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  1. hotchilli

    Storms To Shower Nation Through Friday: Officials

    With possible floods in Bangkok.... that's a no-brainer !!!!
  2. Yet another taxi driver without a licence !!!!!!
  3. With senior figures and the police themselves excusing themselves from the meeting it goes to show just what they think of the "set-up" as it is.. "Carry-on rip-off & bad service" Don't expect change anytime soon!!!
  4. And just how many beer bars have licences?????? What's the name of your planet I wonder?
  5. 500 baht fine for a crime that was unprovoked causing "actual bodily harm" is nothing short of a joke by the police! Police were in attendance, he should have stayed well out of the way, instead he chose to "help" the police by kicking the guy in the face while he wasn't looking.... a typical Thai move! Hope the DLT come down on him & the courts follow through to the fullest extent... Should have had is motorcycle confiscated as well !
  6. hotchilli

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    They always say a criminal wants to re-visit the scene of the crime...!!!
  7. Asking what the hell the principal is doing would be a better option !!!!
  8. Very doubtful he'll just carry on as usual without a licence! What about the motorcycle rental company, I hope they trace the bike back to them & fine them for renting to a person without the appropriate licences!
  9. Exactly... changes are made usually for good reason.. always check prior to vgoing to make sure you have all the documents as you do in most countries when dealing with immigration/documents/visas turning up acting ignorant doesn't get you a new visa!
  10. Not proof of anything you mention... they were targeting "foreigners who may or may not be here illegally" so why would they target Thais for this reason???
  11. So much for the treatment from the hospital!!!
  12. Firstly you have to educate the farmers about health issues in the chemicals they freely use now... then you have to get them to use an alternative.... Good luck with that one.... no change soon!!!!
  13. Feel sorry for the guy... he met her, fell in love & did the decent thing when she had an accident. She however showed her true colours soon after getting the treatment paid for... I hope karma pays her back 10-fold one day!