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  1. Oh! and this one time I met a girl in Nana...
  2. Woman reveals secret to living to 111 is a shot of whisky a night

    Not to mention the secret 21 yr old boyfriend... Gotta have a reason to wake up in the morning ;-) Ya, that small amount at night time will make you sleep deep. That's the secret ingredient in Nyquil.
  3. Yup, have friends that run major aerospace companies/ex-space shuttle pilots/serious materials researchers, can drink like fish and still do their best and still be pretty damn good (funny) people. It is the effect on you and how you relate to others while under the influence that matters. If a single drink causes depression or makes you take things out on people, it is one drink too many.
  4. We were not able to get to BKK to pay our respects to the King, hopefully this will be physically available as a focal point for our prayers.
  5. Big C in Chiang Mai was restricting sales to 3 bottles at a time. I'd call that restrictive hoarding.
  6. Yup, Had my wild days and glad I did. Will be sending my kids out with a backpack for a year after college. Only want to hear 10% of what they did...
  7. P and S Market in Rawai is Closing.

    Sorry to hear, the downside to efficiency. Hey! There's a Ruby's at the end of that pier!
  8. Let’s see the junta’s exit strategy

    Well put Nation. The Junta is trying to get as much as they can on their side at the moment. The general population is in mourning and paying their respects to their beloved King. The King's cremation is coming. After that, the gloves come off.
  9. Ya but they are all George Michaels songs.
  10. They waited until he could get his legal ducks lined up as to where he can sit out the rest of the statute time on the last charge and then submitted the Red Notice on a charge that no civilized country would give him bail. I gotta do better with my investments.
  11. Barely penny ante for the whiskey drinking, 100 decibel, Colorado Thai Ladies Poker Social we would have at our house in Fort Collins. Of course, us guys were in a room down the hall attending the THC, Thai Husbands Club, over good wine and stimulating conversation. Miss those guys...
  12. I'm going to have to buy me a steel umbrella and start humming 'It's raining men..." if this keeps going on!
  13. UV hole opens up over Thailand !

    Noticed it myself. Bike ride from 700 stadium around Huay Tung Tao and back at a good clip on Sunday and woke up the next day with sunburned arms when normally maybe lite pink-ish.