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  1. Manchester United

    You do a lot of imagining. If you want to be taken seriously go through each Spurs PL game this season, take away every goal that involved a Kane goal or assist (27), adjust the points accordingly and see where you end up. It will do you good to spend a while away from this forum. Let me know how you get on.
  2. Manchester United

    That's OK then. No further questions your honour....
  3. Manchester United

    It's possible.
  4. Manchester United

    I appreciate you wouldn't know much about winning things....but you should never underestimate the importance of trophies. It suggests good mentality when a team can negotiate through a competition, get to the final, and win it. It's also good experience. Look at the years before Fergie won his first PL: 1989/90 - FA Cup 1990/91 - Cup Winners Cup 1991/92 - League Cup
  5. Manchester United

    "If it wasn't for X......" is such a weak argument. How would Liverpool do without Salah, or Spurs without Kane?
  6. Manchester United

    Hold on.... it's not the supporter of a team with another 'progressive manager' that has won <deleted> all, is it? If Liverpool win the CL, come back and we can have a different conversation. At the moment I see 2 years in which we have won the Europa League, League Cup, possibly the FA Cup, and positioned ourselves in the right place to take the next step - i.e. 2nd place. And we are the only team to have been involved with anything like a 'title race' at any time this season. If we can win the PL or CL next season, it will represent the perfect 3 year project for Mourinho. Remember BangrakBob that Liverpool fans have been notorious for being empathetic to some bang average managers over the years, and not calling for their sacking. So please indulge us if we give one of the greatest managers ever the time to do his job properly.
  7. Manchester United

    Ahh a 'progressive manager' ............. that would be the one who has been there a season longer than Mourinho, and won <deleted> all?
  8. Manchester United

    No... to be honest I think most of the players in danger weren't bought by him: Herrera, Smalling, Jones, Martial could all be gone.
  9. Manchester United

    I know you haven't been a 'big club' for long, so you probably haven't realised this ...... The fact we are even giving you little digs means you are doing alright, cos for a long time you weren't on the radar. Take it as a compliment.
  10. Manchester United

    100% this. Mourinho is in the process of playing some players he isn't sure about in these last few games. That's the only way to know if they are good enough to make the cut. It actually takes a manager with balls to play players he doesn't have total confidence in, with a view to improving the squad in the long term. Unfortunately a lot of fans / pundits operate in 'gold fish' mode which means they can't think long term. That's why they're not football managers.
  11. Manchester United

    By the same token the players need to take responsibility sometimes, and on Sunday they needed a bollocking. While it was a shocking defeat, we also need a bit of perspective: - It came after five wins in a row in the PL. - Just last week we played 'the best PL team ever' off the park for 45 mins. - With a decent referee we would have been awarded a penalty in the first half, and it would have been a very different game.
  12. Manchester United

    Good post, and yeah you reminded me, that ref was an absolute dick. Even worse that he swanned around with an arrogant look on his face.
  13. Manchester United

    Which narrative am I keeping up with? When I said that your defence was looking a lot more shaky (Swansea defeat) and ours was more solid. Now you have improved, and I don't deny at all that we have issues at the back. The first one being the lack of a leader when Bailly isn't around. Smalling doesn't cut it for me. Wouldn't be upset if both Smalling and Jones left in the summer.
  14. Manchester United

    Agreed. And that was one of the problems yesterday. Not been a fan of this 4-3-3 at all. Seems it's all to appease those who thought Pogba should be given more freedom to go forward etc. But as a box to box midfielder he should be able to play in a midfield 2 at home to WBA.
  15. Manchester United

    That ground is so quiet. It's embarrassing to watch / listen. Bit louder for 2nd half at least.