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  1. You need to realise that those days , days of chasing young ladies SHOULD have passed you by . You should be in the "been there, done that" phase of your life , Sad that you are still running around like the oldest swinger in town . Young ladies are for young men . 72 years olds should be with their 22 year old granddaughters , they shouldnt be kissing those girls in bars , thinking that they are 22 again as well
  2. Type of bitchiness that could only be learnt from Lek & Noi @ Good friends forever bar , Pattaya Soi 6
  3. My point was that there are other options , rather than a trailerpark or prostitute bars , for things to do with ones life
  4. Although, no one has stated any of what you claimed to be being a summary
  5. I must apologise for not speaking ill of Thailand . Thailand is a terrible back-ward Country full of stupid people and stupid rules and laws ,. Every other Country in the World is much better m every other Country does things right, Thailand does everything wrong . Please accept me into your group
  6. You must understand that huge amounts of water gets dropped on CM , the drains do actually get cleansed out , but its just the sheet volume of water dropped in such a short time span . It rains for a few hours , it floods and takes a while for the water to drain away , everythings back to normal after an hour or so , no big deal really
  7. They do seem to be working on the roads where they have been installed
  8. sanemax

    Foreign prisoners to be transferred home

    Yes x 3
  9. Most Countries have restrictions placed on the individual . Its quite normal for each person to be judged by what hes carrying . It would be nice if you could just read the story, without resorting to Thai bashing
  10. sanemax

    "Can you support me?"

    I dont pay my Thai GF anything either . She has her own house and we live separately and she pays for everything herself
  11. sanemax

    "Can you support me?"

    With your attitude , its quite clear why you need prostitutes . Saddo .
  12. I dont know , drinking and prostitution becomes monotonous after a few weeks
  13. The people who had too much alcohol on their person , are the people who committed a crime
  14. There is no "group allowance" Limits are on an individual basis
  15. sanemax

    Foreign prisoners to be transferred home

    Jails are segregated between the sexes