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  1. Nice sentiment but I very much doubt the RTP can use email. LINE maybe.
  2. Target practice.
  3. With scissors in their hands
  4. I think it's more commonly known as a "party".
  5. They did a last minute cancellation on me a couple of years back, with no explanation. Never again.
  6. Anyone that removes a seatbelt deserves everything that's coming to them.
  7. Reducing it by 5% would still be way higher than the average of the last few years. Last year was an exceptionally large number. Although interestingly the numbers are still LOWER than the normal daily average for the rest of the year. Either way you look at it: the carnage is unacceptable and the government's pathetic lip service is disgraceful.
  8. Fantastic description of Thai drivers
  9. Come on Thailand you can reach 500 this year!
  10. Totally. Why wouldn't you?