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  1. seancar29

    Buriram to Siem Reap

    Thanks for the replies, looks like a short trip to Chong Chom border crossing and then taxi. Appreciated
  2. seancar29

    Buriram to Siem Reap

    Hello all, my wife and I are going to be in Buriram in September for a few days visiting some of her family. We would like to visit Anghor Wat after we leave. Is there a bus that goes from Buriram to Siem Reap? Alternatively is it better to get a private taxi or is that not realistic? I look forward to any replies, thanks in advance, Sean
  3. seancar29

    Reasonably Priced Recommended Hotels

    Thanks for all the replies, I will have a look through the different recommendations and hopefully get somewhere booked for a few days. Sean.
  4. Hi all, will be back in Thailand mid February. Have a busy schedule planned with inlaws etc but thought I would pop down to Pattaya for a few days just to see what its all about. In all the years of visiting Thailand I have never been and thought it was about time to see if its as bad/good as everyone says. What we will be looking for is a hotel near the centre (not sure about locations) but as we will have already spent a week at the beach in cha am/hua hin doesnt need to be quiet. Where would you recommend for about 800-1500 baht, swimming pool would be nice, breakfast, cable tv etc. I look forward to your thoughts, many thanks, Sean.