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  1. I believe there was an expression years ago in England when pub night and someone was barasic ' could I touch you for a quid '. In this case it might of been can I touch you for 50B ? No I start at 100B. Oh Darc, crikey sounds a bit public school , Streuth yer bastard is more Oz.
  2. 'Hill house has stood for a 100 years and may stand for a hundred more , those that walk there walk alone '. I remember seeing that film around 1960 , truly terrifying and I still remember that comment. Walking to a school mate's house for the night , an iron gate slammed shut , we ran the rest of the way .
  3. Ok , keep going Phil. I wonder if he was singing that old song from the early '60s ' My penis in blue jeans '
  4. He is a busker , no guitar strap , one has to rest the guitar on something .
  5. Do his mates call him Anus for short or Dick the smaller.
  6. toofarnorth

    Phuket passenger van, ice truck in head-on collision

    One less minibus on the road , I wonder how old it was , brand new ones don't end up like this surely.
  7. There is goes again , less than 43B - quid.
  8. toofarnorth

    341 people in Yala come down with measles

    Ah , now I get it , my TW has been banging on about down south ' People have meesans '
  9. toofarnorth

    'Time traveller using mobile phone' spotted in 1940s photograph of beach goers

    Go on then come up with another idea but be quick, I don't have all day !
  10. toofarnorth

    500+ Foreigners Arrested In New Nationwide Raids

    The queues won't be any shorter though , never seen a chap who is black in the queue.
  11. Yep they can attend my funeral , I have/am having a happy time here , and my mates would approve too. Wife ...not too sure about.
  12. I wouldn't like them to ask me to help with the chase D1990 , I would like as not end up with ticket for speeding , red light running and driving without due care and attention. OK ignore the last one 99% of those on the road could get a ticket for that.
  13. I don't know about this junction but there are many where if you stop on the line you can't see anything up the road coming towards you. Looking at the road here the black bit is the main road she went forward to get a view of what might be coming , there my 25 Satang's worth.
  14. toofarnorth

    'Time traveller using mobile phone' spotted in 1940s photograph of beach goers

    There was a time traveler called Wright Who could travel much faster than light He set out one day in a relative way and returned on the previous night.
  15. toofarnorth

    'Time traveller using mobile phone' spotted in 1940s photograph of beach goers

    I will go back and have a look , I missed this chap the first time I was there.