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  1. i would not count on a thai to take care of me in my last days RIP
  2. hey, what happened to the hi speed bkk to pattaya train ? wasnt that meant to kick off like 3 years ago ?
  3. do not travel in those mini vans ( flying coffins ) take a bus
  4. Greggs 'sorry' for replacing Jesus with sausage roll in Christmas advert

    insulting our religion " my" religion but cant or dare not insult islam !!! thats what the fuss is about !! political correct bullshit when it suits them
  5. anyone remember the back street brothels in udon thani and KK around 4 years now they are all closed. word was that the cops run these establishments and the girls were all trafficked from lao. i seen some myself and they did look pretty young
  6. you just want a 7-11 card to say you have a 7-11 card right ? nothing to do with handling cash
  7. dear god. what gets into peoples heads ? i was considering some small eye lid or forehead surgey but im reconsidering that ...seriously i am
  8. 100% i totally agree with the OP it is very very bad parenting levelling on abuse !!
  9. my wife eats "sh*t " for beakfast, deep fried chicken or pork, she calls this " barbeque " . she used to feed this sh*t to my daughter when we were broke up here in uk, even when i went to collect my daughter i would ask her what mama gave her for breakfast before school and she would say " a sausage roll, or a packet of crisps or some deep fried hot dog sausage " with some gluton sticky rice ( imagine what that stuff does to your insides ) absolutely no parental guidance at all and a terrible shame on her. now my kid is nearly 9 yrs old and does not eat the " sh*t " that mama gives her, shes learning herself and refuses to eat most of mums sh*t . my kid thank god is now eating cereal or fruit or brown bread toast etc. she eats a piece of fruit in school as a snack, she is still overweight which she gained when i wasnt around to be there but hopefully she will shed this now as she learns to control what goes into her body , she learns the difference between right and wrong food and eating habits. my wife is now very overweight , we are back together for only the sake of me being there for the kid but its going downhill again fast
  10. house rental deposit.

    no such thing as a verbal contract or a " gentlemans agreement " with a thai . you have lost it and you have no chance of getting it back learn from it
  11. dear god , that rotten piece of sh*t knew the guy was under his car and he tried to escape. words are beyond me, another hi-so thinks that he can get away with this , and the sad thing is ( maybe he will ) absolutely discusting !!
  12. hi-so v lo-so underdog will allways lose out in thai society
  13. 3 months ago i open a facebook group, then i got 1000 odd members then i decide to delete it, but i cannot, i withdrew deleted my name from the group and now i look there is a new admin , i message this guy to close the group, tell him i created the group but he has refused, members now up to 2k. how can i email or report directly to facebook that i create this group and i want it deleted. thanks jack
  14. its a well known fact that " brits " on holiday cannot hold their drink !
  15. why ? please explain im very interested in vietnam, the junk boat tour off halong bay is on the bucket list. by the way i find 80 % of phils woman are ....lets say not very attractive, yet to see a stunner but here in thailand i see stunners all the time