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  1. Getting popular, maybe money laundering prevention measures are having an impact on the use of conventional currencies?
  2. Reckon most unrepresented would be the Karen in the hills to the NW of Chiang Mai :-) Quite pretty girls, but the brass hoops I find a turn off.
  3. Its in the public domain, so who cares.
  4. Best seat advice for my flights

    Going back to the original post - if you want to sleep an aisle seat is not a good idea, you could end up with two incontinent persons next to you. Again in regard to sleep, keep away from toilets and galleys. As has been suggested, go to the Seatguru web site for seat specific info.
  5. static shock on the gate

    I'd discount the static issue too. Even if you were wearing all the wrong type of materials, rubbing up against the dog etc etc. then the most you'd get would be a bit of a noise, possibly a spark and a slight feeling as your grounded yourself. Mind you, as an aside, its fun to creep up on the wife while she's watching TV and ground yourself through her earlobe :-)
  6. The UN has about as much credibility as the European Community management crowd.
  7. Good anagram, but two too many letters.
  8. As the junta's 'fall guy' for this, I'm sure behind the scenes he is getting a nice fat bonus.
  9. Defective legislation, most probably due to nobody at the time even considering it was an issue in a British colonial country. The creators of the law will have been most likely British born.
  10. Path to UK asylum far from assured

    As far as I've seen, no mention has been made about how she gained entry to the UK in the first place, never mind the asylum issue. She must have been granted an entry visa at some point.
  11. No alcohol sales for 9 days in Hua Hin??????

    You can count on one hand the number of people on this forum that know anything.
  12. Not PC, but basically factual and realistic.
  13. Its time that they just walk away and re-focus on the Commonwealth. The Euromaniacs won't ever allow a reasonable separation.
  14. 45min wait at immigration is back

    Last time I went through Gatwick there was nobody in the "Overseas Passport" line. Through in five minutes.
  15. There must have been some more issues post the disintegration of the fan, as landing at Goose Bay will have been (and continue to be) a logistical nightmare.