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  1. What would Kobkarn say...?
  2. Deluge here in Phan, Chiang Rai for the past three to four hours...Glad to be sitting above it all...Be careful everyone...!
  3. Thailand= the hub of drowning Chinese...
  4. 'perceived delay'...? Ok then.
  5. Is anyone holding a gun to their heads, forcing them to drive a cab...? You either make a choice and deal with it or change it.
  6. Better not have any open wounds or cuts if you plan on swimming in Pattaya's waters. Even walking on the beach in your bare feet is risky.
  7. I'm taking time out to snicker now...........
  8. Be glad 'they' DON'T read it...Most of us would be in jail...!
  9. I guess these have had their time....
  10. NOTHING amazes me here any more...NOTHING.
  11. Panarat suspects the snakes got into the house because the developer failed to solidly the fill foundation under the house. (ignorance is bliss)......I think a closed system might be of use. I wonder how long it will be before a sink hole swallows the house...5555
  12. fish monger

    Reform of police ‘must take inputs from public’

    Nobody twisted their arms to become cops...They all knew what comes with the job...
  13. fish monger

    Prayut pens new poem to cheer farmers

    When will he pen his obituary...?
  14. fish monger

    Warnings in seven provinces as Chao Phraya waters rise

    Does this mean they need to postpone the digging the foundation for the new observation tower...?
  15. Those stones, as with anything, are only worth how ever much someone is willing to pay. The economy being what is is, crap, you may as well place those stones in a box and put them on a closet shelf... I'll give you $200.00 for the whole lot.....