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  1. Odd that there is no Lagos office.
  2. If they were offering a real 15% ROT they wouldn't need to advertise.
  3. Online claims that the company has existed for 15 years, but an internet domain less than two years old.........
  4. Belzybob

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    First clue is that a katoey prostitute generally dresses better than a female one.
  5. The blowing is the wrong way around.
  6. Their colleagues across the strait in Singapore could find quite a few too.....
  7. Simple answer is don't let the kids leave the house.......... <sigh> As far as I am aware, we don't have a shortage of kids in the world.
  8. Belzybob

    Phuket named second best beach in the world

    Probably relied on TAT-supplied photos.
  9. "Pushing shit uphill" comes to mind.
  10. Same, same. The Cameroonian scammers learnt from the Nigerian scammers. Same scams, just a bit behind the times.
  11. Surprise! Thailand is not the only country in the world that accepts back-handers.
  12. The exercise was called off when Chinese tour groups were backed up past the pier.
  13. Isn't rather more hara kiri than kamikaze?
  14. Hardly news. A silly cow does something stupid, mind you hooking up with a Kuwaiti wasn't a smart idea in the first place.
  15. There is probably a lot more to this than reported. There is every chance that they were also scamming women in other countries and it was police elsewhere that brought it to the RTP attention. It also appears that Western Union in Thailand are generally sticking to the requirement for government issued photo ID when picking up cash, so it makes it easier to pick up the mules that collect the cash or open bank accounts for the scammers.