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  1. The term 'hero' is used far too freely by the media.
  2. Its time that logic rather than political correctness was applied to aviation security. Use of effective risk identification and hazard management should be lead to passenger profiling, pre-flight screening and targeted searches. Why should low risk passengers be inconvenienced when the real risk is in a much smaller group? Bleeding hearts will cry and moan, but its reality folks.
  3. I wouldn't ask Geoffrey Thomas to suggest the best seat to sit in an aeroplane. This isn't news, it came out weeks ago. Modelling of where wreckage has landed in Africa has been back-projected based on tides and some controlled samples released into the ocean. On that basis, there is a reduced area that is slightly more likely to contain the crash site.
  4. Its all old news and scaremongering. Before the Irish joined the EU fortunes were made from VAT by running goods and livestock back and forth over the Eire/NI border. The EC is a white elephant run by a group with their heads so far up their self important ar*es that they cannot see daylight. Lets hope what the Brits started will spread like a wildfire across Europe.
  5. His profile doesn't say where he's from and there is more than one sort of football. If he meant the soccer variety, well then there is a great chance he'll end up in an argument.
  6. Maybe they were just using hand signals for their DJI Spark....
  7. The last good bye

    95 seems a bit expensive, low end ethanol 91 would do. The navy option for 3k sounds like a steal.
  8. Misread, but same same. Begins with P and ends with corrupt.
  9. Surely the Computer Crimes Act would have been relevant if he made an allegation that they had been diligent in their duty. After all, it is Pattaya.
  10. Move to exempt Thais from immigration form

    They should ask the 'Line' people for automation suggestions.
  11. Direct debits

    Correct process is as mentioned, cancel it with the provider. If there are delays or issues, don't just empty the account, close it to avoid charges for insufficient funds.
  12. Nah, the cleverly thought out solution (special commission convened) will be 'no pissing' pictographs in all queuing areas.
  13. Same pretentious nonsense. You can disagree with an opinion, but that does not make the opinion wrong. I don't agree with you, but that doesn't mean you are wrong either.
  14. You are massively pretentious in your post. I understand exactly. You have a counter view to mine, it is my opinion and therefore it is not 'wrong'. My point is exactly where do you draw the line? Whilst not pandering to political correctness, it is blatantly obvious that a person who is in or about to 'mutate' their gender may well be accompanied by a number of psychological issues. Just how much pandering to minorities, to the potential expense of the majority, is acceptable?