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  1. So, he's 48 years old and has already done time for murder and fraud ? how old was he when he went in for the 1st murder ?? They really need to tighten up on their sentencing guidelines over here, murder should really mean life imprisonment.
  2. They are joking aren't they ? I mean, the only time you ever see that many cops in one place is usually on a Friday along one of the many checkpoints on the railway road
  3. If greed was their motivation for this vile trade then each and every person convicted in this trial should have all their assets confiscated by the state and the proceeds used to fund further anti trafficking measures, I don't care if their families are tossed out onto the street homeless and destitute, it serves them bloody right.
  4. The Thai justice system just disgusts me.
  5. Who was the Numpty in the Orange shirt directing operations ?
  6. I have an urge to take a sample of the water off Pattaya beach, not quite sure of the best place to do this ( I really don't want to have to hire a Jet Ski to get 100 yards off shore ) but maybe drop a bottle in from the end of one of those Sea food restaurants on Walking Street and a couple of other places. Next, where to take the samples for analysis ? Somewhere independent and then send the results to the local and national press. That should stir a few feathers me thinks. Sorry for the edit, just had a thought, also send the results to the Sun and The Mirror in the UK, Hornets nest time 555555
  7. Happened again just the other week if I remember rightly, only that time a minivan stopped and a Beemer driver hit the van which threw the van driver in the drink, can't remember if anyone else was killed or injured. They really are idiots all of them, can you imagine stopping on the QE 11 Bridge or the bridge over the River Severn or the Forth Road bridge to take a selfie or a picture, you'd be nicked in minutes, chuffing bunch of numb nuts.
  8. We moved into our current abode nearly 3 years ago (rented). At the time I didn't know that there was a Cockroach problem, the bloody things were everywhere, they were living in the architrave around the door from the bedroom to the on suite, and I eventually found a huge colony living under the patio, they were coming up in the sinks and overflow pipes, it was a nightmare, however after the use of many cans of Chaindrite and our more than helpful landlord who had the end of the patio concreted over I am happy to be able to say we hardly ever see one these days, and if I do it's either sprayed with Chaindrite (highly recommended) or crushed underfoot.
  9. That's just a cut & paste from your last rant about how grateful we should all be that the country is being held to ransom by the junta, your visit to the local Attitude Adjustment Center seems to have worked really well
  10. I keep reading that those large pipes are pumping poo into the bay, but Ctiy Hall state that it's pumping from the storm drains etc whenever we have a storm to reduce flooding. Does anyone have concrete proof that raw sewage is being pumped into the bay ? Either way, you wouldn't even catch me paddling in that gunk.
  11. It never ceases to amaze me how many times an officer 'In the Know' blabs about investigations the police could be holding all the Aces in a case only for it to be released to the media by some money / fame hungry idiot. So now his friend who spent Ten minutes on the phone to him has time to fabricate a story, un<deleted>beleivable.
  12. Who in their right mind would even think of dipping their wick in any of those unlovelies
  13. It was a mistake, honest guvnor
  14. Sounds more like 17th Century Britain rather than 21st Century Thailand, when are they gonna clean this HiSo LoSo Shit up ? If ever
  15. They really have no idea how to negotiate U Turns, Now, you are going to have to try and visualize this, you are driving down a 3 lane highway, someone is attempting to turn into the flow of your traffic but want to be in the left hand lane, they will sit for an eternity waiting for all 3 lanes are clear so that they can head directly to their desired lane, they haven't figured out that they can join the traffic flow and then gently filter to the left, it is just so frustrating to watch and pathetic in the extreme and just reinforces the fact that they cannot drive. Sorry rant over.