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  1. I was led to understand that the owners of El Patio also own / owneded Beer Republic. But the owner(s) haven't been around recently, so maybe Beer Republic has been sold and is now under different ownership? El Patio (maybe because of their high prices for alcohol and reputation for highly-priced poor food) seem to be struggling for customers and there's no live music on Fridays and Saturday evenings from The Bluesman's excellent band. Regards, Joe
  2. An Art Exhibit at the UN Irish Pub?????

    Such pompous assumptions. It's not just about the clientele of the pub. Do you not think that an art exhibit(ion) would be interesting for people other than the the patrons of the UN Irish pub? There's no reason at all why other art lovers and non-patrons might not go along to see it. Regards, Joe
  3. Tropical Crotch Rot

    Really? You're happier with the opinions of the TV "experts" rather than pay a few dollars and go to a qualified clinical dermatologist for "proper" treatment and medication? For goodness sake, get yourself to McCormick Hospital or Bagkok Hospital or Ram Hospital and stop looking for a TV miracle cure. Regards, Joe
  4. 555 - Is this a serious comment? What on earth does this mean? Regards, Joe
  5. Eyeglasses Shop in Saraphi??

    This might be the one....the owners name is Fa. His shop is 2 minutes from the Promenada Mall, he supplies glasses to many of the farang community, gives a personal service at a reasonable price and in a reasonable timescale too (sometimes 1 or 2 days) . His shop is in a soi on the right of the road heading from the Promenada to Saraphi. Probably a good idea to call him first 089 632 0691 and he'll give you directions and even wait at the corner of the road to guide you in! https://www.facebook.com/ChiangMaiGlassesHouse/ Regards, Joe
  6. The Hangout - The Game - Rock City

    Maybe it's just not that important to other people? But of course instead of whining about a lack of response you could go and see for yourself! Regards, Joe
  7. My sympathies to Connda, I know exacly where he's coming from. I too didn't have a recent happy experience in the well-known 2nd hand book shops around the ThapaeGate area. I had a number of books (20) in excellent condition, all novels and recent titles and decided to try and swap them for some other 2nd hand books, figuring I could get a 2 for 1 deal (2 of mine for 1 of theirs). In the first shop, the vacant, disiniterested woman took a look at my books and offered 500 baht for all of them and wasn't interested in a "swap deal". The second book shop said they weren't buying books but that she would do me a favour and keep them if I wanted to leave them with her! The third book shop didn't want to pay cash but offered me a 4 for 1 deal, which I declined. I did notice that in all of the bookshops, the books in good condition were priced on average from 350 / 450 baht (and more) and those in poor condition from 100 / 150 baht. OK, I know they're in business to make a profit but a more surly, miserable bunch of chisellers is (in my opinion) difficult to find. NB: There is a 2nd hand book warehouse near to Central Festival, stacked to the roof with books. I don't think they're buying, but the prices for books in good condition is very reasonable. Regards, Joe
  8. Thai Baht - Your take?

    Jeez, was my post that difficult to understand? I was merely pointing out that there were 2 TV stories with diametrically opposing views (which are still there) and asking the question, which one was right?: 1) That the baht is strengthening 2) That the baht is weakening With the exception of the response from KonKhaenCowboy (thank you, I hadn't thought of different timescales...duh!) most of the other answers are way too over-complicated. Regards, Joe
  9. Thai Baht - Your take?

    Bill97 - Re for both of your comments (and as you clearly misunderstood what I was getting at). I wasn't highlighting the baht appreciating or depreciating against any currency. The topic was / is merely that there are 2 stories on the same subject but with contrasting headlines which can be seen on the sidebar and lower bar of the same TV page. So, which one to believe? Regards, Joe
  10. Thai Baht - Your take?

    "Thai Visa Team" 1) From the sidebar - "Baht Depreciation Expected" 2) From the lower bar - "Baht expected to strengthen to 21 month high" So I suppose that, as the baht hasn't moved much over the last 6 months it's an indicator that both stories are right (and wrong!) Regards Joe
  11. "Webfact"

    Is "Webfact" a subsidiary of Thai Visa or is it a stand-alone news gathering site? Does it have its own website? Regards, Joe
  12. Big Flying Insect

    One of these flew into the house this morning, it made me jump I can tell you! Wingspan about 4" and about 4" long when it fluttered its wings it was bright red by the body on both sides. I released it onto some grass where it seemed happy before flying off. Anyone know what it is? Regards, Joe PS: This is NOT a picture of ME with said insect....555
  13. Anyone remember these?
  14. Cialis in Chiang Mai

    Thanks for your unwanted advice...1) GraKCU is a herbal product which would suit me better... 2) Viagra and / or Cialis have some unpleasant side-effects for me and finally 3) Here's a picture of the GraKCU tablets - please note the spelling Regards, Joe NB: If you do want to be helpful - exactly where can one buy the Thai version of Viagra for 100-150 pkg of 4 and what is the product called? Thanks, Joe
  15. Cialis in Chiang Mai

    After reading with interest about the efficacy of some of the potential solutions, I went with Folk Guitars suggestion to try Grakcu. I presented myself to the assistant at a huge PharmaChoice and said "Grakcu please" she looked at me and said, "Cialis, Viagra?". I repeated my request for Grakcu, "Ah, sorry...don't have". "OK, do you have anything similar?" Which was how I ended up with 2 boxes of "Plays" at 580 baht for 2 capsules BUT buy one box, get one free. Has anyone heard of these "Plays" or used them? I'll report back on their effectiveness (or not) in a little while. Regards, Joe