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  1. Thai men told: get to work and make more kids!

    Yup. The problem with these "we need more kids to pay taxes when the current generation gets old" claims (besides the attitude of bringing people into the world for your financial gain) is that then that generation gets old and they need another larger one to support them. And then another larger one to support *that* generation. Meanwhile the population keeps growing exponentially and at what point does it become unsustainable? (They do it in the U.S., too. "Oh the baby boomer generation is so big, we need LOTS of people in future generations to pay into it and support them!" Where does it stop?) And I assume that all of these tax breaks and financial incentives given still cost less than just using that money to care for "the aging population," right?
  2. But will they know exactly where it's going? Even if so, will thousands of panicked people jumping into their cars or onto public transport to try to get out of the area be able to get far, in whatever time they have (someone above said 37 minutes) before traffic jams up completely, some of them are done in by car accidents and fights over spots on cars/in buses and trains, etc.?
  3. Well, it is when they later quote a text message her sister sent that calls her that... prevents confusion. Although they probably should have also explained that the sister's nickname was "Ice"-- I gathered that from Nice's use of it later in the story, but I would have thought they might have specified for both.
  4. Teens begged to stop eating washing tablets in 'dangerous' new craze

    Does no one then post videos of the raging diarrhea that ingesting a good quantity of soap no doubt gets you??
  5. I got no car and it's breaking my heart... but I got a parking space and that's a start! (Sorry Paul/John.)
  6. Exactly... he didn't know who these guys were, but knew they were targeting him and not the girlfriend or randomly shooting at people who passed them...
  7. I'm going to make some cardboard cutouts of me to put behind my desk at work and various other places. I mean, if Prayut can do it, my boss can't complain...
  8. Although, if you know the current year is 2561, then you will know that an article dated 2555 is not current news? It doesn't help if you want to know the exact age and don't feel like doing the math, but it'll clue you in that it didn't happen last week.
  9. Why lucky? Row to yourself, anywhere on the plane (being able to lie down to sleep? Pure bliss. I had a row to myself once, did just this, and it was beautiful {I can't sleep sitting up so normally on a long-haul flight it's just "well I can sleep in 25+ hours when I get there"). Might even let you sit in first-class (though on a flight that short, probably doesn't matter). Bathroom to yourself (no one else messing it up before you get there, and no lines. Though again, the flight isn't long enough to probably need the bathroom). Food and drink service first, no waiting. No fellow passengers to be loud, want to talk to you, smell bad, bring their shrieking children on board, take up all the overhead compartment space, get in your space, crowd you during boarding and deplaning, make messes, etc. I would loooooove this. I consider myself very lucky when someone in my row doesn't show up and I and the other person can put an empty seat between us. They will. When I flew to Singapore around Christmas, I'm pretty sure the reason we boarded well late was because they were still calling one passenger... (not sure if they finally gave up or he finally showed up). We didn't board until at least 20-30 minute late if I recall. I suppose it's possible they knew the boarding would be late anyway so figured they would keep calling the remaining passenger through that time... but it sure seemed they were waiting for him. I'm actually kind of surprised, though, both that they didn't contact passengers by phone or something rather than using an announcement (can't you usually sign up to get text messages or something when your plane is delayed or flight is canceled or whatever?), and that they actually allowed her on the plane and didn't say "oh, you missed the announcement, that's too bad, bye."
  10. That's all well and good, but these are not people looking to come TO Thailand... they're already here. They're alleging that they want to go back to their country of citizenship... what's immigration going to say, "welcome home to the country you were born and probably spent most of your life in and hold a passport from and perhaps have a permanent address in, sir, now please show proof of onward travel"?
  11. Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    Buy me a '69 Camaro and I'll drive it stick, automatic, or Flintstones style! I think the argument is that a person might accidentally hit gas and brake at the same time? Whereas if you use the same foot for both, it's impossible (unless you're doing some kind of fancy heel-toe thing on a manual). I don't understand this. I learned to predict the movement of others and traffic by driving. No one taught it to me (and I doubt it's something that can be learned by books, only experience). So how do people not pick this up? I mean, I know from my experience driving in the U.S. that it's common not to be able to do this-- to judge what other people will do, read traffic flow, or even watch what's going on more than 10 feet in front of their car (see: the people in heavy traffic who, when traffic ahead of them is slowing down for half a mile, don't see all the brake lights and instead zoom up behind the car in front of them and slam on the brakes, or the guy who once laid on the horn behind me because I slowed down... because traffic ahead of me was slowing to a crawl but apparently how dare I not rear-end them or something...), but still. How can you drive every day and not start to get a feel for how other people (at least in your area) drive?? Hell, there were times I could look at someone in the lane next to me who hadn't made a move and I'd think, "They're going to change lanes in front of me, better leave space" and a second later, suddenly here they come...
  12. Maybe she liked it there, better than the idea of going on the rest of the tour? Maybe she wasn't interested in the rest of the tour anyway? Maybe she didn't get on with other people in the tour and decided to call it quits? Maybe she was tired and decided to quit traveling from place to place and instead just stay in one spot? Maybe she met up with some friends and decided to stay and spend time with them? There are a lot of reasons she might have left the tour early.
  13. Thanks-- this is the first time I've seen anything with a listing of what they're playing (in English, at least; trying to decipher the names in Thai would be a nightmare, assuming they'd be just translating the English names to Thai script).
  14. So they protect his privacy when he didn't care about anyone else's... got it. (Kind of like how my former partner's bank once called him to say his credit card had been compromised and needed to be replaced, but when he asked at what retailer his information was stolen, they wouldn't tell him for confidentiality reasons...) (Also, they won't show what he looks like but give his name, age, and where he lives... which "protects his identity" how??)
  15. Coffee Plungers

    It's stovetop espresso... I have one (though not a Bialem). I think it's okay, but you have to mind your grind. I've read that coarser than espresso grind with these is fine, and don't tamp it down hard like you would with an espresso machine. I bought some espresso grind at the same time I bought the maker and it works okay if I don't tamp it down hard and don't add anything to do (like I've tried adding cinnamon with the coffee so the water brews through it)... otherwise the water won't transfer to the top/make the coffee. (and I don't think it's that it's a cheaper brand... I think that's just the way these work, from what I can gather reading on the internet.) I might try it with a coarser grind some time and see what happens.