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  1. 1337markus

    Qatar vs Emirates Economy

    Some miss truths here. I fly Emirates every month to Russia or Africa. Wine is served in small bottles , I prefer red and they normally have a French and Australian one to choose from. Meals well you can still select a special meal when checking in on line. Standard meals in economy are a choice of two types of dishes. If you want better I suggest you upgrade to business class. Every airport you arrive at and transfer you go through security again, Chiangi, Bangkok , Moscow why should Dubai be any different. Maybe you should go back and fly with BA then you will have reasons to complain!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Totally agree with you, no concrete proof it is just tourists that are littering the beach. They may want to consider how do Chinese and Russian tourists read these signs?????
  3. 1337markus

    'Jet-Setting Monk' Convicted, Gets 114 Years

    I bet he isnt happy about being " immortal" he will get to enjoy the pain of 114 years
  4. So the government law that was relaxed for Songkran last year allows 5 or 6 in the back of a pickup truck has gone. Seems another useless law that no one follows.
  5. 1337markus

    Govt investigating report of missing rice

    Ask Yinluck she might know where it is.
  6. Crime of the YEAR! Meanwhile I am off to the Optometrist damned if i could see porn on that screen.
  7. Obviously they have NOTHING news worthy. Who cares about her, thats history.
  8. they are paid by farang to report for them. Maybe should go and observe.
  9. Seems a lot of hatred towards the volunteers here in this thread. There are always 2 sides to the story. CNX Immigration is a total failure since the new " boss" took over wanting his tea money increased from agents. This week I was caught out by the Monday holiday immigration was shut, but every other shop in the Promenada complex was open. returned Tuesday afternoon. We have Saturday, Sunday, Monday as no open days and many TM 30 people reporting. The number system, bits of paper they hand out had died they were too lazy to put recycled numbers in the spot you collect numbers from, many people walking around confused. I counted 6 IMO sitting in desks doing nothing while 2 women tried to handle the back log that grew every second. No one that worked there helped them. people kept interrupting them with asking for a number, or what number were they up to and then there are the Thai people " dont you know who I am" jumping the queue. For a 1 minute process I waited 3.5 hours, welcome to the 19th century. Can we borrow some workers with a brain from the DM warehouse?
  10. Bring on Big Joke he will find them LOL.
  11. Will pussy feeler Trump be in attendance?
  12. Even the poorest countries in West Africa got rid of these wasteful cards. Everyone is happy no more looking for a biro or your glasses and its a quicker transition through immigration about 2 minutes. Unlike here where the Immigration officer must examine every used page???????????????????????????????????????????????