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  1. In retrospect I think everyone reading the TV posts on this subject understands that the radio interview with the woefully inadequate, second-rate, British Embassy staffer was less than useful. Not least of all because the responses to the questions were either ambiguous or just plain wrong and which were only prompted by the gentle, obsequious probing by a sycophantic interviewer, (which didn't help either)! For goodness sake, as a result of the furore generated by this statement why on earth has this not been followed up? Would it not be reasonably easy for "The Nation" newspaper (aka ThaiVisa?), to use their investigative-reporting clout to get the British Embassy to come up with some useful and meaningful answers to the important questions regarding their (the British Embassy's) decision to stop the "Pension Letters" with no prior consultation with members of the ex-pat community and even more disgracefully, having known about it and kept it secret, since May 2018? This high-handed attitude surely has to stop! Regards, Joe
  2. My letter which is the same in all respects and with the disclaimer is dated April 2018. So before the MAy meeting. Joe
  3. Another baseless, pointless, unhelpful, unjustified, useless, comment, adding nothing of value to the conversation.
  4. And this is the important paragraph at the bottom of the British Embassy letter which has not been reproduced above. "The service provided by the British Embassy, Bangkok on this document should not be taken as to certifying that this document is binding in law (whether UK or otherwise). Individuals are advised to seek independent legal advice as to the validity of this document under the relevant law." Regards, Joe
  5. 1) "Thai immigration will never accept foreign documents as main proof of revenues" Well that's just complete guesswork on your part. 2) And when you say "it seems etc., etc." Well that just means you don't have a clue as to what might happen, any more than me or anyone else. It would be a good idea if you stopped guessing and making erroneous statements. Joe
  6. But they don't have to! The applicant can easily do that with letters and statements from their pensions providers! Joe
  7. Again you miss the point! I said " why do those ex-pats who have the 800k/400k funding solution readily avalable even feel the need to comment on this worrying situation (apart of course, from glorifiying in their smug, vainglorious sarcasm)?" Your response only serves to reinforce MY comment. This isn't about you losing interest on your funding... Joe
  8. <Sigh> "Cost benefit analysis" Yet another assumption! Joe
  9. Well that's not right either...Really, I don't know why you are being so intransigent about this. An auditable trail for pension incomes is easily provided. I and many others like me can provide proof of monthly and annual income via letters and statements from our pension providers. Joe
  10. Well, we're going to have to agree to differ, inasmuch as one deposit of 800k / 400k deposited annually, 3 or so months prior to the visa renewal also doesn't necessarily qualify as income. Joe
  11. Also (while I'm on a roll), why do those ex-pats who have the 800k/400k funding solution readily avalable even feel the need to comment on this worrying situation (apart of course, from glorifiying in their smug, vainglorious sarcasm)? Joe
  12. I couldn't agree with you more...why on earth does an easily workable solution seem (at the moment) so difficult to put in place? Joe
  13. Does anyone know if any other embassies in Thailand use / have used the British embassy verified "Pension Letter" process? Because... 1) If yes, are those embassies going to have to change their system(s) as well? 2) If no, (that is the British Embassy is the only embassy offering verified "Pension Letters") it beggars belief that the embassy can't be a little more sympathetic and helpful to British citizens living in Thailand by providing a reasonable and workable solution to a problem created by them, that will satisfy the Thai immigration authority's requirements without being too onerous. Regards, Joe
  14. Shoeless Joe

    Wealthy Malaysian Man Caught on Video Beating a Parking Attendant Over 72 Cents

    Please don't make assumptions - it might just be because this is Thai Visa Forum, not Malaysia Visa Forum and besides there's already enough beatings going on daily in Thailand for us to complain and worry about. Regards, Joe