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  1. I'm coming in via Malaysia soon. What time of day did these queues occur do you know?
  2. Are you for real? 16 KOs from 30 wins doesn't mean he is a puncher. I like Cleverly, but he got seriously <deleted> up by Kovalev and hasn't been the same since.
  3. You're entitled to your opinion. You're just not a boxing fan, or are a boxing fan who doesn't understand the sport imo.
  4. And to top it all off he put his money on Mcgregor!
  5. PPTV showed one English + Italian game every week last season too ^__^
  6. The undercard starts about 9am Thai time meaning fight itself could be as late as 11 or 12. As poster above says, channel 8 shows UFC, but also shows Showtime (host broadcaster for this fight ) boxing events so it seems very likely this will be 'free to air' on channel 8.
  7. True Move question - 006

    I'm a True Move customer - not contract, I pay for top up from 7/11. I've been using 006 prefix to call the UK; is this actually saving me money, and does anyone know what the rate is? I also need to call a UK mobile in Sweden (person doesn't have whatsapp or Skype) . Will 006 help or is this likely to be astronomical? Cheers
  8. Mayor Loses Sporting Bet, Eats Disgusting Dish As Punishment

    Begs the question, while move to issan?
  9. Chulia St, Penang

    Nice post. What's a gypsy bus racket btw? I'm heading back next week, so nice to go somewhere second time around when you spend much less time looking for stuff! PS - did you settle in Thailand in the end?
  10. Stomach ulcer - given too many drugs?

    I will finish the month of antacids as the doctor advised. If I can still feel something then he will refer me to a specialist in Surat Thani. It helps me to go to the doctor equipped with as much info as possible. Hence why I post on here. Was just a head scratcher because if the stomach itself is on the left, how can it be a stomach ulcer if pain is mostly on the right?
  11. Stomach ulcer - given too many drugs?

    Have I been misdiagnosed? It occurred to me today that my stomach pain has predominantly been on the right side - looking at the diagram of the body this is where the intestines and colon are rather than the stomach - so maybe this isn't a stomach ulcer or gastritis? If so, an endoscopy wouldn't be looking in the right place? Any thoughts welcome
  12. Thanks, I've been to than sadet beach but didn't notice the river coming out - should pay more attention. Yeah judging by the bike ride down I think its quite a long way.
  13. Stomach ulcer - given too many drugs?

    Yup, on this island the public hospital is widely considered better. If I was referred to Surat for an endoscopy, surely it would be a GI specialist who looked at the results? After all, if I'm paying in the region of 10k baht I'd like the person looking to understand what they are looking at?
  14. Stomach ulcer - given too many drugs?

    Koh Phangan, this doctor is from the public hospital, I'm reluctant to go private just yet. Its a small island and I'm not sure theres such a thing as a GI specialist. If I got the endoscopy they would refer me to Surat Thani which I assume would be a GI specialist.