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  1. British Bulldog

    Hospital in Bangkok under fire as injured woman dies

    I agree ... quite a long article and hardly a mention of the cause of it all ....
  2. I agree whole heatedly ... being a gentleman that HAS also escorted ladies home when they have too much ... they have even asked me to stay, but knowing how drunk they were, I left it at that hoping that we may get together under more sober conditions ...
  3. British Bulldog

    Police To Get To Bottom Of Yingluck-Thaksin Calendars

    Yep me too ... I saw it as Police are to get to Yinglucks Bottom ! .... siiiiggghhh !
  4. British Bulldog

    Brit charged, fined after yacht lightning-strike fire

    Hmmmm .... interesting, I have rented Yachts three times over the years in Phuket, and 'never' without a License but proof of experience (In Australia), there are very few places in the World were you require a License to sail a Yacht, except when the motor is over a certain size (Varies from Country to Country) .... if they enforce this silly Law down there, the Big Rental Yacht marina's are going to suffer no end ! Another nail in the coffin for Thai tourism
  5. Its sad this Graffiti business, I've lived in South East Asia for 26 years (residing in Vientiane), now generally speaking "Ouote" ... Generally Speaking, there is very little Graffiti painted around Asia and Thailand, yeah, some ... but a fraction what you see in Western Countries, along with the Theft of Vehicles, they are stolen in Thailand for financial gain, in other Countries, Australia in particular, they are stolen for joy rides, burning out the tires, blowing up the motors and finally dumped in a canal or river, trashing somebodies office for no reason doesn't 'generally' happen here, when a mate of mine had his office in Soi 24 trashed, immediately all his associates said" Ohhh Ohhh who has he upset, .... he claimed nobody ... then it came out that he won a small claims case in court about a month ago against a Thai Business man .... we all sighed ... "arrhh ... that was it ... we were worried that the trait's of the white man had come to Bangkok" !
  6. British Bulldog

    Thai drivers ignoring 11 million traffic tickets

    Say 11 million tickets at what an average of 250 baht per fine ? 2,750,000,000 Million baht ! or in real money, around 85 Million USD .... now that sort of money is worth chasing ... pity they don't contract it out to a Private Company to retrieve, if you only returned 10% of the money, that's not a bad living ... 8.5 mill !
  7. That's what was going through my mind also ... where are the Scotland Yard Lab boys ?
  8. British Bulldog

    PM Prayut worried after Chinese tourist attacked

    Chinese tourist or another Nationality ... the security guard is a security guard who is trained as such, wears a uniform, probably trained in basic hand to hand combat, etc, etc, his job is to control troublemakers who do not follow the Laws and Regulations at the airport (In this case) ... he was confronted by a very irate and no conforming Chinese person, if he felt that his stance was in jeopardy, then he took the moves that were probably taught to him ... end of story !
  9. I hope the brother suffers sleepless nights, fears every knock at the door, and every stranger who approaches him, until he gets caught no matter how long it takes RIP Alan and Nott
  10. I go along with this one, I woman would be screaming and shaking her head around if somebody was trying to shave her head, in fact you have to cut the majority of the hair first and then pull out the razor, all in all it would take a long time if you were cutting your own hair or somebody elses
  11. Hey ... what about the guy who did the tide research and found that it wasn't High Tide during the alleged assault ! Should the Embassy being looking into that !!!!
  12. Ha ! Talk about signatures and Cards ... whilst passing through BKK Airport duty free once, I bought the wife and daughter some duty free perfume ... paid with my Visa Card ... the staff were very observant and well trained to notice that there was no signature on the back of the card ... I said I never place my signature there in case somebody copies it ! They said they cannot accept the card then ... Ohhh I said, and with disgust, I signed the back of the card in front of them ... Ohh that's OK they said, and the payment was made (I suppose I could have been anybody but they had my passport also ).... But you should have seen the shocked look on their faces when I received the card back, I reached for a sample bottle of perfume, sprayed the back of the card and proceeded to wipe my signature off .... Derrr !
  13. I've sailed in there several times, we only latch on to a mooring have a swim, a snack and move on, we certainly don't consider heading for the beach, after about 08.30 it is ridiculous how many power boats come from the main land and Phi Phi ... but if we looked at the figs like this; 35,000,00 Baht divide by say; 500 baht per head for the boat charge to get there, that's 70,000 people per month so a tad over 2000 per day ... yep, that possible from sun up to sundown, however, there is a fee to pay when you touch the beach itself, I guess the boatmen pay for his passengers, from memory its about 200 baht each ... so add that to the baht figs or reduce the number of people, either way, its possible ... As some members suggest, close down the beach and allow a limited number of people to cruise around inside the bay for 5 minutes ... Also, from what I recall, there are no shops on the beach, maybe a couple of vendors on the first boats that go over ?
  14. I like the newspaper article which reckons its cost the 2000 pound over the last 2 weeks in accommodation and meals ..... my God, where are they staying "The Hilton ?"