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  1. Okay, but it doesn't mean that the Repair Windows really works. It didn't on the former version....I've tried it a couple of time sand always some fishy messages saying there's a mistake, bla bla...
  2. I know through my personal experience that doctors even prescribe morphine sulfate, but not when a patient rules out all other pain killers as you do and basically asks for codeine only, as your own personal choice. That's really waking up all sleeping dogs.
  3. Germany should have voted out a long time ago. Unfortunately, not with such a crippled chancellor who had been a spy for Moscow. I hope for all Germans that they get their old currency back without printing billions of Euro notes for countries like Greece and others. P.S. Just have a look at Switzerland's currency now. The German Deutsch Mark was never far away from it. But now it's equal to the Euro?
  4. Really had enough of Win 10.

    Even the free version of 9 comes with this feature.
  5. Really had enough of Win 10.

    Or "Your Uninstaller", a great product.
  6. You're wrong on that one. Now everyone can, except him. He'll be the wife of many lonely hearts now for quite a long time.
  7. Really had enough of Win 10.

    Must be a good thing that you're out. BTW, it's not one drive that gives the most information. Cortana is the one that leaks most.
  8. A fine old mess

    It's easy to explain, because you don't believe soalbundy's statement regarding your sight with one eye. Nor does the OP seem to get it. Please have a look here: https://nora.cc/for-patients-mainmenu-34/loss-of-one-eye-mainmenu-70.html According to Borrish, monocular vision versus binocular vision results in approximately a 25% decrease in the size of the field of view. Monocularity causes an absence of stereopsis which comes from the lack of comparison of retinal disparity present in binocular individuals. Monocular individuals will have decreased visual acuity (compared to their binocular counterparts) because of their lack of binocular summation. Binocular summation is the phenomenon by which people see better with both eyes together than by either eye alone. Monocular people will have an impairment in their orientation (to space) which results from a lack of kinesthetic cues arising from convergence (binocular "eye aiming") and accommodation (focusing).
  9. A fine old mess

    Chrisables and Deserted must be the same guys and this thread is the best example what "ignorance, mixed with naivety" really means. No problem with the first hospital, because the OP could run away. before the second accident "blacked him a little bit out." But not long and others made huge mistakes and he blacked out the second time, unconscious, not knowing what the people were talking about who brought him to a good hospital. How should they've known that he didn't have any insurance? These bad ambulance car drivers. The doctors made all wrong, the ambulance drivers brought him to the wrong and too expensive hospital, the hospital made too many and useless medical tests, a Moderator from this page with a great medical background can't be trusted, and people who've spent quite a while to give him the needed advice seem to be dumb idiots. What's shocking is that a human being with such a common sense that doesn't seem to exist and I feel really sorry for his hopefully not to school cycling daughter.
  10. A fine old mess

    Why are people allowed to drive with one arm? Maybe because it should be allowed if they can proof that they can drive safe?
  11. A fine old mess

    Driving with one eye only was our secret way to get our cars home after a wet party when people started to see everything twice. It works.
  12. Not sure if the Windows Repair disk will work. If you really want to be on the safe side, create a back up with Macrium, also create a boot -able memory stick should your system not start up. Then you can boot with your memory stick into Macrium restore mode and you'll have your system back, exactly how you backed it up. Depending on how many programs you've got installed, such a restore only takes between 20 and 50 minutes. I've tried such repair disks with the former OS and it didn't really work out. https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree It's free, very easy to use and very reliable. IMO much better than any other paid versions.
  13. A fine old mess

    Short before the entrance to Nirvana, me thinks.
  14. A fine old mess

    Only government schools have to have SS insurance for foreigners. Those who work for agencies might have an insurance covering 10 K per accident.Private schools do not need to provide any insurance and if they do, you can be happy. Just for the book, a motorcycle insurance only covers 12 K. If the bill is higher you've got bad luck, Chuck.
  15. A fine old mess

    And the next unconscious foreigner who forgot to take his credit card at home, because he didn't expect an accident, won't get the needed treatment and dies of inner bleeding, right when his wife runs in with his credit card to make sure that "Darling" gets the right treatment. The OP on the other hand only knows that he survived because he woke up. But the injuries weren't serious, because he woke up very quickly. And the staff of the hospital have one more reason to believe that we are all liars who make the runner to our favorite begging place in front of 7 Eleven.