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  1. Ok, thanks for that. At least I know what a transfer switch looks like.
  2. Thanks for the advice...I guess a quality electrical supplier will know what a “transfer switch” is if I describe what I plan to do. Buy the way I repeat I know nothing about electrical supply installation so will have someone who knows what he is doing install it for me.
  3. The idea is for emergency use only. Perhaps just a few hours when there is a power cut. I’ll need it for some domestic lighting, fridge, internet....air con etc can wait until mains is back on. I would just want a simple manual plug in/un plug connection. Any tips gratefully received. Thanks.
  4. Hi Wayned, great information. Many thanks for your reply, and the Lazada link too. I was expecting it to be manual procedure to plug in and unplug the generator, so no probs there. All i need to do now is find an electrician who is capable of setting this up...!! All the best, cheers..
  5. To make life a little more comfortable during the grid power outages i am considering buying a small portable generator to "plug in" to the house circuits when needed, and "unplug" when the main power returns. Not understanding this subject i have no idea if 1 this is at all possible ?, and 2 if it is how would you do this, and what hardware would be required ?. Advice gratefully received.
  6. BUPA Udon.....

    I am considering buying a policy with BUPA, using their Udon office, and would be interested to hear about anyone,s first hand experience, good or bad, specifically with this office please. Secondly the same question relating to any BUPA office.
  7. Great OP al007. Thanks for taking the time to compose..... All the best.....
  8. UK Pension

    .....what a helpful post, nice one !
  9. What would you do to improve Thailand?

    Correct.....totally pointless post ....imo.
  10. Ok then.....how about currently flight number TG971 going out and TG924 inbound ???
  11. Many thanks for the confirmation....
  12. Quite right....I'm pretty sure Thai used to fly this route in the early 90's too....
  13. Someone I know comes in and out by air 5 or 6 times a year on a visa exempt, for up to 3 weeks at a time.....he's been doing this for longer than the 4 years that I have known him....never had an alert, never questioned....
  14. Then why don't all these clever dicks on here educate the immigration officers at Suvarnabhumi and also the Royal Thai Embassy staff in London to sort themselves out with the correct information ?......