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  1. 1. What level are you at? I am at fluent Thai speaking level and are able to have a detailed conversation with a Thai person. 2. Can you read and write Thai? No. 3. How long have you been learning for? I could speak fluent Thai after less than 6 months. 4. How did you learn? I actively studied Thai on the internet, books, YouTube videos and having to speak Thai with my Thai girlfriend (no wife) whose English was very poor. 5. What other languages could you speak before Thai? English and Afrikaans. I'm a computer programmer and published poet, so I have a natural passion and aptitude for languages. But most important is that I wanted to be able to speak Thai and was very driven to learn it quickly.
  2. Go to Bangkok Bank. All you need is your passport, tourist visa and very important - an international driving license which you can obtain very easily from your home country. For those people who have no work permits they only really require your international driving license.