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  1. I need to make an international payment from my UK (Barclays) account into an overseas account (also my account), every month. I can't set up a standing order, so am having to make a manual payment online each month. Just done this and the bank charges came to way over 10 per cent. Is there any way I can do this cheaper? Obviously Western Union etc is likely to be more expensive, but as they are both my accounts, it seems like there must be a better way? Any suggestions welcome.. Cheers.
  2. Sadly I'm off the booze at the moment.. So a good coffee is a bigger priority than a beer. Looking forward to it.
  3. Nice one.. Thinking of using a visa service as a time saver. Sounds like it saves a lot of hassle + taxis. Tandorri ovens sounding good!
  4. Heading to Penang soon. Anyone know how many RM I can expect to pay for a cheap single room on Chulia St? I hear that's the area to go. And any tips on things to do over a couple of days?
  5. considering going it alone for tourist visa from Penang this month. Mixed reports are hardly encouraging though... Seems strange they would ask for 10 days hotel stay proof from the visa run services, but not from independent travellers.. Any more recent reports on Penang guys?
  6. Jesus.. that's a proper snake! To anyone saying there aren't monkeys on KP.. there definately is! Nearly mowed a couple down on my bike.
  7. By everything I mean standard HiV, HBV, sexual infection tests, I then had a blood test to check levels in my liver after this. Re: ab pain, I have had no signs of jaundice, just a gap in the symptoms, then the liver pain back. Been advised it is a normal symptom and if it does't get any worse to just wait until it's time for another HBV test. Feel free to fact check / correct away!
  8. Yeah I saw one when searching, think it was called the Sakura Sky Residence?
  9. 130 THB for bunk on soi 22.. Done Thanks all
  10. As said previously, I've been here a while. I arrive v late and up early, so just looking for budget as there is other things I need to buy. Imagine being the kind of person that gets on their high horse about where other people stay ^__^
  11. Sounds like you made a good choice. I've always used a condom was an instance in which there was blood involved, guessing it must have been then. It's 100 times more catchable than HIV apparently.
  12. My bad - apologies for confusion. I tested positive in March of this year. I was negative when tested for everything in Nov last year. Meaning they know its not a condition I have had for my whole life. Any thoughts on the ab pain etc welcome
  13. Hope you had fun
  14. I've been in Thailand a while and can afford a room, just prefer to keep price rock bottom on this occasion...anyway, appreciate the advice, will check those places out.
  15. As it happens, I had very mild pneumonia around the time I tested positive. The doc took me off ibruprofen and gave me tramadol instead as less potentially damaging to liver. Not had that many of them though.