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  1. One thing I miss over here is a bath tub . I used to play Up Periscope .
  2. Story not over yet , I think this one has legs.
  3. In that case we need more legs , never mind the distracted driver , at least the legs might keep him awake.
  4. Hey , I live in LoS and I am home !
  5. Blow me , that opening pic was in very bad taste.
  6. Now come on digbeth that is sexist . Gay joggers and proper joggers , which sort of jogger would a lady boy be ?
  7. A couple of thoughts. Will they be called Faith , Hope and Charity , fine names. Top of the range cars don't come with spare parts , oh and will they come with seat belts ?
  8. No storm up here today but last night I lost a lovely bunch of bananas , the weight on the tree helped them down.
  9. We all have to go sometime and asleep in a hammock sounds ok to me.
  10. I thought this excitement must of taken place in Pattaya but no in the U S. We have had storms up here in the far north and its been raining ducks and dogs but no as good as this stuff !
  11. My mum used to use the same expression , I must start using it too . My dad often said " I am fed up to the back teeth ". Never heard that over here.
  12. Wheels on fire , Julie Driscol anyone ?
  13. Definitely a grey are , could the area between the left and right nom be called the silicone valley ?
  14. I wear a boxing glove . Oh solly big , I thought it said meat !