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  1. Train & local transport, they have been here many times and know the ropes on the minibuses
  2. I usually enjoy your weekly column but I'm afraid you screwed up big style this time old boy, I to have served my country and receive a small but adequate (for my length of service) pension. I was also a civil servant for 20+ years and receive a pension from that, I have just qualified for the state pension, unfortunately all those together do not quite make the required 800,000, I have sufficient funds in the UK but at this appalling exchange rate I will not be transferring the required amount and will for the 1st time in 7 years use an agent for my next extension of stay next year, the best we can hope for is either a successful Brexit and the exchange rate improves or there is a sudden crash in the Thai Baht, I'm not holding my breath on either. Next time try and have a bit more compassion for your fellow countrymen. D- on your column I'm afraid.
  3. I'm glad the service is resuming on 1st Nov, my daughter is arriving that week and will be using the ferry to Hua Hin as they make their way south rather than risk their lives in a coffin on wheels.
  4. I have recently started snacking in the evening with various dried fruits, dried strawberry, cranberry & a pack containing mixed tropical fruits, I'm concerned that they maybe high in sugar/fructose and not helping me to lose a bit of weight, normally I would devour half a pack of Digestive biscuits I'm off the booze and doing as much as I can manage on my exercise bike, any advice gratefully received thanks.
  5. Wrong again I'm afraid Mr Anderson, I have been living here for 7 years, been to the UK twice, once to bury my mother & the second time to show my long time girlfriend what the real world is like, I have just started to receive my state pension into my Kasikorn bank, the UK don't care if I never come back, so get your facts right please.
  6. Golden Triangle

    New Site Feedback

    I have just checked my resolution, it is the same as yours but I still have the problem, question for you, do you log off TV or just close the tab when finished ? I rarely log off does/would that make a difference ?
  7. Golden Triangle

    New Site Feedback

    Mine is exactly as shown above, how long is it gonna take the techies to sort this dross
  8. Golden Triangle

    how to make water tasty ?

    I'm off the booze at the moment, I got the Mrs to buy some Lime cordial, I have ice in the freezer and large bottles of water (19 ltr) a large insulated mug so lime,ice & water makes for a refreshing drink.
  9. Golden Triangle

    Thailand terror: Kiwi teen attacked by pack of dogs

    Fit one of these bad boys to the back of my pickup, problem solved
  10. From an Australian Government information sheet, The last part is the interesting bit, how long had the Thai bouy been bobbing about on the ocean ? Where are Australia's tsunami buoys being deployed? Australia is potentially vulnerable to tsunami generated by undersea earthquakes along subduction zones (where the earth's tectonic plates are moving under each other) to the northwest, northeast, east and southeast of Australia. Deep-ocean tsunami detection buoys (and coastal sea level stations) are used to monitor the oceans in each of these regions. There are also spare buoys on hand to ensure maintenance regimes and emergency replacements can be carried out if necessary. A schematic representation of a deep-ocean tsunami detection buoy (DART™). Australia's first tsunami detection buoy was deployed on 15 April 2007 in the South East Tasman Sea, some 1200 km from Tasmania. The deployment was carried out in collaboration with NOAA. This buoy captures critical tsunami data from the oceans near the Puysegur fault line southwest of New Zealand. A few more tsunami buoys have since been deployed strategically to protect Australia from tsunami threat due to earthquake sources to the northwest, northeast and southeast of the Australian mainland. What is the in-water life of a tsunami detection buoy? The life cycle of a deployed tsunami buoy is approximately 2 to 4 years. The Bureau's maintenance regime involves the replacement of the surface buoy and the sea-floor pressure sensor every one to two years. The devices retrieved during regular maintenance are refurbished and made ready for the next redeployment. The deployment of a DART™ buoy in the Tasman Sea.
  11. Golden Triangle

    Pattaya prepares lawsuit against Sukhawadee House

    Bout time they started on the ocean side of Walking Street, but of course that'll never happen.
  12. And we thought some of the local crooks are thick, this Muppet really does take the biscuit, what goes through their tiny minds ?? Beggars belief.
  13. There really are some pedants on here who need to be spoon fed if the title doesn't quite make it for them, RIP to the young Aussie guy, far too young
  14. At some point in the not too distant future the hoards of Chinese tourists that visit these shores will realise that like the rest of us they are not welcome, yes I am well aware that he was denied entry for various reasons, but I stand by my comment about all of us, whether we are tourists or expats, they still don't want us here.