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  1. The “Gangs of Urban Turkeys” Terrorizing Massachusetts

    I can't think of any off hand but if a bottle of Wild Turkey appears in a film it is usualy a good one. Oh oh , ' Death Proof ' A Tarantino film , sure there wa a bottle there.
  2. He looks quite cute . He is now on my bucket list.
  3. With you there BNQ , opposite my house there is a boy about 2 - 3 years old . Not with GPs but mum and dad and this boy is horrid. I have told the TW if he comes in the garden and breaks anything it is her responsibility. He threw a stone at me when I was setting off on my push bike last week , I turned round went back and clipped his ear. If parents want to know why I did such a bad thing I will tell them. He will no doubt grow in to a little sh..t.
  4. Television Ordered To Restore Full Color

    Do you need a new keyboard or just glasses ?
  5. Television Ordered To Restore Full Color

    I think my TW thinks that the TV is kaput as it has been off the past 3 days . ' Peace in our time ' I will give it a smack later ( TV not 'er indoors ) and say " Look lo and behold you are with colour "
  6. Yes what a good idea , " We are arresting you for child abuse " " Why ? " Because your son just killed himself on a scooter.
  7. Seriously , excuse my ignorance but is it the shi'ite mob or the sunnis that cause mayhem in Europe ?
  8. I think Roger Crutchley of ' The Nation ' a few years ago re.fered to folk here who don't like to complain about many things as going into Mental erase . Carry on as always and don't give any thought. EG I was in a minibus about 10 years ago going from Chumpon to Rayong , being early in the AM the driver was going on the wrong side of the road round bends , ignoring red lights etc. My TW asked a passenger why does he drive like this ? The answer ' He always drives like this '. Walk round the tree , don't question why it is there.
  9. Was it W C Fields who said " Never give a sucker an even break " ?
  10. The “Gangs of Urban Turkeys” Terrorizing Massachusetts

    Never mind Mustang or Stingray , we need a mean looking convertible with a Turkey emblem on the grill. Yeeha ,break out the Wild Turkey dude. Sorry big ,just got out of bed , first thing on tv I have opened.
  11. I only have tax/gov. insurance so I don't know . BUT is fully comp. insurance valid if a military coup is under way ?
  12. Post 23 above.Once she was wound up on and on she went like an old clock , 3 hours later I would walk in and get " And another thing ! " The last xmas I said " What are you getting me for Xmas ? " That depends on how much spending money you give me . My TW here says " What you want I give you big boy ? "
  13. I have learnt something today while sitting and looking at TV. I thought Sisyphus was something you caught from dirty bar stools.
  14. OK , all above comments are valid to one degree or another . Now pay attention at the back. If you come from a more civilised country pay heed. Where you come from lets say the UK you have to drive to the conditions that day on the road . Snow on the road , brake using the engine , heavy rain , wipers on full tilt. Road works ahead and you may only have one lane on a duel carriageway. Over here the road conditions dictate U turns, drivers with maybe no lights at night nor even wipers in the rain, The driver will quite likely need glasses. The road conditions here mean a red traffic light is an idea for folk to stop , not compulsory . Get my drift , you can't change the driving over here but you can drive to the road conditions. I try but often my temper takes over.