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  1. I had my plate stolen and applied for a replacement. 7 weeks now and still waiting.
  2. Selling from a lease

    the yellow and blue book does not mean ownership. it is just the house master.
  3. New Color Blindness Test ?

    They will turn to (blind eye) if you have help from a person behind you
  4. You have to collect it, taking you old passport in to be cancelled.
  5. Medical face masks

    Wife wears one when doing the house work. She has a dust allergy. If she forgets to wear it she will sneeze continuously and eyes water.
  6. The basic cost for building the house will be cheap.it all depends on what standard of finish you want. For a European type house with a European standard finish will cost you up of 15000 baht a sq mt.
  7. Cost of living?

    Common sense really. Of course it's rising the same as everywhere else in the world.
  8. bin man - most discusting job in thailand

    To enlighten you.. Your supposed to spray your ass with water to clean it then dry off with paper. I dread to think what your bathroom bin is like.
  9. Where To Buy cheap Meat Beef

    You say your on a mission to cook this year instead of dining out but you find beef expensive in Big C. It would be 10 times more expensive to dine out so just open your wallet and release the flies
  10. Waiter's bad habits

    Happens to me often too. Then they stand there with pen and pad in hand. I just smile at them as they ask what I want. They soon get the idea to bring a 2nd menu.
  11. I just moved condo and went to jomtien with a completed tm30 and a copy of my lease . Unusually , Nothing else was asked for. I was in and out within 10 minutes. They Stapled the bottom of the form on my passport . They were turning others away for not having copy of house book and copy of owners ID. Must of been my lucky day.
  12. The word envelope springs to mind.
  13. At 1300 butts a day found and maybe only 1% all butts that are actually there , that makes it 130,000 butts per day. Some porkies being told by someone..
  14. Reset computer Win 8.1

    Why bother, If it's 4 or 5 years old. How much do you honestly expect to get for it? Not worth the time and energy.