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    PSA test

    My own experience (61yrs old, somewhat sedentary lifestyle): Had some issues with peeing more than 1x at night. Went in for PSA 1.5 months ago- 13.6 was put on antibiotics (Norfloxin 400mg) 2x/day for a month. 1st week down to 8.6, second week down to 7.2, 3rd week down to 6.5, 4th week end down to 4.4 with a free PSA to PSA ratio of .254. So looks like prostatitis. Even the 4.4 might be a bit higher than what can be as I do drink a couple of Lg Changs a day, drink coffee, and am on a combo of high blood pressure medicine where one of the components does kick up the prostate a bit for some (only side affect). Easy and cheap to go straight to the lab here in CM (BRIA) at about 600 baht a PSA test. The HB combo is quite remarkable. Was sitting at 161/91, started the combo and 5 days later was at 124/80 and have been around there ever since. The combo is not on the market yet as a single pill but I can get the double does pills w/out prescription here cheap and cut'm. Here is a link to the latest findings- https://www.acc.org/about-acc/press-releases/2018/03/10/10/51/mon-8am-low-dose-triple-pill-lowers-blood-pressure-more-than-usual-care