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  1. How to stop auto renew on AIS?

    No, it's not possible to cancel add-on packages.
  2. How to go to Khon Kaen immigration ?

    Hi, thanks to everybody for your answers, I really appreciate them. Now, with PREM-R answer mentionning the footbridge, I have remembered the previous time, I have take a Songthaew but as I was alone inside it after few stops, it didn't want to go until the immigration and I had to wait for a new one ! Anyway, I'm going to try again with Songthaew, I believe I remember they are in front of the old bus station, on the opposite side of the road ? No problem to walk from Kosa to this old bus station, I have done it many times. Thanks again everybody for your help ! P.S. Thanks jeab1980 for the map, I have also used GoogleMaps to locate it.
  3. Hello, I have gone ton Khon Kaen immigration office one time many years ago and I have forgotten the way I have used to go there. Songthaew maybe ? Or what do you think a taxi will charge for go/wait/back (I'm Kosa hotel) ? I'm going for a 30 days visa extension : something special or different from others immigration offices in Thailand ? Thanks !
  4. One more go and back at Padang Besar ?

    Ok, got it !
  5. One more go and back at Padang Besar ?

    I didn't take care byt you're right about 1 and 2... Ok, so I must go to Thai ambassy in Penang or come back by plane to Bangkok. Many thanks to everybody for their help : I really appreciate it.
  6. One more go and back at Padang Besar ?

    Thanks for the answers. I know about this limit, but by the past so many immigration change were not enforced, so...
  7. Hello, I must leave Thailand in few days for a new visa. In 2017, I have already crossed the border at Padang Besar and gone back immediately in Thailand twice. Then, I have gone to Europa for two months before to go back to Thailand without visa. Right now I'm at the end of a 30 days extension in Bangkok. What do you thing about trying one more go and back at Padang Besar ? It's always boring me to go to Penang and to loose one page on my passport with a Thai Visa... Thanks for sharing your opinion !
  8. Where to buy cryptocurrencies in Bangkok ?

    Thanks for www.coins.co.th, I'll have a look. I'm not an US Citizen, but I'm not thai. Congratulations for your fine transaction in 2011 : I just hope you didn't sell your bitcoins when they hit 100$ !
  9. Where to buy cryptocurrencies in Bangkok ?

    Thanks for bx.in.th (I already knew localbitcoins.com), I'm gonna to check it.
  10. Where to buy cryptocurrencies in Bangkok ?

    Hello, Does somebody knows a place to buy bitcoins (brooker, ATM) in Bangkok ? Thanks !
  11. One way with Oman Air

    Ok, so I have flied from Paris to Bangkok with a stop in Muscat, with a one-way ticket and no thai visa. Maybe because I made an online check-in, no one asked me to show a proof I'll leave Thailand for an other country before 30 days. The two flights were fine, nothing special or bad (still, air-con was too cold), flight from Muscat to Bangkok was a little late (30mns), not a big deal. As I didn't sleep a lot in the plane and it was landing at 6:30pm in Bangkok, I felt asleep as soon as I was in a bed, at about 9pm and found it very easy for managing the jetlag.
  12. One way with Oman Air

    Thanks cnxbkkman. I'm going to buy an onward flight. About Qatar Airways, I read despite the ban, flight from Doha to Bangkok are flying normally.
  13. One way with Oman Air

    Hello, I have a one way ticket from Paris to Bangkok with Oman Air and no visa... but a thai address on my french passport. Do you think Oman Air could make me problem and refuse to board me ? I'll be curious to hear from people flying with them. Thanks !
  14. How to stop AIS super WiFi from Europe ?

    Thanks dddave and JamJar : as I don't have any number inside the sim card, a new nano should be the best for me.
  15. How to stop AIS super WiFi from Europe ?

    Thanks RichCor. I should be back in Thailand before end of June. By the way I have bought a new phone and it's using nano card and my AIS Sim is a micro one. I have read you can ask to a nano one and keeping the same number (or maybe "cut" your micro card to reborn it as a nano one), could you confirm specifically for AIS ? Thanks !