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  1. Don't want to bang on about this too much , but I know Vern and have chatted to him in the past about caves up here and his MG with a bashed door . My sense of humour is the sort that could say 'Hi Vern , on yer own , no kids sitting on your lap I see ' This is the sort of thing he will now have to put up with all because 'pedo ' was sent to him , think if it was you and you would get so paranoid.........................too horrible.
  2. I so agree , imagine with your name known by millions and now possibly folk thinking ' No smoke without fire '. I would only call someone a pedo if the law courts deemed him so. Sue the bastard Vern.
  3. Yes I could really do with hearing Yellow Liver another 100 blasted times. Oh oh maybe the old bloke got into a punch up with a frog/French chap who wanted ' We are the champions ' by Queen.
  4. Or Lola by the Kinks , that would be a cause for a punch up in certain bars.
  5. OK , for once here I go with Sweden , can't remember anything that DD did.
  6. When I read topics like this it makes me aware that there are many folk here with less money than me. I have a few thousand in the bank for what might happen in the future but my Brit.OAP is what I rely on. I too don't hand over money to " Got a couple of bob for a cup of tea gov ? "
  7. When I first read it I thought his name was Whatatit .
  8. No , even Big Joke wasn't bothered this time.
  9. Took my Vios in for the MOT last Monday , the brakes were checked , the lights, wipers horn and indicators. All ok . Then the pipe up my flue. all ok. On the way home I just had to get past 3 pickups belching out smoke . The BiB might not know if the brakes work or the lights , but why oh why not stop vehicles leaving a smoke screen behind . Yes I suppose I know why , easier to sit on their fat arse and do nothing.
  10. I don't know what it is but there is something so Thai about having your pic taken holding a tape measure. What ever the reading is the blasted cables are too blasted low. Blast , wound myself up now , must make another cuppa.
  11. toofarnorth

    15% of Phuket’s advanced bookings cancelled

    TAT never saw this in the future but now there is a chink in the armour ........so to speak.
  12. Yes Get Real , we check in , he checks out.
  13. Not too sure I like her holding the full condom , lying on her back and pointing would have worked though.
  14. Brake failure is so last year , but no rain , no one coming along on the wrong side of the road , level ground . Not much left but gearbox with a mind of its own.