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  1. Standard Operating Procedure
  2. Amen. How many times have I heard Thais say "I don't need lights I can see fine". Their lack of compassion and understanding of the concept of "other people" is borderline psychopathic.
  3. Exactly, and you can guarantee the idiot is not wearing a seatbelt himself. And it's not like he's going slowly on some back road ... no he's hauling ass on the highway! WTA<deleted> is wrong with these people?
  4. Bang on. Just sad that we probably won't see it in our lifetimes.
  5. I agree with you except that in this case the pedestrian did not suddenly appear in the road giving 'no time or space to avoid her'. You can see she was walking in a straight line along the road for a good 4-5 seconds before the bike ploughed into her. Not to mention she was by no means the only pedestrian walking on the road in that place. Other posters have stated that her running away is admission of guilt. I don't agree with this for a moment. She was clearly shocked by what she had just witnessed. I doubt any of us could think clearly immediately after watching someone's head go under a bus.
  6. Wasn't there a recent story of accusations of baggage theft at swampy? Why in God's name wasn't something done about it that stage? How hard would it be to install some cameras and/or begin searches on employees? Hopefully after this incident someone in charge will have the mental capacity to make improvements. Knee jerk reactions seem to be the only thing that keeps this country moving, but then again this is Thailand we're talking about here so they could just as easily say "problem solved carry on."
  7. Because that would require the application of both common sense and logic.
  8. Regular monthly reminders
  9. Do your time you piece of sh1t.
  10. Does anyone think these people actually make the slightest bit of difference to visitor numbers?
  12. I just love that this is actually mentioned by the police as a positive improvement. Yes that's right after all our hard work enforcing the law, only 10% of the businesses we checked were still continuing to operate illegally. Amazing.
  13. Great job. I'm sure we're all much safer with those hardened criminals behind bars.
  14. Rain? In Thailand? In the monsoon season? I can see why nobody was expecting that.