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  1. Will be good for the criminals to know they have nothing to fear breaking into the home of a lone farang. Very comforting. They're the only ones with guns.
  2. I don't know, seems like he's also getting something out of it. Sex with a young woman and probably his house taken care of. Maybe he's good with that deal. It's his money and life. Or he could forget about all of It and sit in a bar all day and drink himself to death a lonely old man, bitter and ridiculing Thai/farang relationships on TV forum on his phone all day. To each their own.
  3. Don't forget all the Michael Jackson noses you see. To me they're ruining natural beauty.
  4. How about all the little Buddha statues glued to the dashboard of taxis? Is there some sort of rule book for this or is it some subjective argument going on within the Buddhist membership?
  5. First visit to Thailand travel questions...

    I carried my passport with me everywhere I went. I think 60 days before is a good time to buy a ticket. I got a hep C shot before I went and the second one after I came back.
  6. "Thai women, especially those from the northeast region, are soft-spoken and submissive," she said. " My Isaan girl must not have gotten the memo on that.
  7. Amazon Prime - anyone else been duped like me?

    I've had Prime for 10 years and love it. But the marketing sneakiness isn't cool for sure.
  8. Manipulate the tourist visa process or you're screwed. It's not set up for young people to stay in Thailand long term. Sorry.
  9. My girl pays 7,000 for a basic room, no kitchen, no hot water, but near BTS and has A/C, an elevator, and a lobby security guard. Street food right outside her apartment complex.
  10. I have developed a beer belly over the years and when I first met my girl in Bangkok one of the first things she said to me was, "you fat". I said what? She pointed at my belly and said, "you fat". I thought well so much for this one, there are plenty more girls in Thailand. A few minutes later she laid her head on my shoulder and we've been together ever since. Now and then she'll mention my weight and tell me I need to lose some so I'm around for a long time to be with her. I say you need a skinny man! She says noooooooo!! Ha, glad Thais don't see it in such a negative light as the west does.
  11. No CD Player.

    Bluetooth technology and streaming have replaced the CD for most car buyers. Haven't used mine in a year. I also have Sirius XM and listen to talk radio a lot.
  12. Best way to send package to Bangkok from U.S.?

    It's just documents. I'll check into the USPS and see what they can do. Thanks guys.
  13. I need to send a small package from Michigan to my fiance in Bangkok and I would like to know the best (fastest, cheapest, and reliability factors). I see a lot of DHL drivers around Bangkok when I am there but is FedEx or some other way better? Thanks in advance.