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  1. Exactly its obvious chinese can never complain or be turned down about some poor hygiene of their date.Getiatrikid just made up a non issue.Its really a language issue and or that they really been brought up with the idea to only date same race!!
  2. I cracked it by accident i bumped into one in the 7/11 u will get their attention 😀
  3. Maybe u can sign up as a volunteer traffic cop overhere.
  4. The aggressive stray dog issue in thailand is non existing in comparison with Bali.
  5. I mainly see mostly thais running up and down the hill for exercise none of what u describe however the area does need an upgrade as its dark and isolated etc.
  6. Nice tip of the Jap tourist and the Thai cab driver fully deserves it!!
  7. Some songteaw pratumnak lines would be pratical for tourists and they would be less of a target if indeed that is a doggy spot.
  8. Thats weird ur lawyer is saying that even 30 years leases are of the table?Time to change lawyer
  9. Just buy the cheapest pan available than give it to your wife and let her use it only in your outdoor kitchen.I assume this is exactly what most of these Isaan farang expats have done.
  10. I am very positive about the new subs and eventhough the waters nearby are only 25 meters deep its an marvelous asset to own.
  11. U probably look very gay...
  12. Frankly they not seem flirting at all they just busy with their selfie sticks.I do not think Chinese people may look down on anyone else their hygiene so thats not a valid concern.
  13. Gays and parks such a nice fit.
  14. The guy makes good sense all together hope they will listen to all his arguments and implement them.