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  1. What does the age of consent in France have to do with this story ?
  2. Thailand is number 114 in the list of murders per Country
  3. 176 500 Israelis in the I.D.F
  4. It doesnt , nevertheless, it would still be illegal .
  5. He may have had a reduction in price because he didnt stay in the Hospital as long as initially thought .
  6. Felt a bit uncomfortable watching the video , so didnt watch it . Did they state where and when the funeral will take place ?
  7. Has there been any news about the funeral arrangements ? Where , when and can we make a donation there ?
  8. We are talking about prostitution with underage girls in Thailand , we are not talking about getting married in the West
  9. I believe that BT didnt believe that he was really dying , that is different to "sought to hurt a dying man" .
  10. I cannot say, post your photo on here, so that we can decide whether you look like 67 years old
  11. I dont see why the British embassy would need to get involved with this . What would you expect the B.E. to do ?
  12. Yes, but there are also the majority of arguments among Thais where guns are not used , but they do not get reported . So, it isnt a "Thai solution to every argument", as you claimed
  13. The slot for the "500 Baht fine and a wai" post is still available , most of the other stereotypical usual replies have already been taken . (No one has mentioned the Red Bull heir yet either or started off a post with "In America , blah blah blah") Get in their quick
  14. The guy in the photo doesnt look like a 67 year old and he could pass as being Middle Eastern ,
  15. Dozens arrested over scams

    Do have have any opinion of this story, rather than just remarking on where the people came from ?