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  1. and BOYS who want to be GIRLS!
  2. 1337markus

    Phuket tour bus oil leak fells motorcyclists

    Maybe the bus driver cant see the leak? All details of the bus is now known; go after the bus owner!
  3. Known many a dummy farang buy a bar and fail so whats your stats?
  4. 5 years ATTENDANCE time = licence?
  5. 1337markus

    5% VAT refund approved for Chinese New Year

    What about Mali New Year any discount?
  6. Totally agree with you why get there at 0530 absolutely stupid; as is the ongoing dribble written I fell asleep after the second paragraph. He cant even stay with the intent of the title.
  7. Operation XRAY Outlaw continues; currently working on French and Dutch persons.
  8. 1337markus

    Bt39m of assets seized in Magic Skin scandal

    Thats magic, caught!
  9. With many main stream countries now refusing this letter maybe its time Thai Immigration changed its habits.
  10. It was Pongsakorn’s second day working as a driver, the girlfriend explained. Amazing stuff he survived the first day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. FREE, desperate times again.
  12. 1337markus

    What is with the high rate of deaths here?

    Too many coffin makers bit like 7/11 stores?
  13. 1337markus

    Elderly Benz driver charged for fatal expressway wreck

    Lessons learnt here ( 2 lessons). 1. Keep well away from Mercedes drivers as they use different road rules, theirs only. 2. Dont fight with Thai cop who carries a gun. Then you may stay alive another year in the LOS.
  14. this will attract more tourists? come an experience the wild wild west!