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  1. To be fair from the photo's I'd say the load was fairly well secured for normal circumstances. However when some good Samaritan breaks heavily in front of you to "save a soi dog" unexpectedly then obviously the inner metal tubes were projected forwards & into the car.... not really his fault... Moral of the story.. sod the dog & save yourself !!!
  2. I just love karma in action...
  3. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    I hope they convict her of aiding & abetting a wanted criminal... she deserves some time in prison herself for helping scum like him, not only accommodation but getting him a job as a teacher is just too much.
  4. Exactly, why didn't they track the tusks to find out where & who they were destined for !!! This has achieved nothing in actually stopping the illegal trade !
  5. After finding out the money belonged to a deceased brother & no-one knew it was there or even missing I bet they felt really sick !!!!
  6. I hate to say it, but whenever I visit a temple & see so much cash I often wonder just how straight they all are or how much goes into pockets.
  7. Yes they tied the pipe down in the truck.. but ultimately it's the drivers responsibility to check the load before & during the drive home.. The responsibility lays with the driver as soon as she left the shop... they have no control after she has gone !
  8. The two attendants were kicked to the point of unconsciousness, apparently shots were fired & the police say arrest warrants are pending !!!! What the hell are they waiting for, giving them time to flee somewhere !!! Jeez just what does it take to get the police off their collective <deleted> & go round up these thugs & put them away where they cannot do any more harm.
  9. I wouldn't bring a bulky envelope... I'd just say to her, you're old enough to get into trouble, you're old enough to get yourself out of it !!! If you can't get out of it I'll see you when you're released... in a few years time when you might have had time to mature & reflect on your actions. She was brought up and educated enough to know better, so why waste more cash... save it for his own retirement. I always say "if you can't do the time don't do the crime"... that applies to all others & my own kids !!
  10. Thailand is for Thai people... there's no way they're going to open the borders for the refugees to flood across the border to become a huge issue here, let one in & thousands will follow I think Thailand breathed a sigh of relief when they headed west to Bangladesh 1) They can't speak Thai 2) They cannot support themsleves 3) They have little or no chance of finding work 4) Thailand isn't about to set-up refugee camps to house muslims for the next god knows how many years! 5) They have no citizenship as such, no passports & no documentation...
  11. yep.. the smell of girlies can draw you further than gunpowder can blow you !!!
  12. Police had yet to arrest the other suspect, he said, since the suspect was not at home when police visited. Priceless !!!!
  13. where the hell do you buy beer... more money than brains for sure? last night I bought 2 bottles of chang 110 baht (not bath) yes 55 baht each! local min-mart price
  14. Apart from the boats a budget was allocated by the Pattaya authorities to handle the problem. But those looking into an "incineration" solution are dragging their feet meaning that the trash is starting to take over the island. Meaning the budget got shared around & nothing got done.... sounds about right for local officials !!! A nice bonus each & don't forget to keep the trash below tree top level, no-one will notice !!!
  15. I agree, I read a post about three days ago from a Thai who represents businesses etc in the area, he said it's as flat as a pancake & pining all hope on the Russians saving the day next year !!! She's in cloud cuckoo land if she think's "high-end" women would sink so low as to come to a place like Pattaya.. they will go & do their shopping in places like Singapore or Japan who entice them in with real incentives to spend!