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  1. Belzybob

    Water spout off Jomtien

    Hence my comment on scale......
  2. Belzybob

    Crashed Air Force jet may have hit power cables

    A bit of low flying down the valley perhaps?
  3. Belzybob

    Snake Catcher Lets Cobras Bite Him Every Week to Build Up Venom Immunity

    From what I've read in the past, the risk increases with the number of times bitten, not decreases.
  4. Belzybob

    Please watch out for PayPal Fraud...

    The 'spoofing' of email addresses is not difficult and the means to send emails from all sorts of address is easily available to the scammers.
  5. A technical point, but you cannot hire a 'private pilot', as the term refers to somebody that is not permitted to fly for hire or reward. What you should search for is an 'air charter' company.
  6. The issue is not so much the number of Tourist visas, but the time you have spent in the country. Tourists do not live in a country for 9 months out of 12, even Thai immigration can suss that out.
  7. Belzybob

    Water spout off Jomtien

    Much the same mechanism as required for a tornado. Convective clouds (storm type) with strong up and down currents. Difference is one of scale mainly.
  8. Fact is that this law is well known on this forum; the topic crops up on a regular basis. Even if like most laws in Thailand it is poorly administered, there are still good reasons, other than purely commercial as to why this law exists. It doesn't matter what booking service they are using, less than 30 days its illegal.
  9. Its really nothing to do with AirBnB, as they haven't made AirBnB illegal, they have just confirmed the existing laws: " The court ruled that people renting out their rooms on a daily and weekly basis contravened regulations surrounding hotels. " Anything less than thirty days requires a hotel licence.
  10. Belzybob

    Nigerian man arrested with cocaine in Thalang

    I could suggest its a handy place for people to leave their police donations, but no doubt somebody will moan at that suggestion.
  11. Belzybob

    Dildo dealers detained

    Should that be vegetableless rather than fruitless?
  12. Belzybob

    MotoGP Buriram accomodation.

  13. Belzybob

    Nigerian man arrested with cocaine in Thalang

    So under police supervision then.....Ooops, I meant surveillance of course.
  14. I'd sooner read " Floating restaurants prosecuted for dumping trash overboard" as that's what they surely do. Perhaps General Joke and section 44 could come into play.