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  1. Out of sight, out of mind. problem solved!
  2. Mysterion

    Rawai or Karon.

    Karon is mostly condos and apartments, more centrally located, and relatively close to patong in case you want easier access to active nightlife and better selection of international restaurants. Most amenities and Karon/kata beaches are in walking distance. Rawai is at the farthest south end of the island, mostly houses, far more quiet, and far less touristy.You would likely need a car/motobike to get around.
  3. Renting is smart indeed if you need to be flexible with your living arrangements because you may want to move to a new city in a year or two. However, buying an exisiting foreign freehold condo can also be a great investment if you buy for the right price and the potential rental yield is attractive. Just like any market in the world, the key to success is to buy for the right price to begin with. Many condos(bought at the right price) can make 5%-10% annualized yield if they are only rented out in the high season for 3-4 months. It is very hard, if not impossible, to get that kind of rental yield in most western markets. Thai freehold or leasehold properties are a market unto themselves. Much less liquid than the foreign freehold market. Buyer beware. remember to “lowball” offer wether you rent or buy.
  4. Try searching the hua hin facebook groups for property rentals. post a fee “wanted” ad, and the agents/ownera will come to you with proposals. always “low ball” any offers and then work your way up. buying a foreign freehold condo may be a more prudent option rather than burning cash renting over the long-term. you are too young for a retirement visa. How do you plan to stay in thailand below 50 years old? Thai elite visa?
  5. Mysterion

    Info on condos in Rawai

    Haha. It can be confusing. Just to help you narrow it down....Most people holidaying in rawai are families who are usually renting a less expensive pool villa and probably renting a car to traverse long distances. Depending on where you are staying, the closest decent beach is Nairharn, and it could be a 10-15 minute drive from you. The fact is that most Phuket tourists stay in centrally located west coast towns of Patong, followed by Karon/kata, Kamala, Surin, Bangtao. Do you really want to stay in a super-quiet and relatively isolated location down in the far south of phuket island? Keep in mind...You will almost certianly need a motorbike rental in Rawai, and it will be a 30-40 minute one-way drive each visit to Patong should you feel the need for active entertainment and the biggest variety of dining.
  6. Mysterion

    Info on condos in Rawai

    Look in the facebook groups for phuket property buy/sell/rent. It is very active with many properties for rent. Make duplicate free “wanted “ postings on all the property groups(there are several) and ask for a quote and pics of whatever you want(location/size/amenities/price etc), and you will likely have agents and private owners PM you with ideas and offers fairly quickly. To give you an idea on the starting price for a private small studio room in a small basic clean guesthouse, i would guess it would probably start at about 300-500 baht daily including aircon, internet, and cleaning, if you negotiate to pay one month in advance. Whereas a small studio in a condo would probably set you back a bit more(400-700 daily based on a 3 month contract) because of the gym and pool and you may also need to pay extra electricity charges + optional cleaning charges on top.. just my guesses on the prices.. goodluck
  7. Mysterion

    Diarrhea, vomiting, food poisoning Phuket

    An expat friend of mine and his young son also got vomiting and diarrhea two days ago.
  8. Mysterion

    Info on condos in Rawai

    I agree. You can easily find a place on the prime west coast within a short walking distance to a good beach and all the amenities. If you desire a busy nighlife, stay in Patong. If you desire a better beach, but not too far from patong, consider karon or kamala. If you desire more quiet lifestyle with a good beach, and dont need as much nightlife, look at surin, bangtao, or kata. You wont even need to rent a motorbike if you are staying in any of the aforementioned beachside areas. Rawai tends to be for the long-term working/retired expats that have a car and go to beach once in a blue moon. It tends to be cheaper in rawai for a number of reasons. If you are only staying for 3 months it would be nice to be walking distance to a good beach and all the amenities
  9. Mysterion

    Insect identification and solution

    Looks like you nailed it. Will tell her to checkout the rice and pasta area. Once the rice/pasta is removed will the weevils move on? Thanks.
  10. Mysterion

    Insect identification and solution

    Haha. They dont seem to speak English. Actually they are about 3mm(millimeters), not 3cm.
  11. Hi all, My friend has a problem with a recent infestation of this insect on her kitchen counter/cupboard area. She keeps her kitchen very clean, but the little invaders keep coming. They are black color and about 3cm long. They crawl very slowly. Anyone know what they are called and how to eradicate them? Which insecticide/trap will kill the queen?? thanks.
  12. Mysterion

    Kamala to Nai Thon - Lunch spots?

    Vanilla Sky restaurant/bar at the top floor of Sienna Hotel in Kamala has amazing beach & ocean views, and cooler breezes, and good food/drinks. Catch Beach Club at Bangtao beach is also great.
  13. Mysterion

    Phuket property glut?

    Thank you for the kind words! I do find myself wishing there was a mute button on TV that i could use on some folks here LOL!
  14. Mysterion

    Phuket property glut?

    Sounds very nice. I prefer it that way also. cheers :-)
  15. Mysterion

    Phuket property glut?

    Your credibility doesn't get any better as you refuse to admit your mistakes and actually try to double-down on them. We have all heard your claims ad nauseam(probably a dozen times across various threads) about being some sort of “successful” person prior to moving to Patong. Please save us from it. None of us will ever know if those claims are true or not, and they are irrelevant to the current discussion. What is relevant, is you trying to somehow pass off incorrect/mis-information about a citical aspect of Phuket property investing as correct. For goodness sakes Xylophone, nobody can force you to fess-up, but its your credibility on the line man! As a result, all your comments regarding phuket property are now tainted.