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  1. I've lost count of the number of things that some researcher somewhere has linked to cancer - everything from burnt toast to bacon.
  2. Yes they are common problems which can be due to a lot of things. But is also a symptom of pancreatic cancer - I didn't say all people who have this problem have pancreatic cancer. Jeez... I'm trying to stop scare stories with little evidence, not add to them!
  3. I wish people wouldn't spread these scare stories without doing any research. Acid reflux ix a common symptom of pancreatic cancer, and acid reflux is treated with antacids. That doesn't mean there is a link between antacids and pancreatic cancer.
  4. This stuff goes down a treat; cabbage and mushroom soup. Not eaten enough to feel difference in stomach. Does anyone know if actual cabbage is as good as cabbage juice?
  5. Good points... It may also be that these things have a placebo effect. Still, I've been loading up on yogurt these past weeks, and adding cabbages (assuming eating the veg is the same as drinking the juice) to the mix can't do any harm. Shipping over the special honey from NZ might be pushing it though.
  6. Yup - now the antibiotics have finished I have omeprazole twice a day, Diagest (I think also classed an antacid, but for after meals), and Ranitidine for before bed.
  7. Thanks - as usual I am impatient in the healing process. Will know if there is still some H Pylori around when I get results next week. In the meantime will try to steer clear of the scare stories about antacids on the internet.
  8. Will definitely stick with the medicine but trying some cabbage juice can do no harm at all - nice one! Will ask my local juice lady if she can slip some into my apple shake (will probably have to buy it for her)
  9. I was told that the examination for blood as part of the stool test (rather than an actual blood test) was to check for the presence of an ulcer. The further examinations of the stool test (which I will have to wait for), will tell me the type of bacteria found, the presence of which was indicated by the WBC (white blood cell) count.
  10. I'm pretty confused right now... Finished 2 weeks antibiotics but still feel the same intermittent ab pain in the same place as before. I went for stool test today and the blood part (which can indicate an ulcer) came back negative, but there was something in the WBC column which indicates some kind of bacteria - awaiting the results of further tests to see what it is. If it isn't an ulcer, why does it tick off all the symptoms of one? If it is an ulcer, why did the blood part come back negative? And if the bacteria is the H Pylori, how come the antibiotics didn't kill it, and how come the blood test doesn't indicate it's an ulcer?? Any thoughts / opinions welcome. I have asked some basic questions to the doctor, but I prefer to keep things simple so as not to confuse him.
  11. Great little computer section at the front of Big C store itself, picked up a USB splitter that actually works For shaver I splashed out on a Phillips 3000 at Powerbuy. Hopefully will last me for longer than my last couple!
  12. I'm heading to Samui tomorrow... Anyone know a good place to look for a USB splitter? The phone / computer shops in Big C perhaps? Also looking for a facial hair trimmer \ shaver as well if any ideas.... Cheers
  13. My typical diet is since this stomach pain is - breakfast - porridge oats with soy milk and sliced apple lunch - pasta with vegetables and tuna (not cooked in oil) dinner - sometimes some red meat or something naughty, but quite often grilled fish / chicken, salad, brown rice I've had one glass of wine, no coffee, and have even been trying to cut back on tea (this has been hard!). Have also eliminated spicy food from my diet! I had a bout of hepatitis before this stomach problem (now cleared and liver normal), so have pretty much been on a disciplined diet with little alcohol for over 3 months - it makes the (suspected) ulcer all the more annoying!
  14. Yeah I can concur on the taste - it's like I've been smoking, even though I haven't. But the most noticeable is ab pain / cramps - which for something which is meant to be curing my stomach, can be disconcerting!