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  1. First of all.........xmas and new year are coming and I was trying to find some 2018 free thai Karaoke torrents to download ....and have been struggling to find any Could anybody point me in the direction of some good torrent sites or free Karaoke sites (if possible) I looked at ThailandTorrent....but there was nothing on there regards
  2. Thanks I will complete a TM30 before I go just in case regards
  3. Thanks for responding that has cleared the situation - up as one of the images I saw on the camera of the DLT person , was exactly that document you have displayed Thanks alot again regards
  4. After further consultation with my in-laws, wife and looking at the websites..........I now get the whole picture and they were talking about Transfer Fee 2% over the appraised value of the property After discussing this with my wife - the actual amount discussed has know been reduced by 50% - Thanks for replying
  5. I am applying for the licence in Soi Dao DLT and my immigration office is the Sa Kaeo immigration at Aranyaprathet
  6. This is a continuation ............... if there are fees etc required to be paid - which ones are the buyers responsibility and what ones are the sellers and buyers
  7. My wife has just bought some land and we are going to get the deeds of the land signed over to her next week Her sister in law who is also buying some land as stated that there will be a requirement to pay some fees etc to get the deeds etc transfered across, which seemed rather excessive 60k bhat I can provide more detail if required , can anyone confirm to me that this is the sort of price expected, or what I am paying for and how it is calculated
  8. Went to get information about obtaining a Thai Driving licence yesterday , where everything was clear except for the proof of residence. He said we had to produce a Thai written document verified by Immigration. The guy showed me 2 pictures on his phone or what he was talking about. However both were completely different (ie no form numbers etc) One of the pictures did look like an official standard document. ( I am not the owner of a house etc) My questions are 1) Is there an official document that I need to take to immigration and get it authorised 2) can I just get my own done in thai and take it to immigration to get authorised 3) Do the Thai immigration have a service/form that they would fill in for this type of purpose, when requested Hopefully you can help me - as I would like to get clear what I need to provide (Form wise) before I make the 100k trip