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  1. Phuket masturbator arrested, fined B1,000

    1000 B fine , a bit stiff I would of thought.
  2. I think they should of pixilated the phone and shown the happy smiling faces.
  3. Unhappy Ending For Sleazy Khaosan Movie Set

    Post #7. I think the one in the nurses outfit looks quite cute. Not too sure about the others , will look for my glasses first.
  4. That or the Royal Enfield Bullet train.
  5. Mallard was good for over a ton , my Forza if pressed would get close to the ton and the number is 4479 A3 Robert the Devil . Sorry , where's me anorak.
  6. EU still open to Britain changing mind on Brexit

    I don't care any longer , I just what more than 43B - quid.
  7. American/Russian drug dealing couple arrested on Koh Phangan

    ' Are they completely mad ? ' Nope just on drugs.
  8. American/Russian drug dealing couple arrested on Koh Phangan

    I thought a GT was a car ,if it is a G&T you get my vote.
  9. Someone who parked , nodded off and went for a walk.
  10. Incest , a game all the family can join in.
  11. I was in a cafe in Gronigen in Holland in '68 , place full of students . Hey Jude was #1 at the time. The boss at this place would play HJ on the jukebox if the student that wanted to hear it washed the cups and saucers up from one table. See I had forgotten that !
  12. Boat fire off Koh Phi Phi – Chinese tourists injured

    Indeed sir . I hope this boat has gone for good .
  13. Funny how things are sometimes. 3 years ago we had no 7-elevens in town , now there are 3 and just a couple of months ago a mini Lotus opened across the narrow road in town directly opposit 7/11.
  14. Boat fire off Koh Phi Phi – Chinese tourists injured

    ..and now there is one boat less out there they may have to cram more tourists in .
  15. My TW bags a table on a rare eat at Lotus. I want to eat there not in the car because there is nowhere to sit. BUT , I do get miffed when shopping later and at the CO queue husband is about to pay then wifey puts more items on the belt and kids turn up with more stuff.