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  1. Hey ... what about the guy who did the tide research and found that it wasn't High Tide during the alleged assault ! Should the Embassy being looking into that !!!!
  2. Ha ! Talk about signatures and Cards ... whilst passing through BKK Airport duty free once, I bought the wife and daughter some duty free perfume ... paid with my Visa Card ... the staff were very observant and well trained to notice that there was no signature on the back of the card ... I said I never place my signature there in case somebody copies it ! They said they cannot accept the card then ... Ohhh I said, and with disgust, I signed the back of the card in front of them ... Ohh that's OK they said, and the payment was made (I suppose I could have been anybody but they had my passport also ).... But you should have seen the shocked look on their faces when I received the card back, I reached for a sample bottle of perfume, sprayed the back of the card and proceeded to wipe my signature off .... Derrr !
  3. I've sailed in there several times, we only latch on to a mooring have a swim, a snack and move on, we certainly don't consider heading for the beach, after about 08.30 it is ridiculous how many power boats come from the main land and Phi Phi ... but if we looked at the figs like this; 35,000,00 Baht divide by say; 500 baht per head for the boat charge to get there, that's 70,000 people per month so a tad over 2000 per day ... yep, that possible from sun up to sundown, however, there is a fee to pay when you touch the beach itself, I guess the boatmen pay for his passengers, from memory its about 200 baht each ... so add that to the baht figs or reduce the number of people, either way, its possible ... As some members suggest, close down the beach and allow a limited number of people to cruise around inside the bay for 5 minutes ... Also, from what I recall, there are no shops on the beach, maybe a couple of vendors on the first boats that go over ?
  4. I like the newspaper article which reckons its cost the 2000 pound over the last 2 weeks in accommodation and meals ..... my God, where are they staying "The Hilton ?"
  5. British Bulldog

    'Yingluck did not flee UK; Dubai flight was pre-planned'

    Well said old chap ... especially the bit about "send more pics now and then" This is all a ploy by the Junta to appear that they are actually doing something under their (False) Law
  6. British Bulldog

    Feeling spurned, Khaosan sellers to march on city hall

    I can see the dangers that BMA are referring to, safety and all that, but how about a compromise, thin the Khoasan Sellers out, offer them alternative trading hours, some sell during day light hours whilst others at night ... and then vice versa, make sure all venders have 'permits' and an allocated selling space ... arrrrhhh what am I talking about, organization ? In Thailand ... forget sunshine, back to other topics ... But it is true that the BMA and others don't consider the income for these people, they must be pretty desperate to put up with all the heat, dust, rain, cold, and a tremendouse amount of sweaty farang every where.
  7. Yes indeed, well done to the British Cave experts, although we were lead to believe that the Thai Navy Seals won the day ? Never the less, I guess they were there ... I don't even know these boys, but I kept waking up every morning hoping and praying that they were safe, and there we go ... I must admit, I had my doubts. Well done to all concerned .... now lets get them out without a hassle ....
  8. British Bulldog

    More international assistance reaches Chiang Rai

    errr ... sorry friend, GPS trackers won't help in cave, they require full exposure to the Satellite signals above to obtain their position ... a compass will however, work in a cave, but to late to use a compass if you don't know where you are to start of with ... I like the bag with lights in though it will give them a sign of hope
  9. Haa ! ... my fading eyes saw this line; " .... Land Transport fined the driver Beng, 51, 5,000 baht and suspended him from driving for 30 days. ...." were I thought he had been fined 51,500 baht, which is what it should have been ... and suspended from driving any Public Transport for life ! Include all the comments above about driving through the lights AFTER they had turned red ... double any fines or suspensions for lying ...
  10. British Bulldog

    Country shocked as rejected men resort to murder

    You know ... you are 100% correct ... although we live in Laos, I took my Lao son aged 21 to a Psychiatrist in Khon Kaen, Video Gaming was his problem, we suspected this, hence the reason we needed both an expert opinion and the words from the Dr's mouth rather than M&D saying "Stop playing those stupid games" ... the Dr was great, fortunately our son took note, he's now off games playing maybe an hour or so on a Saturday, his whole life has changed, his moods, character his yearning to get out and get a job also ... if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it ... the treatment came with some medication which he took for a month or so, and then we had to closely monitor him ... we were very lucky it all turned out for the best and we weren't 'too late' ... the Dr. went on to tell us how common this problem is and how 'fatal' this disorder can be .... I'm sorry for the long message, however, I just wanted to let other parents know who may have a child (or two) like our son was, to let them know that there is a cure and if the child is as cooperative as our son was, you just won't believe the change in him/her and the better life that he leads now
  11. Perhaps she was unaware that she was being kidnapped at the time, they could have pulled any story to fool her into going with the officer(s) ... especially when she has uniformed 'officials' around her ... so few employee's at the airport would bother asking any questions also, as there is so much activity in general at the airport, had the culprits come across a senior officer during there escape from the airport, things may have been different ... or maybe not ? I would imagine this lady has experienced similar but maybe not such a big scam as this one, previously, as many Hong Kong businessmen are up to some form or skullduggery or another
  12. RIP from the British Bulldog ... what a way to go ... been there, seen that, not quite enough to give me a heart attack though .... although sometimes the 'bill' .... !!!!
  13. British Bulldog

    Drunk driving ‘a major cause’ of road accidents

    " ..... related authorities have seized a total of 10,099 vehicles (7,372 motorcycles and 2,727 cars and trucks) ..... " Where the hell to they keep all these vehicles ... and is it the Police or Admin people who look after the storage and release ? If its the Police Officers, that takes a hell of a lot of them off the roads whilst accounting for these vehicles etc. ... when they should be out there catching the drunks ....