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  1. yaagjon

    Harbor Mall. Now that it's open...

    I think you lost the argument old chap, any "neutral" person can see that Harbour Mall isn't performing well. Am I right or am I right.
  2. yaagjon

    Pattaya vehicle tunnel to be opened for Songkran

    Any update when it will be opening?
  3. Nice place for 5,000 Baht a month, are you joking. I could never see the point of living in Thailand in a shoe box apartment, feeling I have to get out everyday. Everyone is different, many people buy a house or a condo to make it their home, there are several posters who live in 20m Baht and upwards, houses, better than paying 100 to 120,000 Baht a month rent, especially if you are going to be here a long time. The majority of the rent don't buy brigade live in small units, not many would be paying over 50,000 a month rent.
  4. yaagjon

    Park Lane or Lalana Condo?

    I believe Lalana is quite nice, condos that overlook the swimming pool are more sought after. Can't comment on Park Lane.
  5. yaagjon

    Economic recession in Pattaya?

    I wouldn't have thought there would have been a high season in 1973
  6. yaagjon

    Economic recession in Pattaya?

    It's easy picking the posters that are flogging real estate. For those of us who don't have a vested interest in talking up Pattaya and Thailand, it has without doubt been the quietest high season ever. One of the reasons the Thai government waived their visa fees.
  7. I think you will find she probably had no idea what her husband was up to. She would be gutted because her lifestyle as she knew it has just finished, even if she get's to keep the four houses.
  8. yaagjon

    Pattaya Tunnel undergoes initial test

    I thought it was reported that the work above the tunnel would be finished sometime in February, the tunnel itself will take a bit longer.
  9. yaagjon

    Realestate is a gold mine business.

    Probably because you aren't James Nunn8, or you might be!!!!!!
  10. yaagjon

    Condoms and Cabbage restaurant ?

    I was there last month with a group of 10. We made a booking, food was great and we didn't have to wait too long for it to be served. I much prefer Cabbages and Condoms to somewhere like Bruno's.
  11. yaagjon

    Samsung tv remote

    I was told that it is just as easy to buy a new one at the Samsung shop than get it repaired.
  12. yaagjon

    Has the big furniture shop at Pattaya closed down?

    There is a SB furniture store just before the big Tesco Lotus.
  13. yaagjon

    Aggressive farang lumpini Condo Naklua

    I think you just met the Pattaya forums resident optimist, JSixpack
  14. yaagjon

    Condo asking prices vs. actual sale price

    Well I didn't think he was bragging, just giving some information to posters on the forum. Some people are wealthy, obviously you aren't, get over it.
  15. yaagjon

    Condo asking prices vs. actual sale price

    I will be there on Tuesday and let you know. I'm paying virtually the same as I was paying three years ago. Great location and great views if your condo is on the Jomtien side.