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  1. NilSS

    Cool box 230V

    These things use Peltier modules. You can buy them on ebay for next to nothing. I use them to keep outdoor networking cabinets cool in the hot sun. If you're handy with a soldering iron and a couple of heat sinks and fans you can make your own with some polystyrene boxes.
  2. The decision not to get a DL in Thailand is understandible if you don't want or don't need to drive. However, the consequences if that decision are obvious. If you need to drive, you can't, and you're lying about your residency on your UK license. . Simple as that.
  3. NilSS

    Electric Timers

    I have 20 or 30 of these dotted around our hotel. I can control street lights, pool lights, pretty much anything, from an app on my phone, anywhere in the world. You can also set up automatic schedules. . . https://www.jib.co.th/web/index.php/product/readProduct/20628/24/WI-FI-SMART-PLUG-TP-LINK-HS110
  4. With the greatest respect there's a lot of cobblers being posted here. It's all very well to say "Just use a mate's address, I did it, no problems" and all that, but the law is clear, it is an offence to provide a false address. Further, no insurer will cover you in the event you are found to have been lying about your address or residency. If you have an existing license and continue to use it, you are by default lying, the details on it are wrong. If you live in Thailand, use your Thai license and forget about your British license. I can think of no advantage whatsoever to renewing your British license.
  5. As said above, use your Thai license. It's actually what you're supposed to do if you're resident in Thailand. You can drive in the UK on a Thai license for up to one year. You don't even need your UK license any more, why bother <rhet>.
  6. Hotels have nothing to worry about, believe me. Travellers that want or need the guest services offered by 4 or 5 star hotels (e.g. 24 hour room service, swimming pools, business centres, conference facilities, on site restaurants) are always going to go to 4 and 5 star hotels and the management couldn't give a hoot if flashpackers opt to sleep in someone's living room. There is also the mass market from places like China that are never going to send their coach loads to someone's condo.
  7. NilSS

    Virtual Thai phone number

    You're all making this far more complicated than it is. The service you want is from CAT, and it's called Cat2Call Plus. CAT's SIP Connect is their corporate equivalent but they're basically exactly the same service repackaged. I have 3 SIP Connect corporate numbers. Each one of those can have multiple channels i.e. for hotels, call centres etc etc. I use these for our hospitality business. I also have 2 Cat2Call numbers for my own IT consultancy business, one goes to our Bangkok office and the other is my private line. Cat2Call numbers can be obtained by anyone with an address and ID in Thailand. The number costs 200 Baht per month and you get something like 200 minutes free calls per month. International rates are incredibly cheap and the quality is excellent. You can have any dialling code. My numbers are Bangkok numbers. . . Better still I run my own Asterisk servers, so I have total control over extensions etc. My cellphone is permanently VPNd into my server, so anyone that calls my Bangkok number just goes straight through to my mobile phone, no matter where I am in the world, over the data line. In other words, this costs me nothing. You can get the Cat2Call service by walking into any CAT shop. Or, if you don't have the energy to do that you can give Claas at VoIP Thailand 1000 Baht to do it for you. (I have no association but Claas knows what he's doing). Multiple channel SIP Connect numbers require business registration paperwork.
  8. Honestly mate, the inference that airlines won't accept credit cards is just cobblers. I don't know what parallel universe you're in but you any international standard hotel accepts creit cards only, (or cash) for advance bookings and security. I guess the sort of places you stay at can't get a PDQ machine from their bank, hence the cash only option in your case. Full disclosure: I'm a hotel manager. I'm also an IT consultant and regularly deal with PCI compliance in secured networks. I know what I'm talking about.
  9. It IS a credit card, you're borrowing on secured money. Credit cards are fundamentally different behind the scenes. Observe the raised digits on the card compared to flat digits on the debit cards. Credit cards can be swiped on carbon paper and the bank guarantees payment (for example, on flights for duty free purchases). Debit cards are not guaranteed by the bank in this way and they'll never be accepted where the bank cannot be contacted electronically, or where future payment needs to be guaranteed (for example, making advanced bookings where payment is later deducted).
  10. I have no ties at all with my home country, all bank accounts closed etc. In fact, on the rarefied occasions I have to visit the UK for whatever reason, I use my Thai driver's license to rent a car etc (people don't realise that is actually what you're supposed to do but please don't make me get into a debate about that). It seems reasonable to me that UK banks won't allow you to maintain a resident account if you are not a resident. I'll post my experience in case someone finds it interesting. Credit cards are important to me for a couple of reasons. I stay in a lot of hotels, it's hard to reserve rooms with only a debit card, and generally if you can't swipe a credit card upon check in you have to pay cash security deposit. This is a convenience issue. Further, debit cards are not accepted on flights for purchases, they will only accept credit cards. The cash on deposit option is hit and miss because the bank staff don't generally know about it. I have an SCB credit card, not because I need or want credit, but purely for the convenience issue when travelling as I highlighted above. I have work permit and there are large volumes of cash going through my account every week. I believe the minimum salary they expect for foreigners is 50K/month. I didn't find the process any harder than in my own country. You won't get a credit card anywhere without salary, legal residency and form.
  11. Will you be running a steel factory, or a potting shed?
  12. NilSS

    Neutral or Newton?

    Ground bar = Baa Gow Cable = CayBUN Fiberglass = FiBEEEUUURgas Harry Potter = HeliCoptUUEEER Learning Thai difficult, Pffft.
  13. The PEA regularly come to our hotel to let us know they'll be switching off the power all day tomorrow, in order to cut back trees, or swap out a transformer, or some such like. Makes my p:s$ boil, on the one hand it happens a lot, and on the other I don't find it sufficient to be informed at 17:00 HRS on the afternoon they'll be switching off the power. So, generators are a favourite subject of mine. Presently I only have a three phase diesel genset capable of running reception, restaurant, swimming pool pumps and other essential services. It's capable of cranking out around 50Kw per phase but it's old and doesn't work properly. I'd like to run the entire business on backup power but we have 4 transformers so realistically we'd need 4 generators to keep it simple. I've not convinced 'the money' that this investment is necessary yet. In summary you need to calculate your power needs and diversity. Depending on the size of your business you might want to get a consultant in, this is a costly error if you get it wrong. If you're a very small enterprise, the key decisions (other than power needs) are petrol vs diesel, single phase vs three phase, noise a problem, noise not a problem.
  14. NilSS

    Are test screwdrivers safe.

    For quick and safe verification of a circuit status, I have one of these in my pocket at all times. It also doubles as a handy little pocket torch. . . https://www.fluke.com/en-th/product/accessories/lights/fluke-lvd2 You can buy them in Thailand from https://www.es.co.th
  15. NilSS

    Connecting wires the Russian way

    The fusing eliminates the risk of a corroded or oxidised connection (corrosion or oxidation increases resistance, heat, and is commonly a source of connection failure or fire). I actually liked what I see, although I would have used two or three layers of heat shrink. I might start using that method myself! (my fingers suffer from 'wire nut fatigue', probably an age thing).