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  1. 1337markus

    Teachers must adapt to changing world, summit told

    Nice one shift the blame on the teachers, Thainess!
  2. 1337markus

    Cleaning Out The Trash

    Does this supposed action apply right across Thailand to other Immigration offices or just CNX. Its pay back time from the boss in the office who wanted more tea money from agents, agents said NO.
  3. 1337markus

    Thai drivers ignoring 11 million traffic tickets

    Or even 1 computer purchased, LOL
  4. Proves the IQ of Thai males is below 100, dealing with sub humans.
  5. post that has remained unfilled for more than a year despite major challenges in the region. Couldnt be that important a whole year gone. Save money abolish the position.
  6. The driver typifies the ones I see when i am on my motorbike. Each time you get close to overtaking in the bike lane they move to the left to cut you off the " me first mentality". They are incapable of staying between two painted lines.
  7. Totally agree. Changing just man in charge is useless as it happens say every 2 years and it only gets worse. Only solution either change out the all IO's with ones who perceive to work say Jomtien. Needs a total culture and person change. Then model how a bank manages its customers. They need to understand their customers are the ones paying who give large financial support to the local economy.
  8. Be nice if the opposite happened in other countries, ban Thai's from owning businesses, football teams,...................................
  9. That makes it 100th reason I dont have FB.
  10. Aha Chiang Mai Immigration has competition, lol Bangkok.
  11. Great day for tourists; this and the mini van video. Welcome to Thailand where there are no rules.
  12. 1337markus

    Arrival/departure landing cards no more!

    So many developing countries are taking this step. So much easier on arrivals, no searching for a pen and reading glasses and it speeds up the time going in and out.
  13. 1337markus

    New pick up time 2018--help needed

    Agree with you. SWOMBO just bought a new Revo Rocco the top of the range for her business, carrying products all over northern Thailand, its amazing. LOL I havent even driven it yet looks so big and nasty next our Toyota Wish. This one is 12 years old 104,000 klm drives like new so I am happy on wet days to get off the PCX and use the Wish. People asked to buy the Wish, said no its perfect also not wanting to keep up with Jones If you have a good old vehicle thats reliable why change?
  14. Is this a new record for Chaeng Wattana? Took my more than 5 hours waiting to get my 90 days reported , Maybe we can have a competition with you; Immigration in Chiang Mai is a massive joke. Took me last time 3.5 hours for the TM 30 report ( 1 minute computer update). Lets see which Immigration office gets the gold medal for ineffectiveness. Then flip it to Big Joke to fix?