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  1. Putmak

    Pension payment - Non Resident

    Thanks for the info’ Martin.
  2. Putmak

    Pension payment - Non Resident

    Thanks for the reply. Yes that is what I meant, Non Resident for Tax by HMRC. My private pension has been paid into my UK account for some years now. I guess the next question is will Santander be happy to keep my UK account open with a Thai address ?......only one way to find out.....
  3. If I am classed by HMRC as Non - Resident in the UK can I still have my UK State Pension and private pension paid into my UK bank account ?. Or being Non -Resident does this mean it MUST be paid into my Thai bank account ?.
  4. Hi, I’m looking for a supplier/s in Bangkok who can mail order (within Thailand) genuine Honda spares and after market spares for CB500X, CBR650F and CBR1000RR bikes. It’s the consumables and service parts I’m interested in. Thanks in advance.
  5. Brilliant post....spot on.......particularly about the EU bar bill...!