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  1. It's ok don't worry, Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn & T.A.T minister will get together and have a cosy chat with the IMF etc and Put their minds at rest. The 10 year plan is to get rail/road/ocean links fully established from the Pattaya area to Hua Hin, once that is done a 10-fold increase in west coast "Happy Zones" will be firmly implemented & the Gross GDP will double accordingly !!
  2. Women with baseball bats. men with guns firing in the street, politicians bailing attempted murderers out... just another day in paradise... you couldn't make this stuff up !!!
  3. The new "Happy zones" must be working then !!
  4. Actually it's good news that both services have been suspended... how many other idiot drivers are within the employment of these two bus companies. Halt the service, get all involved into a room and sort it out, when the management can convince someone that they have a viable business fit for the purpose of transporting the public in complete safety.. Then and only then let them resume service !!! I'm in full agreement of the action taken, I'm sick and tired of risking my life every time I set foot in public transport. It's about time someone got tough.
  5. So if the BIB decide you are a criminal suspect, they can do as they wish. Fabricate evidence to show the court and then monitor who ever they want.
  6. Looking at the photo I think it would be a good time to put the bottle back in the freezer, instead of sitting around the table watching it. In these high temps and humidity things might start hatching out !!
  7. I don't think it was a copy-cat type of scenario.. He found evidence of her maybe having an affair on her mobile phone which led to an argument. he was enraged enough or felt betrayed enough that he wanted to commit suicide & take the life of their daughter as a final parting punishment to make her suffer as he had. I don't think that as you say "could be influenced" by others had done it even entered his mind. Whether you agree or not with his actions, if he was unstable enough in his mind, a very jealous type or was suffering in some other capacity suicide sometimes looks like the only way out. The fact that he took his daughters life to me suggests that he wanted to punish his wife's infidelity by taking something precious away from her, and let all family & friends witness it online. Simply tragic.
  8. Thainess or Thaisicknes as it should be called... I refuse to call them men... a bunch of scum ganging up mob-handed to kick and punch a single person to the point of causing serious harm. Brave person the one who runs in while the guy is on the floor and kicks him in the head !! I hope the police catch all the scum put them up against a wall and dish out some instant Karma.
  9. yes I agree, better than in the back of a minivan with a suicidal driver.
  10. Probably out of the back tray of a truck.
  11. Just Thai roads back on track to being the top of the leader board in road deaths 2017
  12. An apology wearing sunglasses & balaclava, to Pattaya for bringing their reputation into even further disrepute. Not to the girl that he molested while she was unconscious. The only apology I can see in the photo is of a man pretending to be a man !!!!
  13. After his arrest Lapworth initially claimed the crimes took place because of depression. yes I agree.. he looks very depressed in the photo.