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  1. And that, right there, is one of the main reasons Thailand will always fall behind. Although the previous poster is correct that there are legitimate ways around this problem.
  2. This story made my day but this post made my whole year!
  3. This is hardly news. The roads are full of mindless idiots and avoidable accidents. For me the most sickening thing about this story is this: 'A Thai man was driving and not a Burmese national as was rumored on social media, police confirmed.' Surprised nobody else has picked up on this. How utterly disgusting is a country's culture when the first reaction is to blame a foreigner?
  4. I would take great pleasure in sentencing these 40 creatures to death by rape.
  5. eeyang wah

    Car falls into open manhole on SCC

    I sincerely hope that's the case.
  6. Sad but true. Just a tiny bit of common sense would have prevented this tragedy.
  7. eeyang wah

    Car falls into open manhole on SCC

    Ha ha ha yes you're right that is a perfectly acceptable explanation for a Thai. Case closed.
  8. eeyang wah

    Pirate bay / Bit torrent...Convictions?

    Just gonna hazard a guess here and say maybe it's because this is how the subject was raised: 'it's a bit like if you have a bong you'rre probably smoking weed'
  9. This exactly matches my experience with Thai banks: absolutely zero idea of the concept of privacy or data protection, even with information that is very obviously confidential, for example my account balance! Well actually tbh they have no idea of almost any concept whatsoever but that's drifting off topic.
  10. Sorry for the passenger. That's all.
  11. Surely it's only a matter of time. I wonder if people will be mindless enough to park there. Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
  12. eeyang wah

    AIS spam

    After many terrible experiences with AIS, I finally gave up and switched to DTAC. This was about 5 years ago and I've never had a problem since. Hope it works for you too.