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  1. Surreal

    It seems to me that there are plenty of people having a dabble with cryptos and some have made a tasty profit, right place right time syndrome, nothing more than that, but it is very strange that although many of them diss fiat currencies they just cant wait to convert their 'play money' (my term) back into REAL money ??
  2. Just Stubbed My Last Ever Cigarette

    Well done, keep it up and keep us informed okay
  3. Four months smoke free!!!

    Well done, keep up the good work, I stopped at the end of February last year, I used patches for only 1 month and here I am nearly a year later, I did put on a shed load of weight which I must try and get rid of this year I still feel tempted, especially when socialising with friends who smoke but I try to ignore it. One word of warning though, I have previously given up for 3 years, 5 years, 18 months I think that the saying "A change is a good as a rest" is pretty apt, I mean, give your body a break for a year or 2 and it's as though you never smoked.
  4. 13m need training for economic upgrade, experts say 

    That ain't gonna happen anytime soon, me and you should be okay and I reckon maybe visitors for the next 30 years won't see any upgrade in the education system, so all is good, Thailand 0.0000004 down the pan, coming to a country near you soon.
  5. 13m need training for economic upgrade, experts say 

    As Cadbury said, the pigeons have come home to roost, the abysmal education system in this country will be its downfall. Unfortunately it is now too late to do anything, wait for Thailand to go down the pan big style with any slack being gratefuly taken up by other SEA Nations. You had your chance Thailand, too late now, go and sit facing the corner with the pointy dunce hat on.
  6. I shall go back to page 3 and continue reading this thread when I have posted this comment, so I apologise if this has been mentioned already. When me and the Mrs visited the UK back in 2014 she wasn't charged twice the going rate to visit Stonehenge, the Tower of London or innumerable other national attractions that we visited, I wasn't charged extra because she was "a tourist" visiting my homeland, she was treated fairly and equitably by everyone who met her, including the Border control officer at Heathrow who smiled very nicely at her and told her to enjoy her visit to our great country. I hope that this thieving, nasty piece of work goes out of business PDQ and that his generalness pays attention to what his people are saying.
  7. Passport & Visa expiry

    True enough sir, true enough.
  8. Dave67, Sorry mate, you are way off mark with your comments on here, I was driving coaches through Austria and Italy back in the early 80's, 5 speed manual gearbox, brand new Bedfords with no guts, but we got up those hills/mountains that are way higher than anything that Thailand has to offer. To put it bluntly, the pricks here do not have a clue how to drive full stop. That's why they are number one in the world and will stay there till the end of time. Oh, and just to add, I personally have not got used to or accept their stupid driving, moron is a much under used word in the context of Thai drivers.
  9. Passport & Visa expiry

    A quick update for all those that may be interested, I turned up at Jomtien immigration for the afternoon session to get stuff transferred from my old passport to my new one, I had all the paperwork (or so I thought) Beware of the guy with 3 pips on his shoulder, on the front desk he is the epitome of Mr Grumpy, I showed him all my paperwork, completed letter from embassy, photocopies of everything, letter from bank and copies of 2 bankbooks etc etc. He threw 3 forms at me, one of which was the application for an extension of stay that I had already completed, the other was a direct copy of the embassy letter but in Thai and English (and a very shoddy copy I have to say) and the other was the declaration that you sign when everything has been done. So I filled in 1 form, the embassy letter copy, got back in the queue and eventually got my number. Fortunately there were only 4 people in front of me so the wait wasn't too long, sat in front of the nice young lady who went through all my stuff, she then explained that to transfer visas from one passport to another takes 2 days ??? She gave me all my paperwork back, kept my passports and gave me my collection number and said " come back on Monday and collect your passport from me, then we can do your retirement extension, unfortunately I will want to see money going into your bank on Monday so please do that and get your passbook updated and copied before you get here" I mean, talk about jumping through hoops !!!! Luckily my Mrs said don't worry I will put some money into your account What is the matter with these people, why do they make life so bloody awkward, so now I will trot down to Jomtien immigration office on Monday, and no doubt have to go back again on Tuesday to collect my extension (if I get it) nothing is guaranteed in this madhouse
  10. The Warnings

    I was interested in the anonymous bit of cryptocurrencies, not because I'm a criminal who needs to keep below the parapet but as someone who has paid my dues for more years than I care to mention and would like just for once get one over the taxman That seems to be disappearing at a rapid rate of knots as Central banks and governments seem to take more interest in what's going on. I will stand by what I said on this forum a couple of months back: And to an extent it has happened, can they drop any further, experts - Over to you :)
  11. Private-run bus service launched with 5-day free trial run

    I am led to believe that the buses impounded at Laem Chabang are now plying the routes in Bangkok, can anyone confirm or deny this rumour please.
  12. Missing Briton’s body found by Cha-am Beach

    That is a real shame, I was rather hoping that the guy would be found safe and well enjoying the delights of Thailand and SE Asia in general, RIP young man for that is what you were, I was 55 years old when I found paradise. Condolences to your family mate.
  13. Kodi

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this question, I have a Minix NEO X8-H plus box, I have had it for maybe 3 + years now and it has been a good servant, tonight I tried to watch a movie or a TV program but all I get on Movie HD, Megabox & Show Box is can't play video. I haven't received any update requests as I used to get quite frequently to continue access to these platforms, can any one help ? My technical knowledge of these things is limited to say the least TIA.
  14. The lights are on but definitely no one at home.
  15. Crocodile tears, tosser, he thinks to himself ' I know if I break down and blub like a baby they will let me off' F*** off W****r, I hope they lock you up for a long long time. There really are some hopeless cases in this country.