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  1. Which begs the question, if China results are looked upon with suspicion why come to Thailand where things are not all above board either !!
  2. I hope the Thai education administration is watching closely, as they relocate Thai teachers who molest young children from one school to another, instead of dismissing them from the profession.. at least someone has the children's welfare in mind !
  3. Out to lunch with the owners no-doubt !!
  4. If I had the "spending money" in my arse pocket I'm sure I'd be doing the sights !!
  5. Take another "good" look at the first photo.... the container is still firmly attached to the trailer which is on it's side !!! The trailer broke away from the tractor unit !!!
  6. Faster reactions than most Thais I know
  7. hotchilli

    Power plan ‘a setback for sustainable energy’

    Looks like a room full of waste emissions !
  8. hotchilli

    Warning of more wet, windy weather ahead

    Nakhon Pathom (A.Muang), storm Friday night with lightening, rain all day Saturday, showers Sunday morning to date 3 chilly mornings...
  9. Yep. As another post stated today, the rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer, profits are not being cascaded back down to all in a fair & equal manner!
  10. While I agree the Thai government should press ahead with the ratification to show the fishermen who is the real boss there is a lot of sense in what you state. Give them all they ask for & as usual they will strip out their own food source thus self implode, but at the cost of the marine life.
  11. All military juntas are a dictatorship, they cannot behave or survive in a normal democratic political environment. They will not allow in any shape or form an opposition party that has a chance to topple them in a free vote they will protect at all costs their draconian actions to cling to power.
  12. Drugs, quick road to riches even faster road to the jailhouse.. hope she rots after all the misery she's been pedaling !
  13. A child that is a shell of the former person due to drug abuse !!