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  1. thanks but as i have allready stated..she has been a resident 12 years now , last time she was out of country was 6 years ago.
  2. wife is thai i am a uk & irish passport holder our 6 year old daughter who was born here in belfast has also a british & irish passport 11 years now she has been resident in belfast ( northern ireland - uk ) yes confusing isnt it....... lol wife has ILR in UK wife is " not " working at present. we are still legally married can she apply or get irish naturalisation ? thankyou
  3. pumpjack

    my thai friend dying from HIV

    she is a woman born with male genitalia, she cannot bear to see or touch " that thing " so for me i will think of her as a woman as she also feels like a woman , thinks like a woman , looks like a woman , so a bit of respect here i think ! and above all a decent human being so i think your reply is BS
  4. planes all should have CCTV in this day and age surely
  5. i have known my friend since 5 years ago, she is a ladyboy and she is now 25 years old, she confided in me last year that she is HIV positive, this year she seems to be getting steadilly worse and today she said she does not have the power to get up from bed, she been losing her power about 3 months or so, is this the way things go when it starts going to fully blown AIDS ? she says she does not know when she got this disease. anyway, i told her about red cross treatment centre in bkk and she can get treatment " free " she states if she went to get this free meds then her name would go onto a register of sorts and everyone in her village would know and she would become an outcast and discrace her family, she says also that any employer would not employ her because of this register, is this true ? for good medicine she says meds are approx 5400 baht per month but she has little money . i dont want see her die, but have told her that she needs to get her life in order and start treatment. last week i sent her 5000 baht but im not prepared to send her any more, could she be lying to me to get money, she never once asked me for a single thing all the years ive known her so i guess she is being upfront with me. what would you do in this situation, i could not bring myself to let her die even though its not my responsibility, its just not in me and i think if i did see proof that indeed if she were dying then i think i would send her 5000 per month for like a year untill she was better and got herself into employment again, but its so hard for her, she was a receptionist in hotel and her salary is eaten up with her food and room and maybe 2000 left per month . feel so sorry for her. does anyone know the price of good meds in bkk ? a decent doctor ? any advise for me would be gratefull thanks JACK
  6. i have felt ok untill 4pm today, then between 4pm and now my knee has swollen like a football.....cant bend it...feels like water in knee but far far more severe plus in getting dizzy, so maybe infectiobn, im due to fly today 18-may 2018. but im in koh chang. i will go clinic in morning first thing but im running out of time, should i ask doctor for a no fly cert ...or will he give me one ? this is not an insurance job or a "i want to stay more " im genuinely in pain and dizzy.
  7. pumpjack

    BALI - can anyone offer advice

    is it dangerous ? should i change thai baht before hand here in thialand ? prices of taxi from airport to katu ? best town or city to stay & see ? thanks
  8. pumpjack

    BALI - can anyone offer advice

    great info...im going..thanks so much for your time
  9. pumpjack

    Idiot bank worker

    bankers draft ? take it home with me ...
  10. need to get away from this hell hole pattaya for a week , thinking either vietnam or bali. anyone in the know can offer me some advice please on either, prices , hotels, visa . i obviously want some girl company tips tricks & pitfalls cheers in advance guys jack
  11. pumpjack

    Idiot bank worker

    maybe a bank cheque / draft and bring back to ireland with me ? im not worried if it takes a little longer to process
  12. pumpjack

    Idiot bank worker

    just what i needed to hear, thanks
  13. pumpjack

    Idiot bank worker

    hey hotshot...your wrong !
  14. yesterday went to kasikorn pattaya klang, tried do international transfer from this bank to my bank in ireland, was told cannot sent in baht, asked why and i got no sense out of her. asked her can i use ( moneycorp.com ) so that kasikorn can send in thai baht to moneycorps bank and they would do the exchange rate, again was told " cannot " what can i do, i need to make tansfer of 1.3 million baht asap to euro - ireland
  15. pumpjack

    tennis club & muay thai gym advise

    theres allways one