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  1. oporhatch

    TM7 and TM8 Applications

    thanks for your assistance
  2. I could not find anything specific on the forum and therefore I would ask the following questions about filling in a TM7 and TM8 for the second time . Last year I did the following :- 1) A got a year extension on my 90 day visa based on retirement 2) Got a multi-entry visa for a year I now need to action the same process as above - except for there are a couple of questions on the application form, which I am not sure how they should be answered. Would my re-entry into thailand in July be based on the original visa or the extension - let me clarify 1) Extension of temporary stay (TM7) says holding passport or travelling document (not sure what to fill in here) - do I quote the visa extension here, just my passport details, or the original visa which I extended . As one of the boxes states kind of visa. 2) For the TM8 a similar question - My previous visa for Thailand is of the category of ............should this be again , the original visa I traveled on or the extension that I have obtained I hope this make sense and any assistance would be appreciated
  3. oporhatch

    BeIN Sports Connect using iPad

    After reading the offer above - I am currently trying to purchase the deal. However I am having trouble doing so with UK credit/Debit cards. I do not have a Thai bank card. I see there are other options ............a True Wallett (which I am not keen on) - The other being pay at an ATM - does anybody out there know how this works, or has any ideas
  4. oporhatch

    BeIN Sports Connect using iPad

    have you got a link to this promotion ??
  5. oporhatch

    buriram motogp oct advice

    not sure my missus wants to go to Malaysia !!!
  6. oporhatch

    buriram motogp oct advice

    I am looking to go to the buriram motogp in October. From the websites I notice they only have grandstand a-d tickets left.. Excuse me I have never been before - but I am looking for advice - what is the best/secure ticket agent to book tickets from ?? - should I book with UK debit/credit card or missus Thai bank card ?? Any tips on getting accommodation would also be appreciated Thanks in advance
  7. oporhatch

    Best IPTV and VPN speeds

    Thanks for your responses I might take a look at purevpn
  8. oporhatch

    Best IPTV and VPN speeds

    Thanks for that info - actually see a considerable drop when using a VPN to the UK I did a speed test and it showed 50 Mpbs - but this was then reduced to 18 mbps when attaching to the UK through a VPN. These speeds are fine - but I was looking to improve them if possible...as you do regards Richard
  9. oporhatch

    Best IPTV and VPN speeds

    Although this topic is covered many times, I have returned to Thailand and find that the answers tend to change over time the same as the Technology. What is the best VPN to use for download speeds in Thailand . I have used Cyberghost and currently Xpress VPN - but have read that IPvanish maybe better . I was also looking at NORDVPN. This is for a Fire stick generation 3 device From an IPTV - I have all the usual Apps (modro etc), but I like something that should give a consistent service. IN the past I have used PRIMEHD.tv, due to its flexibility in purchase packages. Is this still ok ? or are there better ones ? Another couple of questions is the HDPRIME.TV andriod App any good ?? or is it best to access it straight the through the internet search engine - if so whats the best search engine for Firestick . Personally I find everything I currently have is satisfactory except 'free flowing - non stick'...........UK sports channels