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  1. Highly unlikely . Food poisoning usually has quite different ailments
  2. Sometimes you have to consider other things, other than money
  3. That is just badly worded , 18 years old is the legal age for getting married in Thailand . Sex for under 15s is illegal in Thailand .
  4. Some Males have morals and standards and they can control their animal urges to place their penis into a vagina .
  5. He asked you a question and didnt make an allegation Your posts suggest that you have an interest in the subject
  6. Cannot get married at 13 and cannot have sex at 13 either
  7. Stop, you will get some TV posters aroused .
  8. Times move on , things change , nothing we can do about that . I just think that its unhealthy for adults to pay so much attention to 13 year olds . So, lets get back on topic and stop discussing 13 year olds
  9. We should stay on topic , rather than talk about 13 year olds exposure to sex.
  10. sanemax

    Alcoholic friend in trouble

    7-11's are great for stpopping selling alcohol at midnight . Its the 24 hour mom & pop shops which are the problem
  11. Israel has every right to secure its borders and every right to allow or disallow items from entering or leaving its Country .
  12. They have all the materials there already for fixing the road , and they will probably divert the water for next time
  13. In many TV posters fantasies , they all are active at that age .
  14. sanemax

    Cloud Front

    I had something similar , it was a fake cloudfare page trying to get me to buy their anti virus , I used adwcleaner to get rid of it
  15. Update : *500 000 Thais were praiseworthy on facebook and one foreigner started moaning about it on Thaivisa*