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  1. Negligent was putting very politely..
  2. Not usually held accountable for anything they do. Worst they'll get is a transfer to an inactive post.
  3. Submarines on offer 3 for 2 was just too good a bargain to miss ..... I just love Thailand.. can't wait for the U.S.A trade talks.
  4. An arrest warrant is a piece of paper and therefore easy to produce, serving it to the defendant in his hand is the tricky bit ! My monies on him staying elusive in the worlds exclusive resorts funded by the family. Why has his passport not been revoked or at least red-flagged?? or have all his assets frozen!
  5. yes but when sand gets mixed in with the oil the subsequent body scrub is thrown in for free
  6. It's the sharks along the beach road you have to beware of !
  7. I was reading a post in yesterdays forum regarding the cabbie & rape victim in Suphanburi, they said give it a day or two and a cabbie will be on here returning valuables to deflect the news... correct it didn't take long!
  8. It's not safe to cross a road anywhere, not even on a crossing. She should have got a move on instead of just ambling across & kept checking both ways as she walked. The motorcyclist must have seen her but didn't seem to do much to avoid her. Both dumb!
  9. As long as the GPS was turned on.... trouble was the driver was turned off !!!!
  10. nice try but no... your pic was depicting a "pot-hole" mine was of a "s***-hole"
  11. And he'll get another bollocking from the missus when he gets home !!
  12. It's ok don't worry, Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn & T.A.T minister will get together and have a cosy chat with the IMF etc and Put their minds at rest. The 10 year plan is to get rail/road/ocean links fully established from the Pattaya area to Hua Hin, once that is done a 10-fold increase in west coast "Happy Zones" will be firmly implemented & the Gross GDP will double accordingly !!
  13. Women with baseball bats. men with guns firing in the street, politicians bailing attempted murderers out... just another day in paradise... you couldn't make this stuff up !!!