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  1. One of these flew into the house this morning, it made me jump I can tell you! Wingspan about 4" and about 4" long when it fluttered its wings it was bright red by the body on both sides. I released it onto some grass where it seemed happy before flying off. Anyone know what it is? Regards, Joe PS: This is NOT a picture of ME with said insect....555
  2. Anyone remember these?
  3. Thanks for your unwanted advice...1) GraKCU is a herbal product which would suit me better... 2) Viagra and / or Cialis have some unpleasant side-effects for me and finally 3) Here's a picture of the GraKCU tablets - please note the spelling Regards, Joe NB: If you do want to be helpful - exactly where can one buy the Thai version of Viagra for 100-150 pkg of 4 and what is the product called? Thanks, Joe
  4. After reading with interest about the efficacy of some of the potential solutions, I went with Folk Guitars suggestion to try Grakcu. I presented myself to the assistant at a huge PharmaChoice and said "Grakcu please" she looked at me and said, "Cialis, Viagra?". I repeated my request for Grakcu, "Ah, sorry...don't have". "OK, do you have anything similar?" Which was how I ended up with 2 boxes of "Plays" at 580 baht for 2 capsules BUT buy one box, get one free. Has anyone heard of these "Plays" or used them? I'll report back on their effectiveness (or not) in a little while. Regards, Joe
  5. So in your opinion....everybody knows! Regards Joe
  6. Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope he died peacefully with his loved ones around him. R.I.P. Regards and condolences to his family. Joe
  7. This is / was a really useful website and blog providing excellent information for those living in Thailand. It seems to be unavailable now. Anyone know why? Regards, Joe
  8. Wellwe don't really know anything except they are just as likely to be genuine as fake, but she seems to have had a thriving business for at least 2 years, with plenty of customers. I'm guessing if they are fake she wouldn't be so busy. Regarding your final comment - tell me, how would you know a qualified psychiatrist from one who is unqualified? Oh and by the way, why do you have to be so disagreeable? Joe
  9. Everything you (both) say is true, but the fundamental mistake you are making is to apply your western mentality and driving standards to driving in Thailand (and throughout S E Asia). You should have realised by now that neither are of the slightest consequence to drivers of lorries, cars and motorbikes in Thailand! Until the government can stop sweating the small stuff (why is the PM SO interested in a Thai girl's dance routine?) and divert some resources to simple road safety, defensive driving skills and respect for other road users, yours (mine, our) protestations will go unheard. Until that happens be safe out there and look out for yourselves. Regards, Joe
  10. and excellent ifnformation for me too... Thanks! Regards, Joe
  11. This is who you want...she has many happy customers from Thai Visa
  12. I'm unclear why the OP thinks that my comments regarding his freeloading habits are a result of me being bitter and twisted (or suffering from some problem that he can't understand). In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. I was merely pointing out that his wish to turn a coffe shop into his personal free, comfortable, air-conditioned workspace was simply a deplorable misuse of the available facilities. Nancy L's concluding comment was " It spoils my coffee time when I see the space around me being misappropriated", a sentiment I echo entirely. Anyway, apart from being mean, I don't understand why it's so difficult to work from home if it's for a short time (2/3 hours?), or budget to pay circa 250baht for a legitimate workspace for a longer period of time. Not bitter or twisted. Joe
  13. Selfish beyond a joke and a free-loading nuisance! So what you really want is to turn a coffe shop into your work area. Preferably with air conditioning; enough room to spread yourself out and work uninterrupted for hours on end; with your laptop, mobile phone etc all neatly arranged to take up as much of the available space as possible (space needed by "legitimate" customers). All this for the price of a cup of coffee (that's assuming you will at least buy a cup of coffee!), because you're too mean to pay 250 baht for a legitimate workspace.Do you know (or even care) that they have overheads and that they are in business to make money, not to support you? I'm ever hopeful that you and others like you will be asked / told by the coffee shop proprietors at least once every half-hour that you have to buy something or move on. Regards, Joe
  14. The OP will be arriving in Chiang Mai on the 19th June, I'm fairly confident he'll pick up this thread again after he's arrived with his family and had a couple of days to settle in. NB: I was in Panthip Plaza last week and the "chess club / school" on the top floor is open from (I think) 4pm - 8pm from Monday to Thursday and again on Saturday and Sunday. On another note I believe a 10 year old girl is representing Thailand in an international competition to be held quite soon. Regards, Joe