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  1. Thanks for information. I am OK with transfer wholly or partly costs. What I do not want is the need to transfer money from overseas into Thailand to buy the condo or own part of it as I do not have any account in an overseas bank nor do I have any relative overseas.
  2. To obviate the necessity of sending funds from a foreign country into Thailand to buy a condo which may incur a loss in exchange rates, etc.
  3. I hold UK passport and on retirement visa renewed annually. My Thai wife has a condo under her sole ownership. She is willing to add my name in the title deed as a second owner. The condo is fully paid and not on any bank mortgage own. My question is: in this case, there is no such thing as send money into Thailand and get the necessary documents before my name can be added as opposed to a foreigner buying a new condo. Is this scenario feasible. My second question is: if my wife "gives" her condo to me as a present, do I need to send money from outside to Thailand as there is no actual buy-sell involved? Many thanks for your time and opinion.
  4. Hi, In relation to the need of transferring money from overseas to Thailand for buying a condo, I am curious to find out whether this is possible: A Thai wife buys a condo in her name and then GIVES it to her husband as a present, and changes ownership to her husband. Thus, there is no need for the money transfer document. Is this a possible scenario? Thanks for any opinions in advance.
  5. Hi, I hold UK passport and am on a retirement Non O visa with yearly extensions already done twice. I would like to buy a condominium and wonder if I could be the sole owner based on this visa status. Also, are there any restrictions to foreigners buying condominium which do not apply to Thai citizens? I will pay the condo in full amount and so there is no problem with mortgage. I believe that my name will be on the title deed of the condo. Your expert opinion and advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  6. Hi, I read in the forum of a fishing pond near future park full of Pla sa wai which is my faourite fish. Can anybody please tell me the address and with a map, if possible, as I will be driving? Thanks.