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  1. hotchilli

    Complaint over breast implant gone badly wrong

    Staying natural & safe is better!
  2. Something obviously was lost in translation.. "stuffing the chicken"
  3. Yes.. but up-hill thankfully !!
  4. July's Confidence Index released by the Thai Chamber of Commerce has improved thanks to the improved image of tourism sector. With the only caveat being Phuket/Chinese boat tours !
  5. Election could be held between February and May: Wissanu The year is a grey area !!!!
  6. So what were the BiB doing between 3pm & 11pm Saturday afternoon... 1,0000 participants in a pool party doesn't usually go unnoticed !
  7. Just a warm up for the election...
  8. He said the people in the clip were all foreign guests who had come with Thai women and nothing to do with the organizers So let me see.. he's saying all the "invited" guests were Thai women... while all the "un-invited" guests were foreign men? Now I'm starting to smell an "opt-out"
  9. They have... it's a nationwide stadium !!!
  10. post tomorrow Honest cabbie returns 200,000 baht to customer who left it on his back seat !!
  11. hotchilli

    Teacher exams held nationwide

    Because the truth hurts !!
  12. hotchilli

    Tentative dates set for next general elections

    I wonder if they're taking notes on how Cambodia did it??
  13. hotchilli

    North, Northeast in grip of severe floods

    It's Thailand, it's the rainy season.. floods happen with very little understanding among officials about how to manage it or stop it... Just resign yourselves to the fact that if it rains someones gonna get wet !!
  14. Ban private cars in the centre of BKK from 07:00 to 19:00 only taxis and buses allowed.
  15. Because that's not the Thainess way of doing things !