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  1. Put in Issan forum as it's relevant to Issan only. What documents are needed to renew DL from 2yrs to 5 years. He has yellow book ID card ect will he still need a certificate of residence?? Will he require medical certificate? What's the procedure in Khon Kaen I know it's the office in the city itself not the one on highway 2 twds Udon Thani. Please Khon Kaen info only please as all DTO's work diffrently. Thanks
  2. On a secondary note. I have no idea about your WP but advise From now on USE A DUREX.
  3. Wondering if she was pushed. Or thrown off. Does hubby have insurance on her.
  4. Deepinthailand

    Alternative satellite TV system?

    Do you use wifi in your bedroom already? If so what's the speed like? I run three android boxes one in front room connected two in bedrooms via wifi I have Pulse Tv and very very rarely suffer any buffering.
  5. Deepinthailand

    Where do you live

    Maybe next time I'll start one about how pedantic some posters can be. Really in the grand scheme of things does it really matter about a capital T to you.(Nothing worse than grammer trolls) If I would have put 2 weeks a year then 1 then 7 days it would have gone on forever. Please accept my apologies for excluding you on your 2 holidays a year..
  6. Deepinthailand

    Where do you live

    With lots of questions and threads appearing with reference to Thailands infrastructure and laws. I thought it might be interesting to see the demographics of Thai visa's posters. I realize as it's a anonimous forum it would not act as any form of bench mark in threads or questions asked. It would however be interesting to see the demographics. I would ask if you could answer truthfully, no one would know your where abouts. Please feel free to comment if required
  7. It might be your conversation piece certainly not ours. I really dislike people who come out with coments like your shows just how out of touch you are.
  8. Well I'm married. And I still love Pattaya we go on holiday there at least 2 times a year. It's a bit like Blackpool a wee bit run down. Very loud and in your face but a fantastic run ashore. So knock it Loath it all you want many love the place.
  9. Well that's solved then the Brit <deleted> is in the clear why!! Beacuse capo 5 says the girl spoke issan. Sherlock homes pack your bags no longer needed case closed.
  10. Op chill out. There are many people who marry here who use the Extension method and therefore never use or probably see after the day a kor ror 2. They just get the wedding pack given store it away and pull out the fancy marriage certificate document (as you call it) every now and then. Don't have to threaten to kill someone or ridicule them. I'm at a loss why they would want the origional and the updated version there both the same with a diffrent date on the updated document which is the one proves your still married. But again did they specifically asks for them? Thanks
  11. It's an Amphur document with the details/names/dates signed when you married and thus recorded on your Thai Marriage certificate; you can get a current print out (all original signatures printed in Thai) for around 20 THB from Amphur.
  12. Op did they actually ask for Kor ror 2 or did you just hand it in cheers
  13. Been happening for years in UK a good move. Car parks in exeter/Plymouth have the level closest to the walk way into the malls or street women only cctv covers every angle. Safe environment and we'll used.
  14. Deepinthailand

    I don't want to learn local language

    No never heard of it but I'm not a dog person.