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  1. Anyone Notice a Rapid Temp Drop?

    No noticeable difference in Doi Saket...temperature holding steady around 33c (which is cooler than yesterday and a couple of days before). Regards, Joe
  2. Chiang Mai hotel

    Try Trip Advisor... Joe
  3. best men's shirtmaker in town

    This woman makes everything and to a very high standard (as evidenced by other recommendations on TV) Her shop details are: Phim Little Dress 55/5 Moo 14 Wat Umong Soi 4 Suthep Road Chiang Mai 550000 Tel: 0884 140528 https://www.facebook.com/phimlittledressshop/?fref=ts As you come into Moo 14, follow the road, and as it bends to the right slightly, there is a 7-11 on your left. On the opposite side of the road, there is a beauty salon or hairdressers. Look past it and you will see Phim's sign. Regards, Joe
  4. strange actions by our Thai handyman

    For "Scottie John" and others - I was just trying to be helpful to the OP, what's your excuse? Anyway my apologies, I didn't realise y'all were so sensitive and that you could be so easily offended.
  5. strange actions by our Thai handyman

    Hi there, I've read and reconfigured your somewhat disjointed post (below) and I think it might not be a scam but merely a Thai handyman seeing an opportunity to pass on some work to friends or relatives and earning a "commission". The fact that you soon came to realise that they were not plumbers and asked them to leave, should be enough for you to deny them access again. It may well be your responsibility to ensure that remedial works are undertaken by a competent tradesmen. It might be a good idea not to pass on their phone numbers or contact details, but it might also be that your wife thinks she might lose face (with the condo handyman) as she might appear to be rejecting his recommendation. I'd ignore it all and look for a decent, competent tradesman. Regards, Joe "Good day folks, yesterday I was getting ready to go out when there was a knock at the door. My wife answered and after five mins came and explained that it was our handyman who does the odd jobs in our condo building and that he wanted the phone number of the ''plumber'' we used last year; as the results of his '' work'' was affecting all the condo's in our building. This person who was at our condo for about an hour last year, was no more a plumber than I am but he was recommended to the wife by another person who works in our building, (so I could not understand why they asked us?) By this time my wife wanted me to phone the owner of our condo. I explained to her that as far as I was concerned all this was nothing to do with the owner or us and was more of an issue with the Thai who works in the building and the '' plumbers'' (sorry, the couple of Thai people who said they were plumbers), but they did not know that water runs downhill not up hill. They did have some tools but I asked them to leave as soon as I realised how inept theybility to s your responsi were. I hear now, they are coming back to fix whatever they have done, but the wife is adamant that it is up to us to get it fixed. But she forgets that when she told me she had a number of a plumber that was recommended by the people who work at our condo, I thought it was the condo management. But it appears she asked the old fella who replaces lightbulbs and such and who has a brother who is out of work. Not certain who is at fault but a few friends I have spoken to seem to think it is a scam."
  6. Bagels

    Information that's about as useful as a chocolate teapot! You do know this is the Chiang Mai forum?? Regards, Joe
  7. I wonder why Ms Yingluck Shinawatra hasn't looked for representation fom the myriad envious barrack-room lawyers on Thai Visa forum? Surprisingly (or not!) they all seem quick to voice their (expert?) opinions which are of course, in the main neither justified nor relevant. Regards, Joe
  8. ....and this is drivel too! Joe
  9. And so we slide into even more obscure posts! Because really, what does this have to do with the 1200 bhat price for a songthaew ride to Doi Suthep????
  10. Extradition of Yingluck not easy: PM Prayut

    Yes...Thailand would be run more effectively and efficiently!
  11. Lampang

    I went there once....nuff said! Regards, Joe
  12. Perhaps there are tourists (Farangs AND others) who try to "negotiate" themselves out of previously quoted prices for services and who take part in low-level thefts as described by the OP. But surely if, as you (or your Thai friends) claim, these events were taking place on the scale you indicated (i.e. "this is happening on a much larger scale than we get to hear about"), why the deafening silence? If this was true would we not already have heard and been made aware of what's happening by the Thai "victims" shouting and screaming from the rooftops? After all, they're not usually slow in blaming farangs and tourists for everything else. BUT really, there's no context here. How does what you say compare with, for instance, farangs who are daily subject to the iniquitous, discriminatory 2-tier pricing system which operates almost everywhere and farangs who have dealt with unscrupulous Thais providing services who frequently attempt to renegotiate previously quoted prices in the middle of a job and then blackmail their clients by threatening to leave if there's no additional money (not forgetting that they will already have had a reasonable deposit, whilst at the same time charging for top class materials and buying cheap inferior products). I suggest that the above examples are at least comparable with the unreported stories your friends and business owners told you. Regards, Joe
  13. How many CM condos?

    ....and then there are other "condos" like the Smith Residences which aren't called condos. Regards, Joe
  14. Upset people

    And so you have to prove the point being made with your inane response... Joe
  15. John's Place

    So now irregular? Joe