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  1. There are also many agents in Phuket such as Properties in Phuket : Century 21 Andaman Phuket : Siam real estate : I just help you and I find these from the google. You can choose it!
  2. No, I just tell about the new restaurant that opened in Thalang.
  3. Little Paris Phuket, A new French Restaurant that opening in Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket. In the Boat Avenue project located between Villa market. See more the information at here
  4. Hi Moldybread, You can see on the website >> , and then contact directly to them. They have an apartment for long term rent in Phuket start 20k. Thanks.
  5. I love to travel by boat, it can make me fun and relax with my close friend. I've chartered boat with friends in the Andaman Sea for diving to see ecology under the sea. First of all of my trip, I have plan to travel by boat and then I have contact for charter boat with Asia Marine.
  6. Maybe raining again.
  7. Watch TV at friend's home and invite other friends come watch together!
  8. I'm waiting for prison break on the new season
  9. You should go to renew the driver license at the department of transportation, if you want to go, you should go in the morning. I can't confirm during the way to airport has a police's checkpoints.
  10. Fox Thai, MONO29, TRUE4U
  11. I think, you should consult with a pharmacist in the local pharmacy or go to see a doctor at the hospital.
  12. Thai language is one of difficult to use if you don't understand principle of language use such as: Colors of the seven day Sunday (วันอาทิตย์) = red (สีแดง) Monday (วันจันทร์) = yellow (สีเหลือง) Tuesday (วันอังคาร) = pink (สีชมพู) Wednesday (วันพุธ) = green (สีเขียว) Thursday (วันพฤหัสบดี) = orange (สีส้ม) Friday (วันศุกร์) = blue (สีฟ้า) Saturday (วันเสาร์) = violet (สีม่วง)
  13. Hi, I'm Jeary from Phuket. I'm newbie. "Nice to meet you"
  14. Do not look at them when you found during cycling, I've done it worked. You try to do my suggestion. If it worked, please tell me.
  15. Thanks for get the knowledge for me, it's very useful