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  1. If you're English or Scottish be careful... as the joke goes !
  2. And there-in lays the problem... most Thais don't know when it's safe to do so... some think it's fine at 100 miles an hour. !
  3. I agree both services have worked well. Having said that I do hope a new independant rail-line is laid down that will take the high speed train. And yes the all important inspection & maintenance programme which prevents any accidents as apposed to a heavy lift crane to clear up the mess afterwards!. And yes... crossing points will have to be 100% Thai proof !
  4. The real problem is as we all know that "influential people, government officials & police are usually involved in the practices. Either directly owning/running the establishments which use the girls or they are taking bribes to let them continue. Until these people are irradiated then nothing will change.. fining the "managers" does nothing while the real culprits always get away scott-free!
  5. Or the agricultural, factory, fishing & construction industry... but I guess they won't be checked too thoroughly?
  6. Possibly mother of five... if you include the one that got sold? & what's twenty-twenty? I'm sure you meant twenty two
  7. proper driver education, law enforcement, build proper infrastructure or to learn basic skills in charge of a motor vehicle. All these have taken place over decades in other countries. But will never stop an a-hole being an a-hole !!
  8. If they've got any other positions vacant I've got a kidney I could donate ?
  9. Yes... usually in an office with "branch manager" written on the door.
  10. What happened to doctor patient confidentiality? I'm sure he didn't expect his story and photo to be published online?
  11. After the last debacle with the two deaths on the beach & the farce of an investigation leading to the two arrests and conviction of the Myanmarese boys someone has decided this time no body will be found, no investigation is needed, so no adverse local or international publicity. Obviously the killers are still on the island doing whatever they wish and being protected by a corrupted bought-off police. people should just stay away from the place and let it slowly die a natural death.
  12. A bullets to quick, castrate him and choke him to death on his own instrument... as he's a music teacher he'd like that !
  13. Obviously too much !