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  1. Well reading a book is certainly less expensive.
  2. Seems the fun is over i said why raid bars with proper paperwork while there are lots of joints without any paperwork?ps: i like parks and beaches much more then these annoying joints at WS.
  3. lots of these gogos at WS have no title deeds and are buildt on Beach Land, so why u think they should be allowed to be open?
  4. How many times a big sin sod would this creature haggle out of dumb farangs
  5. Maybe they place some bins so people dont litter.
  6. Demolish the whole street then fill it up with offices, call centers, banks.😃
  7. The ones that are not even supose to be there should not be allowed to open.
  8. Some bars at ws should not even be open at all..
  9. Smells like she sells a scam program.
  10. Start of a new project usually loads of workers involved then time passes u see less and less workers active at the construction dite and the progress goes really with a slow pace...
  11. Probably another great visa plan but that unfortunately nobody likes.
  12. Would the death penalty be enough punishment?