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  1. DrPhibes

    Chiang Mai police hunt banner culprit

    What's in the BOX!? Kuni (Wheel of Fish, UHF)
  2. DrPhibes

    CC processing fees Air Asia

    7 min walk (and I could use the exercise!) from my house. Will use this process next time. Thanks!!
  3. DrPhibes

    CC processing fees Air Asia

    Thank for all the input everyone, God is there anything you can't do at 7/11 these days!!
  4. DrPhibes

    Chinese company ‘forces staff to drink urine as punishment’

    Hmm, given the bouquet, clarity, and a hint of borscht, I'd say it was a Trump '13 with a bit of "whipping" on top.
  5. So, we have been making our normal Nov-Dec flights from CNX to visit friends, the islands, etc... all within Thailand. All but one flight was booked through Air Asia (only carrier on one flight) using out of country credit cards. The processing fees now being charged by Air Asia for using a credit card were crazy! Where Nok Air charged us a 6% fee for using CC, Thai Air Asia was 10-20%, yes, 20% on a lower than normal flight cost from Don Muang to Phuket. Anyone else seeing these numbers? Anyway to get around this aside from signing up for their crazy credit cards? Sorry to rant a bit but, wow!
  6. DrPhibes

    Residence Certificate - Copies?

    Hi All, Going from an unexpired 2yr drivers license to 5 year. Have the requirements for the Certificate of Residence changed? I have: 1. Two 4cm x 6cm photos 2. Copies of passport- Picture page, Visa page, and TM6 3. Rental contract- in Thai wife's name, bring copy of marriage cert and original. This is what I used almost 2 yrs ago. A lot of talk about TM30, is a copy of that now needed? If yes, will the multi-stamped slip in my passport suffice? Also, is it true CM immigration is taking 4 weeks to process for the "free" C of R? Thanks in advance!
  7. So, Wait until the last minute to allow party developments into political foes and have 80+ parties competing for votes so no one can become stronger than the establishment? Did we not just see a similar sham go down in Cambodia?
  8. Be glad your not trying to open an account in Switzerland as a US citizen or green card holder. Two higher end clients almost could not find a bank that would take them despite going to work there due to FATCA.
  9. I have plowed through the last 2+ months of the DL pinned topic and find conflicting requirements for DL renewal of 2yr to 5yr. I have a 2 yr license expiring in March (won't be here at that time) so looking to renew to the 5yr normal license soon. The two sticking points I see in conflict are the Certificate of Residency and the Medical Certificate. Also am seeing 4 weeks to get a Residency Certificate from Immigration, is that true? I know Immigration has moved back to the airport and did re-stamp my TM30 there a couple of weeks ago in about 20min (Used to be hrs at Promenada). Has Residency Cert's also seen a dramatic decrease in processing time? Still living in the same place for the last 2+ years. Thanks in advance for the help!
  10. DrPhibes

    Playpen for sale in CM

    Looking for a playpen for sale in Chiang mai for my rambunctious 9mo old boy. Looking for one with an elevated floor or with sponge mat and round bar shaped slats (so he can pull himself up), he's determined to stand and walk and teak flooring makes a lousy collision surface. Thanks in advance!!!
  11. .59 according to Hudsucker accounting dept. Long live the Hud!
  12. Don't forget to claim on your US taxes and take the Foreign Tax Credit.
  13. With cheese, grilled onions, and animal fries! Had to jet back to SoCal a few days ago. Will have tonight! The only fast food my wife really loves.
  14. DrPhibes

    Thai Travel Insurance

    Looked to get worldwide coverage that included the US where I go for about 3 mo a year. Final cost through Cigna Global for my family of 5 was $2,560 PER MONTH with Thailand as my residence. Can add options at any time but can't remove them until next renewal cycle. The biggest thing was out-patient international which just about doubled the price. Out-patient is what is going to happen unless a truly tragic event. Looking for other options.