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  1. cheshiremusicman

    Facebook crash shakes up online businesses in Thailand

    I wish I could grant your wish, I'd love to see the outcome; but maybe not - the hospitals would be full to overflowing with psychiatric patients, or the bedazzled and bemused still gawping at their useless 'smartphones' lost in a world of emptyness. Oh WHAT a sight for sore eyes!
  2. cheshiremusicman

    Facebook crash shakes up online businesses in Thailand

    Maybe it gave the morons time to engage their brains for a few minutes, rather than sending stupid pics and messages to each other. I refuse to be on a member of any of these so called 'Social Media Sites' - I will leave it to the brain dead legions!
  3. cheshiremusicman

    Thai govt eyes land, property taxes to boost revenue

    If you think that the USA is as 'welfare state' try the UK; but NOT if you are born there! THAT would be asking far too much from the politically correct politicians, who will do everything in their power to keep their fat backsides on their parliamentary seats until they retire on their own fat pensions and sod the rest of you!
  4. Never liked cockroaches; even more reason to crush the little basxxxs! Ludicrouse outcome; BUT I'm sure very predictable! Anybody heard what's happened to the 'Red Bull heir's case' ????
  5. Yes, But never get told! Were you told of the scams etc by your travel agent or government before you first came to Thailand - I think not! Not very good for business eh? Jet Skies come to mind, maybe we should start a 'Thailand Trip Warning Website' here on the TV forum full of sound sensible advice for the uninitiated tourists who can read and are willing to learn.
  6. WHAT???? and loose face with the 'Kingdom'. Haven't you noticed how the BBC don't bother reporting the massive floods,plane crashes etc and people dying in Thailand? they will report the same for China,Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos etc, but seem VERY VERY reluctant to mention Thailand. Plus, of course we have to report every single 'Gun crazed American' shooting as though it's happened on our on turf.
  7. cheshiremusicman

    Northeast floods claim 30 lives

    How true! All these fancy names for 'Departments' that do next to sod all for the people who really need their help. Very similar to the 'United Nations'; just another 'Toothless Tiger'.
  8. cheshiremusicman

    20 dead in Thai bus accident: police

    Requiring log books that record distance traveled as well as breaks would go a long way also. Of course then there's the enforcement part...Sent from my GT-N7100 using Thaivisa Connect Thailand mobile app You could also limit buses to say 70 kmh ? I believe European rules require a rest every 4 hours ? This is the one annoying thing about Thailand as I have lost a number of friends due to the dangerous roads Yet another very sad accident and loss of life caused by goodness knows what? One of the factors that I believe is contributory is the fact that many coaches and buses have been involved in previous crashes and a lot of them are driving on bent chassis's and you can see that they are 'crabbing' as you follow them. Goodness knows what happens when they have to brake, or take avoiding action especially when the road is wet! The same applies to lots and lots of the pcikup trucks and saloon cars that you see on the roads. There is supposed to be a record/check on vehicles that have been 'written off', but this would now appear to be a total joke. A friend of mine (who has worked in the motor trade for over 30 years and knows his stuff) bought a second hand Toyota about a year ago and everything appeared to be fine until he started to get 'seat belt tensioner failures'. When the second one failed shortly after the first he decided to strip it down himself and found to his horror it was full of rust and then the penny dropped; this car had been in the floods. He decided not to spend any more money on it after having the the seat belt units replaced by a dealership and traded it in for a new pickup. Three months after he had bought the pickup, the dealership came back and told him that he had traded in a car which had been written off and proceeded to sue him. He fought this and won eventually after some 7 months; proving that he had bought the car legitimately and had paid insurance, road tax etc on it in his own name and nothing buth nothing had been flagged up when he had done this. The only reason apparently that the dealership came up with this was because the person who wanted to buy the car from them had had to get a loan in order to buy it and it was the 'Finance Co' that came up with the 'written off' information. The total irony of this situation is; that even though this info came to light; the dealership eventually sold on the vehicle in the full knowledge that it had been flagged as 'written off'. Talk about 'double standards'. It makes you wonder just how many of the thousands of vehicles that were involved in last years floods are now on the roads with potential catastrophic failures awaiting them.
  9. cheshiremusicman

    Will I lose 6 months if I renew passport early?

    Slightly wrong c m: "Time left on an existing passport is added to your new one - up to a maximum of 9 months." https://www.gov.uk/renew-adult-passport Thanks for the correction. I renewed my UK passport last year, as I was going to Malaysia and would not have had the necessary 6 months left when I entered. My passport was due to expire on the 18th November 2012, but when I received my new 50 page passport which had to be processed via Hongkong (and took about 2 weeks) it was renewed from 30th May 2012; so I LOST 6 months, which considering what they charge for it is a blxxdy cheek.
  10. I'd love to see the 'Stocks' brought back. Just imagine the 'total loss of face' for a Thai to have to endure having rotten fruit and rubbish thrown at them in the full knowledge that everybody their would recognise them. Great pity that this is not implemented around the world rather than the politically correct sentences handed out to do so called 'Community Work'. But of course we have to be kind to the perpetrators of crime according to the blxxdy physcologists, otherise they will be 'scarred for life', what a load of crap !
  11. cheshiremusicman

    State of emergency as fires converge on Sydney

    Had the great pleasure of seeing this lovely area in Feb of this year and my heart goes out to all the people who have lost thier homes; just thank goodness that nobody has lost their life as yet. I wish all the very brave firefighters the very best of luck; you can put them down for a beer on my tab anytime!
  12. cheshiremusicman

    Where to live in Thailand?

    OK, I live in Hua-Hin and love the place; but as a previous person said, "It depends on what you WANT to have in your life style". As previously mentioned, there is a very fine pine backed 6Km beach at Koh Takiab / Kho Tao; granted we don't have the same 'blue water' you get in the south, but still reckon this is one of the nicest beaches I've seen here in Thailand. Lots of great restaurants of all varieties and prices, same with property either rental or purchase. If you into golf then we have at least 6 really good courses here all within 35 mins drive at the most. The area just south of HH is now one of the up and coming places and still only 10 mins drive into the centre of HH, with lots of development going on. We have excellent shopping and hospital facilities with a major Bangkok Superstore in the throws of building another Megastore here to rival or surpass 'Market Village' which is the largest mega store here at the present moment With regard to the climate here, it is one of the driest/suniest places in the whole of Thailand according to the Thai Met website and we are probably the last place to get floods - we did have a cyclone sitting over us a few weeks ago, that gave some local flooding, but nothing but nothing like the flooding that we have been seeing/reading about in the other provinces and this 'flood' was gone within a day or so, causing minor inconvenience to most of the residents. We do NOT get the smoke from burning crops and I remember that I read that HH has got the reputation of having some of the best AIR quality in Thailand. We are two and half hours from Bangkok by road and now have a three times a week flight to KL. We are obviously on the east coast and therefore will not suffer from any problems from 'Tectonic Plate' problems and tsunamis. The overall climate here is obviously hot with the best months being from November to the end of February, but you can compare all of these statistics to other places that you are thinking of settling in on the Thai Met website I think you can take it as read that the place must be a good place, as his Majesty The King has his summer palace here, as does Her Majesty The Queen. The fact that we have their Majesties as residents does obviously influence Hua-Hin to the local good as far as I am concerned and long may it stay that way. We wish there Majesties a long healthy and happy stay here in Hua-Hin. We also have local fishing ports on the doorstep and are surrounded by pineapple growing fields; this being the biggest pineapple growing province of Thailand along with sugar cane. The internet facilities are good. I pay 670 B per month for a very reliable 10Mb connection and it does give me 10Mb download nearly 90% of the time, but 20Mb + is available if you need it as is 3G. I hope that his has been of some help to you. If you want any more info please just PM me and wherever you decide to settle I wish you the very best of luck.
  13. cheshiremusicman

    'Luxury' Visa Run - Penang

    Thanks to everybody for the info re Penang. I am proposing to drive down early next year from Hua-Hin to spend about 4 days there. Can anybody recommend a reasonably priced hotel (I'm not into 5* stuff) that has car parking facilities. Would be interested to hear of places to visit in the area. I drove down to Malaysia last year for a four week visit, playing golf and enjoyed the courses very much, but didn't find many decent restaurants unfortunately apart from the one's that I would have described as being orientated to 'Indian' food which I enjoy very much. I found that a lot of the Malaysian places that my Malaysian golfing friends took me to served food which was very much 'sloppy noodle based'; maybe I was unlucky having stayed in KL a few years ago and found many very good places to eat at, where sometimes there were five different self service places under one roof. One of the things that I found amazing in Malaysia was the very cheap price of diesel. I didn't see many diesel cars on my travels and someone told me that the diesel Fortuners (which I drive) are a bit of a rarity there. I only saw about 5 of them in my 4,500Km trip; all the rest were petrol versions. My Malaysian friends warned me to have extra security fitted (which I did) before going on my trip, but glad to say I didn't have any problems. The other thing; if you haven't driven in Malaysia before, is the great motorways they have; albeit 'toll' one's, but not expensive if the truth be known, think it cost me about 500 baht from the border to KL. The roads were so good that on my return trip I managed the 1240km fro KL to Hua-Hin in 13 hours including a long hours delay at the Thai border crossing. I hope the above info is of some use to anybody that is contemplating driving down to Malaysia.
  14. cheshiremusicman

    Remembrance 2013

    I also hope to attend this year. I have been told that I could wear my late Father's medals, but I'm not sure if that is acceptable. It would be nice to wear them in his honour - he died in the Arnhem landings aged 23.
  15. cheshiremusicman

    Dozens Injured As Coach Overturns In Pathum Thani

    Agree,and some of these are these newer style double decker buses that are way too tall for their width. These are just begging to tip over. The height to width ratio just looks wrong and are an accident waiting to happen. Yes, very true; but they do look so nice travelling in a convoy with escort vehicles ahead!!!!!! As a previous person has said, they never move out of the outside lane.