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  1. Friend of mine is considering and he is allowed by the juristic comitee to partially enclose his balcony about 3,5 Meters wide in order to extend his kitchen all the way till the edge of his balcony. Did anyone do this and what did it cost? He needs to break down his kitchen wall then built a new wall at his balcony edge and put the upperpart full with windows and then reattach his sink and the under the sinc cabinets and his counter top to the new wall. What costs should he expect? He also need to close the side of his extension on one side with a wall and upperpart window. He still can use 50% of his balcony since its about 7 meters in total.
  2. So whats the conclusion and best options to select from for windows and sliding doors in Thailand?
  3. Engagement and sin sod

    Yeah however I don't recall even once that a thai gay paid sin sod to the farang gay but would be nice for a change.
  4. Engagement and sin sod

    When a farang gay and a thai gay marry why then the farang gay needs to pay the Sin Sod?
  5. Engagement and sin sod

    Yeah me neither just get ur own house in the isarn town for goodness sake.πŸ˜ƒ
  6. I never heard of infrared glass.. I just said laminated glass bit be ok to replace ur current glass with for noise and some heat reduction and its thicket then ordinary glass. Now only need find someone who can install it.
  7. Engagement and sin sod

    So u moving in what rent is ur mother inlaw going to charge u?
  8. Prayut wants law and order in Pattaya, Jomtien Beach

    So the new plan is to close the shops nearby the beaches?
  9. I do think the car had to let the bike pass but the farang driver wasn't paying attention in his mirrors so he need pay compensation to the Thai.
  10. U tried with some big Bangkok glass shops? They might consider to take jobs for Pattaya. Yes seems laminated glass best option as it blocks most uv and has strong sound reduction.
  11. Hi just get the double glass windows and framing and let us know how much of an improvement this has been. I confident there is an company most likely in Bangkok who can do this and for an readonable price.
  12. Och its a he? U sure that?😁 near the ground what?
  13. Slightly off topic But maybe u can invite Kittenkong for a nice meal probably u both do not so much differ opinions in the end.πŸ˜ƒ