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  1. Time to buy a new one.
  2. I prefer San Mig but drink Singha Light also due to being 3.5%. Oh well back to San Miguel I guess. Just have to drink less.
  3. I doubt that very much. It takes them 5 minutes to give me 100 baht change from 2000 baht. They still use a calculator to work it out and then double check it again to make sure it's correct. Mathematics aren't their greatest asset.
  4. If your thinking about going back and forth for 2 years then renting a bike is best option. Don't know about Chiang Mai but in Pattaya you can rent a new Honda Click for 10k for 6 months. Buy a new one for around 58k and in 2 years time it's only worth 30k.
  5. What is a virtual visa number as opposed to debit card number?
  6. After 14 years you realise you can't buy a shoe to fit you? You must be shopping in the wrong places. All the major shopping malls sell virtually all the top UK brand shoes. I have wide feet and in 20 years here never encounter a problem.
  7. But... My thai partner seems to think that this is grounds for me to get arrested if I go ahead and install without landlords permission, which seems completely crazy! I think your the completely crazy one.
  8. The stats don't add up. 200000 people a day in high season. In the report yesterday it stated they have 18 desks and it takes 45 seconds to 1 minute to process each passenger. At that rate they would need to process almost 8 passengers every minute of the day.
  9. They process on average 1 person every 45 - 60 seconds. That's 75 people per hour per officer. 18 counters x 75 is 1350 an hour. How many flights leave in an hour fully loaded?
  10. Last year my friend arrived on an 0 A visa but only stays for 3 weeks at a time and returns again 2 weeks later. I took him to immigration in Jomtien and explained this to them ( he had only been here 5 days) With a very small bit of persuasion They said no problem and let him do the 1 year extension then and there as he had brought all the necessary forms and required documents with him. Picked it up at 3pm same afternoon.
  11. You don't need to go anywhere. Just get your wife to sign the transfer forms and a power of attorney form so that the buyer can do the transfer themselves. She also needs to give them a copy of her ID card ( front and reverse) signed . All forms to be filled in and signed in blue ink. The compulsory insurance stays with the car. You get paid when you give them the blue book and completed forms. Up to them to do the transfer. They need to take the car with them to have chassis number confirmed with blue book. If it's over 5 years old they will also need an inspection of the car done there.
  12. Hmmm. Going to the extreme. Your welcome to squash 12 of you in a minibus. As for 5000 baht there and back all in a day.
  13. FACT. Insurance companies won't offer comprehensive insurance on a rental bike.
  14. Could well be his life savings.... He could use his pension income for his visa. Who is anyone to judge?
  15. I used to drink Singha at 35 baht a bottle in the beer bars in Soi Diamond.