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  1. Where did he live? Regards, Joe
  2. And so... Ya gotta give kudos to Thailand...that is damn funny hahaha
  3. songkran

    Google is your friend https://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/custom.html?year=2018&country=68&cols=3&hol=4194361&df=1 Regards, Joe
  4. So, "Almost 100" equates to "At least 80" Seems a small number from the 1000's released....
  5. How to deal with an antagonistic guy in my

    How rude (and you are an advanced member)? Your "solution"; your obvious lack of empathy and obnoxious response only further highlights the challenges the OP is already facing. Anyway, I understand it's difficult if you (the OP) are being intimated by someone and I understand your reluctance to get physically involved with this bully. Not everyone can (or wants to) a confrontation. As you have already made it clear that this (his) behaviour is unacceptable then I would urge you to follow the advice from Richard Smith and Binjalin which is sound. Inform the moo baan manager and if you don't receive a satisfactor response within a week, then please go to the police and make a report (it might also be a good idea to see if there are other residents who are willing to support you) . There's no reason why you should only enjoy the benefits of living at your moo baan at the discretion of another. Regards, Joe
  6. Long term car storage?

    You might be better off looking for a friend to help you. I wouldn't trust a storage faciltiy, who knows what they would do? At least an understanding friend could make sure it's kept secure and turn the engine over regularly, as well as keeping the battery charged. A quick run through a car wash before you come home and everything's ready for you. All you need to do is work out a mutually acceptable fee. Regards, Joe
  7. Full English / Australian Breakfast

    Yummy, Hand Dong or Papa Rock (by the Big C / Hang Dong interestion. Both closed on Mondays. Regards, Joe
  8. music venues in chiang mai

    Here's some information - Boy's Blues Bar is still going strong (up the stairs at Kalahre Night Bazaar) and I believe the Euro Bar in Anusarn Night Market music has live music. Then there's Papa Rock (Hang Dong) on the other side of the road to Big C with the "Sunday Sesh" jam . Yummy Pizza ( Hang Dong) still have an enthusiastic jam night (with pro musicians) on Wednesday nights. Then there's a blues duo at Street Pizza (Changklan Road) on Sunday nights. There's also the relatively new Hard Rock cafe in Loi Kroh Road (Near Burger King and McDonalds). I think they have live music 3 or 4 nights each week. The 80's bar has live music every night and stll very popular is CU Corner (Moon Muang, Soi 1), with live music every nights (except Sunday). Then there's the Jazz Cafe in Changklan Road with music almost every night. On Saturday mornings a Thai guy plays nice acoustic guitar at the Chiang Mai Breakfast Bar (formerly the German Beer Garden) , that's on Moon Muang Soi 2. There's usually live music beiing played somewhere at Zoe in Yellow but it's mainly for the backpacking crowd and not forgetting of course, Northgate and Northgate Jazz. Finally there's often some great shows and live music at the amphitheatre outside the Promenada shopping mall on some Saturday nights (check out their website for upcoming events and informationhttp://www.promenadachiangmai.com/ ). Most of the venues I've mentioned have FB pages and directions how to get there. Regards, Joe
  9. Pizza Plus Doi Saket

    Been there a few times but gave up on this place when they imposed a cover charge of 250 baht per person including children(!) on a Saturday night because there was live music (a string trio). Daylight (Night time) robbery. Oh and the food (including the pizza), was average but no more than that and quite expensive. Regards, Joe
  10. Craft beer in shops (not bars), where to find?

    Thank you for the explanation... Regards, Joe
  11. Craft beer in shops (not bars), where to find?

    What is "craft" beer please? Regards, Joe
  12. Ah, so that's why they need the submarines...
  13. IF there is an election, what party will Prayuth represent (or join)? I don't see him relinquishing his current job easily (or willingly). Regards, Joe
  14. A Lettuce ... A Lert

    What are "Lerts"?? Regards, Joe
  15. Uber, Grab etc...

    Thanks, that's pretty much as I thought. Regards, Joe