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  1. nickmondo

    Noise, there has to be noise!

    its because they are extremely immature. and not the brightest sparks in the fire. harmless, just inwardly laugh at them as i do.
  2. does the money you transfer with Transferwise go directly to your bank? Or do they also use a third party before you receive it?
  3. yes, but the problem with Transferwise is that their fees are big. The more you transfer, the more you get charged. With my broker, I get a ten quid charge for any amount up to 20k pounds. In excess of that is free. It just seems to have gone wrong with Krungsree somehow
  4. You have not understood me mate. I am not using a bank in the UK I use a money transfer company similar to Transferwise, and I get a much better rate than the banks both here and in the UK.
  5. Does anyone transfer money from the UK to Krungsri with SWIFT? I have now done twice. SWIFT should be made direct from the UK to KRUNGSRI, but for some reason it is going via TMB Bank and therefore more fees are paid. This is because the money arrives in TMB Bank in Bkk and then is transferred by BAHTNET to my bank in another region, hence the charges. My broker in the UK has assured me that they are making the payment via SWIFT, and the bank details for the receiving bank they are using is my account with Krungsri. Krungsri have told me they are a Clearing Bank and can accept SWIFT payments directly from the UK, so it should not be going via TMB. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know why the money is going to TMB? I have seen the transfer order from my broker, and it clearly states my Krungsri bank as the receiver, and method of payment is SWIFT. I am transferring Thai Baht, the exchange rate is calculated in the UK. I am having to pay an extra 1,300 baht in fees, which is a pain considering the rubbish exchange rate at the moment.
  6. what a load of rubbish! all you need to do is spend a few minutes on the road to show you the filth that comes out of the pick ups and lorries here. dont get me started on the tuk tuks. absolute codswallop
  7. nickmondo

    £ = 41.55 Superrich!

    I have already transferred enough here to last for 3 years. I firmly believe the rate will plummet. Hopefully in 3 years, it will have sorted itself out. If not, and it is below 40, bye bye.