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  1. Ah, U turns , Don't need brains to use those where as roundabouts are just sooo technical.
  2. I hope I can say it here Alphy , What's it all about. No , I mean if I was a working BiB I'd pull in every Nigerian , maybe 1 in 10 is legit and is not as if they blend in and can hide very well. Wouldn't be able to post that through my own letter box in England.
  3. That was the line that caught my attention quandow , will they be able to pin the condoms on the previous owner/user ? Sounds a bit like pinning the tail on the donkey. Evidence indeed ........I wonder if the condoms will stand up in court.
  4. Gen Prawit: Thailand is ready to host Trump-Kim summit

    'Sorry I am late I couldn't remember where I put my watches '
  5. My son in law would think exactly the same . A marine but considers me a ' mate ' , and he says he is proud to call me the Black Sheep of the family, way to go eh.
  6. I have said that to my mates over here elgenon , at 71 who knows how much longer there is but after all the best of times in LoS I too would rather just keel over then have folk visiting me in hospital attached to tubes ......even for just 2 weeks never mind 10 years eh.
  7. I wonder if an air raid siren announced the all clear.
  8. Local Mechanic vs Official Dealer

    My Forza goes in to GWH about 20k from here for everything but the Vios goes to a local chap . About 3 weeks ago a yellow warning light came , he plugged in his computer , took a connector of the air intake took out something ,cleaned it and no charge . Once when he cleaned and checked the brakes he used a torque wrench on putting back the wheels. Before this the engine was making the wrong sort of noise. He said water pump. He came back in the car to my house took the car away ,fitted a new pump and we picked it up next day , 1500B. Don't know what a main dealer would of charged.
  9. Pervert cameraman scares woman in Krabi

    Point of the year , nice clear back ground , a fine firm finger , LoS #1 in pointing.
  10. The Only Farang

    I went to Tha Wang Pha for Sonkran. TWP is between Nan and Pua , there was a party on the second day in the village square , competitions like ' kick the oil can ' and ' who can eat a 1/4 of a water melon the quickest' I was invited to give the prizes as the only falang that had appeared since last there last year. Next day it was a visit to Ban Tham where there was a local dance going on , the way I was surrounded by the locals made me think I might have a twin on Love Destiny .
  11. Which westerner would you choose to spend time with

    If the OP had allowed girls it might of been Marion , an aupair from Groningen , we spent time together in'68 and I went to Holland to see her. Lost touch in '70. Love to know how her life panned out.
  12. Yep I know one like that , He is ok but complains about everything on tv then tells me what he has found to complain about. If we are out and about it is ' Coffee is too cold / cup is too small / too expensive /too strong ' so now we know where to have a coffee with no complaints.
  13. Your first paragraph Hummin reminded me of my first flight back to Heathrow after a motorcycle holiday here in 2004. I spent the journey sitting near a lovely youngish lady. She asked which passport to use on arrival as she had a Thai and English one. I asked whether she prefered England or Thailand.... ' Thailand ' I thought I might put my arm round her on arrival as if to say to my waiting son in law ' Look what I have for a suevenir '( my bad spell) , but the other half was waiting and he looked about 70.
  14. Your third paragraph from the end is something I have been saying for a few years now. I get on well with the locals , splendid chaps , but how many car drivers can I sit with ? Even the ones that are not dangerous are annoying with their bad driving habits.
  15. Thinking much the same YetAnother , They ( whoever they are ) have worked out these wonderful %s. Which percentage is the drunk , speeding driver in that caused an accident by cutting in front of someone else ?