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  1. POTY -- 2017 --Poll 2

    Only person I'd vote for is Ubon Joe and he's not on the list. I'm assuming that P means poster and not something else?
  2. 45min wait at immigration is back

    I shan't be worrying about immigration queues for the next couple of months. The usual +-$7-800 fare I pay from Perth is up $1900 for the two months. For another $500 I could go to the UK and back!
  3. Not quite true. When the alcohol circulating in your blood reaches the lungs, it diffuses out of the blood. You thus exhale alcohol from the blood, so its not just the alcohol that might remain in the inlet tract that is detected. Generally (real) police will ask when you last had a drink as a recent one will give a false high reading.
  4. The one with the ya ba crazed driver of course.
  5. New drone laws - confusing

    Note that the parameters are above 2kg or with a camera. If you have a DJI Phantom for example, it is well under that weight, so if you aren't planning to use it in Thailand you could remove the camera and gimbal, then tuck it away somewhere in another bag. Removes one potential issue for customs.
  6. Does the junta want to win farmers’ votes?

    Standby for a rice buy-back scheme.....
  7. That looks to be a simple conversion from a (presumably) US rate into local currency. It may not reflect the actual cost in each country.
  8. Insurance for Drones

    Premiums for the third party issue should be very cheap, real risk is extremely low. No doubt there will be some trying to rort with inflated premiums.
  9. The issue is not limited to the USD. The Baht is inflated against all currencies. No doubt its handy for those Thais tucking away their little nest eggs in overseas banks.
  10. Pure deflection; the sham that tourists are solely to blame for a problem that is predominately a Thai people issue, that the BiB continually fail to address.
  11. It would be more appropriate if the banner was written in Thai and Lao
  12. Wasn't it reported here the other day that the fireworks were cancelled, because they didn't have a budget for it?
  13. Motorbike Accident

    They'll want another cut if the 9k is paid, so maybe 2000k at the end of the day.
  14. I bet she feels a right tit now.