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  1. Then why do you keep them from your photo post you have children????
  2. Yesterday it was reported as a Chinese woman she saved???
  3. I don't often actually this is only the 2nd time that I have felt the need to respond to some of your idiotic comments. NO man should resolve to hitting a women regardless of the situation. Yeah I know this (culture) is different. But you choose to live here
  4. My husband gets senoir citizen every month but does not get ANY increases even though he pays tax on his personal pension blloody so still out of order. Rant over. Lol 555
  5. Scottdenny

    Your UK will written for 3,995 Thai Baht

    Jees why it so difficult to get anything done here we/you need a reputable attorney just for a simple matter of writing a will. We are farang/ farang and want to make sure that our children in the uk don't have a problem getting straight or even a sensible answer from various "lawyers/yeah I know 555 anu advice on this would be appreciated
  6. Scottdenny

    Another death in detention announced in Phang Nga

    Maybe be but before you comment get yourfacts straight someone has died just saying