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  1. Thanks again ubonjoe. It is not easy not to be married below 50 right now,but it can be done.
  2. Thanks ubonjoe.Not to pick on anything here but is it posible that the country of legal residence is not the same country as youre passport is? In my case I have a written letter from my norwegian goverment saying that my registered adress and residence is Thailand. Transelated,stamped and verified by the Norwegian embassy in Bangkok.Also verified by the thai ministry of foreign affairs in Bangkok. Why I have this is just another run they made me do,to get my tabien-ban without being married or having any legal connection with a thai.This was done before my kid was born. The thai embassy in Norway did say I could get a one year multi entry based on my kid now with all kinds of documentation needed so that could be done.Why I wonder about the 6 months is simply because maybe that could be more easy and maybe it could be done without going to a country I dont realy visit more then I have to. Sounds like it is no way around it.
  3. And in what country isnt that the case.......
  4. Second that.Good place to work and make youre living.Not to stay.
  5. What kind of proof/documents do you need on a 6 months multi entry if any at all? Do all consulates do them or any that dont? Is Vientienne Laos feks doing them at the moment.Guess you need to wait over night at most places? Thanks for any reliable advice...
  6. The rules is that there isnt any,as long as you dont just fly out and back in again strait away.No one kan give you any better advice then to get a propper visa to be on the safe side. I would say do as you are ,as long as you have proof of income from a country outside and proof of residence with you.I am doing just the same with no problems so far.Been pulled aside but nothing else.It is not us they are after but people with worse intentions.I am spending more time outside then inside the country,so maybe that could be guideline.
  7. Thanks.That was the only thing I could come up with also.Damn hard to get it ,when youre not married and not retiered but nice to have for sure.
  8. Thanks ubonjoe.To get one from your provinces local immigration office.is wrong then.I thought so.
  9. Now this is getting more confusing ubonjoe.Are you talking about Savannakhet now or in general ? The thai embassy from my country just told me the other day, that I can get a mulity entry 1 year based on my kid from there,as long as my name is in the birthsertificate. Then I read this from Bragolatch just above here: If you have an official address in Thailand, you can now get the Multi, non 0 directly from your provinces local immigration office. No need to go out of the country at all. Could you set us strait here ubonjoe?
  10. I need to ask what a official adress is?
  11. Nice trip,visa and India in the same sentence.haha
  12. What ubonjoe is saying here could easy be missunderstood.You dont need anything in any bank if youre monthly income equals 800 or more in a year? Is it he same rules on 1 year multi entry based on family as kids?
  13. Back to back works fine if you spend more time outside then inside the country.But I guess they dont class it as back to back then do they.
  14. What you want to do now is only to cross the border and come back in I guess.I would not put any money on that working now.The cost for you would not be any bigger if you get a 60 day at a consulate.1900 tb.The only reason I think it works for me,is that I have at least 3 weeks out, between every entry. Sometimes its not so smart to listen to everything that is posted on here.It gets you stressed out.But please post it here if you go for it and it works.Good luck
  15. Spot on BritTim.To get a 1year multi entry, I would have to go to my own country and that would be a major cost.That is my only chance not being married and under 50.