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  1. I'm not sure whether the U.S would have a legal obligation had the guy been a US Citizen The U.S doesnt need to have any "moral" obligation either
  2. On what grounds would he be eligible for that ?
  3. No, as the guy was not a U.S. citizen , the U.S. has no obligation to take any retribution Had the guy been a U.S, citizen , the U.S would have to respond , by way of expelling Saudi diplomats , demanding a full enquirery with the killers being bought to justice , sanctions or things of that nature . As he wasnt a U.S citizen the U.S can just shrug their shoulders and say "nothing to do with us"
  4. I was on an ED visa and I couldnt leave Thailand until I cancelled my visa at immigration and they gave me a letter conforming this . Immigration took their time in issuing the letter , which caused me to overstay
  5. If he was a U.S. Citizen , then the U.S. would need to respond/retaliate or just take some action . As he isnt a U.S. Citizen , the U.S isnt required to do anything at all . That why it make a huge difference as to whether he was a U.S Citizen or not
  6. It makes huge difference as to whether he was a US citizen or not
  7. He wasnt an American citizen he is a Saudi Arabian citizen
  8. Phew , open air crucifixions or private ones ?
  9. sanemax

    Macedonian parliament approves country's name change

    Yes, Macedonia have been trying to join the E.U. for years , but Greece have also vetoed their application because of the Countries name is the same as one of their provinces
  10. That does kind of prove my point , once the Police realised that you were legitimate , they let you go on your way . The RTP probably can not differentiate between accents . Regarding the visa extension rules , those are the rules for everyone
  11. sanemax

    Macedonian parliament approves country's name change

    Its nothing as dramatic as that , its simply the name . Greece has a region called Macedonia and they are unhappy with there being a Country also called Macedonia
  12. sanemax


    Hi Partner , we own 50 % of the bar each , I recently bought the shares in it
  13. sanemax

    Macedonian parliament approves country's name change

    They should rename it "Trumpadonia"
  14. Yes, I have nearly done it myself a few times . Just one step further away from the balcony , with your back to it , when you lean back , your body weight becomes top heavy and it would be easy to go straight over