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  1. Some people, men and women, are more affectionate than others. And since most public affection is frowned upon in Thailand, you're pretty much stuck with handholding or the occasional hand on their shoulder. When I first visited Thailand and met my gf she let me know right away that touching her inner thigh in Thailand in public was a no-no. I think the OP may be using this post to bash the romantics a little bit. I don't really care. I'll continue to hold my girl's hand when I want. Sometimes I do, sometimes you wouldn't even know we were together. What does it matter anyway? If it bugs you look the other way.
  2. All I know is my Thai GF cries enough for the both of us.
  3. He should have waited to jump off the top floor when he got to his hotel.
  4. I'm still in the states for a few more years until I retire, but I've got a 2012 Ultra Limited that cost me $28,000 after all the mods I did on it, and I don't plan to by another. Way too expensive.
  5. When I first started dating my fiancé in 2015 I was looking into a tourist visa for her to come visit me in the U.S., but instead of diving right into applying for one, I did some research and found out that because Thailand is considered a highly fraudulent immigration country, that a tourist visa is almost impossible to get for a typical Thai girl that doesn't have an important job or serous ties to Thailand like a house there or kids to return to. Because many Thais in the past just simply never returned on a tourist visa, they assume you won't either and it's up to you to convince them otherwise. In fact, it's not just America. They can't get a tourist visa for most 1st world nations. So I didn't even try for one. They especially won't give you one if you tell them you're going to visit a boyfriend. You can't sponsor someone on a tourist visa, not in America anyway. They'll think you'll get married there and circumvent the normal marriage or fiancé visa process and it's associated fees. She had a girlfriend that got refused who wanted to go to Australia to visit her boyfriend. And she has a friend that actually got one to come to the U.S. but she is a nurse and has a lot of money in the bank. Anyway, I just waited and applied for a K1 fiancé visa and we just got approved and she should have her interview within a month. Good luck to you in your case.
  6. My Thai fiancé and I always split up. I might have to try tagging along behind her next time.
  7. In the States we love our loud Harleys and I used to have a helmet sticker that said "If it's too loud you're too old". There you go. lol Here is my loud motorbike.
  8. For the record, I never said Thai prisons weren't horrible, as I'm sure they are. I only said that I wouldn't exactly call US prisons comfy. He won't feel like he's at the Hilton, that's for sure.
  9. Comfy US prison? They have to segregate sex offenders in the US because they will be killed by the general population. They will most likely be prison raped regardless. I wouldn't exactly call it comfy.
  10. Sounds legit.
  11. Funny how you have so many posts on here about guys getting scammed by their wives by buying a house in their name and then you have all of these here type of posts. How do you reconcile the two? Crazy.
  12. I have pretty good luck with
  13. Head to Cockatoo on Soi Cowboy. 555
  14. Noise late at night even annoys other Thais. My girl lives in a building with all Thais and complains about the noisy neighbors upstairs that stay up all night.
  15. My girl is 4'11 and 92 lbs and she texts me all the time while riding motorbike taxis. When she rides my Harley with me I don't even know she's back there.