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  1. tuktuktuk

    Electricity costs

    We pay 200฿/month. There's a meter, but it's broken. They don't seem to be in any hurry to replace it.
  2. Does this mean it might be 300 baht next time I get stopped?
  3. Maybe the "main roads" are only the ones with single digit numbers. I can only think of 1, 2, 3 and 4. Are there others? Is there a 5?
  4. Might as well, maybe I could get a couple of large bags of Tostitos without any import tax in exchange?
  5. tuktuktuk

    Redshirt Leaders Indicted For 2009 Protest

    After nine years?
  6. Sounds to me they're still searching for a way to exonerate him.
  7. On the highways coming into and out of Khon Kaen the pedestrian bridges almost never get used. Most of them are near schools or where buses/sonthaews drop the kids off. I cringe when I see little ones running across the highways. I've never seen a fatality, but close calls all the time. Thai culture tolerates unsafe conditions that were eliminated long ago in western countries.
  8. tuktuktuk

    Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    You won't go wrong with a new Revo. We've got a 2016 and I love to drive it. I often say I'd have one back home in the US too if it was available. In the US I've always had one or two Ford trucks in the garage since 1981. They've been essentially trouble free with the single exception of air bags in the suspension of an SUV. I won't have airbags again. Ford cars for my kids have been more disappointing with some chronic recurring problems like engine mounts. We'll buy a Ranger here next time just to try it. I test drove one before we bought the Revo. The 3.2 liter engine was noticeably more powerful and the larger 18 inch wheels on the WildTrak gave it a better ride. I'm pretty sure a Toyota is more reliable, but I can live with that for a Ford I really like.
  9. Recognized measurements are always made at 10 meters. Still amazingly cold for Thailand. What I’m waiting to hear is that there’s snow on Phou Bia in Laos. Supposedly hasn’t been observed since the 1920’s. Nothing reported that I can find.
  10. Jones is just as big a scumbag as the other 99 he’ll be seated with.
  11. I drew a similar conclusion once. I couldn't understand how Thai food could have been left in my toolbox. It turned out to be a dead rat. Smells just like my mother-in-law's fish sauce only you have to get pretty close to the rat before you can smell it. I told her and my wife, but they didn't laugh.
  12. tuktuktuk

    In shock move, Trump fires FBI Director Comey

    Another little piece of the swamp has been drained.
  13. tuktuktuk

    In shock move, Trump fires FBI Director Comey

    Cheer up. Hillary would have done the same thing.
  14. I hope he enjoys his retirement as much as I do mine. I don't suppose we'll all get to bicker with him on TV.
  15. I just hope they don't do any Thai style electric system modifications.