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  1. for my girlfriend i will pay it, preferably in Aom noi outside of bkk . budget 3-7000 baht per month . any advise please
  2. every bar in pattaya must have CCTV covering all areas inc outside on roadway where to hell is the CCTV !!!!!
  3. ok to settle it..... where to <deleted> is the CCTV ?
  4. wow these monks need some sort of sexual release 2 days ago i read on tv that a monk was caught stealing ladies panties of washing lines to sniff. sure its nothing compared to our priests here in western world, vatican and all of the catholic church is ripe with peadophiles !!
  5. i have a thai friend, known her 4 yrs, she wants to come to visit uk in summertime for approx 1 month. she will stay with me. she works reception in samui hotel and also has worked in reputable companies in bkk. she has an agent who said they borrow her money to put in bank to show for visa . this agent wants 20k fee , agent says she can guarantee but im dubious and dont want pay agent this fee then she doesnt get a visa / scammed. will she get a visa ? do i need to show anything and if i do what do i need to show ? cheers jack
  6. Rat caught on camera taking a shower like a human

    filthiest vile creatures...wish everyone of them in the world were dead !!!
  7. read the post !!!!!! i am asking if i need declare when asked !!!!!!!
  8. bit of a grey area here. im carrying £8000 pounds home its under the allowed 10,000 euro 1. do i walk through the nothing to declare zone ? 2. if asked by an officer if i have anything to declare then since i have under the allowed amount must i answer him and say yes i have cash ? cash taken from my thai bank from sale of condo last year, all fully legal.
  9. i have some stress at the moment , im getting very bad chest pains, pain is right in centre of chest. cannot take a large breath in without a sharp pain . to touch the chest bone and press it in very centre is sore. pain is constant 2 days now could it be heart ? muscle pulled ? getting bit worried about this and i should have went to hospital but i think to examine heart etc would be a lot of money . im due to fly home in the morning so will get checked when back. im in pattaya at the moment and wondering if i did suffer some kind of heart attack an ambulance would probably not even come for a few hours. i do have nationwide travel insurance . if i went to hospital how long would it take them to examine me and price ? cheers JACK
  10. i have one2call AIS 4 days ago i put in / top up 200 baht now its finished despite me making very few calls and little internet when my data and calls finish today i recieved approx 10-20 text message to prompt me to top up WTAF ? so now i want change from this network who / what service provider is best ?
  11. my eyes have really swollen, put tea bags on them today but they are same. ex wife called me yesterday from uk, when i answered she said <deleted> " why you look so old " ive had some kidney & liver damage in past but i allways look good and take care myself...not this time, something has happened wether it was sang som whisky or just too much beer. im actually considering eye bag / lid surgery went to bed last night and ate 2 big apples and also coconut water, will try take more coconut water everyday now whislt here. big lesson learned !!!
  12. lucky you, guys. i jjust been to 2 branches and got little or no sense from either. soi buahkao in pattaya and also the pattaya klang branch in that branch was told to go upstairs, waited 30 minutes then was told that this was international transfer section and go back downstairs. went down stairs and was told come back with my passport& visa , told them i want to only enquire about this account and how i can open and was told must go my home branch in phetkasem road in hau hin. i am tourist and allready have an account in hau hin, i have no visa, question .... 1. do i need visa for this FCD account ?
  13. want keep money outside of EU/UK at this moment, however i will need it in a couple more years. can i put money into kasikorn account then withdraw it in same currency years later or does it depend on rates shifting or fixed rate ? someone please explain in simple terms . i would ask the bank but every time i am in the bank its like getting teeth pulled