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  1. Stop it you bastard :)
  2. It won't be long before this country is run by the Hasip - Hasip offspring of the mixed marriages that have been occurring for how ever many years, who have learnt about Ethics & integrity etc etc worked hard at school and are now eager to oust the old useless bureaucrats and make something of this country.
  3. I think Cher sang a song about that
  4. Be nice to get the ferry from Sattahip to Koh Chang & then from Koh Chang to Koh Khut. Hardly any driving at all. 😁
  5. You have been warned, question the mysterious disappearance of the plaque and the same may happen to you !!
  6. And 4 people were shot in Chonburi whilst enjoying Songkran, another nutter goes Tightrope walking on power lines causing people to lose power for more than an hour and the various other Batshit crazy stuff that the indigenous population get up to during what is supposed to be a happy celebration, and she want's to know if we're like this at home (That's ALL foreigners by the way)
  7. So if I am reading it right (between the lines) Then someone at the top of the food chain and pretty new in the job ordered this ??? Hell I have no idea. Anyone help me with this please.
  8. It really is like like living in Dodge City. Thank gawd I live in a relatively quiet part of Pattaya.
  9. I have no reason to disbelieve you, how do you know this ?
  10. And Fabulous 103 FM, a local radio station here in fun city is reporting on their news that it happened in LK Metro !! Wires a bit crossed on that one I think, the 2 locations are miles apart.
  11. All together now..................... If you're happy and you know it clap you're hands, if you're happy and you know it..................................... oh never mind.
  12. No I didn't know that, so thank you The other one is a Friday, that's the day of the week I was born.
  13. Where does the lese majeste charge come from ? or have I missed something along the way.
  14. I actually find this quite quaint, we know that they have some strange beliefs here, but hey if they think it might help and also elevate them within their local residents eyes then let them crack on I say. My Mrs has some strange beliefs, she won't cut my hair on a certain day of the week, same goes for fingernails and toenails. so if they need doing I just wait for her to say it's okay