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  1. Motorcyclists killed in head-on crash in Ayutthaya

    Driving against the flow of traffic, 10 pm, probably no headlight or helmet on, accident waiting to happen really. Stupid, stupid, stupid, Oh well, never mind, there will be more tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.................................... They just never learn.
  2. And also notice the LACK of litter on the track, I have just travelled through Malaysia by rail and the surrounding area was spotless.
  3. At least entertainment venues have been given plenty of notice unlike on the 13th when in this neck of the woods of Patts the police were randomly turning up at bars and restaurants at 3 pm (bearing in mind that most places had been open since 7 am serving breakfast) telling owners and bar managers to stop selling alcohol - restaurant, or shut the doors, turn your lights off and roll that roller door down and be quiet - a bar !! For crying out loud they have had a year to prepare for this. Oh, sorry I forgot where I was. I personally will be at home watching this very sad occasion with a heavy heart wondering what life has in store for Thailand, a country that I have come to love despite it's many foibles. PS. Don't be too surprised if the goalposts change between now and Thursday.
  4. No such fins from earlier photo's maybe everyone got it wrong, including you.
  5. Is "Tosser" an allowed term on this forum ? It would appear that it is, in that case the little tosser should have been beaten to within an inch of his life, told to walk away in short sharp jerky movements, and told never to darken "mumsy's door ever again. Why are these people even allowed to exist ?
  6. Judge in Yingluck case ruled her ‘not guilty’

    I am so glad that I fast forwarded from page 1 to page 5, the first few posts on page 1 were exactly as expected and (as I write, Baerboxer's post ) is exactly the same as it has been throughout this whole process beginning with the end of the trial and the day before the sentencing. Please people, give it a rest, I don't like the junta too much, Thaksin bought his votes and Yingluck wasn't as sharp as she could have been - but they were elected, the people like them and they did some good stuff for this country, admittedly they could have been better But all you lot are doing is regurgitating the same old stale, well worn arguments that no longer make this an interesting topic. Now we have a demigod whose only interest is in buying Chinese Junk(s) in the shape of Subs, Tanks, Missiles and other shit and not concerned about the lack of hospital beds, appalling education and sub standard care of the elderly.
  7. Was it yesterday that a commercial plane, in Canada I believe, hit a drone due to some numbskull flying in the no go zone of an airport, are these people morons ?
  8. I don't think that Bangkok is alone in the world to suffer from this problem, but as this is (and no doubt someone would inform me of that) a Thailand / Bangkok centric thread I won't dwell on that. I don't think that the authorities in Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand do enough to discourage this disgusting habit, I live on the Darkside of Pattaya, a much nicer part of the world than ' in town' in my opinion, I think that what I will do in the next few days is take myself and my camera on a 3 km trip around my Moo Ban and see what the state of play is and post the pics on this thread, it's not gonna be pretty of that I'm sure.
  9. Lightening strikes concrete bkock house

    Interesting topic, sorry for the OP's woes though, hope the eventual repair bill isn't gonna be too high & hope you had some insurance. Every time we have a storm my Mrs runs around like a headless chicken disconnecting everything telling me to turn off my mobile and then she goes and hides under the duvet till it's all over. Strange girl really
  10. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    I voted remain, I could see from the very start that leaving the EU was a very bad idea, the British public were basically lied to by the leave campaign about 350 mil a week going to the NHS, Immigration controls etc etc. Now we are beginning to reap the non benefits of leaving, the pound has flunked, so all us ex-pats are affected, the City of London will be no more, it will end up in Europe somewhere and all those jobs and the Billions of pounds in revenue that it generates every year will be going to somewhere in Europe, already consumer confidence is dipping, consumer spending is lower, new car registrations are plummeting, productivity is going down, look at house building !! Very soon unemployment will start to edge up and with reduced taxes being paid to the Treasury - income tax, VAT, Corporation tax etc etc very soon the UK will go down the pan. A bleak outlook I know and I would dearly loved to be proved wrong but sadly I don't think I will be.
  11. Pattaya sex raids end in farce as someone was tipped off!

    I think "ever" is being a bit optimistic
  12. I saw that video yesterday and at the time I thought to myself that they only have themselves to blame, yes I do know that the drains can only take so much and it was a pretty severe downpour but all that crap doesn't help.
  13. So, today I have learnt a new word, Bogan, never ever heard it before, amazing, it is always good to learn something new everyday, yesterday I learnt that I couldn't drink 10 large Changs without falling over
  14. Scottish man dies after motorcycle hits lamppost in Sattahip

    RIP young man, far too early whilst in your prime. Should have stayed in bed on Fri 13th.