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  1. Pension payment - Non Resident

    Thanks for the info’ Martin.
  2. Pension payment - Non Resident

    Thanks for the reply. Yes that is what I meant, Non Resident for Tax by HMRC. My private pension has been paid into my UK account for some years now. I guess the next question is will Santander be happy to keep my UK account open with a Thai address ?......only one way to find out.....
  3. If I am classed by HMRC as Non - Resident in the UK can I still have my UK State Pension and private pension paid into my UK bank account ?. Or being Non -Resident does this mean it MUST be paid into my Thai bank account ?.
  4. Hi, I’m looking for a supplier/s in Bangkok who can mail order (within Thailand) genuine Honda spares and after market spares for CB500X, CBR650F and CBR1000RR bikes. It’s the consumables and service parts I’m interested in. Thanks in advance.
  5. Brilliant post....spot on.......particularly about the EU bar bill...!
  6. Two pretty good reasons then. Thanks.
  7. Many thanks for your info. Based on your comment re renting and proof etc it looks like Chaeng Wattana is a non starter ..... I am currently living in London and would not have an issue with the police report, medical cert etc, so yes i guess its a logical first choice taking your comments into consideration. Thanks for the 3rd choice suggestion too.
  8. I'd be living in Loei so my nearest immigration office would be Chiang Khan. I need to contact them to verify if they can do the conversion or not. If not then I would visit the main immigration office in Bangkok, and stay the 15 days there for the two visits to complete the process. Which leads me back to my original question...which is likely to be the easyer option. Non Imm O-A London or Non Imm O Thailand ?. Thanks for your reply BTW.
  9. Thanks. Out of interest can you expand on why London would be your recommendation please.
  10. Which is likely to be the easyest visa to apply for, the Non Imm O-A in London, or the Non Imm O once in Thailand (converting from a SETV). I can not apply for the Non Imm O in London as I don't yet have a state pension. The 800k in the bank for either option would not be an issue. Looking ahead are there any advantages/disadvantages for either when it comes to applying for extensions, (based on retirement). Thanks in advance.
  11. Many thanks for the reply. My local office is Chiang Khan, Loei district, don't suppose you know if they are authorised please ?.
  12. If you want to convert an SETV to a Non Imm O, based on retirement can this be done at any immigration office in Thailand, or does it have to be converted at Chaengwatthana only ?. Also when the time comes to apply for the first and subsequent extensions, will the extensions have to be applied for in the same office which made the conversion, or can the extension be applied for at any office in Thailand ?.
  13. Ok.....got it. Thanks. Ill not be connecting up this kit by the way....but just need to understand it a bit more.
  14. Ok, how would the earth be connected in this case.....please forgive my ignorance....