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  1. Thai embassy Taipei

    looks like best avoided if going directly to Thailand from there
  2. Has anyone been here in the last couple of years and know which papers they require for a tourist visa? Thanks
  3. eye doctor

    very helpful post, cheers.
  4. Before I write this.. I am going to see an eye doctor soon, but interested in people's experience / knowledge. I've been to the doctor for an eye infection (very red in one eye, not really itchy or sticking together, but felt like it had something in it) . After initial eye drops didn't work he gave me some stronger ones and oral antibiotics. This has cleared up the eye great after 5 days, nearly looks normal, but when I close my 'good eye' and look out of the one that's been infected, it is slightly more blurred than the good eye. Is this normal in people's experience? Cheers
  5. Any ideas guys? Not sure it it's on Channel 8 etc or one of the pay channels. I've just got True Visions so should be well covered.......
  6. It's a deterrent nevertheless, which is better than no deterrent in my book.
  7. There have been bombs not a million miles away from here in the past year, and so the full moon party in particular represents a pretty big security risk. I'd rather get checked (just a quick pat down in my experience) than get blown to smithereens.
  8. I have A/C which is slightly different to the standard 'white unit on a wall' which you often see in Thailand. It is essentially a big vent / grate in the ceiling of my room, which I operate from a digital panel on the wall. It works great and I have found it better than the white units for circulation.... However, I've noticed under the grate it seems to have have gathered a lot of dust, and I have an eye infection recently which may, or may not, have had something to do with the amount of dust in my room. I'm keen to clean it - anyone know how best to go about cleaning these kind of A/C grates? Can I lift it off? Or should I just clean away the dust I can reach with a wet cloth? Cheers
  9. Done and dusted, in two trips. The second time I had to stay over night as had an early morning appointment. Surat Thani town wasn't all that bad. For anyone staying there - I recommend My Place Hotel. Near to the night market and river to have a walk around. A/C room for 490, not bad at all. Four hour wait at the hospital, but you have to admire the patience of both doctors and patients in Thai hospitals - it's not their fault they are overcrowded.
  10. Does anyone know a good place to get tested for everything on either of these two islands - I realise it will cost much more than at the Red Cross in BKK. Cheers
  11. It's not like the sights of Surat Thani are much to stick around for though... But yeah night boat is certainly an option. Although at night the water can be quite choppy and I'm prone to sea sickness. I find evening journeys on lomprayah the worst but maybe this is because the catamaran is faster.... Is the night boat generally a smooth journey?
  12. I don't think immigration is the place to come for smiles and cheerfulness, and I don't expect it. Just want them to let me in without any hassle.
  13. Stomach ulcer diet: Tea replacement?

    I'm not going to argue with you. Maybe you're right. But the medical opinion at the time was that antibiotics often clears the problem without needing one. Have already had blood / stool tests. Either way, will be having endoscopy this week.
  14. Stomach ulcer diet: Tea replacement?

    Thanks will check it out. Amazing how reliant your mind can become on something to wake up.
  15. Stomach ulcer diet: Tea replacement?

    Guys.. And to the poster above... I only wanted dietary advice, thanks. I know all posts were sent with good intentions but I am fully aware of the causes etc of ulcers and am well into four months of treatment (various tests, antibiotics, and possibly another round of antibiotics depending on what an endoscopy I am having soon). So I understand tea isn't related to the cause, but I'm sure anyone else with experience / knowledge knows there are certain foods / drinks which can exacerbate the symptoms. Hence my post. Thanks for the suggestions - cammomile tea is great but it sends me to sleep. What can I use to wake me up? Is there a red bull style drink without caffeine? Cheers