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  1. Golden Triangle

    Defamation/set-up in Thailand concerns

    Best post so far, someone who knows that you are coming for Christmas has spilled the beans, perhaps your ex wifes new partner is now a member of the same social circle and doesn't want you on the scene at Christmas cocking up his social calendar.
  2. Golden Triangle

    Toyota GPS lost its way

    Any links to where I can view this and can you update yours if you so desire ?
  3. Golden Triangle

    Toyota GPS lost its way

    As an example, we were traveling down the South of Thailand recently and were in the middle of nowhere, I needed the nearest ATM, satnav said 20 Kms, Google maps said 1.5, if you have something it should work as needed, not donkeys years out of date.
  4. Golden Triangle

    Toyota GPS lost its way

    Just been on the Garmin Thailand website, it says updates are available, I put a micro SD in the slot and looked for updates, nothing. Apparently it is a process that can take more than 4 hours, but no update option on my unit, maybe I will call them on Monday. Sorry, the process starts in the vehicle and then your PC and then back to your car, but the Toyota unit does not have this available. Hope that makes more sense.
  5. Golden Triangle

    Toyota GPS lost its way

    That is exactly the same system as in my Fortuner, I didn't realise it was a Garmin unit, thanks for the info, I may try to contact them
  6. Excuse me !! Would someone please explain to the culturally ignorant Thais that taking unbecoming beauty shots of Thai girls at Kanchanaburi war graves sites is also extremely offensive to us westerners (well those that care) Many times I have visited the graves to pay my respects to our fallen and witnessed this abhorrent behaviour, and yes I did point out the error their ways.
  7. Golden Triangle

    Toyota GPS lost its way

    I have had my Fortuner for nearly six years and I can confirm the GPS is a sack of crap, for a start the maps are now about 6 years out of date, trying to enter names, places or GPS co-ordinates for directions is a waste of space, I don't know how much it would cost to upgrade the maps but I heard it was expensive, the only thing I use it for now is to set the home location if we are staying at a new hotel and go out for the day sightseeing. As SHG says above, get a phone holder and a plug in charger and use Google maps on your phone, far superior. As far as I am aware the vehicle does not come with a handbook for the GPS it should, in my opinion) it's very much hit and miss to figure out how to work it.
  8. Golden Triangle

    Tiny black flies

    They could be fruit flies, but we have no fruit in the house or outside for that matter, Thanks lemonjelly
  9. Golden Triangle

    Tiny black flies

    Thanks lemonjelly, I have just finished going through that info, the things I'm talking about are smaller than seen in your reply,they occur mainly in the afternoon and are so small that you would be lucky to get one with an electric tennis racquet If you can visualise a flying full stop, or period if an American But thanks for your response, much appreciated sir.
  10. Golden Triangle

    Tiny black flies

    Can someone please tell me what these horrible little black flies are, the ones that want to continually get up my nose, I now have an infection/inflammation in both nostrils, probably had for about 3 days now, firstly in the left hand nostril and now it seems to be migrating to the RH nostril, extremely painful and swollen internally, other than wearing a mask is there anyway I stop these buggers trying to get up my nose and causing this grief and what the chuff are they ?? Thanks for any help you can give.
  11. Golden Triangle

    Wife ,42 had 1. GOUT attack

    I was told by a Thai Dr do not eat winged beasts, so that's fiery dragons off the menu. True story as I live and breathe
  12. Golden Triangle

    Wife ,42 had 1. GOUT attack

    I have suffered from gout for years, now I take Alopurinol 1 in the morning and one at bedtime, never have any problems now, I can and do eat and drink whatever I want. Go to Facino and buy a box of Xandase 100 mg, 1000 Baht for 500 tablets.
  13. I can't imagine how much that load would weigh if it got rained on during the journey
  14. Golden Triangle

    Junta No. 2 Sorry For Chinese Ferry Deaths Remarks

    In a way I am quite happy that there are responsible moderators on TVF, because if I said what I truly think about this piece of (insert favourite adjective here) I would no longer be a member, what a Muppet, a big sorry to Kermit & Miss Piggy.
  15. Golden Triangle


    I thought that was a starfish blighting the Great Barrier Reef, you live and learn, nice pic.