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  1. Many would argue that relations were strained when Aussies took advantage of Obama's disastrous policies by agreeing to give us your refugees. You knew what you were doing, and you didn't care. Americans will never forgive you for taking advantage of our weak leaders like that.
  2. Someone remind me why David Cameron is relevant still
  3. LOL, glad you're on here and having fun!
  4. That $2 Billion dollar deficit they are projecting for California in 2017 must not concern you any. The bottom line is that California is the laughing stock of the nation, and everyone see's through their bullshit.,
  5. It's either this or negative stories about Trump.
  6. Another Anti Trump hit piece from Reuters.
  7. I saw this guy last time in Green Mango and could only laugh. I wish I was as care free as he is. I kinda figured he was on something, but if he's doing to sober, more power to him.
  8. Get a cat or a dog
  9. Yep, record numbers every year according to the latest figures.
  10. Good thing the US has never meddled in other countries elections..... /end sarcasm.
  11. Sounds made up for sensationalism.
  12. I agree, just look at affirmative action.
  13. You understand the witch hunt for Trumps tax returns are absolutely the same, right? Rumors and Conspiracy theories is all that it is since you haven't seem all of them. You can't shun one side for doing it against Obama then claim to be justified against Trump. It doesn't work like that.
  14. Obama must release his birth certificate and college transcripts, what is he hiding? - Deemed racist by the left. Trump must release his tax reutrns, what is he hiding? - Deemed noble and patriotic by the left. Ohhh, the irony.
  15. Just imagine how all the dogs feel.