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  1. Nothing easy about SCB. I gave up years ago and moved to Kasikorn. They're far from perfect but decades ahead of SCB.
  2. If that was indeed a promotion they kept it quiet
  3. This whole system just doesn't work. Cars are meant for grown-ups and there aren't any here.
  4. Yes. As usual the real criminals here are the ones that we pay to stop criminals.
  5. Police continue futile effort to clean Pattaya's reputation while simultaneously damaging tourism.
  6. Think you're making an interesting point there but forgive me - I don't really understand what it is! Could you elaborate? If you're talking about "undertaking", ie overtaking on the wrong side, then my understanding is that this is perfectly legal in Thailand. I believe in Europe it's illegal, therefore if someone is hogging the fast lane you actually ARE supposed to adjust your speed to his rather than undertaking. But this is common practice here. Again, if everyone just stuck to the rules instead of moving to the fast lane because of stupidity / arrogance then there would be no need to ever do this!
  7. Totally agree and those moronic zombies annoy the sh1t out of me too! I usually find the 2nd lane from the left to be the fastest on the highway. Trucks take up lane 1, lane 2 is usually empty and the fastest, and lanes 3 & 4 are w4nkers fighting over who is more hi-so. But what I'm saying is that this whole ridiculous situation would not even exist if everyone just followed one simple rule: keep left unless overtaking! Nope. Didn't say that either! In this case you certainly shouldn't move over because you are actively overtaking cars to your left. But it seems like you're saying you shouldn't move over because your speed is already over the limit. Actually I think we more or less agree on this, it's just I don't think the speed limit has anything to do with it. Let's take the example you just gave: say you're doing 125 km/h in the right lane and there's someone in front of you doing only 120. He should move over and let you pass, right? From what you're saying it sounds like he has every right to stay in that lane because he's driving at the limit. And that's the part I disagree with. Anyway. Boring. We're on the same page, let's get back to our beers ;-)
  8. That's not my argument - I don't think it's ok for people to drive over the speed limit. I'm saying it's not ok to hog the right lane just because you believe you are travelling at the speed limit. Especially when you can't even make up your mind what is an acceptable speed limit to you! Is it 70, 75 or 80? All 3 seem to be fine in your book! Edit: My point is that the rule is very simple: keep left unless passing, regardless of your speed. If everyone just followed that one basic rule the roads would be much less congested and much safer. Find me one person that disagrees with that!
  9. Haha yeah just goes to show how even the police here don't know the rules and often encourage people to break them! I've seen police actually stopping people for not stopping in the middle of a roundabout to let other cars onto the roundabout!! As you say, the circus will just continue until the government starts to give a toss. Anyway as far as our "discussion" goes: those were your words about the left lane being for emergency services!
  10. And you think it's ok to hog the right lane as long as you believe you're below the speed limit? But I agree with you, this carnage will continue until the government starts to care about its people.
  11. So you often drive along the lane that's reserved for emergency services? Very smart.
  12. But I agree, it does look like the truck is going for the MB just after it hits the camera car
  13. Camera car was probably in shock and wasn't sure how well his car was working after being hit. Also watch the end of the video and you'll see the truck did pull over further down the road and in a safer place.