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  1. Flirting and sexual harassment are two very different things. If you wouldn't say it in front of your mother, if you wouldn't want someone saying it to your sister, maybe you shouldn't say it. Also, it's not "flirting" if she doesn't want it, so if she doesn't respond in kind, acts uncomfortable, doesn't seem to want to talk to you... back off. There, that wasn't so hard. It's a quite simple thing to remember for the workplace (or anywhere else): if you wouldn't do or say it to a man, don't do or say it to a woman. Would you tell your male coworker he looks nice today? Would you put your hand on his shoulder when you hand him some paperwork? Would you hug him when you greet him? Would you lean over his desk when you talk to him? Would you hand over your kid for him to watch when you bring your kid to work? Would you expect him to plan the office parties and bring in treats to share? No? Then why do it to a woman? She's still simply your coworker. Why would you treat one differently than the other?
  2. During the flight?? (Or, my best guess is that someone else on the crew noticed he was acting... not so sober... and forced the test? But why did no one notice leading up to takeoff?) I assume the 4 hours was the time it took them to find another pilot and get them there?
  3. Katia

    where can I buy guitars

    Accidental double post.
  4. Katia

    where can I buy guitars

    I don't think I had a problem with guitar or violin in Thailand... I think the harp came out okay as well. My problem with humidity was mold. Even when running the AC (but not a ton; I don't like to be cold so I usually kept it around 78 but would sometimes turn it down to 75 to try to mitigate the humidity. I would have bought some dehumidifiers if I'd been planning on living there a long time). I imagine this could be worse if you kept the case closed. I had a lot of mold problems in my apartment, and yes, I did find a light dusting on the instruments.
  5. Katia

    Best way to ride your bike to Sky Lane

    The Sky Lane is out near the airport, right? That would be an lot of extra km from Bangkok... just getting there and back would be my workout... no need to ride once I got there.
  6. Probably not that surprising... think of a lot of "kid" stars you remember. Where are they now? Exactly. How many of them transition into adult acting, and for how many of them is it actually by choice rather than no longer being cast (some of them no doubt because now that they're grown up, they're no longer "cute" or precocious)? (My mom once pointed out to me that just because a kid is good at something "for a kid"-- whether it's acting, music, etc.-- doesn't mean their talent will be exceptional when they're an adult. Where are so many of the kid singers and such too-- Charlotte Church, Jackie Evancho, etc.? They had great voices for little kids-- usually because their voices were quite mature for their age-- but once they grew up and into those voices, run-of-the-mill ones for an adult singer so they were now just one of the pack rather than superstars. And for some of the kid stars of all sorts, no doubt they didn't even grow up into "just another good {whatever}" but it was the case that what was pretty good "for a kid" was only mediocre "for an adult" or, their skill never continued to improve to an adult-great level.)
  7. Katia

    Best way to ride your bike to Sky Lane

    That would be my guess as well. I can't imagine why I'd want to drive my car so I could ride my bike. (But, I tend more to ride my bike as a form of transportation than for fun, so I guess it depends on your purpose for getting it out.)
  8. All taken from the first two pages of Google results for "how to safely ride bicycle on road": Scroll down about halfway: https://antranik.org/how-to-ride-your-bicycle-safely-on-the-street/ https://cyclingsavvy.org/road-cycling/ Scroll down to "Riding Technique": https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/riding-traffic.html Scroll down almost halfway: https://greatist.com/fitness/bicycle-safety-101 Scroll down about 1/3 of the page: https://www.citylab.com/life/2017/05/urban-cycling-how-to/526500/ You're preaching to the choir. Read my previous post again.
  9. Most places it can be hard to walk on the sidewalk, let alone ride a bike, with the bad condition of the sidewalk, vendors, trees and fire hydrants and all manner of things taking up the sidewalk, pedestrians, etc. (Actually taking up a good portion of the lane is usually recommended for cyclists, so cars aren't tempted to try to pass and hence run them off the road or smush them up against cars/trees/fences/whatever on the side.)
  10. Oh, cycling on Bangkok streets made me nervous, too. Cycling on the sidewalk would have been impossible, though. I don't know how they feel about it in Thailand, but in the U.S. you'd have all the people whinging about "bicyclists don't belong on the sidewalk!!" Yes, well, I and my bike that might, together, weigh 150 pounds soaking wet and having a top speed of maybe 15 mph IF I'm really hauling it, sure as hell don't belong on a road anywhere near two-ton hunks of metal traveling at 35-45+ mph, either... but nobody quite seems to comprehend that. (And if the pedestrians would remember, as they so rarely do in any country, that they get HALF of the sidewalk and the persons they're sharing it with get the other HALF, there would not be problems.)
  11. What happened here to all of the people who like to reply "What, you never did anything stupid when you were young?"?
  12. Katia

    Microwave placement

    I don't really have a choice about renovating a space I don't own, and I can't remove appliances. I thought about just putting the microwave in front of the dishwasher; I end up handwashing stuff anyway between the things too big to go in there (pots and pans) and the fact that the top rack fills up three times faster than the bottom rack so I never get to run it. But it's ridiculous that I should even have to do that (and also means I'd be blocking the counter space above the dishwasher, which is almost as bad as putting the microwave there if I have to lean across the microwave to use the counter). No, really, the layout of this place is stupid. Don't get me started on the "linen closet" with no shelves and the 4" gap between the bathroom-sink cabinet and the wall...
  13. Katia

    Microwave placement

    Aye, but then I'd lose kitchen table space (my kitchen table isn't that big, either, and microwave would probably take up half. Plus look a little strange-- it's not in my kitchen, I have a little offshoot of my living room that is a "dining area" so I'd essentially kind of look like I have a microwave in my living room. (Plus it would take up one of my living-room outlets, and there aren't many of those.) I'm not too worried about adjacent walls and such getting hot; the outside of the microwave doesn't get that warm. I'm worried about the microwave overheating (since everything I've read online where people are like "hey can I put my microwave in this small space" and everyone else is like "sure, if you only want your microwave to last a year or less." This microwave wasn't cheap, and I haven't had it that long, so I don't especially want to kill it). Yes, but A. I'm long removed from my college years, and B. I don't want my home to resemble someone's backyard toolshed in Alabama. I'm not THAT cheap that I won't buy something-- anything-- else before I'll have my home-improvement solutions look like something they'd come up with in a poor village in Isaan.
  14. Katia

    Microwave placement

    Yes, precisely. On the countertop where it will be, there is a cabinet over part of it and when the microwave is there, just under 4" of clearance for that part-- which also means I can't even push the microwave over to the wall in order to salvage at least a few inches of space. (The countertop spans the width of that wall; it has the sink in the middle, and then counter space on either side.) By "can" I meant I have the space, not the means. I'm not sure what I could put either it or the shelving unit on that would be stable enough for my comfort when it comes to a large heavy appliance that uses a fair amount of power and from which I'll be taking hot things (you can't tell in the picture but the shelving unit is narrow, about 11" wide, whereas the microwave is 16" deep so I already feel like I'm pressing my luck by having it on a unit not as wide as it is. It has always seemed pretty stable but still, any instability or wobbliness would probably be magnified by having it perching on some kind of platform, and then there's the question of how I would construct such a thing.) I'm not even certain how I might attach wheels, considering the construction of the "legs" (which is sort of visible in the picture, essentially curves of doubled wire is what it's sitting on so I figure I could either get the casters that have a screw or peg and jam that between the two wires of each "leg" or get the kind with a little flat platform and find some way to secure the legs to it-- lots of epoxy??) As far as I know, mine is just a regular microwave. My microwave in Bangkok had some kind of inverter that meant it had a cooldown cycle, etc., but this one seems like every microwave I've ever had and I have not seen anything in the manual to suggest otherwise.
  15. Katia

    Microwave placement

    No. I can raise it by maybe a foot, but there are also cabinets above, which start about shoulder height. Nor do I want to have to build anything.