)? Mind you, I'll admit uniforms can be easy (times when I've had to wear them for work, it's been easy to get dressed), and I always said in school I wouldn't necessarily be against them IF they made sense (no uncomfortable silly things like ties, or requiring girls to wear skirts {especially in my cold-ass state; no way in hell am I freezing my ass off all winter 'cause somebody thinks the world will end if I wear pants}), and I don't feel my life will end if I can't "express my creativity" through what I wear, but I just don't see why they're needed.
  10. I've... never heard of this before. Is using hydrogen in balloons a "thing" outside of Thailand?