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  1. Several years ago I went to Home Pro in Chiang rai. We neded a new ceiling fan. I went off to the paint dept. but told my TW after pointing to a fan on the ceiling " That is the one we want " I came back with the paint and they were up some steps removing the fan from the ceiling . Ok I did get it without a box but I got a discount as now it had been used . Oh another time in Hua-Hin at a restaurant my wife ordered a salmon salad , I ordered pizza. Halfway through the salad I asked her where my pizza was .She called the waiter over . " Where is the ferlung's pizza " Oh , he said we don't have pizza today.
  2. I think the girl scout is the first one on the left.
  3. I'm with you there tryasyoumight , never seen a moped here with let alone with one two or three on , oh oh the other day I saw a first. A bloke on a pushbike and he was wearing an Index crash helmet .
  4. Lovely looking girls but only 3 arms between them.
  5. On reading the headline I asked my wife if she knew when my bithday was " Yes but I keep it a surprise " Hmmm. A ladyboy where I drink , the other day said one of the new girls there was his sister An . I asked him how old she was , he had to ask her as he didn't know .. His birthday is the 25th , he won't let me forget that.
  6. Heavy rain all last night , went on for nearly 12 hours up here north of Chiang Rai , diversions in the town this AM as roads flooded and now at 11 Pm it has started again.
  7. No sympathy from me nor any others it looks like.
  8. Many years ag I took selfies in the dark , nothing to do with cameras though.
  9. Ah, now someone with similar thoughts to me. If the vehicle had stopped for a puncture and wheel change and a luxury car had hit the person changing the wheel it would all be different . But why oh why would a person want to take a selfie in the dark outside . Not a correct story somehow.
  10. Streuth ............I will have to have a Dicken's cider.
  11. I would be bored if I lived in a condo , as bored as I am when I stay in a hotel. Here where I live it is 10 paces to the garden , a view of rice fields from the back and 10 paces to the push bike, motor bike and car. Couldn't commit suicide jumping from my patio it is 6" to the ground.
  12. I wonder what the headline would of been if he was on the river in charge of a tug. " Captain of tug has a tug along with Master Bates ? "
  13. I would go along with Striped Kukri ........................or a King Cobra , most folk would go for that .