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  1. For exam, cleaning, and a filling, can't ask for more for the small price here in CM at the Dental Hospital. However, for a crown at the DH in CM, they wanted actually more than what I can get it done in the US. Was kinda strange.
  2. Where can I find a Cheeseburger like this here?

    Habit is just branching out. Has been around quite a while. Was going to UC Santa Barbara for the Chem E degree in early 80's and ate at the original joint many times and that place had been around for a long time before that. Yup, gett'n my yearly In-n-Out fix in a couple months!
  3. Snow destinations near to Thailand

    Good post! We have lived most of my kids life in Colorado (until 1.5 yrs ago moved to CM) and we miss snow/skiing badly. Thanks!
  4. Minibus from BKK to Pattaya late arrival

    Did you give a tip? Drivers can get a bit animated if you don't Mr T's delivered again. Was happy with the 1,000 baht and when I saw that, I then tipped 100 baht. All good.
  5. Looks like a Pattaya Soi 6'r overly painted up and hopped up on Yaba right before I stick something in her mouth. Really, this is the cartoonish representation to help resolve a deep division within Thai society?
  6. Minibus from BKK to Pattaya late arrival

    Reporting back everyone. Mr T's service was on time (very late arrival at Swampy) and as advertised. 1,000 baht from Swampy to hotel in Pattaya and about to head back Pattaya to Swampy with Mr T for the same 1,000 baht price. See previous comment on this post for contact details.
  7. As I have told my dive buddies, sunset heading out for a night dive with a couple of drinks in me, overweight and overboard. Nitrogen Narcosis will keep me feeling warm and happy all the way down. Then they spoiled it all by reminding me that without a body, it takes much more time for the family to collect on the life Ins. I hope to be able to rationally choose my time.
  8. Airport limousine from Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya?

    [email protected] Will respond with an e-mail with phone #'s if a problem. At Airport will have sign up with your name on it.
  9. Minibus from BKK to Pattaya late arrival

    Got an e-mail confirmation with phone numbers to call if a problem. There will be a driver with a sign with my name on it at the airport.
  10. Minibus from BKK to Pattaya late arrival

    Not sure yet, don't take Mr T for another 4 days. Will ask and report back.
  11. Minibus from BKK to Pattaya late arrival

    Thanks everyone! I got a tip and then found Mr T for taxi transport from other TV posters to Pattaya for 1,000 baht. Lot's of good reviews. Will report back on how it went.
  12. Turkey basting bag, Helium tank, hose, duct tape. You don't fight when air is displaced by Helium. RIP, you chose your time. Hope I can be as brave when my time comes.
  13. Looked though various searches on TV and could not come up with an answer. So, last minute change of plans for a friend who arrives BKK at midnight and wants to go to Pattaya for 3 days. Figure out of immigration with bags about 1-1:30am. Are there minibuses at that time of night to Pattaya? Thanks in advance.
  14. Repatriating big money to the US

    If the houses were personal residences and were sold below $250k USD there is no 1099S reporting requirement if you legally swore (in writing) to the escrow company that the code section 121 exclusion of gain on personal residence sale applies to you leading to no gain, so don't have to report on the return. If they were rental properties, absolutely would be having to show basis info on the return and yes, the IRS does spot audit personal residence and rental property sales requiring basis justification. A couple of years ago had to pull out my Windows 95 machine (old programs won't run on newer machines so keep several machines at certain Windows versions) and print for a client the rollover form from the old rules where you got one time $125,000 gain rollover to your next personal residence, to justify basis. The look on the auditors face was gold.