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  1. So I'm going to visit the border near Ranong next weekend. First, possibly stupid question - will the border be open on a Saturday? Also wondering if there is much to do in Ranong on a Friday night?! Wishful thinking perhaps.
  2. Manchester City

    Out of interest why is he arrogant? Don't know much about this kid but from the piece he sounds like a promising player.
  3. Manchester City

    ^^ You're late. MrBojangles already posted the rule 2 weeks ago: 4- If still not satisfied or still have concerns ANY Manager/Club can arrange a meeting with PGMOL And I acknowledged him at the time. 16 points clear and still trying to win little battles - tut tut. Just another City fan from Stockport with a small club mentality.
  4. Thing is with the Chinese I think they would never dream of doing this in their own country - but when they come on holiday it's an excuse to behave however they want.
  5. Manchester United

    Someone said it was Gary Birtles.
  6. Manchester United

    But in some ways that is a classic European away performance in the knockout stage. Fergie's sides certainly ground out a few important draws away from home when they had to. Got to remember we haven't got the likes of Vidic and Rio anymore, and our best CB isn't playing.
  7. Manchester United

    Are you talking about Bein Sports? Who was that co-commentator? I agree he was annoyingly moany. He was saying he played under Brian Clough so must be pretty famous ex player. Edit - just seen the post above.
  8. Manchester City

    Probably better if anything. I know the food / wine from Galicia, another northern region (Celta Vigo + Deportivo), is top notch.
  9. Manchester City

    I love Spanish food. Hungry just thinking about it. Unfortunately yet to find a decent Spanish restaurant on Koh Phangan / Samui.
  10. Not true at all. I would expect most kids over the age of 10 to know better. How can any self-respecting adult think that putting your feet up in that way is acceptable? It's just laziness / lack of respect.
  11. Why are people making it into a bigger issue - it is bad manners, in any country. FB post was appropriate. End of.
  12. Manchester United

    Will be a joy to watch Bailly if he comes back tonight. Hopefully partnered with Rojo or Jones. I'd like to see Carrick play as well, but with him retiring soon, not sure how much point there is giving him opportunities? With Sevilla away being midweek, he might play a weak team with Chelsea next weekend also in mind. But having said that they have had a week's rest.
  13. Agree that experience is the main thing. It isn't that expensive to do a two-day Compulsary Basic Training motorbike course in the UK (not sure if that is where you are from?). What I learnt there has stayed with me since. If I hadn't done that, plus a couple of years as a MC courier in London (which can also be like the Wild West!) I dread to think how I would be equipped to negotiate the roads of Koh Samui / Phangan.
  14. Setting up forwarding address from the UK

    This is great, but I guess you need to factor in the Post Office redirection fee? Unless you changed your address on everything? Cheers
  15. Setting up forwarding address from the UK

    Thanks - do you know of such a service?