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  1. SURVEY: Cryptocurrency--would you invest?

    Thanks for that monomial, the thing that confused the efff out of me was all this crypto wallet stuff and then the fact that I couldn't just buy Ripple straight out, I had to buy BTC and then buy Ripple, it all just seems so convoluted and not as straight forward as I would like it to be, I'm happy enough to stick 500 GBP in Ripple and leave it for a couple of years, if it goes ballistic and makes a fortune all well and good, if it fades & dies, well, no big deal really.
  2. Probably been done already but I cannot be arsed to check so many pages, anyhow here is a nice pair of........... Got em out just for you guys
  3. Just yesterday I was short changed in a bar by 20 Baht, sent the wallet back to the cashier and suggested that she get some new batteries for her calculator
  4. SURVEY: Cryptocurrency--would you invest?

    I wanted to invest GBP 500 in Ripple a few months back, I posted that info on this very forum seeking personal assistance from any knowledgeable TVF member based in Patts, I was willing to maybe even pay a small cash fee for the help and provide food and beverages whilst the deed was done, no one responded, basically I am not confident enough to do the whole process unassisted, 500 quid is only what ERNIE has paid out to me since the new year, so I can afford to gamble with it, I'm not putting my whole life in jeopardy I see Ripple is expected to soar in the near future, it would be nice to be on that band wagon
  5. Tipping in Thailand and other places- is it expected?

    I did fairly extensive research prior to my first visit here many years ago, one thing I never checked on was tipping, c'mon, you can't check everything Consequently when paying a bill in a restaurant I would do as I do at home in the UK, 10% of the final tally, it's not ignorance, it's doing what you have always done, and back when the good old Pound was at about 70 THB not an awful lot of money. Now, a bit older and a bit wiser I am not so extravagant, but I will leave a decent tip if the staff deserve it, me & the Mrs usually eat in a limited number of restaurants where we know we will get good quality food & good friendly service we know most of the owners and staff on first name terms. So if we get treated well I will tip accordingly, it also depends how many staff and customers are in, a busy place is sometimes difficult to get good personal service but if the staff make an effort then a reward is due. Just my opinion, you have your own.
  6. I drove this road recently, and yes the roadworks go on for miles, unfortunately there are no road markings or street lights yet, and I saw plenty of those large plastic barrier things marking out various areas where heavy vehicles and current road road works were being done so not necessarily from an earlier police check point. I drove it in broad daylight and carefully as a lot has changed since I last used the road. Sadly, an intoxicated, inexperienced driver was in charge of the vehicle with the resulting chaos that was bound to happen, very sad indeed and condolences to the bereaved families I hope that the injured recover their full health and that this Life Lesson makes them better drivers in the future, unfortunately I think I just wasted my time with that statement.
  7. Road checkpoints enforcing traffic safety

    And as it's all over now, the cops will be back in their air con offices with their feet up counting the weeks takings until the next time
  8. Not yet but the day is young, anything can happen
  9. Same here mercman, was there in the early 70's, Minden, Munster, Dortmund, Beilefeld, Hannover porn & prostitution everywhere
  10. Songkran Death Toll Surges To 418

    The usual complete stupidity demonstrated on a daily basis. HTH
  11. Dear Thai citizens, I congratulate you on your undying love & determination to ensure that Thailand remains the number one hub for totally unnecessary road deaths during national holidays, I salute you all with this double dose of Lao Khao before I drive myself home. See you all for the next big one, yours Little P
  12. It would be nice to know just exactly the guy wanted/expected with regard to a veggie breakfast ? If you go to rural Thailand and ask someone with a limited grasp of the English language for that sort of thing you only have yourself to blame in my book.
  13. Laws Can't Solve Road Deaths: Interior Minister

    The interior minister added that the law alone cannot solve fatal road accidents and more effort needs to be put on raising public awareness about safe driving. Anupong said the mass media should shoulder more responsibility by making citizens responsible members of society. Intelligent, educated & respected posters on this forum have been saying virtually the same thing for years, I don't blame mass media, education costs money, what should be happening is that the government/ministry of the day should be running awareness campaigns on TV, Radio and in the print media every hour of everyday of every week - month - Year, with an effective, properly trained & motivated police force to back it up, but they don't, every holiday time they trot out the same old platitudes, which we all know don't work.
  14. I'm not a vindictive person but one can only wish that he is lying
  15. Five senior monks implicated in temple fund scandal

    Well how very bizarre !! Only a couple of weeks back I commented on another thread related to monks behaving badly, in my comment I happened to mention embezzlement and all the other nasty little tricks that they get up to, believe it or not the post was removed because someone thought I was trolling, yet here we have a national broadcaster (Thai PBS) & a respected ? English speaking national newspaper highlighting the very same issues, I can't believe that these issues are allowed to be published on Thai Visa let alone commented on???