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  1. And the Albatross from Master of the World with Vincent Price and Charles Bronson!
  2. Depends where in Thailand you are staying and that local Immigration office policies (despite being national laws). In C. Mai you must go in and get your TM-30 stamped (or a TM30 slip if your 1st time) if you leave the country and return even to the same address. In my case, I have a TM-30 in my passport where they will just add a stamp with the date and the signature of the officer to the original TM-30 slip. Wife is the renter of where we stay so we bring in the rental contract and a TM30 form filled out just in case (fill-in .pdf where I just change the dates each time and print). They even will give you a bit of slack on the time to report due to being overwhelmed some days vs others. Have gone in 5 days after returning on a Fri and no fine. On the subject of who reports, it is the owner or the person renting the house, both are equally liable. Our landlord is great (and busy) so we don't mind going in ourselves. Gives me a reason to eat at Dukes every 3 months.
  3. Not to mention Warren Buffet's Birkshire Hathaway is sitting on over $100 Billion of cash (about a quarter of the worth of the entire company and he hates to be in cash) because he can't find a company to buy that is not way over priced. I got out completely 6 months ago.
  4. Which pub for the Super (cold) Bowl?

    Going to be in a dome so nothing like the old days like the Ice Bowl in '67 with Green Bay and the Cowboys. With windchill it was -40F.
  5. Wife's brother joined fishing fleet in the south about 7 years ago. Did not hear from him for over 2 years. We even went down south to look for him. Finally he did appear (almost 3 yrs gone) and had some serious stories of brutality and examples made to keep the workers inline. Pretty hardcore.
  6. My every 3mo, 1 day up and back, visa run driving to Mae Sai from Chiang Mai is never a dull one. I usually put on some calming ambient music, practice deep breathing exercises for 20 min, make sure the Will is left out on the kitchen table for the wife, make peace with the almighty (hang a bunch of amulets from the rear view mirror just in case), and then back out of the driveway to go. Wife always has 4 large ice cold (only way you can drink it) Chang's in the fridge and nothing else planned for the evening upon my return. I then wait 2 days before any doctor visit to allow my blood pressure to return to normal. I used to use a minibus service until I realized that I was actually contributing to upping the odds of a negative highway statistic by doing so.
  7. The first album I ever bought in High School, right after it came out. Still have it. Actually like some aspects of Wish You Were Here a bit more. Saw them in LA for the Wall concert in '80 at the Sports Arena. Took my brother in his beat up MG that stalled on the way out and some really good herb. We still reminisce about that night when I see him.
  8. Lets not forget T.Rex Let's not forget...
  9. So this exploit is actually about 3 months old (from my tech security friends in Silicone Valley and T-Mobile). The reason you have not heard until now is each company had to come up with a patch and how to deploy. There was a due date of revealing the exploit to give each company time but is about a week earlier than original date due to news leaks. Just update your software and you will be fine. If not, now that the word is out, there will be people that will seek out how to use and prey on those that procrastinate.
  10. Problem is now that the word is out, there will be attempts for those that don't update.
  11. Did something change with mosquito situation ?

    Sandfly bites. Looks exactly what I had years ago in the Caribbean after a day and night at the beach.
  12. Dick Dale was no slouch either, King of the surf guitar!
  13. Saw Ian Hunter at the Canyon Club in Agoura hills California a couple of years ago. He was 76 at the time a jumping around the stage like he was 19. Voice was a bit more gruff but was a hoot of a show! I think he played at least 4 instruments that night. Love "All the way from Memphis" and "Marrionette"
  14. sorry wrong reply
  15. No Win 10 laptops, why?

    Thanks guys, I guess my main beef is not only am I paying 40% more than the US for the same machine, I have to then buy Win10 and hassle with installing it then update all drivers and such. Have been building my own desktops (personal and for my business) since MS-DOS 5.0. Oh how I miss the hours of fun trying to install a new operating system 5-6 times before it would finally finish properly... Thanks for the input.