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  1. So I have a 16yr old boy and a 14 yr old girl. Their Thai is kinda passable and am looking to keep them off screens during the current summer break. The boy likes cooking, can get him Thai cooking classes but can't seem to find foreign cooking classes in CM such as Italian or French. The girl is into dance (no poles) and is looking for hip hop type classes taught in English. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks all in advance!
  2. DrPhibes

    Giant Mushroom found in Doi Tao

    Who are you really, Arne Saknussemm?
  3. Looks like he brought muscles to an Issan girls knife fight. My wonderful NE Thai wife is 1/2 my weight and 30% slower in reaction time, but I would never want to face her in a knife fight without a gun. I've seen what she can do. I keeps her happy
  4. God I miss Gary Larson's Far Side! Heard he moved on to oil painting. Life in Hell by Matt Groening was also one of my fav's (way before he brought us the Simpson's).
  5. DrPhibes

    Black Snake any suggestions?

    Thanks for the replies everyone, looks to be a rat snake.
  6. Neighbor just saw an approx 2 meter very black snake exit one jungley area of our moo baan and cross a road to a jungley area where our kids often have to retrieve errant basketballs. Very long thinning tail. Have tried to look up black snakes in Thailand but do not get any easy way to ident. Birds were attacking the snake as it traversed the roadway. Sorry to not have a pic but any likely candidates would be appreciated. Thanks is advance!
  7. The root of the problem is that now to get drivers licenses in many states you must prove you are a resident. Therefore, conversely, if you have a drivers license, you must be a resident since most states require you to get their drivers license within a short period of time after moving to their state and you would have your previous state license cancelled automatically. This is what MI is hanging it's tax hat on.
  8. Buddy and I were on Grand Cayman for a dive trip 4yrs ago, he's an electrical engineer and pilot, I'm an ex-aerospace engineer. While kicking back after a morning dive, he noticed a static white light in the sky above the clouds but seemingly not far enough to be in space. More like 2x the cloud height. You could just barely make out a triangular shape. Satellite app showed no satellites at that position and anything in geostationary orbit would be too far and too faint to show reflection during the near noon light conditions. We watched it on and off for about an hr with no movement in its position before heading out for the late afternoon dive. Phone pics showed just a white dot. Our dive cameras were still on the boat. Our guess was TR-3B given the shape but...
  9. Be careful, CA uses drivers license as a proof of residence and could come after you for income taxes. Having that exact issue with a client who has been living overseas for 6 years. Suddenly MI is sending him tax notices due to his MI drivers license using his Mom's MI address. Does not matter that he has proved he has been out of the country (except for a few weeks) over the 6 years, owns no property in MI, and sent in a signed statement saying he will probably move to FL once he comes back to the US. They are hanging him on the drivers license and the "probably", it is all about intent.
  10. DrPhibes

    Every New House In California Will Now Have To Have Solar Panels

    Actually, that is a thing: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/sep/23/zimbabwe-simultaneous-toilet-flush
  11. Toured the Hawthorne facility last summer on a Sat, then flew to Lompoc the next day to see a Falcon 9 launch at Vandenburg on Sunday. Can't say enough on how awesome. Unlike Gov. facilities, everything was pretty much open to see (but no pics inside) and has a hint of geek humor around every corner. Have a SpaceX soda beverage cup from their cafeteria on my desk, it holds rubber bands I use for shooting at unruly clients. Suddenly I miss my old aerospace engineering job. Keep on Space Truckn' Elon!
  12. DrPhibes

    Every New House In California Will Now Have To Have Solar Panels

    California is already paying states to take their excess solar produced electricity on peak days to keep from frying out the system. Now they want more? http://www.latimes.com/projects/la-fi-electricity-solar/ It is all about storage capacity to smooth out the amount of electricity entering the grid. If you had a large electricity producing dam that had a large lake after discharge from the generators in the dam, you could pump water back up to the feeder lake at peak hrs or a bunch of Musk's batteries or most of us with electric cars to act as basically large capacitors.
  13. And the Albatross from Master of the World with Vincent Price and Charles Bronson!
  14. Depends where in Thailand you are staying and that local Immigration office policies (despite being national laws). In C. Mai you must go in and get your TM-30 stamped (or a TM30 slip if your 1st time) if you leave the country and return even to the same address. In my case, I have a TM-30 in my passport where they will just add a stamp with the date and the signature of the officer to the original TM-30 slip. Wife is the renter of where we stay so we bring in the rental contract and a TM30 form filled out just in case (fill-in .pdf where I just change the dates each time and print). They even will give you a bit of slack on the time to report due to being overwhelmed some days vs others. Have gone in 5 days after returning on a Fri and no fine. On the subject of who reports, it is the owner or the person renting the house, both are equally liable. Our landlord is great (and busy) so we don't mind going in ourselves. Gives me a reason to eat at Dukes every 3 months.
  15. Not to mention Warren Buffet's Birkshire Hathaway is sitting on over $100 Billion of cash (about a quarter of the worth of the entire company and he hates to be in cash) because he can't find a company to buy that is not way over priced. I got out completely 6 months ago.