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  1. My personal feeling on the above is that nearly all taxation is fraudulent and the benefits system encourages a culture of dependency. About the issue of discrimination, which I think we are in agreement on, is that marrying the person you love should never be written off as a lifestyle choice and any spouse of a British citizen should NOT be paying thousands of pounds in fees while their Polish neighbours (with no UK connections) bring their entire family to Britain free of charge with no hurdles to jump. The whole system is screwed up.
  2. I'm sorry I don't have time to answer your PM. I'm happy to offer free advice in passing but the reality is you're not going to be able to fix these problems yourself and the local dimwit spark is probably only going to make things worse and tell you everything is just dandy. If this is a hospital you frankly should have the resources to get a certified electrical engineer on site.
  3. The problem with that is that if it's buried in anything it needs to be exothermically welded, otherwise the connection will potentially corrode away in months. In any case, as others have mentioned, a ground connection should ordinarily be ready for inspection at any time.
  4. There is a serious arc flash danger there with those improvised bus bars, personally I would condemn the installation on that point alone.
  5. That is not true. She didn't start the charging but the overall cost of application went up by orders of magnitude with her in Home Office. She also implemented the minimum income system, forcing families apart.
  6. PETA are freaks, but there is no arguing that elephants drew a bad hand anywhere they naturally roam. About Thailand, I wouldn't advise anyone ride elephants, not just because it perpetuates their captivity and abuse (even at 'ethical' elephant farms) but because of the dangers it presents to those riding. I've been taking friends and guests to various elephant camps in Chiang Mai and Chiang rai for over ten years, the most alarming experience for me was being almost shoulder to shoulder with high voltage electricity cables during one particular elephant 'experience', to name one of the many dangers.
  7. Many years ago (15+) or something like that, ILR applications were free. Can you believe that? We have Theresa May's Home Office years and EU triggered kneejerk to thank for that change of direction.
  8. You don't even know eachother for phvk's sake. Human behaviour is pretty easy to predict and understand. It's just a calculation of sex, money and love. You're girlfriend stopped taking the pill because she wanted to get pregnant and now you're failing to understand what's happened to you. She'll keep the baby anyway so stop kidding yourself. Forgive me for not reading through all of this topic but here's my advice anyways. Nothing would separate me from my son. When the news was covering the boys stuck in the caves in Chiang Rai, I remember wondering how the parents could sit and wait for news, because I'd be tearing up the mountain with my bare hands to get him out. There are three takeaways from this. . . Nothing could separate me from my son Nothing could separate me from my son Nothing could separate me from my son Good luck.
  9. NilSS

    Ceiling fans Haco switch

    If you're using the fan in a bedroom you should look at DC fan motors. They are completely silent even when 'dimmed' to low speeds. I buy a lot of hotel type fans from this company (I have no association other than being a volume customer). . . http://www.mrken-fan.com/
  10. When one burns one's bridges, what a very nice fire it makes. - Dylan Thomas Someone explain to me how I burned my bridges? I could go to the UK tomorrow if I chose to. DUH!!!
  11. NilSS

    Prozac For Sleeping Problem?

    I wanted to say something similar because the OP troubles me. Depression doesn't just suddenly switch on. Antidepressants should NOT be prescribed without proper psychiatric evaluation.
  12. NilSS

    Prozac For Sleeping Problem?

    @ThaiPauIy I can offer you some insight on this. Without going into boring details I struggled with depression, anxiety/panic attacks since early childhood. As I became an adult insomnia set in. Fast forward to my 40s and these issues were always something I just dealt with, I was never a believer in popping pills to make problems go away. . . HOWEVER, a couple of years ago my panic attacks and insomnia started getting completely out of control, I'm not sure why, but my workload had gone through the roof. Simple things like getting my blood pressure checked became a trigger for a panic attack. Even though I have normal blood pressure I could never get anything below 190/100 in a BP test. Also, It was usually sunrise before I managed to get to sleep. It was crippling my work and family life so my wife and I agreed it was time for me to get help. I was immediately referred to a psychiatrist, who immediately prescribed a low dose of Sertraline (antidepressant) and a low dose of Alprazolam. This combination has been HIGHLY effective for me and I have to admit it has really improved my quality of life. My family life has improved because I'm a nicer person to be around. I've been taking the Sertraline for a couple of years and I have agreed with my doctor that I should keep Alrazolam in my pocket for emergencies. I take 0.25 mg of Alprazolam if I can't sleep, maybe twice a week. It works. I haven't had a panic attack for 2 years. It's worth noting that Alprazolam is a highly potent, fast acting benzodiazepine, the fastest acting of all the benzodiazepine family, why it is so useful for panic attacks. You start to feel the effects withing minutes, and you can take it sublingually for an even faster effect. It's is highly addictive and extremely dangerous if mixed with alcohol. Use wisely. 0.25 is a very low dose and won't be addictive if taken a few times a week for sleep. Alprazolam is not a sleeping pill, but it is useful in insomnia where it is caused by anxiety. You may want to discuss Sertraline with the doctor, I personally think this would have been a better choice for your wife. My shrink is a lovely woman, intelligent, understanding, overall good human being. She's moved on now and I believe she works somewhere in Chiang Mai. If that's where you are, I can find her and put you in touch. Good luck with it all and I hope it all works out fine for you both. Feel free to PM me if there is something more private to talk about.
  13. I honestly don't get this burning bridges hyperbole. Robbing a bank and going on the run is burning bridges. I see nothing stopping me returning to the UK in the unlikely event I should choose to do so. If you think it likely you'll go home in the future, yes I'd say it's useful to keep things 'live' so to speak. If not live and you have to go home, it's a mere inconvenience to walk into a GP and register, get a SIM card etc etc. About the pension being increased, I'd imagine you're risking putting yourself on the benefit fraud team's radar. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a disgrace British expats in Thailand don't get pension increases... but claiming residence when you are not there just to beat the pension system is almost certainly considered fraud.
  14. PRs can lose their PR (quite easily actually), citizenship can be revoked. I read this 'whim of government' stuff a lot on Thai Visa. In 20 years I never met anyone that was separated from their family in Thailand on the whim of some official and I never even heard of such a thing (excepting foreigners that egregiously broke the law). Also, not a lot of people seem to realise that rules are grandfathered, so if you started living on extensions requiring 400,000 Baht on deposit, you will always follow those rules, even if the rules are changed for new applicants. They have to follow rules, even if they're jerks. Years ago I was forced to go and work in the UK for my job, so we all packed up for a few years and headed over there. This was always going to be a temporary arrangement, so we of course kept phones and stuff up and running Thailand side. Even though it was temporary, my entire family obtained ILR and subsequently British citizenship, it made sense (although my son was already British thanks to his DNA). Do you get where I'm going with this, you are what you say you are, not what the government says you are. If you leave it was temporary, If you're living somewhere permanently, you are living somewhere permanently, it is what it is.