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  1. I don't know. I've never owned a steam cleaner and reliable sources have told me not to point the pressure washer at the engine. I've seen cars that had the paint damaged by a pressure washer. Hey, but the truck still seems fine after a day of heavy use. I still love my Toyota Revo.
  2. I think that's probably safer than a pressure washer.
  3. Problem solved. Got it back and everything is normal again. Toyota said there was evidence of water in electrical connections in and around the fuse box. I know the root cause too. When we were trying to clean the dead mouse smell out my wife had our son-in-law wash the car and pressure wash the engine compartment. I saw him with the pressure wand just as he pulled the trigger and starting spraying it toward the engine. I stopped him immediately. He may have only sprayed it for five second (probably in the fuse box/battery area). At the time I was concerned. I looked around and couldn't see anything obvious. It started up and ran just fine for about three weeks, so I figured no harm done. Of course, I can't speak Thai so my wife handled all the discussions with Toyota. I don't think she told them about the inadvisable pressure washing. Hopefully the mouse episode has now run it's course. It's just one of those aw-shits that makes you forever uneasy about vehicle reliability. The whole thing cost us 500 baht. The whole service department seemed to have suspended all other work to take care of ours. When we picked it up today at least 10 guys came out to explain what they did. They asked her to please give them 10's when the survey people call tomorrow and she will.
  4. Turkey's done. When do we kick them out of NATO? I don't even know how that happens, but I'm ready.
  5. Let's just go ahead and spend a trillion dollars to see if we can stop it. How should we split the tab amongst the countries? Should we let Thailand manage the expenditures?
  6. So far that's a mystery we can't solve.
  7. In a way I'd rather that be the case. Either way it could prove to be a real nuisance chronic problem. I don't keep cars that need frequent repairs. I haven't had one since an early 80's Plymouth.
  8. I prefer Cajun Country Boudin
  9. The men who serve their countries by serving in these groups don't care who's best and they especially don't care what any of us think.
  10. I may have to eat my words here. Since I made that reply we've had several problems. We let it sit for 6 months while we were home in the US. We had a trusted neighbor drive it a little once a month. When we returned in march everything seemed fine. About a week later I spotted a mouse in the cabin. The mouse and one of his companions later died somewhere in the a/c system. Big stink and about the same time the a/c started to malfunction. Toyota changed a servo motor in the climate control and took the whole interior apart to clean the mess. They also found that the hood (bonnet for some of you) insulation pad was chewed up. Insurance paid for the pad and Toyota paid for the servo motor - they said it had nothing to do with the mice. I'm not convinced. Now transmission trouble. Reverse won't engage, power mode is unavailable, auto on/off doesn't function, there's a check engine light and traction control is disabled. Toyota can't figure it out. I watched them for a while. They brought out three different computers and completely disassembled the interior. My wife's cousin in Udon Thani says this is happening a lot. With pressure Toyota has been replacing transmissions. It may just be mouse damage. I won't know until later. One more time and it gets traded in. I'll try Ford next.
  11. We went through the same thing last year. Got a lecture at two different stops. That was it. Both times they sent us on our way. I had no understanding prior to the first stop. The wife refused to play their game and we just ignored it.
  12. What I mean is I figure ACA will become about as relevant as the homestead act in a few years. Young people won't buy it and don't like donating 5 or 6 hundred dollars of their tax refund for people who do. Those who buy it find that they're buying very expensive insurance that's quickly getting more expensive. I don't think it's sustainable. Even my share of company provided health insurance is so expensive it's just become a high stakes bet that we'll have a serious illness or accident. Probably 9 out of 10 years I'd be ahead without it. On the EPA: I've also seen the improvements that are attributable to the EPA. The rivers where I grew up in New Jersey are dramatically cleaner. Later as an engineer I experienced the absolute roadblock the EIS process has become. Projects are typically delayed 3 to 5 years at great expense and then ultimately approved with little or no change to the original plan. It doesn't serve anyone.
  13. My grandmother always thought the Presbyterians were up to something. Maybe we should have listened.
  14. I don't know what the law says, but last week the Thai cops didn't want to let me leave until I produced mine. Same might happen in the US. Cops everywhere in the US like to play with people hoping to find probable cause. Having the documents they like to see and producing them without hesitation usually convinces them there's nothing suspicious. Even if there's no law that says it's a requirement there's probably no law that says they can't ask.
  15. Why is it that the country we all love to accuse of incompetence can display more common sense than the western super powers? I bet they told them to take that shit off and get on that plane or we'll think of a reason to throw you all in jail.