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  1. She will not get a "light sentence" and a ferang wouldnt receive a harsher sentence
  2. The UK economy cannot be judged by the Pound /Baht exchange rate
  3. sanemax

    British grub

    Tikka Masala was created in the U.K. and therefore it IS British food
  4. Time hasn't "moved on" , we still have democracy where people vote and "realpolitik" is just a new word for people who lost the vote
  5. sanemax

    Stinky laundry

    Are you putting too many clothes into the washing machine and not allowing the clothes the room to get moved around inside the washing machine ?
  6. sanemax

    Brexit turmoil hits the pound

    U.K wants to be free from Europe , its what British people voted for
  7. sanemax

    Brexit turmoil hits the pound

    Thats very typical of "anti racists" , show a complete dislike of people from one Country and wave the "I'm right on" flag
  8. To be fair, people sitting quietly in Policestations getting killed by snakes doesnt happen very often
  9. I hope that they get caught and punished
  10. sanemax

    Hells Angels Pattaya

    Read your first post in this thread and it will all make sense .
  11. sanemax

    Hells Angels Pattaya

    Where does your knowledge come from ?
  12. sanemax

    Hells Angels Pattaya

    Strange response . No, not underwear !!!!!!!
  13. sanemax

    Hells Angels Pattaya

    Your claims of knowing what clothes H.A wear would have some credability