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  1. Helpful as always mate.. Thank you.
  2. Didn't think I'd be bumping this thread again, but here goes.... My new passport is now ready for collection at the Bangkok visa office (Trendy building) . But my issue now is that the email asks me to bring my old passport to submit to them. I have my emergency passport (with current visa stamp) and my old, original passport (with the corners snipped). My problem is that if they ask me to submit the emergency passport I am left without a visa, and technically illegal in the country - surely they will let me hang on to this? I also booked my flights up to BKK with it, so need it for the journey. Does anybody know if they require the emergency passport, or if the old passport will be sufficient to hand in and receive my new passport? I don't want to be left visa-less, as this could also cause complications were I to go to a border and get the first stamp in my new passport. Any ideas?... I have given up contacting HMPO and the visa office as they seem to be good at passing the buck to each other.
  3. All that's needed is a bat really, as tennis / tape ball only can be used on the surfaces here. Stumps can be improvised. But I've not got a bat in this part of the world
  4. Could probably get a beach game going.. But its still a fringe sport really. I think the expats who live here are more likely to do yoga in their spare time than play cricket.
  5. Interesting.. I had doubted their effectiveness. Wonder where you can get good ones from....
  6. Thanks Jimmy, I'm in Phangan but could get over for Sat morning, even if it meant staying in Samui on Sat night. Might be tempted to go for a curry!
  7. Live in samsen but tomorrow will be around chit lom so can get to anywhere central...
  8. My phone was stolen couple of weeks back and I want to retrieve the old number. Been told if I go to a True Move shop they can make me a new SIM ... Anyone know where one is? Cheers
  9. Following on from this post a couple of years back.. Do these dudes still play? Is there now any cricket on the island? ... Played quite regularly until i came to Thailand, so keen to get involved. Cheers
  10. Thanks for replies everyone.. Last night i discovered there is a booth on suk 13 but its only operational in daylight hours... And as the other posters said, 100b got it sorted at the border
  11. ....Reading mentions of an outdoor booth on sukhumvit soi 13 so will try there....
  12. I'm heading to Cambodia very early tomorrow and in need of some passport photos... Thought I had some in reserve but appears not. Any machines or shops open after midnight??
  13. After a bout of pneumonia I've decided to try and minimise the bad air I'm breathing in while in BKK. I've purchased one of those anti carbon masks from 7/11, but I don't like the colour....I think black would be far more fetching! Anyone no where I can get my hands on a black colour mask in BKK? Also... how / how often do they need to be washed? Cheers
  14. This is basically a follow up from a previous post on my damaged passport. I have the forms from the embassy / UK visa centre to order a new passport to Thailand - can anyone help me on the below?....... - What should I do about the countersignatory section? There is nobody I know in Thailand for more than a year, and the oldest friends I have here do not have a UK, US, EU, European or Commonwealth passport as prefered. Would I be able to email a copy of the form completed by me (apart from the countersignatory section) to a suitable counter signer in the UK for them to fill in, or would this not be accepted. - The form gives me the choice of a) including my uncancelled passport or giving details of a lost or stolen passport. I am stuck in the middle with this - my old (damaged) passport has now been cancelled (with the corners snipped off), and I have an emergency passport, which i don't want to send as it leaves me without ID. Should I send my old passport and explain that it was cancelled when I obtained my emergency passport? ... aware i could ask this at the visa centre, but if anyone can help it would be better to have my forms filled in when I go back. Cheers!
  15. Looking for place to watch Chelsea vs United tonight... any ideas? 2.45am kick off....