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  1. High quality masks needed for pollution

    If the *real* PM2.5 figures reach anything like they did in the North last year I'd suggest a full-on respirator and not just a particle mask.
  2. When will the haze subside?

    And Chiang Mai will fade into the the smoke haze.
  3. MotoGP Thailand 2018 at Chang Circuit in Buriram

    Freddy told me when the event was first confirmed.
  4. MotoGP Thailand 2018 at Chang Circuit in Buriram

    'Blind Freddy' could have/has been predicting the accommodation issue, no surprises there.
  5. Perhaps she thought she was to get some other kind of pearl necklace in payment?
  6. Should think himself lucky, others have been inadvertently flagged as apes. In his case, probably closer match is dakling.
  7. Who knows if its even illegal. Unlikely that a DLT dill would know.
  8. Only old men are really dirty...my motto. At least he offered to pay, from many previous reports many old Thai men just take it.
  9. It was a typo in the original article, it should have read "Wind broken"
  10. Marine chief defends beach smoking ban

    They practice at being absurd. They still haven't got to the point of conscious incompetence.
  11. POTY -- 2017 --Poll 2

    Only person I'd vote for is Ubon Joe and he's not on the list. I'm assuming that P means poster and not something else?
  12. 45min wait at immigration is back

    I shan't be worrying about immigration queues for the next couple of months. The usual +-$7-800 fare I pay from Perth is up $1900 for the two months. For another $500 I could go to the UK and back!
  13. Not quite true. When the alcohol circulating in your blood reaches the lungs, it diffuses out of the blood. You thus exhale alcohol from the blood, so its not just the alcohol that might remain in the inlet tract that is detected. Generally (real) police will ask when you last had a drink as a recent one will give a false high reading.
  14. The one with the ya ba crazed driver of course.