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  1. Happens at many airports in the world usually stops when cctv is installed.
  2. To many lies and to many meetings with Russians.They keep adjusting their story or they resign.What an embarrassment!
  3. If i buy doner then only from non moving shops. This way u can always back track them in case of stomachache.
  4. He learned it from his seniors. That could be a new lead och well never mind.
  5. Clear case for Impeachment better the Vice President becomes number one.
  6. Its correct the tourists do not understand exactly what to fill in at airport customs.Then the language difficulty mounts to more delays in the airport custom line up and aggression frustration on both sides.Tourists also do not understand the 24 hour notification rule which only exist in Thailand this results in frustration at the immigration offices.Russians chines etc shouting at immigration officers in their own language! Result lots of tourists stay for a shorter period in Thailand they do not extend their visa but instead they travel to another nearby country that has less complicated rules!
  7. They might get these useless and annoying taxis and tuktuks out from the Patong streets but for how long?days ,or weeks at most.They be back these transportation guys they are good at waiting it out u know.
  8. Kids should have been granted to see their dad and gotten a free ride back home including their bikes.
  9. Ladyboy bar...ehm och sorry mistake i mean the sports bar in soi Bukaw not the ladyboy bar i never go there of course.
  10. Does it also means no more tuktuk parking in Patong?
  11. Lalalalaa Lalalalaa hey hey hey goodbye!
  12. Glad Pattaya beach is decent again.
  13. most be some mistake.He will counter claim this soon with defamation charge.Chiang Mai its karaoke joints always have been top notch.
  14. Thats way too dangerous to send these young kids back on these bikes.
  15. Sorry that comment was for the Mercedes drives who got 5 years i meshed it up.