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  1. Going to a resort for a break... Thai style 1) Clothes.. check 2) Money... check 3) Keys... check 4) Gun... check
  2. Pigs had less hope than the driver.. on route to the abattoir ... another case of fate or should I say ill-fate!
  3. Plan to cede police powers to agencies

    Actually they work very hard extorting money everyday... praise where it's due !!
  4. Try this :- "If you can't do the time don't do the crime "
  5. As always the subordinates are targeted while the "fat cats" live to corrupt anther day!! Ref's, players were blackmailed into fixing matches while the bosses make the money on betting scams.
  6. Hub of road carnage the award for 2017 goes to Thailand
  7. You should learn something about how snakes digest their food... definitely a good meal for a few months
  8. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    Amazing what a few greased palms can do.... immigration/police corruption is at the root of all evil here in Thailand
  9. New hair-do same old corruption... nothing changes it's endemic !!
  10. Guard Run Over By Doctor Wakes From Coma

    The good doctor didn't show any remorse for his cruel act against this man, why would he be relieved that a person so far below his own status is alive or not!
  11. I hope they give him time so his " almost severed tongue" can heal properly !!! Or maybe they'll give him a pencil & paper?
  12. Unlikely as airbags are designed to deflate immediately after deploying, specifically to stop what you are thinking could happen !!!
  13. Thailand will soon get a new "brand name" L.O.F.... land of fake !!!
  14. Police need to look around to see whose done a recent disappearing act, this guy would have done an immediate runner! Obviously she was vulnerable so this low-life thought he'd take advantage for his own short term pleasure then kill-off the poor women so she couldn't report him... I hope she can identify him so police can arrest him quickly The post said he took her to a hotel... does the hotel have CCTV or keep records of patrons?