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  1. Thanks for information. I am OK with transfer wholly or partly costs. What I do not want is the need to transfer money from overseas into Thailand to buy the condo or own part of it as I do not have any account in an overseas bank nor do I have any relative overseas.
  2. To obviate the necessity of sending funds from a foreign country into Thailand to buy a condo which may incur a loss in exchange rates, etc.
  3. I hold UK passport and on retirement visa renewed annually. My Thai wife has a condo under her sole ownership. She is willing to add my name in the title deed as a second owner. The condo is fully paid and not on any bank mortgage own. My question is: in this case, there is no such thing as send money into Thailand and get the necessary documents before my name can be added as opposed to a foreigner buying a new condo. Is this scenario feasible. My second question is: if my wife "gives" her condo to me as a present, do I need to send money from outside to Thailand as there is no actual buy-sell involved? Many thanks for your time and opinion.
  4. Hi, In relation to the need of transferring money from overseas to Thailand for buying a condo, I am curious to find out whether this is possible: A Thai wife buys a condo in her name and then GIVES it to her husband as a present, and changes ownership to her husband. Thus, there is no need for the money transfer document. Is this a possible scenario? Thanks for any opinions in advance.
  5. When I said using a nominee to buy a condo, I was referring to my legal Thai wife! Obviously, it is never breaking any law if a husband buys a condo for his wife. However, one questions arises: if after the purchase, can the wife GIVE the condo to her husband as a present for whatever purpose in which case the husband does NOT have to pay her? If that is the case, how do we satisfy the Lands Office people and we do not have to remit money from overseas to pay the wife? Also, about going overseas, opening an account and remit money, I am aware that it is possible to remit over USD50,000 for buying a condo. But the question is: if a person brings Thai baht or any foreign currency out to that country to open an account, he can carry with him a maximum of USD20,000 equivalent, then to bring enough money to that foreign country, one has to travel to and from 5 or even 10 times! How does the law operate here? I am too old to travel. I'm thinking of asking my wife to bring money out to Singapore (for example) and open an account containing enough to buy the condo. I am just curious. Thanks for any advice.
  6. Thanks for everybody's ideas. I have a question: 49% of the units of the condominium-does this mean that if there are 100 units in the whole condo block, foreigners can own up to a maximum of 49 units. I am just curious as I intend to buy ONE unit for myself and I believe I own 100% of the condo. Also, I have enough Thai baht in my Thai bank account; I do not need to transfer money from outside. But I cannot prove the source of the money. Can I still register my name with the Lands Department? If that is a hurdle, I will consider registering the condo using a Thai nominee under a contract with me. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I hold UK passport and am on a retirement Non O visa with yearly extensions already done twice. I would like to buy a condominium and wonder if I could be the sole owner based on this visa status. Also, are there any restrictions to foreigners buying condominium which do not apply to Thai citizens? I will pay the condo in full amount and so there is no problem with mortgage. I believe that my name will be on the title deed of the condo. Your expert opinion and advice would be appreciated. Thank you