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  1. More money

    You’re right, it’s part of the culture for Thai women to look for a provider. Western men don’t get that and think it should only be about love. And yet they also want a young beautiful woman to cook and clean and provide sex and be arm candy so they also want something other than love. They act like they get nothing in return. It’s really more of a business deal and if love enters the picture then that’s icing on the cake! Why old men think there is some magic land where young beautiful women are waiting around to fall in love with them for nothing is beyond me. I mean really, think about it and understand it for what it is!
  2. Never thought it would come to this

    Reminds me of being a young US Marine in the early 80s. I was stationed in Okinawa and the Okinawans in town would smile as we handed them our money but we all knew they hated us. We were their income so they had to be nice. I think it’s probably the same everywhere in tourist areas. I think you can cultivate relationships and make genuine friends outside of those areas, but you really shouldn’t expect too much from them in those areas. It kind of amuses me that someone goes to someone else’s country and then complains about their prostitutes.
  3. I guess that depends on your perspective.
  4. While most thai girls I’ve encountered do indeed love to eat and sleep, many work hard and don’t rely on anyone else to support them. I think guys like this should get to know a girl better before bringing them to their Homeland. You can’t tell me there weren’t indications she might be this way unless he spent zero time with her before the move.
  5. I’m married and relatively happy but I’m not afraid of losing her. There are no guarantees in life and you never know how people might change. It could always blow up in your face tomorrow. It’s always a gamble. You have no control over it so just enjoy your life now and if this chapter ends start a new one. This is my third marriage, first to a Thai. It is what it is. Plenty of other people out there.
  6. I will agree with him that Thai women being submissive is only a stereotype.
  7. That liberal immigration policy is allowing terrorists and undesirables into their countries and ruining them. There is nothing racist or xenophobic about not wanting your country ruined. It's called sovereignty and it's how countries keep their culture and security. A country can't take care of the whole world. It's duties are to it's citizens.
  8. We live in Michigan right now and my wife is freezing every day. She would welcome the Thailand weather right now I’m sure.
  9. A Thai suing because he ate bugs. That's rich. 555
  10. Goodbye hanging wires - hello modern Bangkok!

    The entangled cluster of wires I saw when I first came to Bangkok was what reminded me this is still a third world country. Maybe that notion can be buried with the wires? I doubt it.
  11. Criticism

    I'm working on it. We have 6 more years here in the US before I get a pension, then off to Thailand at least in the winters (We live in Michigan, beautiful summers here). Hopefully I can manage enough functional Thai by then to get by without my wife talking for me all the time.
  12. Criticism

    My wife outright laughs at me when I try to speak Thai. How's that for criticism. lol
  13. My wife is with me for the money.

    I always see these questions. Is she just out for your money? The women could ask a similar question. Is he just out for sex with a younger woman? If both people are getting their needs met, then no one is being taken advantage of.
  14. Will be good for the criminals to know they have nothing to fear breaking into the home of a lone farang. Very comforting. They're the only ones with guns.