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  1. Fine these chinese for breathing Thai oxygen.
  2. What towns in Phuket will the bus exactly stops?
  3. Maybe next week we read : Bad German deported and blacklisted for doing charity work without proper permit.
  4. Seems like ordinary holiday makers to me just coming herr for beaches and temples.
  5. How about the Royal Phuket Marina i read there was also a land encroachment issue?
  6. I once had guys to change some locks and fix my sliding doors they looked confused from the start and they brought the wrong locks materials still he drilled 2 holes in my slide door frame. I asked why u drill the holes this will never fit still no answer seems he just wanted to do something. I asked can u please stop with this job and so they left. I tried another company the next day excellent job so i use them for all window issues.
  7. Do u have his phone number? I will ask him to paint a wall in my kitchen so with his style he will end up repainting my whole condo.
  8. Seems he doesnt cut costs by eating less.
  9. Instead of a broom use an Excavator.
  10. Seems the approach of the police was we wait till this couple goes back to Europe case solved.
  11. Bangkok police reduce speed on eight roads to 50 km/h

    Most roads should he 50 km especially theprasit jomtien fine all who ignore the speed limit..
  12. Malaysia honestly i never meet anyone who said they liked it there. Still i had to see it myself and of course it sucked totally.
  13. This might help 49%-51% change it in 100%-0%.