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  1. I have 2 pension income streams paid monthly into my Kasikorn ban account with a combined total of circa B80,000 (one is approx B57,000 and the other approx B23,000). I can show this has been happening regularly every month for circa 7 years. Do you think TI will be OK with this if the "Bankbook Route" is approved? Regards, Joe
  2. Shoeless Joe

    Christmas Day Lunch

    I had Christmas lunch here a couple of years ago and it was a terrible experience. An excessively long wait (1 hour+) for very average food (dry, cold turkey) and vegetables served lukewarm. Endless excuses regarding lack of serving staff and inexperienced kitchen staff I think the price was B550/600 add in the price of a couple of drinks and it was more than B1000 each. I don't really understand why it's double the price of a Sunday lunch (except for the blatant profiteering, like many other restaurants on this day). Ho, ho ho... Joe