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  1. Many rooms in soi Excite and side soi's off beaukow for 3000 /3500 a month. Basic no aircon. Where all the working girls stay.
  2. I walked into True at Big C Pattaya Klang, asked what different packages they did post paid. Got 600 mins free talk time and 8gb internet. 599 baht month. Took copy of my passport with extension based on retirement. Copy of electric bill. Asked to have bill sent by email. Had it over a year now with no problems. States on the bill that the credit limit on the account is 5500 baht.
  3. If in Pattaya and you go speak to them nicely and explain the situation they will help you out normally. 2 years ago I asked 50 days early as I had to leave urgently and doubted I would be back before it was due. They were very helpful.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing. The figures just don't add up.
  5. No. There is a 7 day grace period.
  6. Exactly my thoughts when I read the op.
  7. And what the hell has it got to do with a Thai persons opinion or anyone else's for that matter?
  8. Same here. 63 years old and wife 31. Been married 8 years with 2 young children. Couldn't ask for a better wife and kiddies couldn't ask for a better mother. Saying that, I did have a few relationships previously with girls at lot younger than me which didn't have a hope in he'll of working. Age dosent matter. The hardest thing is find the right one. That goes for both sides.
  9. Time to buy a new one.
  10. I prefer San Mig but drink Singha Light also due to being 3.5%. Oh well back to San Miguel I guess. Just have to drink less.
  11. I doubt that very much. It takes them 5 minutes to give me 100 baht change from 2000 baht. They still use a calculator to work it out and then double check it again to make sure it's correct. Mathematics aren't their greatest asset.
  12. If your thinking about going back and forth for 2 years then renting a bike is best option. Don't know about Chiang Mai but in Pattaya you can rent a new Honda Click for 10k for 6 months. Buy a new one for around 58k and in 2 years time it's only worth 30k.
  13. What is a virtual visa number as opposed to debit card number?
  14. After 14 years you realise you can't buy a shoe to fit you? You must be shopping in the wrong places. All the major shopping malls sell virtually all the top UK brand shoes. I have wide feet and in 20 years here never encounter a problem.
  15. But... My thai partner seems to think that this is grounds for me to get arrested if I go ahead and install without landlords permission, which seems completely crazy! I think your the completely crazy one.