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  1. Thankfully no-one tried to do a runner & mow a policeman down in the street, they'd have to drop the charges !!
  2. Yesterday the head of the local spa association Sitphasu Thongsuk was the latest high profile visitor giving Paul the opportunity to tell Daily News how much he loved the Thais. And a cheap advertisement for the spa of course... why on earth would they otherwise be interested in a "burnt-out, broke" ex wannabie?
  3. He said they learned the trick by observing a previous theft by a senior worker who was then fired for the crime. In which case he didn't learn that crime doesn't pay!!
  4. And there lays the problem... this type of behaviour is socially acceptable by some "hi-so's" here in Thailand... as played out in drama's every night of the week on TV.. they actually think this is normal life in reality!
  5. If they weren't wearing yellow it would be hard to identify the real criminals!
  6. He'll be given the usual tip-off to switch countries when appropriate. Eventually he'll reside in a country without an extradition treaty with Thailand, funded by the family to live in luxury. He's got nothing to worry about, enough palms have been greased to ensure a smooth life.
  7. The "Chinese Trojan horse" moved in many years ago.. and sowed the seeds. I'm just waiting for the new road & railway links to be put in place funded & built by China, then lookout S.E.Asia Xi Jinping will move the rest of the mob in. Thailands elite thinks he's a very generous man building infrastructure for Thailands benefit. Here's a news flash... Nothing in life is free!! The "yellow peril" is on the march It will be payback time very shortly!!
  8. Now it looks like they will have to come back to continue to do what many in Pattaya fear will be a recurring theme: "Sticking a plaster on a gaping wound". So relieved you didn't use the word "gash"
  9. Re-enactment for what purpose? To show the public that after 3 previous crimes and a further rape/murder they eventually caught their man! If the police did their job years ago maybe this poor young girl would be walking around enjoying her life!
  10. Agreed, I live in Nakhon Pathom & go to Hua Hin or Pranburi area as my preferred beach trip. last time Cha-am was a nightmare the whole beach road was packed solid with Hua Hin becoming very congested at peak times if they're serious about expanding the airport into a domestic hub alongside International routes they really have to build up the infrastructure first.
  11. You are presuming of course that if they stopped to render assistance they would actually know what to do? As in had some sort of first-aid training or medical knowledge. Best thing they can do is call the emergency services & keep moving along so as not to block the road!
  12. Not only did he forgot to tell his friend but he also got tired and went to sleep, he could have at least put out a sign or something to warn other people of the danger before going to sleep Electricity & ignorance kills!
  13. Comes down to one word at the end.. GREED
  14. The list should be zero, it's protectionism at best, racist at worst!