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  1. Good-value sushi in Patong?

    FYI, I tried the Japanese restaurant called Kiko at Diamond Cliff earlier this week. IMHO Kiko was good quality sushi on par with Shun Sushi, but unfortunately the prices for many items at Kiko were almost double those of Shun Sushi :((( Thanks for the idea anyway.
  2. Good-value sushi in Patong?

    Apologies, i just remembered it was actually 489baht.
  3. Good-value sushi in Patong?

    Tried it today. The sushi was was very good. I will definitely go back. 389baht for the mixed sushi plate that I had. Pic attached.
  4. Realestate agent wanted

    Have you looked at the facebook groups for Phuket? There are several active free property buy/sell/rent groups with new postings daily, and i suspect there are far fewer expired ads there. You may want to make a free “wanted” posting in one or more of the groups . There are some agents on there, but also allot of stuff for rent directly from the landlords. Remember to lowball any offer you start with, then work your way up if need be.
  5. Realestate agent wanted

    Your trolling is not helping anyone. Please add some value to the discussion or stop wasting our time on here.
  6. Realestate agent wanted

    Did you do your research online already? if not, i suggest you spend several hours looking at the various phuket property websites and identity a few properties of interest before you contact any agent and start driving around. It will save you allot of time and sweat to do some online research before hitting the ground.
  7. Just wondering what would be the benefit(s) of registering the building on the leased land?
  8. Patong - The Wake

    Fair enough. have a good a evening Xylo.
  9. Patong - The Wake

    Your perception is sadly not reality(again). Lets clear this up.... I never/dont advocate nominee companies. In fact, i have been a strong voice on this thread advocating that foreigners only invest in completed foreign freehold condos. Anyhing else increases their risk greatly. The post i “liked” was focused on the fact that the 49% voting rights was not a significant risk in a foreign freehold condo structure. In addition, you(and a couple of others) here claim to have “friends” that are/were desperately trying to sell their properties without hope. Please dont raise their problem, and then try to disparage people who are genuinely willing to help solve their problem. Now that this is cleared up.....on with the wake!! Cheers.
  10. Patong - The Wake

    Wise advice. I do admit it is hard to ignore those spreading the “doom porn”. It amazes me how they chose to live in thailand, yet at the same time they denigrate It repeatedly and viciously. Hopefully, now the matter is put to rest, and a more balanced perpective is availabe for all to consider. Lets now talk about the Patong Wake....Patong is dead! Long live Patong!! Haha
  11. Patong - The Wake

    Well done sir! Thanks for sharing this. You obviosly bought in a good location and at the right price to begin with. You did you homework, took a calculated risk, and can sleep well at night in your own property, all the while knowing that you will likely get all your money back + a nice capital gain if you eventually sell it.
  12. Patong - The Wake

    Fair question NKM. I am a big proponent of global diversification. Don’t put too much or your eggs in one basket, as they say. A little exposure to owning some high-yielding foreign freehold condo(s) in Thailand could be part of well balanced portfolio of global properties/equities/bonds/fx etc for many international investors.
  13. Patong - The Wake

    You are being extremist bro, and spreading what most would call false “doom porn”. Do you live in Thailand? Are you a tenant? If yes, thats cool. Please do continue renting and suporting your landlord and you will both be sleeping well at night.
  14. Patong - The Wake

    More evidence of healthy demand. Thanks for sharing this.
  15. Patong - The Wake

    Thanks for sharing this. Owners are always pleased to hear further evidence that, if they have the right rental/sale product to offer, there is significant long-term demand for it.