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  1. I have lived here four times as long as you. Trust me, you need to see a doctor.
  2. Sexual stereotyping. Two years. Next case.
  3. Why do you imagine the sentence will be carried out when no one has been executed in Thailand since 2009. Amnesty International has stated that when the death sentence is not used for ten years in a country for all intents and purposes that country can be considered one that no longer has the death penalty. This will be commuted to life when the next pardons are announced or perhaps the pardons after that.
  4. Did you read the Thai Rath story. This is a faithful translation of that. Your link is another version of the event.
  5. Why dont you just go through the Thai gates? Any Thai speaker can blag their way through that one is asked.
  6. Overwhelmingly the quirky and fun people. But also the freedom.
  7. If he is involved in car laundering someone should put him in touch with the guy who needs the monk's writings in permanent marker cleaned off his bonnet.
  8. Indeed that should be Mechai Viravaidya, a great character and now helping to run an imaginative school in the north east I believe. I had the pleasure of meeting him once.
  9. For a start with no FB you can kiss goodbye to about 60-70% of stories on Thaivisa.
  10. Vernacular just means in thai. It is a tip 'o the hat to a phrase used by bernard trink in the past.
  11. An average of about 350 British people die in Thailand each year. Why does it make you wonder when there are so many here.
  12. Excellent! Are you trying to get Rooster's comment of the week award!
  13. I have been patting myself on the back seeing my investment in pounds rise a few percent over the last couple of weeks. 30 percent at fx? ...dream on! The only 30% i would be reasonably sure of are the Thai bashers on here. There are gullible everywhere, they still deserve the protection of the law.
  14. I agree with you. The editorial spouts a dreamy nonsense based on half truths and misconceptions. The nation should be aiming wrath at the authorities in Thailand rather than putting the boot on the westerners to do their dirty work. Methinks that the nation have not really moved on from their empty news pages after a coup in the 1990s.
  15. What a big man you must be. In my view what he stands for already and what he has said already shows that his gonads are more then sufficient. All power to him and those like him.