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  1. The police knew that 3 Thaise dont have the guts to rob one big African ehm i mean British strong looking male. So it was obvious for them a made up story..
  2. The scumbag will never see a police station..
  3. Destiny1990

    Testosterone, steroids, etc.

    If i take zinc supplements for a couple of days in a row i become uncomfortable in my thinking process. like my memory start functioning less..
  4. Why they hide the video footage? close bar jail them fine them pay all medical..
  5. I surely believe those sweethearts but just to be sure may we see the cctv images from the moment he walked it and landed heavily injured on the floor? we all know Pooks is hanging full with cams so if not release the video then close that joint down 6 months and arrest them all and pay fines and his medical but will never happen
  6. Destiny1990

    Testosterone, steroids, etc.

    Steroids usage will make u feel more warm not sure that’s what u want while living in Thailand.
  7. Destiny1990

    Can stolen iPhone be disabled?

    Its combination of fingerprint and a number code for an i phone six... i dont think thieves can enter the phone.
  8. No wais or 500 bht fine for this Columbian scumbag.. 50 plus years sentence range.
  9. Wild monkeys on ur roof or elephants in ur backyard back home they wouldn’t believe it..
  10. Destiny1990

    Reform of drug laws begins as bill passes first reading

    Sooner or later its legal every where.
  11. We all know that Trump gives BJ to Putin..
  12. Well its good they made a new law here that farangs can not walk with guns around even if its filly licensed now maybe they can draft that law also for their own kind? way to easy to get guns here gun possession 3 years jail mandatory!
  13. Also u need to show photos of ur partner and what side of the bed ur sleeping this is all very important information for security matters.
  14. Obviously he doesn’t care about some run over tourists!