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  1. Those involved have already been warned that they face charges in the matter giving them a fair chance to state their actual involvement. And time to buy an alibi or do a runner !!
  2. In some areas they're not even in the 20th century yet!!!
  3. UK state pension is not a charity pay-out... you get out what you pay in!! If he's been over here 30 years then he's got next to nothing as far as pension goes... should have saved his Baht while he was earning over here to make provision for his retirement... now he's stopped earning he's become a "beggar"
  4. You don't have to step on anyone's toes.. just being a farang operating a business is enough to get you moved-on! Thais just can't stand any competition...
  5. Why say that... he cannot be in two places at once!!!... maybe the passenger was being attended to by the emergency services & he was doing all that he could!!! Unless you would wish him to have split himself into two & weep over both at the same time!!
  6. It's got something to do with "having ones hand in the till" !! It's hard to tell an owner to ban customers one day then pop-in to take your bribe the next!!
  7. Facebook uproar over nude coffee shop waitress in Sattahip

    I wonder if a "Frappachino" is on the menu ??
  8. A nine-year-old boy finished a one kilogram dish of khanom chin in just three minutes, winning the eating competition for the Thai-style spaghetti dish on Monday morning. Monday morning.... ?? as well as encouraging what seems to be an already over-weight young boy to stuff himself even more and be rewarded for his efforts was he "bunking" off school ???
  9. Seems to me that the average Thai driver morning check list is Fuel... check Water... check money... check gun/knife/machete/... check !!! ok... go
  10. Thai men told: get to work and make more kids!

    I can see the logic behind this.... The powers-to-be are slowly building up Hua Hin as the "west coast Pattaya" to boost the GDP in the future... they're going to need a lot of "workers" to fill all the massage parlours & bars.. just make sure the next generation boom are female !!
  11. No licence: 94,453 offences .... Something is very wrong if this is a true statistic... how on earth do they manage to stay on the road & evade police... ok...ok... rhetorical question. we all know they answer.. roadside "back pocket" fine... carry-on as usual!!
  12. It's a two-way street... availability creates demand.. demand drives availability... it needs to be tackled from both directions.. unfortunately the "availability" is operated by lets say "influential" people, some of whom dress in civvies others who done the "brown" !! The monies too good to stop the rot & as far as a directive from the government to put an end to it.. that will never happen as it has a direct bearing on Thailands GDP !!!!
  13. I think I'd have reversed a bit sooner !!
  14. Seven diseases under watch next year

    I wonder where syphilis , gonorrhea & aids are on the list?