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  1. Legitimizing a child through the Thai courts

    To register at the amphur office you can do just after the birth.With both parrents present you will get youre name in the birthsertificate.For the kid to have any rights in the country ouside thailand it may be different rules.In my case as a norwegian I must go the court-way as the OP is saying.My country do not exept DNA test so it must be a document from the court.Strange that the DNA is not good enough in this case. For any other norwegian out there that get a kid ouside leagal/documented marriage.If you have an adress back in Norway you are safe.For me that have emigrated out of Norway for more then 3 years.You do need a document from a judge.
  2. What is considered work?

    This is a realy good point.You live with them for a long time,and try to teach them all you know.Then comes payback.
  3. $2,000 a month will work any day for me as well.Too bad you dont say what youre expence is.I could roll the dice and say whatever they say.You choose.
  4. How much child support do you pay

    At this moment I am taking care of my 17month old girl.Without the mother as well.It is no fortune.After they get of the powder-food they do get by with less if they live in Isan.I did ask my good friend-taker and the ant of my girl what she wants but she said nothing,but I have stayed here for along time so I do have some idea.I do buy the diepers and the milk for everyday use and after that its just small stuff.You can all do the math.Have a good look in a normal store what things cost and make up youre own mind what youre child is worth to you.Do you realy belive the right answer will pop up on an internet-page.....Get real.We are talking child here.Not ex -gilrlfriend/bloodsucker support.Then you can ad the figgures
  5. 6 month METV questions

    Thanks again ubonjoe. It is not easy not to be married below 50 right now,but it can be done.
  6. 6 month METV questions

    Thanks ubonjoe.Not to pick on anything here but is it posible that the country of legal residence is not the same country as youre passport is? In my case I have a written letter from my norwegian goverment saying that my registered adress and residence is Thailand. Transelated,stamped and verified by the Norwegian embassy in Bangkok.Also verified by the thai ministry of foreign affairs in Bangkok. Why I have this is just another run they made me do,to get my tabien-ban without being married or having any legal connection with a thai.This was done before my kid was born. The thai embassy in Norway did say I could get a one year multi entry based on my kid now with all kinds of documentation needed so that could be done.Why I wonder about the 6 months is simply because maybe that could be more easy and maybe it could be done without going to a country I dont realy visit more then I have to. Sounds like it is no way around it.
  7. And in what country isnt that the case.......
  8. Second that.Good place to work and make youre living.Not to stay.
  9. 6 month METV questions

    What kind of proof/documents do you need on a 6 months multi entry if any at all? Do all consulates do them or any that dont? Is Vientienne Laos feks doing them at the moment.Guess you need to wait over night at most places? Thanks for any reliable advice...
  10. The rules is that there isnt any,as long as you dont just fly out and back in again strait away.No one kan give you any better advice then to get a propper visa to be on the safe side. I would say do as you are ,as long as you have proof of income from a country outside and proof of residence with you.I am doing just the same with no problems so far.Been pulled aside but nothing else.It is not us they are after but people with worse intentions.I am spending more time outside then inside the country,so maybe that could be guideline.
  11. Thanks.That was the only thing I could come up with also.Damn hard to get it ,when youre not married and not retiered but nice to have for sure.
  12. Thanks ubonjoe.To get one from your provinces local immigration office.is wrong then.I thought so.
  13. Now this is getting more confusing ubonjoe.Are you talking about Savannakhet now or in general ? The thai embassy from my country just told me the other day, that I can get a mulity entry 1 year based on my kid from there,as long as my name is in the birthsertificate. Then I read this from Bragolatch just above here: If you have an official address in Thailand, you can now get the Multi, non 0 directly from your provinces local immigration office. No need to go out of the country at all. Could you set us strait here ubonjoe?
  14. I need to ask what a official adress is?
  15. Nice trip,visa and India in the same sentence.haha