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  1. The statute of time limitations should not apply to ANY prosecution when the accused does not appear in court to defend themselves. That's the only way that justice can be seen to be fair to all.
  2. 'LINE' not loading on windows 10

    I am trying to get 'LINE' to load on my computer, which runs on Windows 10. I can enter my email address and my telephone number and I have received an SMS with a 4 digit code to enter, but the box that says 'Next' does not change to allow me to enter the number. Please can anybody help with the next step?
  3. You say that you like walking on the beach and you won't find a nicer beach to walk along that the one at Khao Takiab (starts aprox 4 kms south of HH); it's about 7 kms long and backed by sea pines all the way. We also have very good local hospitals for which you only pay local Thai prices for treatment. One is a Military hospital and the other is the Hua-Hin General hospital, so no need to pay the exorbitant prices that the farang places charge, I know because I've used them and had excellent service from them. I'm like you and nearly 74 years old and have been here in HH for 10+ years. If you are into sport then we have some excellent golf courses around us. HH has a 'Music Society' which I have been intending to join for some time, but just haven't got around to it. Plenty of very reasonably priced restaurants of all varieties, plus some very upmarket places. Local transport as previously mentioned is available at very low prices along all the main roads, so you don't have to have a vehicle to get around. Good local shops selling all kinds of vegetables/drinks etc plus two very large shopping malls. We also have a local sea food pier where you can buy freshly caught fish etc. A new ferry service has recently opened up between the northern end of the Khao Takiab beach that goes to Pattaya once a day. High quality coach services go to Swampy airport for 350B and to Jatajak marker for 140B, so if you fancy a trip to Bangkok it doesn't cost much. We have excellent air quality all the year round and probably have one of the best climates in Thailand overall. I have attached a photo of the local beach mentioned above. If you require any further information just send me a personal email to me.
  4. Try Lazada online supplies
  5. Why do they all keep saying that the aircraft parts that have been washed up 'Might be from MH370'? They have identified serial numbers etc from some of these parts and it's blatantly obvious they came from MH370 and no other airline has reported loosing an aircraft so why not just accept that it's at the bottom of the Indian Ocean 'somewhere' and stop wasting vast sums of time and money. The people who were on the aircraft are dead and it's time for the families to accept this and close this tragic event.