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  1. You push it all the way into the slot and then immediately pull it out. It's like a swipe, just that the slot is shaped differently than a swipe-machine at a point of sale, so the card doesn't disappear all the way into the machine like the old way. It's more like a protrusion, and shaped in a way that you don't have to take your hand off the card. Virtually impossible to forget the card because you don't take your hand off of it and the swipe is over in a second... but now with the chip you apparently have to leave it inserted again. (And unfortunately, unlike the old way, if you leave the card, I don't think there's any way for the machine to capture it after a certain amount of time like the old ones did, since the card doesn't go "inside" the machine. Back then, if the card was never removed, the machine would eventually suck it back in so there'd only be that short window of time before that happened when someone could take your card.) Example pics: https://investingacad.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Warnings-of-electronic-infiltration-targeting-ATMs-in-US-960x640.jpg https://www.independent.ie/incoming/article31608307.ece/ALTERNATES/h342/10 PL26005011THESSALONIKI1 GR.jpg
  2. Debit cards can be used like credit cards for many applications (online purchases, etc.). So that's no big deal if you don't want to use exclusively cash (in the U.S. I almost never even carry cash. Here it's the opposite). But some things require a credit card, and many things require credit (and a credit card tends to be the easiest way to build that).
  3. No, I'm talking about ATMs.
  4. In the U.S. in recent years they'd gone to more of a card swipe; you insert and pull it out, and the machine is done with the card before the transaction even proceeds. Convenient. With these new chip cards, though, that seems to be going away as you need to leave the card in the machine again. (And it's worse now-- last time I was there, the machine I usually use will say "insert card." I do, nothing happens. I pull it out. Screen now says "please leave card inserted for the entire transaction." I reinsert card. Now I get to do the transaction. That's not just one fluke that one time I didn't insert the card well... that's just how the machine works. You have to put the card in and pull it out, apparently, for the machine to register that there's a card in there, then it admonishes you for removing the card even though you did so because it didn't do anything at first, and you have to put it back in. Stupid.)
  5. To build credit. I never got a credit card... don't need one. I need the credit score it'll give me, though. I'll have to get one eventually. And since I don't need it, I'll use it to buy some stupid little thing every month and then pay it off. Ridiculous but there you have it. Hard to get by without one these days when you need one to do things like rent cars, and when you credit score affects everything from your job to your housing.
  6. Usually when I'm at a temple or similar, I'm also walking a lot, so wearing crappy shoes is a no-go because I need to be able to walk for miles in them comfortably (my Teva sandals).
  7. I tend to try to stow my shoes in the most out-of-way place I can find (under the shoe rack if the bottom shelf is raised from the ground, behind a planter next to the shoe rack, etc.)... it might not do much good but who knows. With my shoes, my bicyle or anything, I try not to be the lowest-hanging fruit, especially if it's the case where my shoes are the nicest on the rack among a bunch of 50-baht market sandals.
  8. Katia

    Undead Threads

    Depends on the topic? Sometimes it's stupid to start a new thread (why another thread about where to get the best burgers, <deleted>?) but sometimes it's stupid to resurrect an old one (someone posted ten years ago about what burgers are made of, and someone drags it up again to ask where are the best burgers, or someone posted about "which is the best burger joint on X street in Chiang Mai" and someone resurrects it to ask what's the best burger joint in Pattaya).
  9. I was about to say that even if completely joking, it's probably not in good taste to request a song like that unless you're also good friends with the new husband and know he'll see it as a joke (and even then, as she's finding out, the rest of the guests won't understand and now there's going to be doubt on her entire friendship with this guy from every quarter... way to make your friend look bad, dude)... but then I read the lyrics to the song (I'd never heard of it before) and realized: it's not a song narrated by the woman's ex, but her father... which sort of makes the whole thing a bit creepy now (but then, some of these father-daughter-wedding songs are a bit creepy anyway). Am I the only person who considers the actual content of a song, rather than just the title, when thinking whether the song is appropriate for a given situation?
  10. That was my thought... first it says he said 200 were already returned, and a lot more to come... then it says that N. Korea says that it has remains of 200. So where are the rest coming from? (Yes, I know it says N. Korea says they have "at least" 200, which doesn't exclude the possibility that there are scads more, but wouldn't it be in their favor for good publicity if they were to actually specify that they had more they were going to return?)
  11. Haha. If they consider this bad, they should visit a few colleges in the U.S.... where far worse happens with few repercussions. And the lame excuse of "they could be passing around hepatitis"?? If that was the worry, every couple in a relationship should have to be tested and every time people share a drink or something the Health Police should come swooping in. Are we sure this isn't about "OMG PDA!!!"?
  12. The fact that it occurred to him to ask for pushups instead of a fine kind of sounds like this has happened before...
  13. Show me a Western man who prefers posting about politics rather than work, football, drinking, working in the yard, what their kids did yesterday, that chick at the bar, Game of Thrones, gossiping about friends and coworkers (OH YES men do it plenty), etc.?? I've seen precious little of that.
  14. I'm not that big into political affairs, but I'd still rather talk about that all day instead of that other stuff. (Except maybe cooking, depending on what the discussion is. Good food is for everybody.) I'm sure that in my former job, at some work parties some people would be annoyed that I would be hanging around the "shop" discussions with my male coworkers rather than discussing babies with their wives.