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  1. I do feel that it was a terrible thing to do, and I do feel that theres no need for you to make things up to add to the story
  2. I do walk past that area a few times per week on the way to the Kalare food area and I hadnt noticed anything untoward there, so, I went there tonight for a closer look and there are no gay bars there in the area , all the bars on the Foxy lady side of the street have gone, its now a car park and all the bars inside the night bazaar have all closed down and all that is left is a few bars , open bars, facing the street , everything legitimate.
  3. Hamas calls for Palestinian uprising against Israel.

    I think that you have found the solution to World peace there . If the Muslims switch their call to prayer off at their Mosques, everyone will live happily ever after
  4. What would be the legalities of this ? Even if the man was owed either money or the house , im sure that it wouldnt be his legal property to burn until the deeds had been handed over
  5. 3 empty pages will be OK , could risk just having 2
  6. There is no better way to cancel a passport
  7. Chiang Mai to Laos tourist visa run

    You could go to Vientiane as its closer . You can get a direct bus from CM to Nong Khai for about 900 Baht or a bus to Udon Thani for less than 600 Baht and an hours mini bus from there for 50 baht Theres a night bus from UT to CM at about 8 PM and from CM to UT its leaves at about the same time
  8. That is the bit that I was talking about
  9. Not sure how you can make a situation up about him dumping her and then call that perverse
  10. child abduction

    If your Child entered on an Irish PP ,(s)he would have an entry stamp , you could them take him abroad again without the Mothers consent . Mothers consent is only needed when the Child is departing Thailand for the first time, with no record of entry in his PP
  11. I ve heard that excuse before . How did the paint from the motorbike get on the front of your car ?
  12. I suppose that Israel wants the West Bank for itself . Jordan doesnt want it anymore , its there for the taking .
  13. Only its its six months in jail or longer and if the authorities decide too Could be if the Judge recommends deportation in the sentencing ?
  14. Although that report is from 2013 and all the bars in that area have been closed down .
  15. I now hope that you understand why I object to people making false allegations about the area . The allegation that you made is completely untrue