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  1. best advice cheers
  2. my camera and video is working normal on samsung s5, but when i call someone on line app i see them but my cam is blank ( black ) what can it be how can i fix this ? thnks
  3. would the deisel be cheaper
  4. he got out of prison after serving 2 months " yes , im waiting also to see this 555
  5. it is 971 kilometres from pattaya to phuket. lets say its a 2000 k round trip. i want to hire car out today ( toyota vios 1.5 litre ) what would price for the travel be, im not sure how to work it out in litres etc sorry i am as thck as a plank with maths. would i be better hiring a deiasel car 2.5 litre ford ranger ? car rentals for the week is costing me 5000 baht so i am trying to do my homework and see if it is worth hiring a car or just travel via bus. i want a stop in hau hin - chuphon - krabi - phuket and samui maybe if time permits. then back to pattaya before - 3rd may to get flight home. may not have time , what do you think
  6. ur not funny !!! a young woman brutally raped and you convert to porn, your a very very sad pathetic creep !!
  7. i did a direct bus before from pattaya to hau hin, what about the yellow bus ( roong rueng ) i think i remember they went at approx 4pm but i dont remember and cannot see their websites.
  8. need get bus ( hopefullly today /tonight ) from pattaya to hau hin. can anyone advise ? times and price and whhere to get it . thnx
  9. my branch is in hau hin, i am in pattaya , when i make withdrawals im charged 15 baht per time. i want to change banks so can i go to south pattaya branch an make the change ? also internet banking, do i need visit my home branch to set this up cheers
  10. UPDATE went to office today, was going to pay today and go tomorrow but staff told me its ok to pay on the day, boat goes at 10am. staff told me to be there at 8am i laughed and said no chance 9.15am is quite sufficient.
  11. dear god, how can people be that stupid, spend billions of baht on a ferry service and they cant even make a simple booking website.
  12. looked on google, see nothing. where can i book this ferry . thanks
  13. the headline would be a lot different if it was farang who fell. anyway RIP poor girl
  14. what would you do , feed them KFC bargain buckets and throw in a television with cable channels ? if they want to die then its their personal choice ( mai pen rai ) .