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  1. Thx for your reply but guessing doesn't help getting a renewal next year... which is why I put the question out there to get some clarification.. if it's not ok they will not renew your visa in which case were stuffed ! My point was as a British subject now living here on a retirement visa I will have to produce evidence of either 800,000 baht in my account for 3 months prior to renewal or 65,000 baht deposited each month I have stated I have no wish to have 800,000 baht tied up in a Thai bank so I will opt for the latter. If I open a new account in my name only, deposit 65,000 baht into it each month then a couple of days later I withdraw the same to spend as I wish, will this be acceptable? I do-not wish for privacy reasons want to show all my other bank transactions, ie deposits, withdrawls including my wife's financial affairs as we have a joint account...
  2. One a day is enough to get you killed when the van driver is blind!!
  3. Just gets better and better... while the T.A.T will try and put a positive spin on this latest incidnt Thais will go on behaving like Thais !!! Good luck with the next incident!
  4. But he's capable of travelling to the other side of the world and get as drunk as a skunk and behave as he does back home? Stop making excuses for an idiot of a son... you reap what you sow! If you were a good parent you would have a better result!
  5. Yeah why not... send out a clear message do what you want at home but when you travel to a foreign country the same rules don't apply !!!
  6. Just a question regarding the rest of us who are here legally... I've lived here continuously for the last 10 years on a retirement visa... home country being England. As of the 1st January 2019 the British embassy has stated it will no longer supply a pension statement letter, which I have used before to support my renewal. The immigration office has requested that we now show one of two things: 800,000 baht in an account for at least 3 months prior to the renewal/application or 65,000 baht deposited each month... As a personal preference I do not wish to deposit 800,000 baht in my Thai account so my option is to go with the 65,000 baht per month. However I am not happy with showing all my monthly deposits/withdrawals within my bank book which I consider to be my private business, also I'm sure the immigration office will ask for photocopies of the bank book for records which I also am not happy about because that makes them privy to anyone who cares to look at my private financial affairs. So if I open a new account in my name only, deposit 65,000 baht at the beginning of each month and then withdraw the money to do as I wish with it... will this suffice ????
  7. Which he will duck so no problem there !!
  8. Thais show little care towards any pet that costs them money... The only benefit of Soi dogs is that they provide a free alarm warning of strangers.. otherwise Thais would have got rid of them years ago!! Place a registration fee on each animal and watch the streets or temples swell with strays... 5 million could be reached in 5 minutes of the bill being passed !!!!
  9. Nice to see the money from the government well spent !!!
  10. Agreed, I have some sympathy for the younger person trying to make a go-of it over here. I have some friends in their 30's to 45 age bracket... all have left Europe to come here. Selling what they had in their home countries to finance a start over here with their Thai wives. The money they had has gone into a business for the wife to bring in an income, other money has gone into a home, rental or otherwise and furnishing the place. Now they find themselves un-able to meet the 40,000 baht per month level because technically the husband cannot work! (not everyone is a qualified teacher) All they can do is help the wife in the family business... which in most countries is exceptable and what they want you to do.. WORK ! They make enough money to live on and pay their way.. as most people do they're working and accumulating finances as they grow older... no-one is born rich ! Now they find themselves in a position where the husband may be denied a marriage visa! Thailand is so protectionist that it's almost impossible for some to meet the requirements although they are making an honest living and trying to be good residents!
  11. It's all right to joke about these things but some people are really getting worried about their options... I'm talking about the younger person, say age between 30 to 50 who has come over here, got married and ploughed everything into setting up a home and business for the wife.. the only option for him to work is as a teacher (if he's qualified), most other things are prohibited.. Now they find themselves without the requisite lump sum in the bank nor the monthly income required... question is what are they now supposed to do to stay here?
  12. I hope Karma catches up with the green shirt rider... what a nice up-standing citizen he is !!
  13. There are no such things as lanes in Thailand... drivers use all the tarmac/concrete from curbside to curbside as one road... direction is optional !!
  14. Thais Thais in general see many things but don't usually say anything, especially when it concerns neighbours and possible domestic issues !
  15. Plus every other scam you can imagine that will get the unsuspecting tourist to cough up some ready cash... like the South Korean man hit with a 160,000 baht bill for a few beers.. I bet he won't be telling many of his friends to come over here !!