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  1. no, it probably means 30-40 to a cell instead of 70-80
  2. koh chang hau hin chang mai koh phi phi or somewhere to definately blow your mind , soi 6/1 pattaya
  3. if a farang past even one of these fake notes they would be locked up in the slammer without their feet touching the ground !!
  4. thailand was and is a " land of drunkards " without the farang, i may remind you !!
  5. just read another topic 1 minute ago about the filthy vile <deleted> who raped and killed a 14 yr old kid. i fear for my daughters safety whilst in thailand....really i do !!! i will never trust my wife to take her out alone .
  6. i want to see street justice !!! for this sub human piece of <deleted> i dont want my daughter going on holiday with my wife ever again with out me present....... too many yaba/drug fuelled peados around. i do not trust thai men or thai teenagers around my 8 year old daughter !!! none of them sorry to say !!!
  7. i enter a souvenoir shop in beach road pattaya, bitch follows me around like a pain in the ass for 5 minutes with her angry ugly face tripping her , i tell her 2 times allready i am " just looking " . bitch shouts at me " look for what " i smile :) yes , some very very nasty ignorant thai market traders and shop owners , they make you feel like you need to buy if you enter. theyre attitude stinks
  8. 6 years ago i heard rumour about bkk to pattaya hi speed rail, then read articles about it was to go ahead last year. what the ....... are they doing about it now ? is it scrapped ?
  9. nope !! what a dumb f********
  10. question still stands , please be clear .....are there ATM machines before immigration, yes or no ?
  11. why ????? look here , its all perfectly explained -
  12. what a sad tragedy, for both of these poor people, involved, imagine seeing your wife do that ? so sad !!
  13. wow...how does this work exactly
  14. have these idiots never heard of tazers ? its beyond me the stupidity of some so called intelligent people.