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  1. Bali Hai renovation moving along

    Does not look like a park. Parks usually have majority in a green color.
  2. Firing a shot is making only a threat???
  3. The dad is so right its a Murder attempt..
  4. Pattaya 9 Karat Condo 138 Rooms For Auction

    U mean the developer still owns unsold unused units after all these years.
  5. Pattaya 9 Karat Condo 138 Rooms For Auction

    What are they being sold for? Sqm?freehold?
  6. Pattaya 9 Karat Condo 138 Rooms For Auction

    So who is selling these karat units?
  7. 10 years prison for everyone of that scum that kicked these guys in the head on the ground.
  8. Why farmers can still use that ? Very ridiculous
  9. First Trip to Pattaya - Have I missed Something?

    Try parasailing its very safe for u.
  10. The future of Pattaya? The Future of Thailand?

    In 100 years people will still say Pattaya, Patong etc are nearly lost but i think these towns will easily survive us all and always going to draw mass tourism. Famouse cities in Europe all got mass tourism but they are not lost either.
  11. What with that failed skyscraper at Bali Hai pier has it been demolished yet or refunded?
  12. So make the thread then: what do u like most about your thai ladyboy?
  13. Changing the color and fabric of bed wall board

    Hi Next the exit of boat lagoon is on the left side that gasoline station on the main road.
  14. Hi i like to change to color and the material of my bed wall head board. Where in Phuket can they do this? Now its some sort of woven fabric but i like it to get changed into skai.