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  1. i have 2.8m i really need it out...ive had enough and ive heard enough of thailand recently......not putting even 1 baht back into this shthole. i owe some money to tax man in UK...the money is legit from condo sale , i sent my money over originally to thailand over say 10 years....ive lost reciepts., may have a few but do not think so, i could not have forseen this sssssht happening...........im hearing all kinds of rumours. nothing whatsoever here is illegal, i just want my hard earned cash out now without any hassle !!!! i want easiest solution ...please...inbox me if you like.
  2. take your smart phone out start filming the scene do not be cheeky or get aggresive just politely refuse tell them you have not broke law and you will post the video to youtube they will not be too long in letting you go
  3. liposuction...where best to get it ?

    thankyou but other hospitals were more expensive, yanhee gave me a quote via live chat last night of 73.000 per area.
  4. im thinking of getting liposuction , i need some advice on the following please... 1. where to get it 2. what is best most effective procedure 3. cheapest clinic, im really on a budget of sorts and dont want pay hi emd top of range hospital. 4. im not overly fat but have a beer gut with flanks/handles which i hate. i got this email below from a clinic in bkk, please read it and advise ........theyre giving 50% off .......see below - Dear Jack , Thank you for your interest in KTOP Clinic. Introducing our Korean-style Thai beauty medical experts and quality services in Thailand! At KTOP clinic, we provide most satisfactory result, safety and up-to-date medical techniques with continuous research. Experience One-Stop Korean celeb beauty standard and medical system for foreign patients in Thonglor, Bangkok. If you are able to send us your picture it would be better in order to give more accurate information. For now, here are information about liposciton that you are interested. *1) Liposuction * *We provide Triple Impact Liposuction.* Liposuction let you get rid of your excess fat accumulated deep inside the Body, fat are removed through triple impact liposuction. Triple impact liposuction results in a highly satisfactory well-balanced body by using* Water jet method + Power* *Liposuction method + Erchonia Laser *to design the body in detail and create a natural body contour in harmony with the whole body. [image: No automatic alt text available.] Currently we have Liposuction promotion going on this September going on. Liposuction Get 1 Get half-off Package Pay full price 1 area & 50% off next area (The next area has to be equivalent or smaller in value) *If you select our clinic, we would offer this promotion for you.* *Here some of Liposuction price* Liposuction on the Upper Abdomen is *62,000 THB* Liposuction on the Lower Abdomen is *62,000 THB ---Discount 50% off--> 31,000 THB* Liposuction Flank *53,000 THB* These prices are only an approximate price for the surgery; Therefore the surgical method and surgery price can be changed due to your condition after face to face consultation. It does make it easier for us to negotiate the price if you are able to make cash payment. *The provided surgery cost include all the medical fee below:* 1) consultation 2) surgery 3) anesthesia 4) operation room charge 5) post-op treatment 6) stitch removal 7) Medical post operation 8) Deswelling Massage Our Thai Board Certified Plastic Surgeon have numerous experience of performing \ surgeries on African American, Hispanic, Indian, Arabic, Caucasian and other diverse ethnicity. Furthermore, we will have a Korean Senior Plastic Surgeon from Grand Plastic Surgery of Korea who is experienced with \surgeries on patients of diverse ethnicity including African Americans present. These doctors will be doing collaborative medical diagnosis, consultation and design of your surgery [image: Inline image 2] *For more information* Please see our clinic introduction as file attached, *If you are interested in coming in for face to face consultation with* *Please let me know following information so that I can make a reservation for you:* -- With best regards, Ja Saesoo Global Marketing Dept Korean Celeb Standard KTOP Clinic +66 99 616 8846 | ktopclinic4@gmail.com Whatsapp:+66 99 616 8846 for instant communication 283/41 Home Place Building, 8th Floor, Soi Sukhumvit 55,Klongton Nuae, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 http://ktopclinic.com *https://www.facebook.com/ktopclinic.english * facebook.com/ktopclinic.arabic *https://www.instagram.com/ktop clinicthailand*
  5. yes this seems like a decent quote. i built a hi end bungalow in isaan 7 years ago for 460.000 baht and that included labour costs and furniture ! buy all the material yourself , do not trust the thais ! do not pay all at once, pay installments in every 4 weeks or so. do not build on land near her family home if you dont want screaming kids and nosy neighbours coming in uninvited be prepared to walk away from it as its never yours and what if she throws you out ....nothing is guaranteed and everything is a sr=trong possibilty of future failure !
  6. why would any self respecting hi so type girl want to waste her time swimming with turds & condoms and looking at the beer swilling fat & ugly tattooed dregs of society in pattaya
  7. need a break to vietnam, saigon. im from uk going to bangkok in october 2017. what visa do i need to visit vietnam for 3-4 days only. maight bring thai gf with me , does she also need visa ? any easy way ? thanks
  8. ive spent half my life in various prisons, im ashamed of my past. ive been involved in much much worse than these so called biker mafia . i say they are cowards, pussies, the scum of the earth , mere mice ! strength in numbers they think. i feel very angry then these fools attack woman and step out of line like this whilst in thailand . i would never commit a crime again nevermind commit a crime whilst in thailand, shame on them ! lock theyre sad asses up now !
  9. thankyou so much, im as thick as sh *t when it comes to this kind of stuff. so, i ask kasikorn to do the conversion ? my home branch is is hauhin so i cant do it in bkk or pattaya branches . i still use transferwise or moneycorp ? i bring all evidence of condo sale ? sorry for all the questions i just cannot afford any slipups
  10. look at his avatar...speaks volumes 555