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  1. Nice that he is not finger pointing that would be over the top.seems that ladyboy has some mental health issues.
  2. They are some here but a lot are fake....locationship wise
  3. Since how many days? yes not many yanks in thailand just on this website
  4. The pattaya Waterfront any bargains there to flip flop?Talking about balls deep 😀😃.
  5. I dont think so if they get apprehended they get jail terms.The drunks who beat up the elderly uk couple in hua hin got 2 years each without parole or bail.
  6. Yes a very annoying bunch..They talk about vehicle speed limits in Thailand while they never even been here once.Whats that all about than?
  7. Mate stop talking about usa.u could not even locate Thailand on a map under ur nose.Thailand also has civil courts duh!
  8. Okay and after all taxes are paid there is still is some profit left?Maybe u better start a renovating company to avoid your seller and buyer taxes and less risk for u whrn unable to sell it off.i remain somewhat skeptical that after u lay new tiles and break away some wall etc and paying ur buyer and seller taxes that there still a profit?.Developers will give discounts to any buyer on completed developments with units left so prospect buyers can go directly to the developer negotiate a price than upgrade the flat same as yours and that price should be way lower than urs imho😀
  9. Another one who cant stop talk about the usa.Funny thing is that i never meet usa folks in Thailand however its the majority of the posters here very odd!!
  10. The only noise i heard there is of these elderly folks walking around at early mornings with there golf shoes on the congrete road click clack click clack.
  11. How can all these bikes transport the Thai Cambodian border without any documentation?
  12. You know what really is popular in Thailand? Flip flops!
  13. Okay so than these (new)units that u buy of the developers they barely need any renovation i guess just some curtains and a tv at the most.How is it you can find a buyer who pays u significant more and the develop can't find them?