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  1. it is loaded with all my freeview such as ITV player BBC iplayer and much more would it work in thailand ?
  2. you are very safe with 11500 dollars / 10000 euro / 9000 pounds at todays rates. ensure to stick to it or risk it being taken ...and they will take it !!!!
  3. this is the only way - 1. high protein 2. very low or no carbs 3. start to move more !!!
  4. i would like to learn muay thai more, i did learn some for few months on & off in pattaya but i got tempted to hit the bars and the girls ( usual story ) so now i want to travel to maybe surin or udon thani and learn it proper....but there is one more sticking point and that is i absolutely feel like a prat shadow boxing, every other aspect of muay thai i love the clinching, the pad work /sparring etc but i hate shadow boxing , is there a way around this ? also , if i do decide to stay in a big city like BKK or pattaya again are there any other good very physical martial arts i can throw myself into ? i am battling with some demons right now and this is the main reason i want to get away and throw myself into something that will take my mind off all my issues and dramas . i would like to be training everyday , even twice per day, so please feel free to send me any links / prices etc cheers jack
  5. seems like a lot of money to get started along with a major headache ......can anyone add ?? i know the wife and family love mushrooms !!!!
  6. watching this was like getting teeth pulled, it was excruciatingly painfull to watch the whole way through , notice him asking the food vendor how much is it , it clearly states on the packet it is 10 baht so why does the knumbskull ask ? he wants to try impress his friends back home in UK how he can really speak thai. notice him asking the hotel staff silly awkward questions......dear god ! is it any wonder that the thai people get <deleted> off with these stupid farang . )
  7. my wifes sons came to reside long term in belfast / uk approx 5 years ago under eea rules. though on the resident document is see that the dates of issue is written renewal sept 10 / 20 sept . im consused by this and dont know what to do about getting them new visa or renewal, document was given from liverpool consul ( mayeb ill drop them an email is it likely this is a 10 year document ? but why was it given sept 10 ? as wriiten on document? the 2 boys are working and have left school last year, their mum has ILR in uk. what is best approach please confused
  8. thanks joe, the more hours the merrier in my case. i will google something later when i am ready to make the move. maybe someone will come along and give me a link to some good schools/courses.
  9. best news i have read in years !! god bless tommy robinson !!! PS, what kind of a retarded prat makes these headlines up ? he is not anti muslim , he is not a racist.....if anyone of you want to challenge my view on him feel free to post your evidence .
  10. im not sure about the rules if changed or not but can i ask , if i was applying for the easiest ED visa what courses are available to me , i am interested in both learning thai and muay thai. i have heard people wingeing about this visa before and what is expected from them ie how many hours to put into classes per day / week, for me i would not care, i want an ED visa to learn not to sit slumped over a chang all day in some back street bar in pattaya. advice please
  11. thankyou, she hasnt applied for uk residecy because she came to uk under eea rules....also she did not know she could apply, no one ever told us, also we fought a hard battled with home office 6 yrears ago to bring her children to UK even though she and i were fully legal we fought them in belfast crown court and after 2 times they were going to appeal again !!! but in end we won and got kids here...uk & home office are a bloody discrace. islamic migrants with 10 kids & ex ISIS combatants get first class passage with all the trimmings !!!
  12. hope they kill him in prison...or he dies slowly from some horrible disease !!!
  13. thanks but as i have allready stated..she has been a resident 12 years now , last time she was out of country was 6 years ago.
  14. wife is thai i am a uk & irish passport holder our 6 year old daughter who was born here in belfast has also a british & irish passport 11 years now she has been resident in belfast ( northern ireland - uk ) yes confusing isnt it....... lol wife has ILR in UK wife is " not " working at present. we are still legally married can she apply or get irish naturalisation ? thankyou
  15. pumpjack

    my thai friend dying from HIV

    she is a woman born with male genitalia, she cannot bear to see or touch " that thing " so for me i will think of her as a woman as she also feels like a woman , thinks like a woman , looks like a woman , so a bit of respect here i think ! and above all a decent human being so i think your reply is BS