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  1. Hi, I read in the forum of a fishing pond near future park full of Pla sa wai which is my faourite fish. Can anybody please tell me the address and with a map, if possible, as I will be driving? Thanks.
  2. Certificate of Residence

    I am a British retiree living in Bangkok and intend to buy a second hand car. My question is that besides what I have in my passport the necessary visa stamp, I would need a Certificate of Residence for registering me as the new owner at the Lands Department in Mor Chit (if I am not wrong). To get this document from immigration is hectic and have to go very early for a queue. When I obtain my Thai driving licence, I went to the British Embassy, paid 3000 Baht and get it. Can I do the same for buying the car? Many thanks.
  3. Hi, I am a retiree living in Thailand on a retirement visa with annual extensions. Please advise how many years minimally do I need to stay here before I qualify for a Thai PR application. I don't work here and so I never had work permit or any tax record. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I am asking this question for an American friend who likes to stay in Thailand on Retirement Visa. To our understanding, immigration laws allow a person to bring INTO Thailand not more than US20,000. Obviously, if you want to retire in Thailand and not working, you will need money more than this to support yourself for many years. Our questions are: 1. Does this immigration restriction applies to retirees coming to stay in Thailand? 2. If he has opened a saving account in a Thai bank already, can he T/T a large sum from US to this account in Thailand? 3. Can he brings in a bank draft of a large sum and fly to Thailand and deposit into this account? 4. Are the moves in No. 2 and 3 against this immigration monetary restriction? 5. What is the minimum amount of money above which you have to declare, whatever method you bring it into Thailand.In the case of T/T, how can he declare the money which is already wired into his account? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I was wondering whether it is OK to carry the Thai driving licence in the wallet instead of the original passport when you go out. Or we need to carry both all the time when we are outside. Also, can a photocopy of the passport suffice? Thanks