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  1. Scalise upgraded as gunman James Hodgkinson had 200 rounds of ammo in storage unit, FBI investigators say Rep. Steve Scalise was upgraded to fair condition Wednesday, as FBI officials disclosed more information about the gunman who was initially in critical condition at shot him on a Virginia baseball diamond last week. The Louisiana congressman and House majority whip was shot in the hip and initially in critical condition at MedStar Washington Hospital. But officials upgraded his condition for a second time Wednesday, and his office said he "continues to make good progress." Meanwhile, FBI officials said leftist gunman James Hodgkinson had more than 200 rounds of ammunition at a local storage unit when he attacked Republican lawmakers as they practiced for the annual Congressional baseball game. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/06/21/scalise-shooter-james-hodgkinson-had-200-rounds-ammo-in-storage-unit-fbi-investigators-say.html
  2. Sadly, just another attack that will soon be forgotten.
  3. The UN is a joke. None of their policies hold any water. It isn't a suicide pact.
  4. The hatred for white people wanting to live in peace is really astounding. God forbid someone choose self preservation over a social experiment.
  5. What does him being white have to do with anything?
  6. Maybe Trump could run the government like a community organizer, but we all know that would be another complete disaster.
  7. Just what I thought, nothing constructive to say but blaming one news network in a sea of liberal media. Conservatives are getting attacked all around the country from liberals and you want to blame the conservatives for talking about a play in New York. Tell that to Scalise who is still in critical condition from the horrible assassination attempt yesterday that a liberal conducted.
  8. How can you be against all this now when you would be the first person crying foul if the same was done against Obama? The people suppressing free speech are leftist groups like Antifa, BLM, and crazies like the liberal that tried to assassinate republican congressmen yesterday. That's suppression of free speech. Conservatives can't even speak on college campuses without being attacked by the left (Berkley ring a bell?). Conservatives can't wear a MAGA hat without being attacked and having their property stolen. Suppressing free speech is alive and well, but it's by the left.
  9. Sadly I did watch it, and that video is a disgrace isn't it? Imagine if a republican came forward calling for blood in the streets. Liberals minds would explode. I didn't claim Schumer or Pelosi made any statements, other than their standard hate and vitriol we hear every time they open their mouths. The nation is still trying to take in why a deranged liberal tried to assassinate republican congressman yesterday to focus on much else at this point. Michelle Obama told us that when they go low, we go high.....I guess she is a liar.
  10. You're reality is a story in your head that you've told yourself so many times that you now believe to be true which is only reaffirmed by the liberal media trying to rile the left up. Look what it did with the violent assassination attempt carried out yesterday by a liberal Bernie supporter.
  11. So you're problem isn't with guns, it's with a certain class of people? How progressive of you.
  12. Maybe in your fantasy land spun by MSNBC, but there's nothing racist about Trump or the majority of his followers. Keep the liberal talking points going though.