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  1. Oh I get it. I always thought your username reflected your love for a certain color, among other things.
  2. You were too late for TWTWTW...otherwise you would have won post of the week hands down. Rooster
  3. Whatever happened to “My Mate Nate”?

    Yes, at the moment I think he is living off past glories. I wouldnt mind betting he got a fairly precise warning about his future Thai based activities after the coin stunts. He will resurface but have to be a bit more savvy in what he chooses next. Rooster.
  4. They are actually...she thanked the police and was very happy that both herself and her child were safe.
  5. Sorry, too busy playing tennis and quaffing Pimms...even if that does make me ideally suited for the job.
  6. He was having sex with her on the balcony....it stands to reason that the police would take him in.
  7. Yes indeed. And the way Dennis Price virtually dies of boredom after that little speech!
  8. The point of the story, that i wrote myself, was to give an opinion that Thais in general were becoming more news savvy and rejecting this kind of trash television pap and subsequent story pretty much as many Western people would do nowadays. It is interesting to note, however, that in the comments here many people are displaying the same old prejudices and opinions of 30/40 years ago. Maybe the Thais are growing up while some westerners are stuck in the past refusing to believe that the Thais are changing.
  9. Actually it was a woman. She was pictured at the arrest pictures.
  10. Why do you assume the term tourist refers to non-Thais. Clearly this story refers to Thai tourists. Your agenda seems very xenophobic.
  11. Bought 12 Cows have limited knowledge

    Can we help? Sure, as a poet once said: The cow is of the bovine ilk, One end is moo, the other milk.
  12. The Scrabble scene took off in Thailand in 1986 after a man called Amnuay Ploysaenngam got together with friends at ABAC to promote the game that he liked to play. He started a company that sold the game and other games and promoted Scrabble at tournaments around the country, in the University games and at schools. He died earlier this year but is considered the greatest promoter of Scrabble - called Crossword Game here - that there has ever been. The Club that he started continues to continue his legacy. Two Thais have become world champions, the first non-native speakers to do so. Thailand is respected worldwide for how it has promoted the game with youth. The cheating scandal is not good but many abroad say that it is good that the Thais are putting their house in order. I do not believe that cheating is widespread in Scrabble here - and I have been playing professionally in all tournaments since 1992.
  13. Giving new life to HIV-positive children

    My goodness she has mine. It is inspiring to read of such kind-hearted and practical people who have made the lives of so many young people happy and fulfilling. I admire her and all she has done. She is an inspiration.
  14. You should go and have a blood test Omar....just to check that you have any.
  15. People seem to be forgetting that the Thai guy then went to get a club to cosh the Swiss guy over the head later, according to the original story.