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  1. Put in Issan forum as it's relevant to Issan only. What documents are needed to renew DL from 2yrs to 5 years. He has yellow book ID card ect will he still need a certificate of residence?? Will he require medical certificate? What's the procedure in Khon Kaen I know it's the office in the city itself not the one on highway 2 twds Udon Thani. Please Khon Kaen info only please as all DTO's work diffrently. Thanks
  2. On a secondary note. I have no idea about your WP but advise From now on USE A DUREX.
  3. Wondering if she was pushed. Or thrown off. Does hubby have insurance on her.
  4. Hi hopefully someone can help Got 1 rai apx of land next to our house. Need to plant something in it list of no no's first from us. Sugar (school next door students went in two years ago when sugar was growing in there and set fire to it whilst smoking came very close to burning house) Thai sweet potatoes (price so low for buying not worth the hassle) So if there is anything else people can think of prefer something needing minimal looking after (have enough with veg plots to look after.) Thanks for any replies
  5. pulsetv.net

    Hi anyone using this service looks good. Price is very good 10000 per year. Any feedback on it would be good thank you