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  1. Back when I was in school everyone would have laughed and moved on. Everything is so PC anymore you can't say anything without offending someone.
  2. You say you're not banging her and I believe you, but there is a connection. Why her? There are a million girls in her situation. There is something there you aren't telling us. It doesn't add up. Sorry.
  3. Because this president is going to improve America. The country has bee disrespected and going downhill for the last 8 years.
  4. I joined the U.S. Marine Corps in '79 and only stayed 4 years. If I had stayed I would have retired with 30 years of service already and had a nice pension. I've done okay for myself with only 6 years left to retire from Ford Motor Company with a pension but I would say the military is a good way to go for young men and women. Glad I did it even for a short while. It influenced me greatly and made me who I am today.
  5. Well you WILL break up with her (or her you) if that's how you think about her. The grass isn't always greener. Don't have any regrets, Thats all I'm saying. Hard to find a good girl to love in life that loves you as well.
  6. Stupid thread. In my opinion, if you are the type of guy that wants to trade your 40 year old in for two 20s, you're a POS. End of story. You get what you deserve.
  7. I had a friend that had a Thai girlfriend. He built a house in her name, bought a Thai restaurant in her name, sent her money all the time from Afghanistan where he worked 5 months out of the year. He was going to marry the girl and give her a baby before he found out she was banging another farang. Now he's devastated and she's going to marry the other guy. He told me he had just gave her $24,000 US to take care of her gambling debts. The worst part is he had 2 filipinas that did the same thing to him before.
  8. Wives cheat no matter where they're from. Thai women are no different than the western whores. Hoes are hoes. Good women are good women. Try to marry the latter.
  9. My girl went back to her hometown in Isaan to get her birth certificate. She found out the record place had burned down years before and all the records in it and anyone born after 1972 no longer had a birth certificate. She was going to have to get her mom, her brother, and her high school records to show that she had lived there and that she was who she said she was. She brought them all there and the officer said it was going to take a long time and she would have to finish on the following Monday since it was a Friday. My girl had to be back to work at a restaurant in Bangkok on Monday. She slipped the officer 1000 baht and lo and behold the officer stayed longer and got it done that day. I think the whole country is run like this. Might try greasing a palm or two.
  10. The buffet at Terminal 21 Hotel is very good. It's about 600 baht.
  11. My girl survives on 20,000 baht per month from her restaurant job. She has her own room she rents for 7,000 baht and eats mostly street food. I will be taking her away from that meager existence very soon.
  12. When my girl's mother was asked about Sin Sod she said she didn't need it. I was shocked but happy. She was 36 at the time and never married with no kids. But I think 36 is a little old to be asking for a lot of Sin Sod anyway from what I've read. Kind of an "old maid" in Thailand. Her mom is 82 and in failing health and her Dad is deceased. Now my girl is almost 38. Definitely getting to be over the hill in Thai girl terms. We'll be getting married this fall. Of course sending a little unsolicited money to the mom every month. Sin Sod isn't always required.
  13. First colluding with the Trump campaign and now this! Darn Russians!!
  14. I made 5 trips last year and only put the name of the hotel and the city and was never asked for the address of the hotel. But after reading some of the comments here I will put the address on the card as well the next time I arrive so as not to have a concern about it.
  15. I've rode bikes since I was 12 and at 55 I've had every size and kind. I currently ride a Harley Ultra Limited. I used to put on a lot of miles every year here in the states but every year I see more and more bad things from drivers. Texting is so out of hand and many accidents happen from it. I'm starting to get paranoid when I ride. I've lost a few friends from accidents. So as I'm approaching retirement and considering Thailand to live, I'm not sure I will ride over there. Maybe a scooter but not serious riding. The traffic I've seen there is horrible. I don't have a death wish. I know what taking a calculated risk is having rode for so many years, but it's just crazy anymore. So I can see myself investing in a 4 wheel cage when I get there.